Nov 11

The creature jumped over the fence

A listener writes “My sighting takes place in the early 80s and in the small city of Brunswick, Ohio. The city has since grown and the wooded area behind my childhood home has been built up.

It was late in the night and I woke to see a large figure in front of my bedroom window. My curtains were closed. So, all I saw was the silhouette. The head a shoulders filled the whole window. It stood as facing me as if trying to see in. The top of the window measured 7 foot from the ground. A car came down the street and the figure went around the side of the house. My two friends that are brothers were staying up late and saw the creature jumped over the fence that separated our properties. They then saw it run into the wooded area of their property.

There were other signs that we observed through the years. One of which was dark hairs found in the trees at least five feet off the ground. Grown ups always dismiss it as dog hair carried by birds making nests. We would sleep out in a fort and sometimes a stick would hit the side.”

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  1. Brian L

    I understand that Squatch seem to avoid cameras, but with the proliferation of Ring and Blink cameras these days, I wonder if one will get nabbed looking in a window…..which I think is their form of TV entertainment.

  2. toomuch

    Thanks for sharing. I’m from Bath, OH, very close to the Cuyahoga Valley. Not too far from Brunswick and Hinckley. There have been sightings in Medina as well. Curious to know your proximity to the nearest river?

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