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SC EP:519 John Bindernagel Tribute

Feeling a little down and thinking about the Doc.

John Albert Bindernagel (December 22, 1941 – January 17, 2018) was a wildlife biologist who sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published a book in 1998 entitled North America’s Great Ape: the Sasquatch (ISBN 0-9682887-0-7). His second book, The Discovery of the Sasquatch – Reconciling Culture, History, and Science in the Discovery Process, was published in 2010.



Bindernagel grew up in Ontario, attended the University of Guelph, and received a PhD in Biology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.He moved to British Columbia in 1975largely because the region was a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings. Over the years, he collected casts of tracks that he believed belonged to Bigfoot. He also claimed to have heard the creature near Comox Lake in 1992, comparing its whooping sound to that of a chimpanzee. Bindernagel believed that the Bigfoot phenomena should receive more attention from serious scientists, but remarked, “The evidence doesn’t get scrutinized objectively. We can’t bring the evidence to our colleagues because it’s perceived as taboo.”

Bindernagel was a true pioneer in the field of cryptozoology and was a regular on the classic History Channel show MonsterQuest. Bindernagel and Dr. Jeff Meldrum often appeared together on the show and had a real-life friendship. Together they formed the bedrock of the Bigfoot Research Community. Bindernagel was a familiar face on the History Channel appearing on a number of their specials.





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88 Responses to “SC EP:519 John Bindernagel Tribute”

    • Sherry R

      Wes, my heart goes out to you and to your loss. I was introdused to Dr. Bindernagle by your podcast. Thank you for sharing that friendship with us all. His memory and his loss will be felt by many and for a long time. When my thoughts go out to someone I lost and loved and I feel down, I try to remember something positive that person said to me and something funny. That always puts a smile on my face. S.R

  1. Asheim

    Thanks for posting this about about John Bindernagel Wes, it was a nice surprise. I’m sorry you’re feeling down. Hope your spirits pick up quickly. You do so much for others. You are sure appreciated.

  2. Kathy R

    The strength of your grief shows the strength of your love for your friend. I’m betting the Doc feels every bit of your love for him, he is in the place that IS love! AND, he knows the answers to all the Sasquatch questions now? thanks for sharing with us Wes, may you find comfort today and every day.

  3. mermaidmood

    Such a loss. I feel his passing, keenly. We desperately need more like him in Science. There seems no longer to be scientific pursuits nor curiosity; only scientific agendas and digging up already dug over and over again “bones.” Dr. Bindernagel is THE GOLD standard. A man far ahead of his time. Truth.

    Wes, The fact you love him, and honor him, says a lot about you. His ethic, his humility, passion for learning; his open-mindedness and faith in the common people, will continue to inspire the right people on the right paths. If only other “researchers” would follow such an example of being happy in discovery — wherever that leads us.

  4. Lee

    Thanks Wes ..RIP Doc
    The man will be part of the furniture around here forever all or most of his main theories and thoughts are in the archives for us all to learn from , I’m looking forward to this one

  5. Amie S

    Wes, my thoughts and prayers for you. Losing a friend is just plain difficult. But how healing it must be for you to relive your interviews and time with your friend. Beat peace, you’ll see your friend again!

    • Denise F

      Just finished episode, oh Wes you are killing me with these songs and I’m trying to put on eye makeup here, ?.

      I remember when I was little I used to think ‘i couldn’t wait to get to heaven one day because I’d know the answer to ALL the mysteries’!

      I bet the Doc is still finding out answers as we speak. ?

  6. Bill A

    This was so lovely. Carrying on with John Bindernagel’s memory is the finest tribute you can pay to your friend and mentor. This Episode says a lot about you as a human being Wes, I wish you godspeed in all your endeavors.

  7. Linda C

    An amazing tribute to our Dr. Bindernagel. Thanks so much for this, Wes. He may be gone but never forgotten. He’s legendary and we’re grateful for all his life’s work and dedication in the study of sasquatch. Thanks also to you for all the hard work it takes to produce these shows ☺ Please keep ’em coming!

