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SC EP:506 The One Who Runs and Hides

Bill writes “Wes this sighting took place when I was a teenager. I’m fifty two now and I still remember it for the most part. Me and a buddy was on are way to are favorite fishing spot at the time. We lived near a dam. It was late summer.

So the dam was low which maybe accessing the inlet possible. Now above the inlet was miles of private land that connected to next dam that was located in the mountains. To access the inlet you had to hike down into the bottom and walk through bottom ground that is underwater in spring. Well we were crossing a fence on the high side and as I crossed over I looked ahead and below us toward are destination in the tall willows I saw something bent over low digging or scraping in the dirt. It was hairy reddish color. I stoped and was trying to figure out what I was seeing about that time my buddy looked and saw what I was looking at. At the same time the creature must have heard us. To this day I remember this point and will never forget it.

It stood straight up still with its back to us kind of turned a little glanced at us and took off running through the willows and brush up through the bottoms through crap so thick a man can’t get through. Just ripped right through it and disappeared. I’m pretty sure we saw a big foot. If you would like to talk or want more info email me.”

Carl writes “Im a retired deputy sheriff and have had 2 road crossings as well,and have heard the wood knocks and whooping noises. I even had a large tree about 75 yards from me pushed over on a calm day while deer hunting. As i became aware i realized id experienced them around me my whole life.”

Chris Merola and he has agreed to come on the show. He describes buying a cabin in the woods of Connecticut that no one lived in for 11 years. He said when he first moved in he was terrified because of the things he was hearing outside late at night.Chris says “I setup trail camera’s all over the property trying to get a picture of these things and I never got any pictures of a Sasquatch. Frustrating….I finally decided to put one camera on my door behind the screen door. I captured what I think is one of these creatures. Here is the video.

If you skip ahead to about the 5min mark you can see something move from the middle of the screen to the right. It is not conclusive but it is very interesting. Especially knowing Chris lives in the middle of no where and he was trying to bate these creatures with food. Chris goes on to say “I am not the only one who has heard and seen them in the area. We were screamed at by one of them and both my son and girlfriend ran into the cabin. I have seen them numerous times. I have also seen some very strange and weird things from these creatures. I do not know what to say, I do not think they are from here. My opinion of course.”

Chris documented the incidents that happen over the years to him at his cabin. He wrote a book called The One Who Runs and Hides: A True Story. Check it out on Amazon.

It is hard to put everything that happen into an hour long show and for some of the listeners some of what Chris has to say might rub you the wrong way but I can tell you a lot of what he talks about lines up with witnesses I have spoken to including the two brothers (We need help show) in Indiana.




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  1. winkatme

    HEY WES, AND THE BIGFOOT SAID~~~~~~> YAHOOooo! YAHOOooo! It always makes me giggle when I listen to that. It’s time to talk about him behind his furry back LOL. On with the show…..NOTHIN BUT LUV, WINK

  2. Eric H

    Its covered up because what they are , they dont want you to connect the dots . read and translate the scripts ….it makes more sense than the academic “University” explanation ….history has been eradicated and been regurgitated.

  3. Laura K

    My first thought was it sounded like Parseltongue from Harry Potter… The voices in the mine that is… Very, VERY creepy. Sounded like angry, frustrated voices. I’d have noped the crap outta there!

  4. Douglas s

    Thanks Wes! it’s great to know you think bigfoot is an alien!
    Lol just kidding. (I had to rib ya when i heard your explanation)
    Hope you & yours are doing well.
    To all the guests – Thanks for sharing your encounters and I’m reading the book now Chris.

    • Eva B

      That guy with the Horton mine. Years prior, He didn’t caption it or titled it haunted when he first discovered it. (Then he captions the video and labels it haunted.) Now the views sky rocketed. Everyone is telling hoax now? It’s been on YouTube for quite some time without the captions and revised title.

  5. Paul M

    Hi all. liked the first 2 guests . The 3 was a little hard to follow… l will need to listen to him again… lm sure he was Angry about the dirt bikes and atvs running around and making NOISE and trails in the woods… His utopia was being tarnished… But in all rights it wasnt his to begin with… or his game warden buddys…. So not sure what they can really do to Stop it… Seems like the Owners should have gotten involved… Anyways the WOO was comming and I just didnt here him comment to the they CLOKE OR DISAPPEAR , BUT surely made it to sound this way… I guess I’m not quite into that yet… Not sayin it IMPOSSIBLE , Just not there yet… Not getting his book , not INTERESTED enough to me… thanks wes and guests .

