Nov 10

Mystery Surrounding Kentucky Animal Killings Continues

NewsChannel 5 writes “It’s still unclear as to whether an animal was responsible for the mysterious slaughter of three horses and a dog in southern Kentucky.” I will be discussing this tomorrow night.

13 Responses to “Mystery Surrounding Kentucky Animal Killings Continues”

    • Linda B

      Loved listening to Barres’ interview with the sheriff down there. Glad all those people are standing with the sheriff. Thanks Jeremiah for sharing this. Thanks to Wes for being so amazing too.

  1. Bruce G

    I just don’t know how safe this makes anyone feel. With State Dnr covering things up makes you wonder if they are really needed at all and what there real intentions and purpose are ?

  2. John A

    is this two different stories being confused? I know the links before are old and I remember that story, but has something similar happened again or what? if so post the correct links.

  3. Charles R

    Would a mountain lion kill 3 horses all at once? Maybe it is a group of mountain lions, a camera at a house recorded a group of five that I have seen a couple weeks back, not sure where this was. Good on the Sheriff for doing an investigation, and Kentucky Wildlife and Game or whatever they are – shame on you.

  4. Joshua C

    There’s a guy on YouTube that’s been keeping track and spreading the word on these. It’s all been lining up with puppyMan stuff and a definite attempt to keep it from the public.

  5. John A

    anyone else have issues with these embedded YouTube players? it’s always just a picture in my app and has no function, always been this way since the apps inception.

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