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SC EP:515 I Shouldn’t Be Alive

I will be back on Sunday for the members. I wanted to explain the Podcast Talent show to everyone.

Spoke to the eyewitness who is from the U.K. but she was in California for business. She shared some very interesting details about what she saw. She said “When the male rushed me the female stopped him and they were chattering back and forth, a very strange gibberish.” She has agreed to come on the show, her account is below.A listener writes “Dear Wes, My Brother suggested that I email you to tell you about an encounter with a group of hairy things, possibly Sasquatches, that I had back in the late 80’s when I was working in California. In brief, I was trying to take pictures of Sea Otters at a beach near Big Sur when a group of six one male, two female and three smaller creatures came down out of a creek and the male waded into the water and started pulling seaweed out and throwing it back to the females that were chewing at its roots and rubbing it into the fur. This was about 100 metres away from where I was sat on some rocks.The group noticed me when I tried to take some photos and the male charge at me whilst the females were screaming. The male stopped about 50 metres away from me and seemed to be having an argument with one of the females as they were gibberish away to each other. The last thing I remember was that it swung its body round to face me again, screamed so loudly that my insides were vibrating and slammed its fists into the beach. I think I must have fainted, but what I have never understood is that I came round about about an hour or so later with my jacket pulled over my head and quite badly bruised about ten metres from my car and could only assume that I was dumped there.

I drove back to the hotel I was staying at and they called the police who came and took a statement. I was forcefully told that what I had seen were bears nothing else. When I argued with the man he got really agitated with me and asked me whether we didn’t have Officers like him in positions of authority where I came from. I replied that we did but that they weren’t allowed to tell us what to put into a statement. He then asked whether I understood English to which I replied that I was English. He just looked at me and told me that I had seen bears and not to say anything different to anyone else if I didn’t want to get kicked out of the country.

I don’t know whether this is the sort of thing that you would be interested in as I am not from the US and this happened nearly thirty years ago now but I would be happy to write this up in more detail if you think it would be of any use to you.

I haven’t spoken to anyone else about this other than my brother who is a primate photographer and suggested that I contact you.”










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      • JOHN E


  1. Denise F

    Talk about timing, I just happened to check –
    Been SO looking forward to this episode in fact I was (literally) stuck in a broken elevator today (where there’s NO service) and finally yelled “if I miss this episode of Sasquatch Chronicles, there’s gonna be hell to pay up in here” lol.

    Thanks again AND….
    TGIF, TGFW & TGfSC!!!!

  2. Suzanne G

    Awesome! Our college daughter is home for the weekend…just ate dinner – homemade beef stroganoff. Ready to listen to SC during clean up. Thanks Wes from Stillwater, MN!

  3. Denise F


    Bless Clair’s heart, talk about the most horrific thing to have happen to you and then to be treated terribly by someone who you thought would help…ugh ?

    I think when she passed out, she probably hit the rock and the ground (or fell off). I can’t believe the creature would scare her then put her closer to her car? Simply puzzling.

    Very much animal behavior in this one.
    You did a wonderful interview Wes and much thanks to Clair’s for sharing this

  4. Carl D

    Good Question..why would they drag her back to the parking lot? I think they are smart enough to know that when a person goes missing, (possibly from past experiences) that there is a good chance a lot of other people could show up looking for them – which causes trouble for the Sasquatch. So why not take them back to where they came from (parking lot) , so that they are not missing or will be found by other humans ? I think they are smarter than we give them credit for.

    • Curtis R

      I agree that they probably did carry her back to the parking area. In fact, I would be the females are the ones who did so.
      I do tend to think the argument was about the same issue: if you hurt or kill this person it will make more humans. One down here, so dont do it. The Male clearly had his blood lust up and was pissed he was being denied his wish to kill a human.
      I cant blame them, really. It is obvious these creatures must live in perpetual terror of interactions with humans. We are the real monsters, when you think about it.

    • Cynthia W

      I agree, you wrote exactly what I was going to comment. Also, Clair seemed very sincere. I could hear it it her voice hiw traumatizing this encounter was, with the creatures and the rude police or whomever the man was in plain clothes.

  5. Cindy O

    Fascinating account, Wes! Gripping interview as well. Thank you for such a great interview. Please advise the band and song played at the finish. I loved it!!! Hope you’re surviving the nasty weather in your area.