  6. Heidi Lou

    Hello, My name is Heidi been listing for a couple of years now love the show. That is Frank been watching his videos for a few years in the mine video & there is another one he has on youtube that you may also like it’s the Horton mine there are 2 of them they are pretty crazy & they are not fake.

  7. rosalyn b

    Does anyone know if the photos the third guest mentioned are in his book? He was a bit hard to follow, and hopefully doesn’t write like he talks, but I’d be interested to see his photos.

  8. Michael V

    I don’t know quite what to think about Chris. Some of his perceptions of what is taking place are dangerously presumptive. Chris is taking 6 packs of beer out squathching, one has to womder what else he takes out there ???? Some of his accounts sound a bit manufactured and remind me of a classic stoner mentality. I think most of what he has shared is nothing more than someone with a vivid imagination or If there is some truth here and there…. i would guess its embellished. He is selling a book afterall right ? Maybe I’m wrong, lately I am hearing more and more encounters that sound like other peoples encounters regurgitated with slightly different spins. Anyone else smell potential B.S. or embellishment with this guy ?

    • joeydeveever

      reply to Michael V… Yes, I have doubts. Especially when you find his youtube videos and reviews of his book on Amazon: “he writes the book but doesn’t include the videos or pictures?” However – I applaud Wes putting him on the show, lets us decide who’s the real stuff and who is just making it up. There have been several dubious guests, but Wes is always fair and democratic with each of them. Kudos!

    • Adam R

      Yep. I think all of the third guest was bs. It sounds like someone just spouting out what he has heard from witnesses. This guy is so hard to believe, I won’t buy the book. I can’t support someone who I don’t believe had these encounters. I think he is just trying to take advantage of believers but selling a book of made up stories. The other two guest were awesome. We’d you are awesome as always. Thanks again

  9. Denise F

    Great guests, Wes, much thanks to Bill, Carl and Chris.

    Just yesterday we went to an OLD cemetery and when driving out we noticed spots that looked like they were moving near the road (like the shimmering, rippling effects that a hot exhaust would give off) I wonder if that’s similar to what people are seeing? We were puzzled because we were out in the middle of nowhere.

  10. Chris D

    I agree with some others on here in that I’m not sure about Chris’s story. The video he posted almost looks like a small animal runing around and moving brush. At one point you can see something small climb up a few feet on the tree and come back down. Plus when he talks it reminds me of hearing friends on Cocaine tell story’s the way he talks so fast and jumps all over the place. I’m not saying the guy is lying by and means but I just don’t think things on the up and up here. I will however read his book and give it a fair read. Would like to see more of the evidence he says he has.

  11. Noreen A

    Thankyou for a great show Wes. I wondered if Chris measured the tree in his backyard that was in his bigfoot video. It looks as though the creature reaches up to a spot below a distinctive mark on the tree.

  12. m99

    The government covers it up? All the multitude of governments around the world. Why? How? Governments fight over everything. Why would they be joined in this?

    • joeydeveever

      reply to m99 (government stooge #12 temporarily appropriating Joey’s account without his consent… he can’t say much gagged and tied up in the chair over there, ha ha ha, and you should have seen him jump when me and the fellas snuck up and zapped him with the cattle prod. ha ha ha, oh that was funny) Because bigfoots are the result of multi-generational human inbreeding. The boys down in the lab figure it’s at least four generations of consistent brother sister crossings and with the fourth generation there’s then a 30% chance that an offspring will be born as something very much like a sasquatch. Genetic regression, throwback physical traits emerge. Have this go on for thousands of years, with sibling parents abandoning these monster kids to the wilderness and then all the sasquatch offspring get together and start breeding (and inbreeding) and you can see how things have spiraled out of control to the situation we have today. Of course, you didn’t hear this from me, all of these people just saw bears. Anyway, ’nuff said. We’ll hit Joey with a taser so he won’t be much bother while we untie him; we gotta report back to HQ. Someone saw a bear in the hills just west of here, we gotta check it out. Squatch much? ha ha ha

  13. Ernest M

    This cat looks like the dude who builds the traps for the rednecks who are devoteés of No Shoes Curly… ummm. For those who missed it Wesley, how about a command performance on NSC the Sasquatch Savant.

  14. m99

    Oh my goodness. I enjoyed listening to Chris speak about his experiences. My heart goes out to him. However, how is it that he takes his friends out there without so much as a flashlight? That’s not cool. When it comes to these unknown creatures, I don’t think we should assume anything.

