Feb 9

SC EP:514 Encounters On The Property

An early release. Stay warm everyone!

A listener writes “I first encountered Bigfoot in 79. I was 6 years of age. I grew up in Byhailya Miss 20 miles from Memphis on a small farm house 15 archers or so. It was me my mom 3 older sisters and my nephew a year younger than myself. We had chickens with a small coup a about 15 birds. An old smoke house, old barn and a nice garden.

The landlord had about 60 cows in the back of the property in a large pasture. We also had two dogs and this place had no running water. It all started when me and mom went to the eggs out of the coup,so she could get back in to watch her stories on tv. Me and my nephew would watch with her lol. So when we came back in and began to watch tv around noon. The phone rang, it was our neighbor and her good friend ,that lived about 2 miles away.

She said a creature had came on her property and picked up her small child as she was hanging clothes on the line on the side of her trailer house. She said the child wondered to the front yard, when she heard it cry frantically. She said she went to the front of property to see this creature with her child under its arms as it started off with the kid down her driveway. She picked up a garden hoe and gave chase,hitting this thing in the back it drops the kid and runs off ,down the road to the woods in our direction. She calls the Sheriff and then calls my mother to warn her knowing me and my nephew were little. I saw my mom go into full alert mode.

Locking down the house all doors and windows locked ,loading rifles and shotguns. Scared the hell out of me and my nephew. We never locked a door or window, we never had too. We knew she had guns they weren’t loaded. I didn’t know anything about a monster they were make believe but my mom had to believe her or knew of this thing. How can a person call and tell you they saw a monster and you not bat an eye. My family encountered the creature that night with gunfire.”





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103 Responses to “SC EP:514 Encounters On The Property”

  1. Asheim

    Oh WOW thanks for the sneakie early release Wes! Thanks also for the interesting blog material all week. I am getting so I check what’s up on here everyday. ☺️

      • Tyson R

        Hey Demetrius great show thanks. I spent a lot of time in Mt. Olive Mississippi in my youth. This place was country! They barely had a paved road at the time. They wouldn’t let me outside alone at night because the “Catamounts” would get me. The legend was that one would cry like a baby to lure you into the woods. Now that I’m older, I really wonder if some of them referred to catamounts as Bigfoot while others knew them as black panthers like you mentioned. Did you hear this term?

  2. Lele S

    So Wes, we’re preparing to move back home to Louisiana this summer and my husband says we need to cut back on any extra spending. He was going through the budget and telling me which things he thought we could do without for a little while until we have our new home built. I was doing fine until he suggested I nix my Sasquatch Chronicles. I was like “aw hell naw!” Lol! He started laughing and said that he thought I was going to lose my mind! I’ll give up the gym membership, expensive hair salon, nail boutique, but don’t jack with my SC. Love you Wes and fantastic guest tonight.

  3. Denise F

    ^ awe hell naw….love it!
    Also enjoyed Demetrius. He had some interesting perspectives on the creature. I have my snake hoe at the ready around here, lol.

    Til next time everyone ?

  4. Teresa L

    BTW, really think you should have a show about all the weird things that people tell you not about Bigfoot. You said you hear alot of them. I know people would tune in for them as well. Maybe to much work for you to do both shows though? Well just a thought, you really are the best at this people will tune in no matter what you do thanks!

  5. Douglas s

    Wes, thanks Man, that was one hell of a show! and thank you Demetrius I’m glad you could come on and share everything. I got the chills when i pictured that baby getting carried off and when your Uncle seen the monster belly crawling close to the ground. The UFO encounters and the creepy spirit also. One hell of a group of encounters!

  6. Kim S

    The beast…is not what you all think it is…and the case being call it what you like has the best telepathy out….master that and you will know a lot more on what’s really going on. Great show thanks D and W.

  7. Trey

    What a great show! Great encounter from Demetrius. Lotta weird stuff happen out in the sticks and it does seem like it’s happening more frequently. Great Job Wes and thanks again Demetrius!

  8. Debbie C

    Wow! When Demetrius describe his Paranormal
    sighting, spirits seem to enjoy shocking
    the living by allowing us to see part
    of who they were while they were alive.
    Demetrius is a wonderful guest!:)
    Wes, hope soon you will have a show about
    what is the strangest thing truck drivers have experienced while driving?

