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SC EP:518 Creepy Encounter With Something

A listener writes “Hello Wes! I listen your show all the time I’m a big a fan of your show and Bigfoot. About 2 years ago I became fascinated with Sasquatch. I don’t have a Sasquatch encounter but I do have a paranormal encounter. One night in October of 2015. Me and a buddy of mine came across the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. 3 am we encountered a woman in a sparkling prom like dress who seem to have been waiting for my buddy. She was lifeless no emotion and stared at my buddy. I’d love to go into more detail and be able to tell you over the phone. Thank you Wes”

This is the first time in a long time I have had chills listening to someone recount what they saw and what happened to them. This is an incident with multiple witnesses, and it takes a strange twist that goes to show that you can run into more than just Sasquatch during the witching hour.



Our second guest, Rich, writes, “I had a sighting of a creature I believe to be a Sasquatch back in January of 2015. I had the sighting on lake OH Ivie 45 min East of San Angelo Tx.

I went out in my boat around 11:00 am and was trying out my new fish finder I had received for Christmas. It was a cool slightly overcast day and the fishing was slow. I cruised around the lake and tried to find some good spots for the upcoming spring and decided to head back in around 4 o’clock. As i got closer to the boat ramp I decided to fish the last main lake point before I got to the ramp. The point I was fishing actually blocked the view of the ramp so I couldn’t see on the other side of the hill that ran out into the lake forming the point. I had my motor killed and was slowing drifting with the wind. I noticed deer on the bank that was at a 45 degree angle from where the ramp was and I watched them as I fished. As I cleared the point I could see the dock at the boat ramp, and saw something move to my left in between me and the ramp. I was a good 20 yards from this creature that I first thought was a man dressed in black. It’s not uncommon to see people fishing on this bank. The creature had spotted me first and was running with its arms shielding it’s face semi crouched over with its face angled away from me. It wasn’t running full speed but it seemed as though it was hoping I hadn’t seen it and was trying to get away without being seen. It moved about 10 yards into some brush around the bank and looked as if it stood upright and looked to see if I spotted it. Once it saw I was looking it’s way it bolted full speed in between the brush and would pause every time it got behind a clump of bushed.

I thought to myself what the crap is this thing because at full speed it was lightning fast and super quit until it reached the hill/ point that I had just finished fishing and ran up the hill faster than any animal I could think of. There was mesquite trees on top of the hill and this thing was breaking branches as it ran away. The sound of these branches breaking is what scared me. I’ve never heard that kind of noise of anything running threw the brush like that. I got to the boat ramp 5 min later and stayed in my boat for 30 min before I got the courage to run up the ramp to get my truck. I loaded up my bait and headed home and thought to myself the whole trip home I think that was a Bigfoot. I have only told a few people of this encounter and have found your show and it’s help me deal with what I saw a lot better. Thanks for all you do for guys like me who still struggle with what they saw.”



Our final guest is Garent, and he writes “Hi – Wes, I’ve wanted to contact you for a long time now. I have just gotten the courage really to recount and write down my big foot sighting that happened a year ago the 23rd of February 2018. I live in upstate New York, in a rural farm community, right outside the town of East Aurora. I was driving down our road around 2:30 in the afternoon when I looked off to my right and saw a tall man, I thought ?walking kitty-corner, away from me across a brilliant green alfalfa field. It’s was an usually warm day for New York for the time of year. The snow had melted off the fields so everything was bright green. As I a slowed down to look at this person walking, I noticed he was all black and very tall, but then, as I slowed to a stop on the side of the road still watching and wondering who could this be ??walking in the middle of the day across this farmers field ? because, the farmer himself had just passed away a week before. So, I knew there wouldn’t be anyone that should be down there that was given permission since his death. So, I parked on the side of the road. I Noted this man had no jacket on and no umbrella because it was slightly raining, And no Walkingstick. Then I noticed the odd way this man was moving. He had kind of a bent knee and had a long arm swing yet it looked as though he was walking at a normal gate. Just odd I thought??But he made it across this huge field that I’ve been used to trail riding my horses a crossed in such a short time.”




