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        • Chris L

          Completely unrelated question here about your profile picture m99, but what is the symbology behind it? Clearly it’s a stylised roaring lion, but where does it come from? Is that Hebrew under the lion? Is there symbology to the blue trinitarian pattern surrounding it?
          Just curious really.

          Also, Wes, your music selection is excellent, don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.

          • Chris L

            Never mind. I just found a larger version of the image that confirms my suspicion that it is the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and that is indeed Hebrew under the Lion. I’d still like to know where that particular depiction comes from if you know? I’m just more familiar with the depiction on the Imperial flag of Ethiopia.

          • m99

            Sorry for the Late answer here. I found it on a Jewish site and chose it because I admire the Jewish people, and believe Yeshua IS the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Otherwise, nothing deeper than that. You probably know more than I do from the sounds of your research. Thx though. 🤗

          • Chris L

            Thanks for getting back to me. If it interests you, the image is of a painted tile found in Jerusalem.

            I have always seen Yeshua as more representative of the Lamb of God, with the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah represeating Him in His Kingly character reincarnated in these revelation times that were prophesied by John of Patmos.

            In my opinion, this has already happened.

            On the 2nd of November 1930, a man was crowned in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the titles King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, coming from the root of King David through the line of King Solomon. The whole world witnessed this event and in living memory this Man, Emperor Haile Selassie (whose name translated into English means ‘might and power of the holy trinity’) was the most recognised and loved face on Earth for speaking as the conscience of the world in times of unprecedented turmoil.

            Since the 1970s however there has been an organised and concerted effort by the powers that be to assassinate His outstanding character and effectively write Him out of history, or at least confine him to a footnote.

            In reality, He defined the human story of the 20th century and will continue to be a beacon to the world into the 21st and beyond.

          • Jamie P

            I’ve been trying to figure out what it means also. I have one inside a “fort” of pushed out trees. Then days later after the trees were pushed out an x appeared from stripped branches

          • Jamie P

            I’m not very tech savvy but at the top middle you click on episodes then they appear beginning with the last one.

          • Jamie P

            On the main page at the top middle is three horizontal lines. Click on that, then it will pop up another list then you click on episodes 🙂

        • Russell R

          that’s exactly what i was thinking. I was shocked that the individual that was aware of it had the particular attitude that they did. Like it’s one thing to be at peace with it when you know they are in your area( like me ) but i would be uneasy with continual watching if that is in fact what he was actually suggesting. Especially because like it’s your HOME. I have them in some areas where i hunt and hike and i know sometimes they are there. Sometimes i just turn around and have. Actually most of the time i guess i do come to think of it. Nevertheless ii guess my point is that that’s an area away from my house. I actually have them close to my home as well but i never look in the areas around my house ( except once) because i don’t want them knowing that i am aware.

  1. Maria G

    yess hi everyone I’ve been looking forward to tonight. xo to my SC family and much gratitude to Sir Wes. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.. sending love from Maine (snow wed wtf) lol

    • m99

      It’d be awesome to sit on a bench in the riverfront with headsets on and listen to SC., especially at Christmas time. I heard a beautiful bunch of people from Peru that played their indigenous wind instruments and bells. They were from Peru. Anyway, at night the Riverfront is too cool in San Antonio. https://youtu.be/qsNEu750zok

  2. Lisa B

    Whoa..when David mentioned the “relationship” with the horse, it made me think of a book I read.
    It’s called: The Creature: Personal Experiences With Bigfoot
    By ~Jan Klement
    It was with a cow or sheep..can’t remember. The writer witnessed it.

  3. Stacey C

    Yes I’m going to be “that” person, ppl stop leaving your Dogs outside, especially in these areas where you have Sasquatch activity ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ He’s too scared to leave his dog house bring him in, maybe he’ll feel safer… Wes, you have the best show of all time❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
    Thank you for what you doing on this platform..

  4. Virginia S

    GREAT show tonite, Wes! Loved listening to David. So refreshing to hear a “researcher” say they “do not know” when it comes to Sasquatch. I agree with him regarding having to look at ALL aspects of people’s sightings.
    Would love it if he was on again sometime in the future.

  5. Dovie D

    I agree with your guest. I think the more I learn and hear the more we realize we don’t know. I think there are different kinds of Sasquatch. I still think they are satanic. Subhuman strength, mind speak, red glowing eyes,( not all) human like features .

  6. richard r

    had to listen to this a couple times ,theres a lot of condensed information and funny animated sounds this man makes.
    i just feel like he has been drawn into the world of bigfoot and convinced by this entity that its this way or that way which is very scary to me. he is being tricked and i hope he doesnt fall for that. be careful sir its a slipperry slope.

  7. Maria G

    YES thank you for all the veterans bc of you all I am free to listen to this tonight bc in some countries believe it or not some ppl can’t. Thank you for your service. Lisa B that book sounds like it’s right up my alley. MAYNARD if you’re out there I hope you are well. LINDA B, M99, and LISA B…hi SC ladies hope your all well. Mark R donuts lately.? Lol

  8. Ann Y

    This episode really picked my mind! Awesome episode! Have him back!
    I suspect the women who are taken are raped too.

