Oct 28

Pilot Shares Videos Of Strange UFO Sightings

TODAY writes “From skies over Missouri to above the Pacific Ocean, commercial airline pilots have recently captured videos that depict unidentified aerial phenomena across the U.S. NBC’s Gadi Schwartz reports for TODAY on the possible otherworldly sightings.”

2 Responses to “Pilot Shares Videos Of Strange UFO Sightings”

  1. Linda B

    My brother in Missouri was telling my mother about this, saying they are seeing a lot of ufos in the night skies in Missouri. When I worked for the state of Kansas 8 years ago, a guy I would take break with told me his brother in Missouri was working in caves to develop underground cave dwellings for the elite to live in so that when the aliens attack they would have a place to live. I guess they believe the rest of the population gets the axe;however, I believe a holy God will rescue His children from these specialized demons (aliens) just like when He parted the Red Sea. Archeologists have found horses bridles and chariots in the bottom of the Red Sea seabed. It happened. He will never leave us or forsake us.

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