Aug 6

Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest: Season 1 | Episode 11

EPISODE 11: Twisted Stalk & Wild Mint
Location: Boreal Forest, Alberta, Canada

Les and Paul enjoy a stay at Kevin’s “From The Wild” camp in the boreal forest in Northern Alberta. Les introduces Paul to techniques of harvesting wild black currents while secretly gathering some additional undisclosed foraged flavors. After the ingredient reveal Paul gets to work with a new twist on a classic mixed grill.

3 Responses to “Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest: Season 1 | Episode 11”

  1. Michael C

    I love the different directions Les take us with wilderness experiences. My favorite part of this episode is when he points out half a dozen edible plants within arms reach. This abundance supports the hypothesis there are enough plants and calories to sustain a Sasquatch population. And enough to enjoy a tasty treat! Nice job Les.

    • Diane C

      As I’m breathing smoke-filled air, I’m thinking of all of the plants lost with the trees, the habitat that is just floating by. Les’ appreciation of our world is inspiring and essential. Would we consider introducing this to our children in their schooling? Expanding learning to include the natural world outside of books and classrooms? Something needs to change, because things are changing all around us and not for the better. Time is short and lives are shorter.

      • Whizbang

        Great thinking Diane C, I’d vote for that, even better if Sasquatch was known to the mainstream. They’re known to kidnap women and children, and bet the government knows, and won’t take that responsibility. Thinking there are books, and science classes. yes your right about change, but that is for a different website.

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