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127 Responses to “SC EP:518 Creepy Encounter With Something”

    • Michael L

      Cain went off to the land of Nod, and knew the women there…forever would they bear the “Mark of Cain” upon their skin… The races of Mankind had a separation back then- now there is no separation in the races of Man- that time since then- has eliminated that prejudice. Yes, who did Cain breed with, Neanderthals? Or, maybe the ancestors of the Black race? Honestly, who looks Simian? The truth is not racist, Sasquatch is real..

  1. Barbara W

    Thank you got the early show, Wes.
    I gotta say, that first one is a very creepy story. So sad to hear about his friend thinking of selling his soul for success. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?
    I’ve ran into a few witches over the years. In fact i used to sit next to one when i worked for Regence Blue Shield in Seattle. Their power is very real as i found out, but if you belong to the Lord, you have no reason to fear. I will never understand why people turn to the dark side. I guess they think they can control it.

    • Aaron B

      What I can’t understand is the max of 20-40 year’s of fame for a eternity like you said it is very real people have paranormal experience but yet don’t believe in God how can it be how does Fabian not go running to the father! Please everyone find your way to to Jesus the only way to the father is through the son if you don’t like organized religion that’s fine most are Hippocrates John:3.16

  2. Lele S

    You need to read Millellnial Hospitality by Charles James Hall. This description he is giving of this being, fits the “tall whites” almost to a T. He even talked about seeing a black SUV.

  3. Avis B

    This was a really good podcast.. As for the first encounter.. I know…. That the Matrix ( and or ) Quantum Field was used on him.. It would also be called Glamoured…. Yes they wanted the young man but did not want the person telling the story on this podcast.. The other 2 encounters were great as well.. Just be safe and not sorry.. Bigfoot are not what you think….

  4. joeydeveever

    The guy in the first story should’ve asked to see the video himself, not just go by what his buddy Xavier says he saw. The sheriff across the street with the video set up might’ve been showing them a different night. People are too willing to scare themselves by hearing four and seven and then trying to get those figures to add up to twelve. Good story telling, but too many holes. Too much potential for the Rashomon effect to have an influence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rashomon_effect

    • Curtis R

      I thought the same thing. Check the time code, it might have been the wrong day, wrong time, etc. I mean come on.
      That first story was a bit too much. But it does remind me of a lot of the Latin American legends of monsters and ghosts. La Llorona, la tzegua, el mico malo, el padre sin cabeza, la carreta sin bueyes, so many tales of creepy late night encounters, usually involving guys who had too much to drink.

  5. Doug K

    Great encounters Wes. The first one made me think that the woman those guys saw might have been a demon. Almost sounded like she was there to collect. Just my thought. Thanks to all 3 guests for sharing these interesting and scary encounters.
    Thanks everyone!! YEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!!

    • Martin Z

      Why is it that everything we don’t understand has to be a demon. Why can’t it be a restless ghost, a witch, or just a crazy person in the woods? My personal favorite is when people say ” it sounded like a demon!! ” How does anyone know what a demon sounds like or what it might sound like if we have no recordings or eyewitness reports for reference.

  6. LaVonne J

    Such a great show Wes! It’s funny that I’m not afraid of big ‘ol sasquatch, but these other “things” creep me out and I CAN’T sleep. ? I’m too busy Stayin’ Alive! ?

    Every time I see a dark SUV you know I’ll be looking for a sparkly purple prom dress, and running in the opposite direction! As I tell my friends, I’m not much of a runner, so if you see me running, you better haul butt!

  7. Denise F

    Fabian, listen to your mother and steer clear of Jimmy lol.

    Garnett, I bet with the farmers passing made them feel more comfortable and curious. Hopefully they ‘know’ you and will continue to do their own thing.

    Thanks to all the guests and our favorite podcaster ?️?(my back in black stayin’ alive man).