    Your musicians you have on are refreshing from the nonsense, no talent” popular” ones who sold their soul and have no talent.

  9. schlad

    Excellent show guys thank you!
    I agree with your guest regarding the music, I Love your choice of music and your attention to sound really puts your work in a league of it’s own.
    Love and Peace for all💚☮️

  10. Jewell H

    I had to tell my dog not to listen to most of this episode😅 yikes! just wanted to pop in and say I enjoy the music too. have definitely added music by both fabrik and pompeya to my library because of SC. the song at the end of this episode is playing now and I’m digging it. 💕

    • Anna B.

      I also enjoy the music, and added fabric and pompeya to my list. Can anyone tell me the name of the artist/song at the end of this episode? I really like it. ❤️

  11. Matthew J

    Great to have David on. Lot of knowledge right there. I’ve always liked teachers who could admit “they don’t know”.
    Wes- I’ve liked your music selections. New to me but enjoyable.

  12. Luis G

    when he said, the dog and Bigfoot have some type of bad blood for each other. reminds me of an episode of the confessionals . Dogman vs dog . it’s crazy how that was brought up.

  13. Craig R

    There are a couple of men in Kentucky that may be able to shed some light on these events. One is “ABNORMAL INVESTIGATIONS”. The other being “SCOTT CARPENTER”.

  14. Randel S

    t can be very helpful for government officials to make a statement about presumed cause of death of livestock if the owners are able to file insurance claims to recoup a loss and maybe even some property damage. For this reason they are doing people a favor. It might be more difficult to collect Insurance if the cause is unknown or cannot be documented. I wonder if the owner of the livestock photographed the carcasses before they were buried largely for this reason.

  15. Vanessa G

    Wes i listen to SC at night (every night)thru the night,at the end of each EP the volume of the end music was very loud. It would woke me up to forward to next EP. Saying that…I really slept without interruption. Your new sound board nice ,smooth and even throughout show. Great investment! Thank you so much! 😴 💤

  16. John P

    Hello Wes, this was a good show. This guest was sharp and I found his explanation of what these things are is one of the better ones. Especially, how this incident seemed to be a male establishing a territory made sense to me. A few years ago I remember a pod cast by Coonbo and Bear talking about how these young males shag horses. Great show tonight I enjoyed it.

  17. Frank A

    Mr Eller is my favorite researcher so far. I think and feel his approach to this subject is open minded, considerate, but logical at the same time. He appears to stay focused on the flesh and blood concept of these beings without completely discounting the paranormal beliefs / facts. He is also brave enough to trust the personal accounts of people who claim to have had strange experiences. understanding this topic clearly demands a multi faceted understanding of human behavior/ perceptions Cultural view points, animal behavior, world history, and govt / politics etc. this field is so much more than walking around the woods. This topic is a modern day mystery that part of me hopes we never solve. For every one’s sake. Sometimes not knowing is what’s best. However life experience has taught me it’s probably less complicated than we think.
    Good luck Mr Eller. Thanks Wes.

  18. Bryan G

    Music should be felt not heard🤔 never heard that before and I play guitar and write songs. Makes sense cause music is projected and produced from feelings. Cheers Wes🇨🇦✌🏼🇺🇲

  19. Diana A

    point 1. extra toes are attributed to in-breeding
    3 & 4 toes are reptiles and birds other than those reptiles

    I would consider bigfoot a North American animal, The Gov has been taking bigfoot and skeletons of bigfoot away from our echo chamber eversince the Pilgrims and Vikings. I assume the Gov has been spreading these evidences all over the world. Continued assumption is their living guests escaped and have populated in small units through the years. Sketchy methods usually are hid from their predicessers.
    No other cultural group beside mine (Native peoples) have described these beings as a part of the normal group of animals.

    Theory s are made through proven tests. Not someone in particulars thought. You need proven studies. Just saying,” my theory is…” dosent make it a theory. You need to change that sentence to, ” My assumption is,,,” not theory

    Man, cant keep track of all the loose thoughts. Your grasping at straws. and straws are hollow.

    • Cryptids Unlimited

      Point 1. Wrong!!! 3 toes are NOT reptiles. Reptiles have 4 toes and look webbed like alligators. Birds are 3 toed, but the toes are long and skinny with almost no back pad of the foot. I can say for a fact that what my family saw and dealt with was certainly not a reptile, looked and acted just like most bigfoot reports and left 3 toed prints that looked human.
      Point 2. Wrong! You must take evidence and form a theory first. Then you test that theory and after it comes out the same over several tests, it becomes fact. Look up the definition of scientific study.