  8. Cristina J

    I’m so sorry you are feeling down Wes. It was a beautiful tribute and I can imagine John listening and smiling and appreciating it as mush as we do. You are helping to keep his legacy alive. Thanks for sharing with us

  9. Noreen Z

    This made me cry as I am also missing my son who died 3/2/11 and one of his favorite songs was “Mad World”. Life can be very had sometimes. My thoughts go out to you Wes.
    Semi, new member, Noreen

  10. m99

    Good Day Wes. What a sweet memory you have of your friend. Dr. B was such a gentle man, huh? Wasn’t it both fate and serendipity to find such a friend? You’re blessed. 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Time stands still for no one, but just keeps marching on. I know he was proud of you and your work. Anyway, yes, may he rest in Peace.

  11. Todd E

    Just lost my Best friend Wes. My son. He was 27 and we worked together. Slipped away in his sleep Peacefully. I know how your feeling. Been lost without him. Searching for a new normal. I hope time has eased your pain some. Wes you hear this all the time ,but the show and your kindness towards others has help me when the days are dark When grief and pain hides the light you realize how blessed you have been to have friends like John and Erik. Prayers of Peace and comfort Wes. God Bless and Thanks

  12. Renee S

    Wes, you are very much like your mentor, Dr. Bindernagel, may he rest in peace. You are warm, compassionate, and engaging with all your guests. You are loved by so many and I hope that you can feel it. May God bless and keep you always. To Noreen and Todd, may your days be blessed with loving memories of your sons always. I hope you all feel God’s peace upon your lives.

  13. Steven B

    Thank you, Wes. A very warm and touching tribute to “Doc”. Your great love for the man shows and it was great to hear your interviews with him again. May God grant you peace and comfort in all you are feeling. Please take care, Brother.

  14. Issac A

    Hi Wes thank you for doing this show in honor of John .i loved when he would come on your show .im glad that at least had the chance to see one before he passed. he was really Cool he didn’t stop looking even though his colleagues would not even think about it .i thank him for not giving up thats what a real Biologist should be just like him . R.I.P. John .thank you John and Wes for your work .San Antonio.Tx. ?

  15. Cynthia H

    Thank you Wes. There have been many times when I have listened to show and have been comforted by it. Maybe a hard day at work or just life in general would leave me feeling down. I would listen to your show and feel like I was in the presence of a good friend. You bring a lot of joy into people’s lives. I know that Dr. B is very proud of you and the work you are doing. May God richly bless you and may you be at peace knowing that so many people care about you . Cindy H

  16. Donna R

    Thank you for this nice tribute to Dr. Bindernagel, Wes. I just love to hear his voice. He was unique, kind hearted, modest, intelligent, curious, honest, candid and transparent. It seems to me that what you saw is what you got. Kind of refreshing in this day and age. One of my great fears is that the people who I love most in the world will be forgotten when they pass. John was such a true friend of yours, that I know that you will not let this happen. Your platform is the perfect place to keep this lovely man’s memory alive.

    • Wes Germer

      I told the Doc before he died “Don’t worry Doc if something happens to you it will be a big deal to me. I will make sure everyone remembers you. You and your legacy will live forever on SC….but dont worry Doc you are going to beat this and live forever.”

      He passed 14 days later.

  17. Maynard w

    Thanks Wes. Sorry to hear you’re feeling down. This was a very heartfelt tribute I wish I would have got to meet Dr Bindernagle. He seemed like a very interesting, compelling person.

  18. Eva B

    Thank you for the tribute to Dr. Bindernagel. Wes, you’re very blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with such a brilliant and warm person. Those memories you shared will always be priceless in your heart. He’s looking at you and I’m sure he’s smiling down on you. May he rest in peace. He will never be forgotten. ??