  9. Mauri G

    I loved this episode! What a great encounter!! I have a special fondness for truck drivers because my husband is one,he has also seen some strange things at night on the road!?

  10. Cindy W

    Demetrius, I love your story for many reasons but the main reason is that it’s so close to my heart. I to grew up in the country in Alabama with hundreds of acres to play upon whenever we were not tending to the farm that is. You are so right about NOT having washer’s and dryer’s back in the ’60s and 70’s. We didn’t either nor did we have A/C or heat. The doors were never locked and windows were always open and the children played outside from the time they got up until dark. We the kid’s lived off the many fruits that were to come into season month to month such as all kinds of berries, peaches, apples, pairs, muscadines, grapes. Each month a new fruit was ready to pick and when thirsty, if you were not near the creek, the water hose was where you got your water. It was refreshing to hear you talk of times way back when life was of simple. Wes, as usual, you are my hero!! Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you are doing not only with the guest but with your heart managing this show! I can only hope it goes on for a long time to come because I look forward every week to hearing you and your guests!

  11. Avril F

    Really enjoyed this episode. Demetrius thank you for sharing your encounters . Thank you Wes for a great show. Very scary to hear about the Neighbour and their child being taken! Thank God she managed to get it to release the child. Greetings from the UK.

  12. Thomas W

    Wow what an awesome interview. Demetrius had all kind of activity….the mule in the back pasture. I bet the guy who lived back there had quite a few stories. I loved hearing about his mom, sad about her health. Thanks Wes!

  13. Karen C

    Wes…you are killing it with these awesome guests! Many thanks to you and Demetrius…
    Btw…my snake hoe usually goes out by the back door when it starts to warm up!

  14. Linda S

    My two cents probably is not worth much but I would like to offer it.
    From my own studies biblically and other writings not included in the Bible—I have come to this conclusion with the creature—I do believe it is of nephilim origin or connected. Nephilim were giants and strong. Half fallen angel half human. Evil man eaters. Fierce. Corrupted. If you ever read Enoch, the correct version, he says that the nephilim also committed beastialty. I have heard that blood tests of sasquatch have shown part human and part unknown. Not primate or contributed to any known animal. To me sasquatch show the evil side of fallen angels and the demonic ad well as a human side, and last the animal instincts. That makes three parts. So a fallen angel sleeps with humans, then nephilim sleep with animals. That is how you get all three attributes in one and the confusion of what are they. Satan tries to imitate God and perverts His creation. It is my belief these creatures came from sin and disobedience. They are not a test but part of the fallen world over which Satan has been given temporary authority and power from God to fulfill God’s purposes and plans. Anything not of God is of Satan. Nothing gray. Black or white. There are demonic spirits and powers around us as well as angelic. I think God restrains these creatures to the woods and wilderness for now even though they venture out and we venture into their territory. But as Demetrius said, those of us in Christ have dominion over the evil entities and we were given dominion over the animals after the fall of Adam and Eve frim the garden. If God had not restrained these creatures they would easily over power and destroy many humans.
    But as you say Wes that John warned how the beasts are let loose during tribulation to destroy a lot of mankind. We are seeing our world changing rapidly with evil and turmoil. I think the increase of the interactions are a forewarning of what’s to come. Plus the natural action of them procreating and increasing in numbers. I believe but don’t want to ever go looking for evil. My focus is in the Lord. The apparitions that truck drivers see are demonic. The ufos are demonic. They are here to deceive people. Cause fear. Take our focus from God to Satan. They are real because the spiritual realm around us is real.
    Just remember, only 1/3 of the angels fell from heaven with Satan. 2/3 stayed with God. God’s Army is greater. Satan only can do what God allows. Demons always respond to the name of Jesus and His authority over them. That’s why these creature do as well. But only spoken in true faith. Dr. Linda Sio

    • Rita S

      I really appreciate your two cents worth! I’ve ordered Gary Wayne’s book that was mentioned in another broadcast. He goes into all of this and shows instances of the impact of the fallen angel interference to all the different cultures over time….all in relation to the Holy Scriptures. The pieces of the puzzle are all there, and for seekers of Truth, there is the promise that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. I believe these things to be true, but like you…I don’t necessarily feel I must see the evidence! Ha! Would enjoy winning the squatchin’ trip giveaway though. Would be seeking knowledge and time in the woods more than an encounter though! In the meantime, this is my “hobby” and I’m enjoying it!

