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SC EP:800 I Am Not Sure What We Saw

Here is the early release of episode 800. A listener writes “I heard about your podcast recently and started listening to it. I’m not sure if my story fits with your show, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to reach out and see if you have heard of any similar stories. I had a strange experience/encounter with 2 friends of mine in the summer of 2005.

Let me start by giving you a little information about where this happened. I’m from a city called Federal Way in Washington state. We’re about 30 miles south of Seattle and border Tacoma. The area this happened in is called Twin Lakes. Twin Lakes is in the southwest part of Federal Way near Brown’s Point in Tacoma and right on Puget Sound. This area is suburban, but with a lot of tall evergreen trees and woods. I grew up there. I know the wildlife in this area. In the Pacific Northwest the sun goes down very late in the summer. Around 10 or so since we are pretty far north.

In the summer of 2005, I had moved back home. So had my friends Ryan and Kelly. The 3 of us grew up in the same cul de sac with each of our houses being one house apart. Kelly had just finished college and me and Ryan just needed to move home for whatever reason. We were all about 23 or 24 years old. One day, I believe it was in August, we were out playing softball with some friends at the local high school. Kelly’s girlfriend helped couch the team so she had a key to the fields. When we had finished, we were all going to go home, clean up, and then meet back up with everyone at Applebee’s. Since Ryan, Kelly, and I lived in the same cul de sac we had driven together. When we got home, Kelly went to his house, but me and Ryan went to Ryan’s house to have a beer and smoke a cigarette. We’re sitting on his back patio just hanging out when Kelly calls to see if we were ready to head out. We told him we had been chilling having a drink. He came up to join us. (We we’re not drunk or on any drugs during this. We had 1 beer and we’re smoking cigarettes).

Ryan’s back yard is where this happened. His back yard has a concrete patio directly out from the kitchen. It’s on ground level. Extending along the back of the house from the patio is a concrete basketball court with a hoop at the far end. His yard is completely fenced off and the gate was closed. The yard itself goes slightly up hill from the patio/basketball court with a shed in the corner of the yard. There are flowers lining the fence. They had been doing yard work so there were various tools around. There was a wheelbarrow lying on its side under the hoop and a shovel leaning against the house near the kitchen door. On the patio was a patio table which is where we were sitting. Kelly sat with his back to the basketball hoop, Ryan was to Kelly’s left, so his right side was to the hoop facing the shed, and I sat to Ryan’s left directly facing the basketball hoop.

As we sat there talking, the sun was going down. We didn’t have any lights on except for the light coming out from the kitchen. There was a faint light from that pre dusk just before the sun sets.

This is where things start getting weird. So, as we’re sitting there I notice that there is these lights up in the top of the evergreen trees behind the shed. It looked like someone had two flashlights and was moving them in circles next to each other. Those trees are pretty tall. I pointed it out to the other two. It was weird enough to take note of, but we were just like, that’s weird, but whatever. Not weird enough to freak us out or anything. Then, like 2 minutes later, from behind the wheelbarrow crawled this creature. I was facing towards it so I pointed and was like, “What the f*** is that?!?” This creature looked at me with as much surprise as I had. I looked at this thing in the face. Next, it took off running fast up the hill, and it sounded like a horse of a race track. Like it was heavy. It ran hand over feed and it was booking it up the hill and then it jumped OVER THE SHED into the trees where the lights had been shining.

The creature had a human face. I looked at it dead in the eyes. It looked at me. I don’t think it was expecting anyone to be back there. It had that “Oh, sh–” look in its eyes. It was almost a Golden or tan color with what looked like short hair all over it’s body except its face. It looked like a primate. It was running on all fours, but it looked like it was naturally bipedal. It’s shoulders were very broad with smaller legs. It had no tail. It wasn’t a cougar or a dog or anything I had ever seen before.

We were freaked out. So, I grabbed the shovel that was leaning against the house, and Ryan reached into the kitchen and grabbed a flashlight. We started creeping up towards the shed. Kelly was like, “F*** that! I’m not going up there! Are you guys crazy?” So me and Ryan were slowly making our way up the yard with our backs to each other freaking out. We were scared. I’m not trying to sound like we were fearlessly going after this thing. No way! We were freaking out! But we had to figure out what that thing was. As we’re making our way, Kelly says, “You know, guys, I don’t want to scare us anymore than we already are, but I just saw the most amazing shooting star I’ve ever seen in my life.” We looked at each other and said, “Yeah, forget this. Let’s get ready and meet everyone at Applebee’s and never talk about this again.” So, we did that. Until about a year later.”