  6. Eva B

    Claire, thank you for being so brave to open up and discuss your encounter. My heart goes out to you because you had to deal with two issues. The Male sasquatch and the idiots that were sent from our Gov’t. I wonder if that infrasound knocked you out cold? That is so close of a distance. I’m sure these creatures are fully aware that they will be hunted. Possibly, why they dragged you? God bless, Claire. ?

  7. Bal G

    Man, after the second dirtbag interrogated her, I wish she had contacted the British consulate. Make this into an international incident. Brave lady. Thanks Wes.

  8. Maria D

    I hope that those government guys in the plaid shirts and beards don’t ever set thier sites on this show.! It’s obviously becoming quite a threat to thier goals of shutting people up who have seen too much of the truth.. Take care and be safe all.!

  9. Neil S

    Excellent interview and encounter!
    Wes, your obvious professional talents are unmatched! Thanks!
    Clair, so glad you came away mostly intact and unscathed, must have been horrifying!
    Thank you so much for sharing your fascinating encounter with us, absolutely top shelf!

  10. Jon W

    We gotta figure out how to hire a CGI artist. Then put a group of witnessess together who have seen this thing on all fours and try to recreate this “feline/arachnid” locomotion. I can’t imagine what it looks like but, it sounds so interesting and freaky I would love to see it.

  11. Tom P

    An encounter was mentioned by Wes that I’ve never found even though I’ve heard at least 75% of encounters. Can someone please tell me which episode has a Sasquatch wall into a guys garage? It’s mentioned in beginning show start. By the way, I’ve been into Bigfoot all my life since a kid and I still amand I’m 55. I live about one hour northeast of Dallas Texas and had some pretty weird things going on on the place where I live on 16 acres. Hopefully, I get the nerve to email what happened one of these days, thanks.

  12. Fran S

    Thank you.? Claire. So glad you were not injured any worse. You are very brave. I pray that speaking with Wes has helped you. God Bless. Awesome interview Wes. Thanks again to all.

  13. Brian L

    That was a good one Wes. Thank you, Clair for sharing. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be expecting Sea Otters and have a clan of Sasquatch show up instead.. Fascinating and Scary at the same time. Have a Great Weekend.
    Thank you

  14. Brad C

    you kidding me? sell out time. being a half century knower, what a sell out promote some other newbies telling old stories I have been hearing up to this point, disappointed, all commercial

  15. chance g

    my guess with all the stories i have heard..the female sasquatch probably carried or dragged her back to the car…females have always been know to protect humans male ,female adult or children in someway from the stories i have heard over the years…

  16. Janetta V

    My gosh she did the gibberish sounds so well. How terrifying for the poor dear woman. Just imagine being in such a beautiful area and her come some squacth to take a dip in the ocean. I would have passed out in fear too. I too think the female was the one that dragged her to the car. Thanks so much for your report Clair

  17. Linda C

    Amazing encounter. Thanks very much, Claire, and Wes. I also think it was probably one of the females who dragged Claire back towards the car. We sure are learning more and more about these creatures’ communication and interaction with each other and us humans. Absolutely fascinating and scary at the same time. So glad you made it out alive, Claire!

  18. ohkyhiker

    Thank you Wes and Guest. Bless you <3
    That was an amazing encounter. I want her to know she is not alone, some fishermen in Ohio were attacked last year, and they had the same ordeal of being told that they saw a BEAR, which is absolutely RIDICULOUS,
    A.) bears are not very common in Ohio and
    B.)A bear attack in a park would shut down the park and make Local and National News.

    I think its possible she lost consciousness from the effects of Infrasound from its scream and fell down the rocks. Just a hunch.

  19. NHSquatcher

    I believe the ribbon-like a seaweed she was talking about is kelp. Lots of animals eat coz it is vitamin rich. If you ever watched the series called “Alone” some of the contestants survived by eating seaweed.

    When I was very young I traveled in that area and stayed alone in my van in a very deep part of the woods I believe in the San Bernardino forest just me and my dog I was too tired to drive and I stopped at a campground that was primitive no one was around now I can’t understand how I had the nerve to do that at the time I had never heard of Sasquatch.

  20. winkatme

    WES, That IS one of the most frightening encounters I’ve ever heard. I think when the bigfoot screamed and slammed his fists into the ground she was hit with infrasound so strong that she passed out. I think it was intentional so that they could get her out of there instead of kill her. That female bigfoot saved her life. Nothin but LUV, WINK

  21. Stephanie P

    An absolutely riveting account! I think this may be my favorite episode, or at least in the top 3. Claire, thank you for retelling that terrifying account. Wes, thank you for the stellar interview. Wonderful!