    • m99

      Linda, your two cents is as good as anyone’s here, and I for one believe the same as you do. It says, giants are coming to fulfil his wrath. I used to read things like the and scratch my head. Not anymore. Thanks for sharing your view.

    • Cynthia W

      I have used the name of Jesus against a being that appeared in my room. It was gone as soon as I called upon Jesus. If people want to think I am crazy go ahead. I do believe that BF DM and probably Aliens tie end to the end times. God bless.

    • Letty

      Linda, I appreciate your two cents. I has a great deal of value. I believe in God but don’t read the Bible with depth. But find your views and interpretation very interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Steve R

      I agree with you Linda. Nothing roams this earth without Gods hand. As to the world, people continue to fall away from God and sound doctrine.Trying to pervert HIS word to fit their desires.

  15. m99

    PS&BTW – I appreciate your hard work Wes. Although I’ll have to check it out tomorrow. I think it was brilliant bringing the show out early on in light of the snow storm in Washington. Stay warm & safe Wes. We all love you. ?

  16. Andrew B

    Would be REALLY nice to have an internal rating ability or ability to add personal comments/reminders attached to each episode so we can rate them for ourselves on 1-5 scale so when we want to go back and relisten to shows, we can find our personal favorites and/or memorable tidbits we can put for ourselves, such as a brief quick and dirty summary.

  17. jade W

    Super cool telling by Demetrius!!! The part twards of the end of his conversation when he did a howl impression my border collie freaked!! I cannot put myself in bed the mothers shoes..thankfully.quick thinking on her part!! Thanks Wes

  18. Grace F

    This is my first comment ever, but I had to say Demetrius was a fantastic guest! He claimed that he couldn’t be very descriptive, and then bang! he gives us a perfect description. I really enjoyed his accounts. Great episode.

  19. Cynthia W

    Thank you Wes and Demetrius, I truly enjoyed listening to your encounters. Listening to Demetrius talk about his mother reminded me of my Grandpa and Grandma, they were farmers and good country folk, my favorite. I am not religious, but do believe in God and pray etc. I also wonder if the beast John reffers to in the book of Revaluations is BF and/or DM? I feel they are more than flesh and blood. That is just my humble opinion. 😉

  20. Randel S

    wow what a wonderful talent Demetrious has for speaking and being very descriptive. It would be great to have him back on Sunday. There is one spooky thing he talked about on the highway! Hope to see you when you come to Houston West!

  21. Letty

    Thanks Demitrias for sharing your encounter. Please do come back to share other strange encounters experienced during your road trips. Wes, you’re the man. Thanks for another great episode. 🙂

  22. m99

    That was a GREAT Episode Wes! Demetrius, what a wonderful word at the end. He said it like we’re all thinking, you are blessed, you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, and we Love the show, Love the way you help people, and we ALL love you Wes. Thanks so much!

  23. DeAnn A

    Wow! I love listening to Demetrius tell his stories! Have him back on for more! Ive finally got my dis-believing husband into listening. We live out in the Ozark national forest and we dont have cell service where we are. We also go about 2 miles down the hill and get our water for the household at a year round running spring. So I download the shows to my phone. Then we wait til dark, around 10pm and go down to fill up our water tank and listen to the shows in the dark. My husband actually looks forward to the shows now! It’s almost the time of year for the Sas around here to come back around and make their presence known. Ive had a daytime, crossing the road sighting and found a 16″ long and 9″ wide footprint in my driveway. We have all kinds of weird stuff happen here at our 10 acres. Anyways, good show again Wes I can’t wait for Friday!

    • m99

      You are very welcome. We ALL loved it. I’m sorry to hear about your beloved and beautiful mom passing, may she rest in peace. I thought it was adorable when you said your threw down kicking and screaming and woke up at the farm! She had what’s called ‘intestinal fortitude’, or quite simply put, guts. 🙂

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