Jun 2

SC EP:959 The Jersey Devil

I will be speaking to Stefaun and his father Mike. Both men have seen this entity. Both men describe it as a mix of several animals. Mike said “it had a shimmer to it, it wasn’t see through but it had a weird shimmer. We have had a lot of really weird paranormal things happen while we were out there.”

Mike and Stefaun have returned many times to get another look at it. I asked the witnesses if they have ever had something follow them home after going out to this area repeatedly.” Both witnesses said that they have and strange tracks appeared in their yard among other things.




















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77 Responses to “SC EP:959 The Jersey Devil”

  1. Danny D

    Can’t wait to listen! It looks like it’s going to be a great show! Great pics! Thanks for sharing them mike and Stefaun,, Especially to you Wes for the hard work you do by putting on these great shows every week! Much appreciated brother..

  2. Linda B

    Brilliant interview, Wes. It was the most information I’ve ever heard presented about the Jersey devil. Loved the guests. Their excitement about their encounter carries us right down there to the Pine Barons. Thank you guys. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Maria G

    Hey SC family.. hope you have a great weekend..I’m looking forward to tonight show..I don’t know much about the Jersey Devil but I’m about to find out. Thx Wes..we all love ya and appreciate the work week after week. Thank you. Sending love to the SC family from Maine

  4. Jay Carlsen

    Isn’t it fascinating that Our Minds grasp at Idea’s to explain what we are looking at ?
    ( Episode 801 ) Because my Mind told me I was looking at a Gorilla – when I have known of these Hairy People since 1978 after I held a 17 x 8 inch Cast of a large Human Looking Footprint , that was cast just 6 years prior ; but from only 10 miles North of the old Farmhouse we had just rented !
    And EVERYONE KNIOWS That Michigan does not support any Gorilla’s ! Especially Giant Sized Gorilla’s !

    I would like to know if your Friend who took the Bible with Him & was Scratched ? If he had ever been Baptized in the Name of Jesus ?
    The Baphomet was from West Virginia ( If my brain serves me correct )

    WHAT A RIVOTTING SHOW ! Great Job ! Thank You !

  5. Mike W

    The photo of the track in the melted snow looks like an old deer track (Buck)
    Great show as usual Wes
    Thank you Mike and Stephan for sharing your experiences

    • Sebastian A

      Removing clothing is a well documented response to extreme hypothermia. Its not a mystery. The missing 411 accounts are nothing out of the ordinary. Its also proven the author fabricated the majority of his law enforcement background

      • theresa m

        If you have proof that David has fabricated the majority of anything, please share it. I have followed him for years and I’ve never read anything along those lines.

  6. John R

    Wow! Amazing episode and great pics! For sure going to look into the Jersey Devil more! Thanks Wes for another great episode and thank you to these men for coming forward with their stories!

    • Sebastian A

      What do you mean Amanda!? There’s a purely logical explanation here!? No no obviously there is a flying horse demon out there violating deer, that makes way more sense. Those footprints arent deer or rabbit tracks either. Clearly an animal outside all natural biological phylum that defies all natural lows of physics as well. We obviously have to go with the answer that obliges us to conclude everything we’ve ever learned about the world through scientific observation is wrong. Clearly the right choice. Im glad im not the only rational person here.

    • Shawn B

      I make antler handled walking sticks and knives. I use antlers in masks and armor builds and all sorts of craft projects. I send out a Facebook reminder ti all my friends every fall that I collect antlers and let me know about roadkill. And I have left a lot, a whole lot, of deer laying on the side of the road like that. Like up to 3 in a single drive. Coyotes too. And bears, I take the head and paws. I was so frustrated at the use of this evidence because clearly someone took the head off if road kill to keep the antlers. And I have seen a lot of antler mounts. Like not the whole head, just the antlers. How did this guy not consider that? Really sloppy “research” on this.

  7. Ron S

    The witnesses seem very honest and I don’t doubt there is some strange things happening in that area. I wish them the best. I hope they keep their faith in God and don’t attribute everything unusual as being dark or evil. Jersey can be a rough place and stressful with out adding more to it I’m sure, but just like anywhere, you can push back against evil and fear by not exploring or giving into it.

    I do want to offer an idea to some of what they found and maybe it’ll make sense and ease their mind some. I’m not looking to debunk their story or photos as everyone experiences things differently and we weren’t in their shoes, we are only the listeners, but the tracks in the snow look like rabbit tracks… the deer definitely has two broken back legs and what looks to be damage to its hind quarter and the head looks to be ripped off… I’d have to say a semi might’ve hit it and went down the road with the head a ways. Just a guess. As for the scratch marks I’d ask if they have a dog with sharp claws that may have been resting in the shade under the steps and if it could’ve leapt up at a critter going up the steps trying to get to a (possible bird feeder at the top landing?) the drag marks of the scratches looks like it came from “under steps” direction and something (dog?) jumped higher than expected and attempted to hold itself up but made the drag marks as it slid back down. I don’t discount some of their other instances but I don’t think it’s as bad as it might appear.