  8. Nicholas S

    I listen as I’m falling asleep every night and I’ll listen to it over and over until I feel like I remember the whole thing… it normally takes me two nights per show ( if it’s a really good episode hunting episodes are usually my favorite) and then I go over and listen to the confessionals. I’ve literally listen to every episode this way. I was actually awake tonight not every night I actually fall asleep while listening. But I would bet many of us listen to the show this way. After a really long day it’s really nice to unwind and picture yourself in their shoes and what it might have been like.

  9. Michael V

    I almost find it hard to believe this woman on the farm can chuckle here and there. I’m her age and her encounters scare the crap out of me !!!! I say this with no disrespect….
    “What more proof do you need to take action to protect your family and your neighbors ?” I think living on a farm has given you a false sense of security. Personally, I’d move in a heart beat If that stuff was going on and especially if my kids were living there. PLEASE go talk to the farmers daughter. Poor thing is living alone. BF may have wanted to get your mom, why wouldn’t they go after another single woman living alone? I’m sure she has stories her dad told her and probably some of her own. Please take the precautions Wes suggested and protect your family and neighbors. I wish Wes would had a couple researchers he liked go and investigate places that are possible habituation sites like this. One thing I find frustrating (though I am HUGE fan of SC) is we almost never hear follow up stories from the greatest potential habitiation locatations. Follow up stories and “real” investigators sent out to these locations and coming back on the show to give updates and reports I think is the only thing missing from SC. After all we all are after the same thing….More definitIve proof !!! Just seems like so many missed opportunities to get ground breaking evidence. Great show tonight Wes !

  10. MONTE M

    Have not listened to this yet. Before SC became a podcast a co-worker when asked if he believed in BF said yes but that he knew for sure absolutely positively that ghosts exist and that his home in rural central MN was absolutely haunted and could tell me hours of stories of incidents that occurred there. He said there were mounds on his property , I asked if he ever dug into them he said no(smart move probably) . His father did not believe at all but one night was looking out the window during a big storm and saw a lady dressed in a white dress when the sky lit up with lightning and even though he did not believe in Ghosts could not deny he had seen this lady dressed in white outside their very old farm home. This was the first time I ever heard that but now have heard it several times since listening to SC from day one. So that tends to lend some truth to his Dads story about that. He said there were several entities and some were nice but also referred to a very very dark and evil one in particular. Weird stuff. He told another co -worker a UFO had landed outside once and he was scared witless hiding on the floor because very bright lights were shining from it into the windows. This fellow was not the type to make up stories and on top of that he was the manager of the terminal wich is part of a Nationwide business , meaning he really would not want this stuff going around I would think or you know some might think he was off his rocker which I believed him. He came out of his office out into the warehouse and wanted to talk about it but not around a certain office lady so he would share with certain people he trusted. He felt something bad had happened at the farmhouse at some point ? The farmhouse was from the late 1800’s. His Dad did an addition, the ghosts did not like the addition he claimed. His brother eventually bought the house and the addition burnt off. The fire marshal could not understand how the fire just stopped right where the old house began. Interesting stuff but my original point was of hearing of the lady in white incident from another before I heard it a few times on SC. Mysteries abound. He said I should go there sometime because even at noon it has a weird vibe like a vacuum. An eerie silence. I said no thanks man don’t want anything to do with that stuff, I’ll stick to Sasquatch, but that stuff is interesting.

  11. Greg P

    She was letting him know that he is in and has no way out and to separate those away from him that might try to help him (Jimmy). There are several things that he and you did and are doing wrong first you are making a big mistake of speaking about it dont be surprised if you get a visit from this messenger if you continue to tank about her!!!! You never burn a Ouija!!! Consult Dark waters , and if J.C Johnson were still with us he would be able to verify this. With out saying how this is known just PLEASE take this WARNING SERIOUS!!! DONT GIVE IT ANYMORE POWER!!

  12. Janetta V

    Thanks guests, and Wes. To the last guest from New York. The evidence points loud and clear that squatch are around. Wood knocks, horses are telling you in there own way, You’ve seen them, so please be careful. I hope you can get your younger neighbor to understand, she could be in danger, if she walks her dog out there in the woods. God bless you and thanks. P.S. I think they are nephilim also.