  19. Jon H

    Wes, I am as big of a fan as any member. I joined your podcast recently because I had to hear the episode of the golf course with 5 squatches face to face, and how they followed them out to the golf course. And after listening to this replay with Doc, I am still confused why you keep referring to chimps as monkeys? Chimps are great apes. A monkey has a tail. Every time you use the term monkey you are referring to the exact opposite of what the witness is describing. There are 3 specific species of chimps, which are all in the great ape family. Chimpanzees, Bonobos and Billy Apes. I love you brother, but you have to stop referring to chimps as monkeys.

  20. Trey

    RIP to a great man and a great scientist. Enjoyed listening to him talk about anything didn’t even have to be Sasquatch related. He was definitely a one of a kind

  21. Terri N

    Absolutely Wonderful Show Wes!! John surly looked on you as a son! He was no doubt Very Proud of your courage and perseverance!! What a wonderfully Kind man he was! Thank you for sharing this taping now!! Our hearts are with you as you mourn the loss of your Dear Friend!! Love and Peace be with you! _/\_

  22. Jan D

    Dr. Bindernagel conducted some of the best research in the field. He and Dr. Meldrum established the most plausible theory in identifying the sasquatch: relict hominid. The theory is important because it explains their global distribution, the native regard for them as a people (wildman, caveman), the necessity of cover-up, their robust physiology, their relative intelligence, their adaptation to living in the wild, their ability to elude capture, and possible hybridization with homo sapiens. He was also a generous and bright soul. Yeah, we all miss him.

  23. Tom A

    Beautiful show Wes. We support and love you to the moon and back! You make so many of our lives better. You keep us alive and hungry for more and to help keep pushing the envelope. Once again, I love you and thank you for ALL you have done and every single episode and additional content you share with us.


  24. Rob H

    Hi Wes I was lucky enough to be invited to John’s house whilst on holiday from the UK. A lovely man, I felt very privileged to have spent some time with him. He wekcomed my wife, son and I to his home and I was so grateful to him.

  25. Jewel W

    Thank you Wes. Dr. Bindernagle was a brave scientist and a wonderful human being. I never heard of him until I heard him on your show, so thank you for introducing him to us! He is worthy of being grieved, and God be with you in it,

  26. joeydeveever

    Slowly…slowly… Wes chips away at the huge iceberg that is the most appropriate metaphor of my cynicism.
    Kudos, kudos. Like some kind of pressure release valve that finally starts working.

    • Wes Germer

      Thanks Joey but its not me its the eyewitnesses that come forward. I am sure you could plug anyone into my position and have the same results. It is kind of you though, thank you.

    • Wes Germer

      Amen to that. Dustin from Crypto PTSD hit it on the head at the end of the show John isnt remembered for what John contributed to the “Bigfoot Community” John is remembered because of how he acted, who he was as a person and how he treated people. I hope the “Bigfoot Researchers” out there were taking notes.

  27. Jo M

    Touching and timely, for me. Some people are in your life for only a season . . . I think I just want you to make a mix tape for me. You choose great tunes 🙂

  28. Janice K

    Thank you Wes. John was a wonderful soul with such energy and an amazing open mind! Really loved him! I am pretty choked up after this show. Blessings, Janice

  29. m99

    You know Wes, you mean a lot to all of us. Listening again, and it’s so touching how the man listened to people, and impacted your life, so ours as well. Great Job as always.

  30. Amy A

    Wes – i’m sorry for your loss. You were spot on calling him Doc (Brown) though. ? I really enjoyed this episode. What a very nice tribute. Also – who sang at the beginning? I’ve never heard an acoustic version of that song and it was great.

  31. Doug K

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute Wes. I just want you to know that all of us here love you and respect you very much . I hope you continue to bring this great program to all of us who enjoy it. I know that I don’t know you personally but sometimes I feel like I have met you face to face. Thanks again and keep up the good work. DOUG….

  32. Mark L

    Funny… I was just meeting with the management of Queen talking about how Freddie Mercury was so so far ahead of his time; this guy will go down as the same in his own genre. Misted with both….

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