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177 Responses to “SC EP:800 I Am Not Sure What We Saw”

    • Amanda S

      Thank you Wes! What you do has made a difference in many lives! Absolutely love the show and the way you care for people! BTW you have a Great voice! Love the Intro!

  1. Chris I

    Thanks Wes… I’ve been here since EP 11, wow that long time! I have loved every show but especially since Ep 88! Lol
    Thanks for all your hard work and not giving up in the face of adversity. You’re still the best podcaster in the business! Someday I hope to meet you at IBC in Kennewick or somewhere. Till then keep up the good work and stay awesome!!! ????

  2. Nicola J

    I would just like to confirm, your voice is amazing – very soothing. I wish I had a voice like yours to read to my students with. Congratulations on 800 episodes and proving them wrong!

  3. Brian L

    Wes…. Phenomenal new Intro…..
    Brought a tear to each of my eyes when I heard ‘The Doc’… Wish we all could be ‘here’ when the truth becomes known……just a matter of time…..

    • Priscilla M

      Wes I love your voice! I love your show! Please keep doing what your doing. I listen everyday. You are a big part of a lot of peoples lives. SC is more than a show, it’s a pleasant pass time, an exciting adventure, a necessary diversion, and a real fun time. I love Sasquatch Chronicles!

  4. Chad W

    Congratulations, Wes! Sasquatch Chronicles truly lives up to its name – it serves as a veritable chronicle of sasquatch activity over the years, across this continent and beyond.

  5. Stephen W

    Wes..it was your voice and how you treated your guests thaf caused me to pause and listen with deliberate intent.That crusty old dude that said you don’t have the voice for the business was most definitely wrong.Congradulations on 800 epic, now roll up your sleeves and continue doing what you’ve been doing.Nobody comes close to SC!

  6. Juli W

    YES! The Nat Geo program that I saw about some rouge grizzly bear that was dragging hibernating grizzlies out of their dens and canalizing them just disappeared. These were grizzlies that had tracking collars on them and they were found torn to shreds from their dens. I don’t buy that it was a monster grizzly. Anyway, the strange Nat Geo programs disappearing….. hmmm..

  7. m99

    Oh man I didn’t see this until now. Will check it out in the morning. Thank you Wes. My very first thought, Wes has a date, and needs some free time. Ha. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but hope you have fun whatever you’re up to.

  8. Chamberlin

    Wes, Congratulations on your 800th Sasquatch Chronicles Show!
    I really do love the show or I wouldn’t be here listening night after night:)
    Those young men in my opinion witness something not of this world.
    Great interview!

  9. Robin D

    So cool, Wes. Congratulations on your 800th episode and your perseverance in the wake of rejection is so admirable and we are so lucky you had a vision — never know where life is gonna take you, huh?

  10. schlad

    Thanks Wes, i was just working on appreciating what i Love in my Life, your shows sprang to mind, and as perfect proof..this awesome gift was waiting.
    I Love and allow my unlimited abundance now! Haha works every time..thank you.
    Love and Peace for all

  11. Teresa T

    Congratulations Wes! Sasquatch Chronicles is my all time favorite podcast. It has everything I love. Thank you so much and I hope you never stop. And I love your voice !????

  12. Lacey B

    Congratulations Wes!! It’s nice to be here at this momentous occasion for you! Way to go! Sending love and light to you. Keep up the wonderful work. ????????????????

  13. Cynthia H

    I started listening to your podcast several years ago. My boyfriend and family gave me crap about it but I didn’t care. It was so wonderful to join a community with like minded people. I can hardly believe this is episode 800!! Congratulations Wes!! ????

    • anna T

      My husband used to tease me a little but after I played Claire’s beach encounter to him, he’s changed his attitude. I asked what he thought she saw. The look on his face validated why I believe.

  14. Maynard w

    Thanks Wes! Congratulations! Make sure to email that guy at the radio station that told you, ‘bigfoot encounter stories? No one is going to listen to that’. It’s been a long strange trip. Still lovin’ it.

  15. Robert H

    Congratulations Wes and thank you. A huge milestone and a huge part of people’s lives.
    Give yourself a pat on the back for all the people you’ve helped and for educating and entertaining all of us listening around the world.
    Raising a beer to you from England brother!

  16. Debbie S

    They say the best revenge is to do well and you did it like a champ. I’ve been listening since I heard you and Woody on Bigfoot Radio and what a ride it has been. 🙂 intro was fantastic and made me a bit tear eyed. CONGRATULATIONS on #800. Where are the naysayers now? LOL SC is the best BF podcast on the web bar none. Thank you for all the work you put into this.