  13. Jewel W

    There are a couple of things about Sasquatch that are very interesting to me in the context of my religious beliefs. I have heard the eastern tribes of Native Americans say that they don’t bother you unless you’re doing something “bad” like cheating on your woman etc. Which makes me wonder about the prophecy about the 3 days of darkness, where we are told not to look outside for those three days, not even look at a window. Which make me think of a verse in Revelations about the beasts eating 1/3 of mankind, which make me wonder how does that relate to today? Are Sasquatch expanding their territory in preparation for some “event” like the three days of darkness? Do they have to leave us alone for now unless we do something they consider aggressive, can they harass people who are doing something “bad”? The behavior I hear on these encounters is very scary and it seems it is expanding.

  14. Ron S

    The Bigfoot encounter stories were great and very genuine. Nice mash up tune at the end! The first story would’ve been great as well throwing a little something different into the mix…..I just don’t know if I believe ole….Ezekiel was it? Even so it was a fantastic show overall! I love it when I hit play and see the track time over an hour. More is definitely better. You da man Wes!

  15. Greg T

    The second guest that was fishing Lake O.H. Ivie isn’t that far from a guest you had on way back. There was a lady you had on an episode that I seem to remember lived just out of San Angelo, TX, pretty close to the Concho River. From memory, they lived outside of San Angelo and her husband traveled a lot or something. The South Concho River and the Concho River tie in just east of San Angelo and the Concho is one of the rivers that feeds OH Ivie. Maybe 40 miles away? Lots of mesquite and farmland, but can be thick hardwoods along the rivers. Anyway, not too far from one of your other guests. Not to mention an air force base just east of San Angelo too ?

  16. Gumshoguy

    Excellence in reporting and interviewing. All of the Who, Where, Where and What’s covered. Dates, Times and Location complete… immpecable and polished. Completely plausible, extremely believable.

      • Gumshoguy

        Hi M – I (we) want to believe the story, but the writer or reorting person must give me (us) enough to believe in. Give us Dates, times, and locations., the who’s and what of the story. Some of the most wonderful stories have been shared but they don’t include (Dates, times, locations) the three most basic and most parts of the claim.

        What we read and heard here was in my opinion an example of excellence by the messenger and Wes, and it needs to be noted.

        • m99

          Man, that covers it! Investigative observation is more than seeing or hearing. And, it doesn’t matter where I read or what I listen to on SC, I Always learn something due to Wes, the guests he has on, the mods (GSG for example:), and the listeners. I still can’t believe how fortunate we all are to have such a great podcast to learn from. Amazing. Blessings once again.

  17. Debbie C

    Never burn a Ouija Board!
    By doing so, you release
    everything within the
    Ouija Board. Always properly close
    your session after using the darn board.
    The Paranormal realm can be
    a very dangerous to the living.
    The Devil reviles himself in many
    forms. I believe that is what took place
    with Jimmy and his friend.

    A few weeks ago my husband and I were
    at our local Starbucks sitting at
    one of the tables having our coffee.
    The place wasn’t crowded for a change.
    Two tables away from us were three young
    men about age 22 talking about the
    Paranormal. One of them brought up what
    was happening to them. A black shadow
    has been following them in their apartment.
    It seems all three young men have witness
    the black shadow as well.
    I don’t know what else they said because the three
    got up and left Starbucks.

    • MONTE M

      I once had spoke with a man who did restoration of classic 1800 era mansions in Chicago.I asked about ghosts and he said yes he had many encounters and was usually able to sense the presence when first doing the bid on the job . He talked of feeling very cold drafts suddenly and the shadow figures but also that the ghosts had appeared as real people and he had workers walk off the job before refusing to come back. After finishing a job at a sorority house that he knew where he experienced activity the lady who cut his final checked asked him if he’d encountered the resident ghost which he confirmed that yes he had. He said several times people would ask about it of course after the work was finished. Once a fellow who he thought was a real person was walking up a stairway but the guy turned and looked at him, somehow he knew this was a ghost? It didn’t seem to bother him because it happened from time to time in his line of work .