  22. Pat T

    Claire, thank you so much for being brave enough to come on Wes’ show and letting us hear your freightning encounter. So grateful you made it alive but also apologize for the way you were treated here by foolish authority. Always amazed at the attempt to cover this whole thing up. Wes, keep doing what your doing and thank you!

  23. Tom A

    Seaweed is a skin moisturizer, sun screen and good for your hair in many ways.
    Bigfoot’s are humans, they are tribes just like Native people and have knowledge of their land. I believe this is part of why the government shuts them down. Look at what the government did/does to Natives as far as oppression goes. They don’t need another class of people that they would have to acknowledge and designate even more land or any kind of commodity to. The government is still actively suppressing the Natives people of this continent. Yes, Bigfoots are people.

  24. Kenny H

    Wow Claie!!! Have you ever tried to draw it, being a photographer she has a good eye, she may have a good wrist, too. Love the ran like a lizard notion, and wonder what the nose was like. Bless you for having the courage to share!

  25. Cathleen H

    Wow, what a story! Man defending his family. Caught off guard. Probably did think the camera was a gun. Wonder if the high tide would have reached her, in her while she lay their? They may have saved her. One of my new favorite tales. And, YES, Great Song.
    Thanks Wes for all you do.

  26. Robert B

    It really sucks for her, but for the rest of the Europeans… one more reason why we have the 2nd Amendment!! I live in Germany, and good luck getting a gun. The hoops you have to jump through in order to even have the right to have one, makes it not worth even owning one. Can’t take it to the woods anyway….. God i can’t wait to get back home!!! Bob stuck in Germany still

  27. fausto m

    Outstanding report. You can hear the result of her traumatic encounter in her voice,
    Moreover, if they dragged her back to her car, then it means they saw come in and knew it was her car. Although , maybe they went through her pocket and read her I’d and stuff. Lol with Sasquatch anything is possible..
    Great show. Thanks for getting to share with us . Glad she’s alright

  28. Rich A

    So I’m just wondering the MIB guy, man in a beard was close by? Was there a recent incidents that caused him to be close by or is he normally in the area to monitor the activity. And by the way don’t get rid of the closing song Wes it was hard enough to let go of the 5 4 3 2 1 not to mention “ignition. “

  29. Ruth B

    Well, that was the fright of a lifetime!!! What a riveting account. Male was probably angry he’d not detected you sooner. Fascinating–thank you for coming on the show. Someone from law enforcement probably went out there to look around and retrieve your camera. So glad you survived that horrifying encounter.

  30. Renee S

    Exceptional interview, Wes! Thank you, Claire, for sharing your very hair raising encounter! Your detailed account had me shaking & feeling as if I was there alongside you (the gibberish, the lizard crawls, the eerie sensation of that “walking across the grave” feeling)! Not to mention the male slamming his fists on the shore…Wes, I agree w/ ur theory of the extra interviewers (in nonuniform) as being the potential “fall guys” when everything finally busts wide open!?

  31. Dexter22

    Fantastic episode! I live in the area and have been to the hotel that Clair described. There are several secluded beaches off the winding roads of Highway one between Carmel and Big Sur. I’m pretty sure I know where this encounter occurred.

  32. Jan D

    A uniquely important report. The details here are genuine, presented without the usual encounter hallmarks. At the same time, Claire’s experience syncs with what many others have experienced. Gratitude for going on the record.

  33. Asheim

    Thanks Clair for sharing your encounter. Sorry for the treatment you received from those who were supposed to help. Thanks Wes for being such a good host. It was such a frightening encounter, I cannot imagine what you went through trying to make sense of everything and no one to sympathize and talk to about it. Glad we have SC.

  34. Brian L

    I’m sure while the female squatch was relocating Clair close to her car, Mr. Biggie Squatch was tearing that camera apart and ripping the film out in order to expose the film. “I Said No Pictures!!!” Don’t you understand Gibberish?

  35. Jennifer J

    Wow! This has to be one of my favorite episodes ever – definitely in the Top 3. Claire, you are so very brave to have gone through this and still be willing to share your harrowing story. I could hear the fear in your voice as you re-told the details. Wes, thanks for bringing us a truly awesome show. I’m re-listening to this one tonight. So many incredible details!

  36. Lisa B

    Ok I’m going to ask a dumb question. Is the photo at the beginning of this post real? LoL…kinda scared me when I opened the page…wasn’t expecting it! Just beginning to listen to this one while waiting for tonight’s show. From the comments, it looks like it will be a good one. Thanks Wes…have a good night everyone!