    Intriguing encounter tonight…..thanks Eric and Ryan. Good job. 🙂

  17. Stephen R

    Congrats Wes 800 episode 8 years of going the distance in your thirst for knowledge and seeking answers from that fateful night which was life changing , you may be just one man but your a hero to us all as we walk beside you as your journey continues

  18. Mark D

    Wow that is awesome Wes! Congratulations. Isn’t if great when we prove people wrong about us? They do not know our motivation, our strength, our desires and our dreams. You have an awesome voice in spite of what the radio man said. He could not have been more wrong Wes. We are blessed to have you and a safe place to tell our experiences. Thanks for all you do Wes! We all appreciate you and what you do. You are one in a million!

  19. Angela F

    Mr. 40 years of broadcast experience was WRONG. Wes, you are amazing! I am so glad you didnt listen to the negative feedback and pushed forward with your dreams! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  20. Kathy K

    Congrat’s on the 800 shows! It was very nice that you mentioned Mr. John Bindernagel, Wonderful Man! ( May you Rest in Peace John- December 22,1941 to January 17, 2018) Thank you Wes!

  21. Tracy L

    What was the guy’s name who told you your idea for a podcast would never work? I want to call and “interview” him about whether or not he’s heard of you? Maybe he’s heard of Survivorman and how he’s been a guest on your show. Congratulations on 800 episodes. You are also asked by other people, including celebrities about helping them set up podcasts of their own, correct? Thank God he turned you down or we might never have heard of you and gone along on your journey. Sometimes God says “Yes” by seemingly saying “no”. As the Chinese used to wish for their emperors – Here is to 10,000 more (episodes)!

  22. Debbie A

    Wow 800 Episodes! Congratulations Wes, you definitely touched the sky.
    Thanks Eric & Ryan for telling others of your account. You are helping someone else in doing so, as well as helping yourselves. Talking is therapeutic.

  23. Jan F

    Congratulation Wes 800 shows,testemonis
    This is the bedst PodCast in the World.

    What tv couldt not
    You could,we have leand so much about those humanoid creature,
    How they Can see HIDDEN cams and bellycrawl like a spider,
    WTG WES ,and Thank you.

    ????????☁️ ☁️☁️✨????☄

    ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????

    ???????? SASQUATCH CHRONICLES ????????????????????????????????▶️✍

  24. Esther L

    So many have said it so well. Mr. Germer, what a blessing you are to the community of knowers, believers and want to see-ers. Your name is already on a par with Dr. Bindernagel and Mr. Gimlin. They are the witness and scientist extraordinaire, and you are the student extraordinaire. It is an honorable place to be.

    To all of the witnesses that have shared their experiences with us, we, the masses, are so grateful for your bravery and honesty. You have been part of something truly special, and we celebrate you as well as Mr. Germer tonight.

    May your pockets be heavy –
    Your heart be light,
    And may good luck pursue you
    Each morning and night.

  25. Brandon W

    Thank you Wes Germer for all of the content and knowledge. Been listening for 3 years. Pretty sure Ive heard every episode, many of which I’ve listened to multiple times. I personally have never seen one but Im a believer.. Middle Tennessee

  26. Asheim

    Congrats Wes for # 800!!! Been with you since the first episode. You have helped me through many ups and downs these last few years. Thank you for creating this show and all the people you have made a difference to. You stuck with it when things got tough. Here’s to 800 more shows! # 1

  27. Teresa V

    Haha I loved your intro Wes! I think you have an amazing voice, and was just wondering the other day if you had been asked to do any voices for any animated movies. And I’m sure you have more viewers than Mr. expert Radio man could ever expect to have. I’m so proud of you for sticking with it. I’ve been a listener since around episode 10 of your original show before the name change to Sasquatch Chronicles. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if you ever decide to turn your mic off for good. Congratulations on Episode 800. Love you Wes!

  28. Janet B

    My son’s been tormenting me playing the melodian. It’s like if the rubber chicken took piano lessons. So I tune in to your 800th episode, (Congratulations!) and nod off near the end. Usually you end with some mellow music, but this time chose something more celebratory, sounding suspiciously similar to my son’s melodian! There’s no escape!????????????????????Love your show Wes, so glad you didn’t listen to that guy at the radio station!????

  29. Charles R

    High Strangeness encounter. Reminds me of some of the going on at Skin Walker Ranch as told by George Knapp when it was owned before Nibs.