    It is a shame that there is anyone at all in this world worshipping a dark entity because it will never lead to anything good. I’ve seen people who do drugs even working at stores and it would probably remind you of what a leper from biblical times would probably look like. I’m sure I’ll know more about this leper condition as I read more of my Book.

    I wish the best for everyone, and wish we could know the good qualities of each other better and in person instead of “to whom it may concern format”… Maybe someday🌞 Keep those lights within yourselves on!

  8. Traci D

    there was another SC episode about demonic possession – I forgot the researchers name but I remember him saying how a woman had 3 scratch marks on her after a demonic episode. I think it’s been reported on numerous demonic possession cases. crazy!

  9. Bryan G

    That looks like an actual Velociraptor or some other similar type of dinosaur in the photo….. A lot of people don’t realize that the dinosaurs weren’t millions of years ago. The Bible simply refers to them as dragons. In Peru, they have found pottery of men chasing Velociraptors, and of Velociraptors chasing men. The dinosaurs were mostly wiped out by the flood, NOT A METEOR….. If a meteor had wiped out every dinosaur on Earth, then it would’ve wiped out EVERY living creature on Earth, and yet we still have alligators, crocodiles, turtles, giant lizards….. Evolution is a lie, and so is the total extinction of dinosaurs. These guys said it looked like it had the body of a horse, the head of a lizard, a split tail, and was shaped like a Hyena in the back. That sounds like a dinosaur or dragon.

    • Bryan G

      Looking at the creature in the bush that Mike said was “morphing”….. I can almost see what looks like two sasquatches…… It looks like two separate heads popping out of the brush…..

  10. Dovie D

    I appreciate the guests sharing about what they have discovered. That is a lot of work. Yes be careful. Whatever it is I am it is demonic. Use God trust God be careful

  11. Danny D

    These guys are the real deal.. Check out on youtube “Jersey Devil Documentary 2020 -New Evidence” They shows the location of their sightings and shares their knowledge on the subject just like they did on here.. Awesome stuff! Thanks again Wes for allowing people to share their awesome encounters..

  12. Randel S

    those tracks look like they were just dug out of the ground some kind of excavation. Shouldn’t there be some green grassy leaves pressed down into the hole and not just bare mud? That’s what they would look like if I tried to create tracks using a little garden tool or something.

  13. Randel S

    these sort of things are called demonic obsession. The purpose of it is to get you to respect and stand in all of it instead of God in Christ. So one of the best things to do is stay active in your religion and if necessary get the Catholic Church involved and get it exercised. good luck.

  14. Andrew A

    The deer looks like its head was ripped off. The skin is jagged and clearly isn’t cut. You guys are very brave but I would be very careful messing with this. I’d have a priest or pastor go out there with you to exercise the demons. At the very least protect yourself!

  15. Andrew A

    The deer looks like its head was ripped off. The skin is jagged and clearly isn’t cut. You guys are very brave but I would be very careful messing with this. I’d have a priest or pastor go out there with you to exercise the demons. At the very least protect yourself. Lastly maybe the prints at both of your houses are a warning? Too scary for me…I wouldn’t push too hard or it may get worse!

  16. Ken L

    If folks are interested in learning more about the Pine Barrens, the author, John McPhee, wrote a fascinating and wonderful book all about its history, people, and environment that first appeared as a series of articles in the New Yorker magazine. Only about 150 pages the book is titled, not surprisingly, The Pine Barrens. And yes, the Jersey Devil is discussed on pages 74-76.

  17. Tom B

    I continually run across the thought process that because of how a thing sounded, or by its appearance, it is deemed “demonic”.
    Sometimes because a cryptid is aggressive or not friendly it is also described as “demonic”.

    I would point out that most of the reasons given for this belief would apply to most wild animals and many homo sapient.

    I think the vast majority of people don’t know how a demon looks, how a demon sounds, or the mechanics of how they interact with people. We should be careful about applying that name to something when you have almost zero information to support your theory.

    No offense intended to the guests. I believe their story.
    Just food for thought…

  18. Blanche D

    Very spooky episode. It was so chaotic to listen to, that father and son, and others observations must be true, even though it’s fantastical. I wonder if the area is a place containing a thin veil between different dimensions. Certainly a location of high strangeness. These 2 need more equipment – infrared camera/binoculars etc and should really contact a shaman about how to protect themselves from unwanted ETs / angry ghosts / cryptids from another world. I wish them well and hope they stay safe, noting there’s safety in numbers.

  19. Tom L

    Wes, Napoleon’s brother owned a mansion in Bordentown NJ. The catholic church obtained this property and it is now the Devine word seminary. It was on this property that he saw the Jersey devil. 8 had my Bigfoot sighting about 3 miles from that property.

  20. Gabe K

    I think the deer was likely a Buckwith a nice rack that got hit by a car. Cape mounts can run close to $1000 but you can get it down to the skull (with antlers) for close to nothing so someone probably took the head for that since they didn’t have the emotional attachment necessary to spend that much money. Saw something similar near a suburb where I live in Missouri.

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