  15. Robert B

    I grew up in the “Gold Country” of California. Placerville, Auburn, Camino, Meadow Vista and earlier in Sacramento. And no Sacramento isn’t so much part of the gold country, but just outside of town to the east, and tremendous amount of placer mining was done. There are old tailings piles everywhere along the American River. Any body of water anywhere along the western slope of the Sierras, all the way down to the San Joaquin Valley, there are tailings piles from the placer mining. Along with all the placer mining, there are hard rock mines literally all over the damn place. In fact several towns up there are completely undermined. Placerville itself is one of those towns. In the basements of most of the old buildings are openings to mines. The miners in the day, would get a plot of land, and start digging down, looking for gold. They would usually build some kind of a “house” over the top of it to keep it dry, and eventually after several fires would sweep through destroying the town, the buildings would be made of brick or stone. These buildings are still there. And in the basements, are the original shafts. But not all hard rock mines had buildings over them. If you look on a USGS topographical map, you will see hundreds of little marks on them with crossed shovel and picks. These are old mines from back in the day. About 25 years ago, me and a couple of friends, got the crazy idea to get high quality metal detectors down in these old mines and check the walls and seams and backs of the shafts. It’s not a smart thing to go into old mines, but we figured if they have stood up for over 130 years, chances are they would be safe enough for us to go check. In one mine alone, we made enough money in gold to pay for our detectors. And a few of those machines were over $750 back in 1990 dollars. But quite often, you get back in there, and you will hear stuff. Anything from pick sounds to steel on steel like sledgehammers against the old hand drills. You will hear voices like miners talking to each other. Miners long since dead, whether they died in the shaft or retired wealthy in San Francisco. Depending if there are additional stopes and air shafts in the main tunnel, you will hear even more, but those can easily be explained away as just air blowing through. Whether it is or not! I’m pretty sure I have seen this guy and this particular event on YouTube in a haunted mine, just maybe a month or so ago. If not, it’s a different shaft, but I recognize his voice. Same guy. He goes into old mines all over the west. I still go around with a metal detector here in Germany. Only now I’m digging up Nazi silver and rarely Nazi gold coins. Huge freaking Swastikas on them. Especially the stuff from the late 1930’s. The boom era of the Nazi regime, before they started kicking everyone’s ass in Europe and spending their money on their war machine. After about 1939 1940, there were a lot fewer gold coins from that era. But the regular money in denominations of 1, 3 and 5 ReichsMarks were silver. 1 Marks were 60% and the 3 and 5 Mark coins are 90% silver. Just like ours. If you can dig them up without hitting them with your shovel, and they didn’t get hit with a farmers plow at any point, they are worth a tremendous amount to collectors. Along with the coins from the Nazi era are a lot of stuff in the ground from even preWW2. Even preWW1. Stuff from the 1870’s is quite prevalent. The oldest silver coin Ive seen dug out of a farm field here dated back from before Christ. It was a greek coin from about 300 years before Christ. Metal detectors are pretty amazing since you never know what you’ll dig up next. But because of my experiences in the old mines of California, I still watch videos on YT of guys sneaking in and videoing what they find in there. Again, if you don’t know what you’re doing, I don’t recommend it. But if you live out west, California , Utah, or Colorado, and up in Duke Sullivans area of Montana and Idaho, go down to your local Sportsmans store or hiking equipment shop, or really save money and go to your local USGS office and get a topo map of your area and look for these signs. crossed shovel and pick. Go check the places out. They are everywhere…. Bob in Germany

    • Sangha K

      Hey Bob!
      In Switzerland we have old mines too! I mean real old..
      Spoke with Heinrich Kusch from the University of Graz and he confirmet that it’s the same
      they investigate in Austria. They found titanium molepten etc. alloy dust in the scratch marks
      and they did age dating of the surface via uran thorium dating..
      Results more than 10 000 years.
      Ancient Mining.. for shure. Comme over to check it out!
      Got a Video on Youtube
      Just tipe in (Aion underground disco)

  16. ben D

    I’ve been a member for years and I demand that you give us a show of your honest opinion and maybe a few other honest people’s opinions on what sasquatch is… Also these people who think that its being covered up because of logging are insane in my opinion and I think that they won’t admit to their existence because it will drop kick the theory of evolution down the road and that’s science communities only argument against religion

    • m99

      Hi Monte,

      Yes. When I heard him talk about it (the really big poop) I thought, that;s got to be equivalent to placing dog poop in a bag, lighting it on fire, ringing the doorbell and running off…

      Yes. Sasquatch does have human traits!