    Thank you Wes for not listening to the radio personality. I have been here from the start and jumped for joy to speak when you first started as it was something not being done in the Sasquatch Field that I know of at that time. Hearing the raw emotion in your guest is far better than a written story and leaves one with little doubt about their sincerity. Continued success and health – now onward.

  30. Larry B

    Wes, listening you talk about peoples experiences is the best part of my week.
    Hopefully we’ll get this subject out in the open without ridicule for all people to understand, before you hit 1000 episodes.

  31. Trent M

    You have the voice of a true friend, and I think you have a special gift for helping all these folks that have had encounters like you and your brother. You have enriched my life with your show and I wouldn’t trade Sasquatch Chronicles for ANY other podcast or show. Also you attract the best members and they make me happy too!

  32. Jay T

    Congratulations on #800, Wes. It’s not the number, but the content of your shows of real eyewitnesses and your interviews that make SC the best. And period.

  33. DeAnn A

    Congratulations Wes! Dont quit yet I still haven’t called in. I’ve got 7 years of encounters in NW Arkansas. I just sold that place and moved to NE Okla and I be danged if they arent here too. I guess they’re like cockroaches, they’re everywhere haha jk I don’t have roaches, just sasquatch. Anyways, we love you Wes! You’re the best thing that has ever happened to mass media! And I ???? your voice, that radio guy can suck it haha ????????

  34. Nerida H

    That radio guy shoulda asked a female, we all SOoooo in love with your voice, lol, it got me thru a breakdown last yr, doing fine now, love from NEW ZEALAND, + yep we got BF here too, saw 1 as a child, had nightmares about it for 40 yrs. Listening to your show made me realise what Id seen, it was the colour + hair like a Labrador. Asked my brother recently, all 3 of them had also seen it.

  35. Erik p

    Congraulations on 800 Wes. Its been a crazy and wonderful journey. Thanks for letting us tag along. Here’s to 800 more bud. Ive been listening and a member on and off since 2014 . good job

  36. Sabrah R

    I Love your voice Wes. I find it very soothing and calming. It shines when speaking with your guests. Never believe a loudmouth radio host. When I hear them I change the station. They are so out of touch with the people.

  37. anna T

    You can tell Mr forty years of broadcast experience from me, your calm voice makes the show perfect for relaxing so I can concentrate on what the guest is presenting.

  38. Sheila L

    Really happy for you at number #800, Sir Wes! :^)

    I am happy that you continue to do this – especially for those who have been traumatized by these things.

    God bless you,
    Kevin L

  39. Renee S

    Whenever my earbuds are in, the fam says, must be Sasquatch Chronicles time! Your voice is super soothing, relaxed, & of course very well-known! I wish you many more blessings along w/ 800+ more episodes! You keep talking, we’ll keep listening!

  40. Evelyn L

    This is the programs that made me start thinking about this subject seriously. I had heard of “Finding Bigfoot” and saw a couple of clips and just laughed it off. Running around in the woods making whooping sounds?! Really?!
    I do not remember how I first managed to hear one of the SC shows, I think it was on my YouTube recommended feed or it just started playing after something else was over. This was before YouTube began promoting other programs. Hearing Sasquatch Chronicles was interesting enough that I actually paid attention. The witness sounded sincere. I listened to some more and eventually decided that they could not all be liars. Wes did not act like some hillbilly lunatic so it was not difficult to start changing my opinion. I have tried to listen to other such podcasts but they are not nearly as good. Wes is not as intrusive as other podcasters and YouTube channels.
    Wes obviously puts some thought and some work into what he is doing. I do not believe that he just puts any encounter on his show just to fill time, well maybe once in a while, but not usually. He has pre interviewed these people and has everything under control or at least seems to most of the time. It is a well done professional presentation on the topic.
    Thanks, Wes, for your tenacity. You are changing people’s lives, both the people who have had this type of life changing encounter and those who do not know what to think about the topic. I am now thought to be “nuts” by some of my friends and family members but that really is nothing new. I don’t try to push anything on them. I would be concerned about them if they were outdoors types but other than a few camping trips in the summer they are just hard working people. I have lived in the midst of nature for a long time and fortunately have not encountered any monsters and hope that none of us ever do. I am sure not going out making whooping sounds in the woods.

  41. Sue P

    the apex of podcasts for bigfoot believers… so many good podcasts out there, but, this is definitely the best…congrats and well done….i have listened since day one….watched you and the show evolve and become your show….your spin…your conversations…your emotions….i have listened to you from “kill them all”, to “i get it”..”i understand”…”i know the feeling”…”i feel for ya”…so well rounded…again, congrats, Wes!

