Oct 28

SC EP:899 Creature On The Farm

Tonight I will be speaking to Steve. Steve is from Kentucky and he had an encounter when he was 13. Steve and a friend decided to camp on the property when something large and stunk kept saying “Ike.”

I will also be speaking to Tristian is from from Missouri and he shot “something” on his property. Tristian said “The shoulders had to have been 5 feet across. It was on all four the whole time and it ran off screaming and roaring.”


Steve has a podcast called “News Worthy??” check it out here: https://slindsey10822.podbean.com/






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45 Responses to “SC EP:899 Creature On The Farm”

  1. Maria G

    omg beating ” you know who” was a mission. I feel like an idiot bc I’m so proud of myself. lmao. too funny. somebody better check on him to make sure he’s ok. thanks Wes. I love my SC family you guys are awesome.

  2. Linda B

    Maria!! M A R I A !! you da bomb, woman!!
    Way to go girl!! Where’s Brian? Are you ok, my friend? Well, guess who has a flash dream about sasquatch after last Sunday’s podcast; I was trying to avoid the attack! Nope! Woke up screaming with a sasquatch standing next to my best, shoving my hand through him to beat him off, thinking it was a ghost of a sasquatch, give me a break. See? We sensitive types can’t take the heat, no kitchen for me. Can’t wait to listen though. I’m a die hard SC fan. Much love to my buds on here! Thanks, Wes.

  3. Maria G

    Linda B… πŸ€—. I agree with you about last week’s guest/show being so nerve wracking, it got me too. Such an incredible and scary encounter. Kudos to all who actually come forward and share their experiences.

    • Linda B

      For sure! Very brave witnesses to endure what they do and live to tell it, then actually tell it! I honestly have never doubted one of Wes’s witnesses, because Wes is such a class act and relates so well,, he’d know a truthful story when he hears one. He is absolutely brave as well.

  4. David G

    The Missouri Department of Conservation currently estimates that there are approximately 800 black bears living in Missouri. They have yet to confirm any permanent mountain lion residents in Missouri. However, as Tristian mentioned, they are seen all the time.

  5. Matthew J

    Great stories and very believable. If I could ask Tristian one question, “Did your dad give up hunting or change his hunting habits after the event?” That answer may reflect what Dad saw that day.

  6. Joseph G

    congrats Maria!!! one of these days. I’ll get it lol. thanks Wes and the guest!!! wouldn’t be the same without you Wes. love the podcast and love the people here. see you all Sunday 😜

  7. Shelly B

    *WES, regarding your first ,not trying to be critical for the sake of it but I would have liked to hear a discrimination of the squatches body and face ( if he could see it from that distance). I’ve been listening since day one anf never miss a show and member for a few years.

  8. Chris K

    Hey Wes. Long time listener, and I think 5-7 year member? Not sure I’ve lost track. I’m sure your a very busy man. But just curious, what has slowed you down? We use to get some random Tuesday’s thrown in for members. And Saturdays were usually the public show, Sundays members. Or something along those lines. What’s happened to that? I’ll keep listening. And supporting. Just curious, is everything ok?

  9. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Come on Chris, give me a break! And more importantly, give Wes a break !! I’ve been a member for 6 years, and I’m absolutely astonished by what Wes has accomplished, and I’m sure most every member feels the same way. Maybe you’re the one who needs to “slow down” . Wes doesn’t owe you or anyone an explanation of anything!

  10. Dominique P

    they are flesh and blood, but come from elsewhere through portals. so they can disappear quickly..
    the balls of lights are their portal moving around and seeing where they will change dimension

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