Aug 6

SC EP:780 The Cobble Creek Monster

A listener writes “I had an up close and personal encounter with a big foot back in 1984 when I lived in Massachusetts he was 10 feet or less to my car‘s windshield he was about 8 feet tall hair all over except for the face he had huge round bright red eyes black face and he looked like a gorilla with a round head.”

Spoke to the witness and she has agreed to come on the show. She said “It walked up to my windshield and I was eye to eye with this creature. The creature was not aggressive at all. Something strange happened during this face off I still cannot explain.”









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108 Responses to “SC EP:780 The Cobble Creek Monster”

    • theresa m

      Thank you, Donna, for sharing. I think so many people will benefit from your experiences. We see things in the night sky and often wonder if anyone else sees them, as well. I’ve never seen a Sasquatch but I’ve seen a flying object in the night sky that looked like a bathroom light with a soft light inside that did not shine outwardly. It came toward us in the boat we were in and then flipped into another shape so fast I missed the change and then shot up into the night sky like a bullet. My husband and I had lights in our back yard one summer night that danced around on our neighbor’s back yard fence between our two sheds that we had in our back yard then. They are both gone now. We think the lights were orbs. It was good to listen to you this evening. Thanks, Wes. Great show.

      • Eli K

        Wonder if Donna had her brights on?? Most likely if it was that dark of a road. Which hi beams shine pretty far and high, so that comes into play also. Probably just eye shine….the glowing eyes??? Maybe its the robotic ones I’ve heard about ????‍♂️….until I actually see, who really knows

        • Whizbang

          Just some information,! that happened many years ago, the bright/dimmer switch if it even had one was on the floor board/ fire wall, operated by your left foot. A lot of cars back then had two headlights per side one norm other high which pointed slightly higher and out, operator/owner/mechanic adjusted, lamps had screw and lug type wires going to them.

  1. Melissa P

    Omg, this is my neck of the woods!! I know 2 different people that say they have seen the Cobble Mountain Critter!! I cannot wait to listen to hear encounter! Thank you Wes, and your guest.


    I remember along time ago, Wes had mentioned an app in development. It was said that this app would have all the locations of sightings from sasquatch chronicles. I’m really looking forward to this feature. If it’s not apart of the app now that would be great if it was added in.

  3. Lisa B

    Great show Wes! Thanks Donna for sharing! I know the area you were speaking of in South Carolina. I lived in Summerville tho, close to Charleston. My sis lives in Gaston, near Lake Murray. She always talks about the lightning there.

  4. Linda B

    Thank you, Wes!!! Wes is the best! been writing you about some Kansas squatch stuff happenin’.
    Donna, good grief! Wow! When you said I lost time, I gasped and when you said he’s at my window, my heart skipped a beat, oh…my….
    Wes, you keep asking what are they and then bringing up the terms aliens, demonds, paranormal, and yes, sir, there is a connection. In fact, knowing aliens can show up in your house and drag your rear down the hallway, it makes me nervous to sit and listen, I’ll be honest.
    They feed on fear to, so hate to even write this out loud. haha I do get a vibe though, and its not a good one – it’s that I think I am somewhat protected because I’m not out looking for them. That said, I do have opportunity now to go where I know they are. I’ll stay in my car, or camper, and I’m not as brave as Donna – I will keep that puppy rolling (camper – duck under the covers, not sleep by the window – I’ll stick husband steve over there_) I’m so nice. Have a good weekend, all, and be back Sunday night! Woop Woop.

  5. Bob V

    Three Requests….

    One isn’t a mystery but it’s a story to be told…The Peshtigo Fire in Wisconsin. This Fire happened on the same day as the Chicago fire and killed twice as many people.

    The Dilllinger swap. That the guy killed on the Chicago Night was not Dillinger.

    The Titantic Boat swap. That’s interesting.


  6. Mandy M

    Great episode! Wes, you are so polite and respectful. I have been a listener since 2014.
    I have experienced mind speak multiple times. One was with my infant son. It was amazing and I will cherish that memory always. I love hearing people talk about their mind speak experiences.

  7. Tim M

    I had a dream about a white bigfoot in 1960 at the age of 4. Woke the whole house up. I referred to it as a white gorilla thats the only thing I could relate it to not knowing what a BF was until 1970.

  8. Tim K

    Good Show Wes and Guest.
    I’m looking forward to your Cronicles after Dark program Wes, especially the part you mentioned about Giants. That interests me alot for some reason. I also want to thank you for turning me on to those books that you used to mention way back yonder on your beginning shows. Like the book of Enoch, The book of Jasher, the Book of Giants and The book of Adam and Eve 1 and 2. Thanks again Wes I bought the on audible andListen to them off of that. They are very interesting and way worth the money.
    Have a great rest of the night!

  9. Scott R

    I was born and raised in Hampden County, Great Barrington is awesome and the hills/woods there are thick and teeming with life. Spent a lot of time in the woods and fishing the rivers, never saw a thing unfortunately.

  10. Johanna V

    Thank you Donna for sharing your experiences. Love the idea of the Chronicles After Dark show, too, Wes. I was thinking about a podcast called In Before Dark, regarding the same subjects. Sounds great and so glad to be a member.

  11. Stuart H

    For the woo look at Aboriginal Australians. The first Europeans reported them disappearing into thin air out in the bush, knowledge and use of portals, telepathy, animal mind control for hunting like infrasonic and emotion projection, etc, etc. Their elders can explain to loving souls.

  12. Cali H

    Wes, are you going to WV? To Mothman Festival? SC facebook says Wewillbethere but it does not say Weswillbethere. One little “s” changes everything, dos it not?

  13. Eli K

    Hey WES!!! theres some episodes of members below episode 100 that don’t work that some of us newer members would love to listen to, especially since they are the paid members episodes…..think we can get a working link or audio file uploaded. One is ” Texas hunter frightening encounter” or something along those lines…..under episode 50 that I really want to hear. There are also ones that are videos??? That dont load, and don’t have any audio file to listen to. Thanks guys ????????

  14. Jesse K

    Great Show Wes and Donna!!! There is so much unknown but because of people like Donna who is willing to share what happen to her and to Wes for giving so many a platform to let the world know what is out there. Thanks for Sharing Donna!!!

  15. Nathen C

    Not bad. Not a classic but not bad.

    Looking forward to the new App!! hopefully the price for being a member does not go up. I love my SC sub but the dang memberships and subs just keep adding up am I right people!?

    Reminds me, not to self, cancel Disney Plus. Thanks Jungle Cruise for reminding me to cancel that garbage.

  16. MONTE M

    I loved listening to this young lady so much!
    I listened to this and the Equador episode back to back saved. Excellent. I like it when you refer to your own encounter Wes, it makes it ok to talk about Sasquatch. Your putting yourself out there to the guest and audience saying yeah it’s crazy man , been there, experienced that. That makes the show shine. Early on …..way early on it seemed as if we could go 100 episodes without you saying much about your encounter. Understandable. Then people threw the naysay at you about it on your own platform. Well they dont have to believe it, they weren’t there. I understand if someone doesnt believe an encounter, they are unbelievable. I believe though. Just think about not believing in someone about anything and then being wrong., how that feels to the person knowing they are being honest. Great podcast. The best eva.

  17. Robert C

    Fantastic episode! I have a question for Donna.When the creature was looking at you really close by the windshield. Was it on the hood of your car. Or standing beside it leaning over ?? I loved your story! Thank you! And thank you Wes!!

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