  37. Tamsin D

    Dear Wes and Claire, I listened to this episode twice, back to back. So much information. Just an amazing account.
    Thank you both……. and Black Lake is such a great song what a surprise to end on. ??

  38. Lisa B

    Just finished this episode. Wow, Claire is incredible. So level-headed and straight forward. I’m sure she suffers ptsd. And being dragged back to her car, I, for some reason, think one of the females drug her back. So many encounters that talk about the compassion the females display. I believe the male wanted nothing to do with her after the encounter, so a female felt compassion and got Claire out of the danger of the water. I don’t know tho, just the feelings I get from the story. It’s definitely in the one of my favorite episodes group!

  39. Lesley H

    Thank you for a really amazing show, I believe Claire was hit with infrasound and dumped back at the car park, these creatures know that killing humans brings more with guns,and we do have many cryptid encounters here in the UK! Many dogman and wild man sightings and encounters we may be a freezing rainy rock in the ocean,but they’re here!

  40. Molly Z

    Tell Claire thanks for telling her story. Also that most Americans aren’t rude and would have sent her to a hospital instead of an interrogation by the MIB. May she find peace with her disclosure.

  41. Cham

    Wes you are truly great. Funny how things turn out, I bet you never dreamed you’d be the king of Sasquatch podcasts lol. Keep up the excellent work! You’re an inspiration to any entrepreneur.

  42. richard w

    Thanks for the awesome show, Wes! I too am from Britain, it was great to hear a familiar English accent on the show. ? I went insane after this show, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I was like OMG and I wouldn’t stop talking about it to my dad! Dad and I are obsessed with this Sasquatch thing, but my mum and brother, well… they’re not ?. Claire, you are so right, those officers were so mean and you didn’t deserve it, but Wes, you’re really cool, but watch the language! Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I love Sasquatch Chronicles ???. Bye ?!!!!!!!!!!

  43. richard w

    Thanks for the awesome show, Wes! I too am from Britain, it was great to hear a familiar English accent on the show. ? I went insane after this show, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I was like OMG and I wouldn’t stop talking about it to my dad! Dad and I are obsessed with this Sasquatch thing, but my mum and brother, well… they’re not ?. Claire, you are so right, those officers were so mean and you didn’t deserve it, but Wes, you’re really cool, but watch the language! Bye ?

  44. richard w

    Thanks for the awesome show, Wes! I too am from Britain, it was great to hear a familiar English accent on the show. ? I went insane after this show, it was INCREDIBLE !!!! I was like OMG! and I wouldn’t stop talking about it to my dad! Dad and I are obsessed with this Sasquatch thing, but my mum and brother, well… they’re not ?. Claire, you are so right, those officers were so mean and you didn’t deserve it, but Wes, you’re really cool, but watch the language! Bye ?!
    Molly, age: 11

  45. richard w

    Thanks for the awesome show, Wes! I too am from Britain, it was great to hear a familiar English accent on the show. ? I went insane after this show, it was INCREDIBLE !!!! I was like OMG! and I wouldn’t stop talking about it to my dad, he’s annoyed.! Dad and I are obsessed with this Sasquatch thing, but my mum and brother, well… they’re not ?. Claire, you are so right, those officers were so mean to you, so sorry ?but Wes, you’re really cool, but watch the language! Bye ?!
    Molly, age: 11

  46. Blair D

    WoW! A lot of girl talk with you and Tony at the start….. ??? but what a guest! Thankyou so much Clair. Amazing encounter with great behaviour details. This Episode made my day. ?

  47. Avril F

    Thank you Clair and Wes for this account which was truly terrifying! So glad Claire was not taken by this group! I’m from the UK so it was amazing to hear this from someone from the UK. Regarding the smell or lack of it , could it be due to the fact that ppl have Seaweed baths to cleanse themselves? I had a Seaweed bath in Ireland and it really softens your skin . I don’t know but just wondering? Take care and greetings from across the ‘Pond’.

  48. Gina O

    This was the best encounter I’ve heard in a long time. Just amazing! Thank you, Claire, for sharing your story with us. We could hear the fear in your voice even after all these years. I, like others here, apologize for the terrible way you were treated by the government. It’s so curious how these Sasquatch had long tufted hair. It made me think of Todd Standing’s Sasquatch image that had tufted hair. But there is also a monkey with long tufted hair… Germain’s Silver Langur.

