Jun 1

Strange Object In The Sky

On an upcoming show I will be speaking to a witness that saw this strange wolf like creature in North Carolina.  The witness also described to me this strange object in the sky over her home in Georgia. The witness said, it was shimmering and moving like an object and then it was gone.

She describes the object and what happen afterwards.



7 Responses to “Strange Object In The Sky”

  1. Ron S

    Idk… for a helicopter to get to the scene of something strange or unidentified (that fast) seems a little fishy to me.
    First of all, are they sure it wasn’t some kind of liquid falling? Maybe that’s what they hear falling? A liquid makes more sense since it wouldn’t be traceable or identifiable as anything for long.
    At least people are questioning things before they’re totally brainwashed and freaking out in instant panic.
    Be a believer in the Creators protection first and foremost, then a skeptic of everything that doesn’t feel 100% good or true and you’ll be just fine.

    • Ron S

      Now that all of us are mic’ed up with video cameras it makes sense that we’ll be monitored closely now and subjected to various psychological experiments… Probably a test run for something on a grander scale later. Just my own opinion.

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