  17. ben D

    I’m pretty sure that if I was blocked in my driveway by a tree that sasquatch had pushed over I wouldn’t think that they didn’t want me to leave.. and I sure would like to have a update on the 2 brothers story.. hook us up Wes

  18. John P

    This was truly amazing story. Thanks Wes.
    Its Amazon time. I gotta buy the book like now I’m still in suspense also For the record not that anyone cares but it deeply saddens me when asshole people destroy mother nature’s beautiful forests (as what happened in this story) with motorcycles etc. I love 4 wheelers an dirt bikes but why must people tear up beautiful property?
    An scare off wildlife. As an avid outdoorsman hunter trapper & fisher I never understood why human beings do that too land also and why hunters complain they don’t get big antlered white tailed deer when there doing drives pushing deer away to the next county an have no patience to
    (STILL HUNT) an would rather )sling bullets all over not hitting anything let alone wounding deer..anyhow had to express that Great story I’m buying the book…

  19. mermaidmood

    The voices are creepy for sure. My dog was sitting next to me as that played, and he looked towards the speaker and growled. Doesn’t mean anything other than he found it growl-worthy. But, the 2-together, hit 10 on the “Creepy Meter” for me.

    Some day it might be interesting to listen to your “What Is Sasquatch” presentation. As your opinion has evolved over the years and why that happened would be an interesting show. Eat cabs, get your caffinated drinks lined up, and let us have it! You KNOW there’s a cover-up. Do tell. It’s not about lumber….

  20. Craig D

    Has anyone heard the description of sasquatch running like “Nazi’s goose-stepping?” Is this original to Chris’s sighting? The reason I ask is because when thinking of some video recordings, there are images of the creatures moving while standing erect….and it is funny looking (even though it’s a complete blur). Thoughts? this one thing he said seems to stand out for me for some reason.

  21. Dovie D

    The one I saw was tall thin black as black as tall as the house. Not sure how tall that is? The more I recall stuff the more comes up. Call me sometime Wes. I’ve talked to u before.

  22. Chris D

    Does anyone know if the 3rd guest Chris ever posted any of the pictures he claims to have taken? I just finished his book and there’s not a single one of them in there. Its a great read I just wish he would have included them in there.

  23. Rita S

    Wess, I really appreciate that you strive to present a well balanced account of ALL the accumulated evidence you can gather while keeping an open mind in regards to finding TRUTH, wherever that may lead. I read Chris Merola’s book before I listened to the interview. The book was very compelling and well written, but in the interview I realized just how much assumption he seemed to make about what the creatures (not just big foot, but others as well) were feeling, thinking etc. without any tangible evidence. Perhaps they didn’t harm him because they didn’t see him as a threat….many possibilities! I can’t judge though, because I did not live through all that he experienced. I’m not a drinker either, but if I drank the amounts he drank, I’d be unconscious and might wake up in Big Foot’s living room! In the book though, he does save a lot of evidence in the hope of getting DNA samples….but in light of various accounts, we know that this type of evidence has been squelched by the “authorities” in the past. Chris expresses himself better on paper, but then public speaking is on the top 10 list of “things feared”. I watched his You Tube video taken by a camera mounted behind his screen door, and it looked to me like a very long hairy arm reaching up a tree trunk, then grabbing a branch and then thrashing the ground with the branch. I’d like to see Thinker-Thunker analyze the video. Thinker has some good software applications. I hope Chris manages to redeem himself in the eyes of his friends and family, which I speculate is part of why he wrote the book. I am thoroughly not qualified to criticize a researcher OR a writer. All that I’ve learned on the subject of Big Foot is second hand, although I have heard accounts from a few different credible individuals who DID have first hand experience. Thank you for consistently presenting a balanced picture of the things you’ve learned during your many hours of countless interviews! I’ll continue to keep an open mind.~Rita

  24. Mitchell J

    Hi all, I just wanted to mention that the song at the end of this episode is titled “Black Lake” by the band Fabrik. It took me a while to find it so I figure others may be looking for this as well. BTW big kudos to wes for finding really good, obscure, new music for the show. I am a music lover and I appreciate it!!!

  25. Evelyn L

    Personally, I think you are asking for trouble when you start messing with mind speak and “aliens.” If Sasquatch is the “guardian of the forest” then they are doing a very bad job. They haven’t saved any forests and they can clean out the wildlife population of an areas in a very short amount of time which is why they probably have to migrate quite a bit. I do believe that they have been here a very long time. It is quite obvious that they do not want anything to do with humans so why on earth do people who think these things are so wonderful spend so much time trying to contact them? Why not just leave them alone? That is what they want.

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