  20. theresa m

    Wes and David, thanks for the great show. LOVE the music, Wes. Always! Music is about feeling it, the expression that has not words inside. I have heard reports about the rogue Sasquatch that are quite dangerous. I am not surprised. I think it is the same in all living being groups that the young males are full of piss and vinegar, acting out and trying to find their way but the older, stronger males kick them out and they have to find their own families. The abuse of animals by the is horrifying and the story of the horses and dogs being killed is both scary and so sad for all involved. Keeping secrets is never a good thing and the fact that our government knows about these and other ‘creatures’ in our woods but not telling us for our own safety (everything revolves around damn money and profit margins) is tantamount to being an accomplice to whatever bad things happen encounters go south.

  21. Linda B

    Man, I was reading most of the comments, so neat to see so many SC folks on the same page, especially when our world is a bit topsy turvy. Will kick back and listen. Yesterday the hubby and I had a lot going on from the 15 yrs service he did in the USN, Veterans Day and all, lots of good stuff with that so late and just now listening. God bless everyone.

  22. Blake B

    We cannot keep making the illogical leap to paranormal abilities with zero evidence when we cannot find an answer for their stealth etc. This is hurting the legitimate research more than you guys will ever understand.

    Just because it is a master of camouflage in its environment and has the patience and ability to wait you out or blend in does NOT mean that they have supernatural abilities. These irrational drastic cognitive bounds we are making to bridge this gap drives away the legitimacy in the scientific field we were FINALLY obtaining. Legit setting us back decades.

  23. Linda P

    i prefer to think of them having or practicing abilities most people do not . There are people who do this and there is nothing paranormal about it. Everyone is unique why should they be any different. I have had abilitys or uncommon occurances i do not consider it paranormal just uncommon

  24. Linda B

    What a great guest, Wes! You knocked it out of the park with that one brother, so interesting and lots of info…..I think most of us hadn’t heard before, I know I hadn’t. Wes, we all love the songs you put in your show too! Very class act, Mr. Wes.

  25. M Lyn H

    I hate hearing about Sasquatch killing pets and livestock. They can behave like senseless bullies. As a lifelong horse owner hearing the outcome of the three miniature horses has left me feeling sick. While I used to believe Sasquatch are the hairy men of local native legend it’s this senseless murder of animals leaving me considering other suggestions. Perhaps they are demonic.

  26. Charles R

    Enjoyed David Eller immensely. His ideas/theory of Bigfoots really mirrors mine. I will look up his work on youtube, interested in seeing what he calls pagondas. I have no idea why a Bigfoot would come and destroy 3 small horses. Except maybe they reacted to it/them being about with horse noises and it/them did not want the humans to be alerted. Same for the dog. I also wonder what the Sheriff of this county who I saw interviewed a couple days back would think the killings was the work of a Sasquatch, something he never brought up in the interview I saw. He knows something.

  27. Greg O

    Good show Wes.I too think there are physical and spiritual ones. All I’ve experienced is physical but know the spiritual side exists. Discernment is key. We all know the dark side uses anything to its advantage.

  28. Joshua M

    I’ve had a difficult time getting behind any government conspiracy theory as being the reason why we have no body of a Sasquatch, especially after reading the Gulag Archipelago where spilling the beans seems to be in human nature. The only way I can see such a thing working is if the stakes are just too high for failure in order to get everyone in on it to keep it under wraps.

    So as a personal thought experiment I decided to think about what scenario would justify this. I actually managed to come up with one. Essentially, in this hypothetical scenario, Sasquatch are from a parallel universe. In this universe the energy is different. Dark Energy, negative energy, anti energy, exotic energy, just take your pick. This weird type of energy, if left too long within a dead Sasquatch body would start converting the matter into antimatter. Any scientist and science fiction fan knows when antimatter and normal matter meet they cancel each other out violently, usually in a powerful explosion. This would be why the Government doesn’t want people to know about it, or scientists to study it because it could literally cost thousands of lives.

    FYI I don’t personally believe this and it’s just a fun thought experiment.

    • Alice F

      A synchronicity, Colleen… my middle name is Colleen and that is what I was called until I went to college and had to use my first name, Alice. So… I scrolled down to comment, and there was my other name, Colleen F.

  29. SAMUEL G

    Hey guys, totally random question but what was the episode with the biker and the old lady who raises juvenile sasquatch. He saw a baby one caught in the ‘V’ of a tree etc.

  30. William D

    Re: Forrest M.
    We supposedly came from Simian -like creatures is what was theorized and absurd. The theory is showing signs of collapse. Don’t defend the indefensible.

  31. Dawn G

    This was a great episode very informative and I really like the guy at the end. I’d like to follow him somehow if anybody can give me that info I’d like it and as far as your music Wes, I do like it and this one with the African type sound to that song was really cool

  32. Thomas A

    Bonobos, Orangutans, Chimpanzees And Gorillas. Humans Are the Only Great Ape That Does Not Built A Nest . We Sleep In Our Beds Which Is Close, But The Other Great Apes Never Sleep In the Same Nest Twice, Some Of Them Build A Day Nest And Then A Night Nest. That’s A Lot Of Nests.

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