      • m99

        …there are ghosts, then there are demons, and probably other things because the bible says there are many spiritual beings. I don’t want to be around them and when we’re looking to move into a new place I go and ‘detect’ the spirits first. If someone has violently died, I want to know about it before signing on the dotted line.

        Once I booked a room in NW Washington for a long weekend, then after did a little recon online. I had a weird feeling so I looked it up. Turned out to be a very well known haunted hotel so I called and cancelled. When I told a friend she said “you could clear the room” at which I said, maybe, but who wants to do warfare on vacation? I wanted to rest, not have spooks keep me up all night. Can you see it? We kick ’em out and they pound on walls or the door all night? No Thanks!

  18. Axel B

    I been suicidal my whole life and still are everyday. Im 24 y old and my dad have to sleep in my house when my partner is out of town so i dont kill myself. I go in and out from psychward and try to fight back with training martial arts and running but in only help for really short moments. A good distraction from hell is podcasts. I listen to joe rogan, psycadelic salon and this one all the time.
    Thank you Wes for doing the show, its endless facination of stories throughout all the episodes you have done.
    I dont give a shit who can see this.

  19. Jon W

    I usually go to sleep on Sunday nights with SasChron and earbuds. On Monday morning I scan until I find where I don’t recognize the story and then finish the podcast. I was driving to work when I got to the end and then heard Wes’ wake up call. Last night I had been awakened by this craziness and was confused about where it had come from but, I pulled the ear buds, went back to sleep and forgot about it. I couldn’t hardly keep from laughing when this all came together. It was like a subliminal prank.
    You got me Wes!
    If you fall asleep to a previous show and there are Sierra Sounds or other sample vocalizations in the story, that will wake a person up in a hurry too!

  20. Peter B

    Story about the Ouija board stuff freaked me out, couldn’t get to sleep until 2am. I have messed with the board before, and I had my scratches in the wall. The board said it’s name was Santa…. Why? Because the name really stood for Satan…. Enough said.

  21. Louise H

    Totally love the music! Is there a way you can make a mixtape for us fans? That would be great! Love you,
    I’ve been listening to you for about 2 years and I’m so glad that I joined 🙂

  22. Louise H

    I live in Northern Nevada. Does anyone know of a Sasquatch type group that I could join? I feel really alone in my interest about this topic. Except for you guys of course.

    • m99

      Hi Louise, I love to go back for a day or two and read comments on the latest podcast, sometimes re-listening to it too. I just read your comment, so I thought I’d offer a suggestion. Why not visit the BFRO and check out Nevada? There’s cool people all over, it would seem. I’ll post the link for you at the bottom here. Hope that helps. m_99


  23. Axel B

    Thank you all for the great support after my comment yesterday. It was a really hard day for me but today is better. Hope i didnt put any of you all down by it. Its all about staying positive. I have support and people that care for me and that is all that matters to me.
    Much love to all of you beautiful people out there.// Axel

  24. Lisa A

    How creepy!!! New subscriber, Wes. I’d been listening on YouTube and then heard you say that those were pirated episodes—sorry! I love your podcast! Keep up the great work!

  25. Duke S

    Well, surprise, surprise, when you combine the BeeGees with AC/DC it stops the BeeGee reaction (instant projectile vomiting) from occurring. Learn something new everyday, Lol….

  26. Gabriel H

    Wes, love your show. Besides all of your “members” episodes, I can’t believe how behind the YouTube postings of regular episodes are. I finally bought a subscription about two weeks ago, and I have left comments for you on YouTube (that you may never see) in the past. Suggestion:please quit saying “monkey” when you mean ape. Monkeys have tails and are way smaller than apes and hominids (with the exception of some baboons). Don’t you remember how offended the gorillas and chimpanzees got in Planet of the Apes when called monkeys?

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