  42. Andrew S

    Congrats on 800 episodes Wes. Thank you for getting this information out there to the world. The Claire and Mike Wooley accounts as well as many law enforcement ones are extremely compelling. Still prefer the original intro- it just had a sense of urgency to it. Keep up the good work. You and Steve Isdahl are the 1+2 punch of getting this info out to the people. Thank you for your continued efforts.

  43. Janice K

    Congratulations You do a great job with these broadcasts and never doubt your ability. Thank you for these shows. Education from the voices of those who experienced these beings is far superior to anyone pretending they understand the “science.” I hope this is something you want to do for a long time. You are SO appreciated!

  44. Nikita V

    Don’t have a voice for radio? Wes, your vocals are more calming then my meditation podcasts. haha – no joke! I look forward to hearing your voice on a weekly basis. Keep up the amazing work and congratulations on the 800 episode milestone!

  45. MONTE M

    Congratulations and much thanks to The guests for sharing their encounters, for Wes and all people involved with the best and most interesting podcast ever and to the listeners and subscribers. 800 ? Time went quickly!
    Really enjoyed the intro and outro stuff! I recognized a lot of it. I have so many favorite episodes, got to admit The telling of the whole Patterson Gimlin events by Bob Gimlin of the long string of events that led up to that most historic filming of Patty is probably my favorite of my 75 favorites.

  46. james n

    Wes, Jerry Jeff Walker started out as a street singer, singing on the street corners in New Orleans. A man told him to get a job because you can’t do that all your life! Jerry Jeff said “Oh yeah, you just sit and watch! That was in 1966 and 6 months later he recorded Mr. Bojangles for the first time. Never Give Up On Your Dreams! Those people that tell you your dream sucks, tell me to sit and watch

  47. Maria E

    God Bless you Wes! You’re stronger and better than the naysayers. I love love your podcasts and Thank God you didn’t listen to them. I love your voice, that man is just wrong on all counts. Thank you for all your hard work.

  48. Stephen H

    I saw something very similar to the lights in the tree at our lake property on Vancouver Island late last summer. We were fishing in our small boat our last loop around the lake as darkness fell and in an old Douglas fir tree it looked like people playing light tag with very bright white flash lites. They strangely did not give off very much light though. We puzzled over it for a couple of minutes as there was no sound. And we got the sense that there was someone standing on the beach. We were about 150-200 feet away. I started to get a creepy feeling and we just continued to row quietly away. The lights continued to dance around the upper part of the fir tree as we eventually rounded a corner and headed to our dock. That big fir has since fallen in a winter storm. I kind of got chills when I heard the description.

  49. James N

    So glad I finally became a member after listening for so many years, thanks Wes for your dedication.
    In regards to this episode, the “Signs” explanation rings true for me as well, just from what I’ve heard. The lights are definitely associated to this encounter in some way. Just out and out craziness.

  50. Eileen K

    Great intro! Made me a little tears to hear Mike Woolley and Dr B ????
    Congratulations on #800 and I have heard them all more than once! Looking forward to the next 800

  51. Scott B

    Congratulations Wes! I love your show. I found you 3 or 4 years ago and I’ve listened to every episode at least once. Your interviews have helped me make sense of some strange things that have happened to me in the woods in the past. They *may* have inspired to me to go looking for these things on purpose… and for better or worse, I found them. My world has changed significantly in ways that I’m grateful for. This show has been an important part of my life through some big changes and heavy times. I’m so glad you’ve had the desire and the ability to keep it going.

    Hey mister radio man, sucks to your asmar! We love listening to this material in Wes’s voice. He’s got a fantasitic face for radio, too! J/K Wes, I bet Tsonakwa would put you in her basket any day even if you’re on your best behavior, if you know what I mean.

  52. Meesha F

    I am not totally sure if Sasquatch have paranormal or even alien powers or tendencies but I do believe that the Aliems do abduct and experiment with them the way they do with us and maybe the shooting star was the space ship going back after dropping off a Sasquatch back where they got him and that’s why he was freaked out and disoriented

  53. Meesha F

    also Sasquatch can easily stay hidden.. overpopulation is a myth in the US there’s thousands upon thousands of untouched land in the United States and all the protected land in National Parks.. easily hidden.. they’re not gigantipitocus or however it’s spelled. I think they seen a Sasquatch but it may have been let out of an alien craft

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