  49. Jason E

    I’m Jason E. From Chewbacca Man. But that is not me with the “Chewbacca man” sigh on. My account is just Jason E. Yes I was chased out of the woods by a bigfoot in East Texas.

  50. Ed P

    David Paulides told a story on an old Whitley Streiber Dreamland that he interviewed a Native couple who were walking to a beach to get clams and they saw a bigfoot family walking and the adults had large amounts of seaweed over their shoulders and in their arms, and Paulides theorized it was food because it’s full of nutrients.

  51. jason s

    Hi Wes we do have bigfoot and dogmen over here in the United Kingdom. A lady called Deborah Hatswell has put a map together of the sightings/reports that she is told either by eyewitnesses or other investigators from eyewitnesses. here is the link to the map that Deborah has done so far https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1s1zOmmdM216PMftPUM9K1qqGrFg&shorturl=1&ll=54.63791133895735%2C-5.713277032515407&z=5.
    Deborah also has a website which is http://britishbigfootsightingreports.com/ and a youtube channel also https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYGn8pR90PO_oBzOjiZ23tA/featured
    Hope you find this of interest Wes.
    Great show

  52. Robert W

    I don’t want to be disrespectful, but it’s strange that there isn’t more reports in this area of California. My childhood friends grandfather ran a 35,000 acre cattle ranch in this area for 40 years , and never experienced anything strange. Has anybody heard of any encounters other than the one on BFRO site ? I know these things exist , but still sceptic of reports that don’t sound right. Sounds like she stayed at the Carmel highlands inn , and probably walked down to the beach at the Bigsby Bridge . The distance sounds right.

  53. Joan P

    Amazing encounter. I will insist my husband, who is completely skeptical , listen to this episode. Claire sounds completely sincere. It will surely make him think.

  54. Eric Z

    Blows me away, how the gov can further traumatize an individual, by telling them they seen a bear. Especially if one doesn’t know the term, Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

  55. Kris T

    I think it was kelp, since it grows thick in that area. I once got tangled in it during a scuba dive and it is not easy to break, it must be cut. Also it is slick, hard to keep hold of and feels slimy when grabbed. By the description, our guest indicated the male had pulled it up by the roots; I can assure you that is no small feat. Kelp is nasty, slimy strongly anchored stuff. I wonder if they were using it like a kind of baby wipe? Help dry out some of their natural body funk? It would certainly deposit salt water into their hair, which would affect any topical parasites like leeches or ticks. If they chewed it, it may help scrub the teeth. Who knows?

    Very interesting account.

  56. Robert W

    Ok ?? We now believe everything. This is why they all think we’re crazy. The story is entertaining and I get it. With all the info on the internet, It’s EZ to tell a believable story. The area she is talking about doesn’t make sense. It’s not an area that would hold a breading population . With the lack of activity , the bearded men in black would not be there . A bear sighting in this area is non existant .why would they say “ you saw a Bear” ??????

  57. Pamela S

    Fascinating. Could it be that when she fainted, she fell on the rocks and then the creatures “rescued” her by carrying her back to where her car was? Just a thought.

  58. richard w

    Wow. Like, my 87th time re-listening to this episode. I think that there is a reason for why those police guys (and that odd tee-and-jeans dude in the corner) knew something…and are trying to cover it up. Maybe they all (like police force ?‍♀️?‍♂️and the government) work for a secret agency thing…Oh! Poor Clair (Clare or Clair?!) you can hear the fear in her voice! And the seaweed-chewy-rubby-thing, sounds like a spa day to me! ?‍♀️?‍♂️??‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♂️! Maybe that’s why the male one was so AGGRESSIVE! Normally people aren’t intently watching people while they are enjoying spa treatment… maybe he was being protective… it’s weird. Clair is an absolute KWEEN!!!! ?! She is so brave and strong! She sounds like she needs a hug, so I will hug my pillow, and it will teleport a hug sensation to her and she will be happy ?! It’s all so confusing…?‍♀️?‍♂️! Did she say she was right near her car ??? How’d the Sasquatch find HER car? If I got that wrong, don’t judge…?. This comment (compliment) is waaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I’ll wrap up now. Byeeeee! ❤️ Y’all! Have a great…I want to say day…but it could be night too…have a great time right now! ?

  59. Marlene S

    I’ve been to the exact spot she describes!! I live in the Bay Area and that area is just beautiful! Very interesting show…glad she didnt go missing!

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