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  1. Janetta V

    Great presentation Wes. These guys made a lot of sense and I respect what they say very much, but on my own thinking I think they are abominations and some of the sounds are similar to the “kola bore hole”, which has largely been covered up now. I hope others will enjoy this show if they can get over trying to be first. SHALLOW!

  2. Colleen B

    This would be a great show for my sister to listen to who does not believe in Bigfoot. She is very analytical and so hearing something like this would definitely have her thinking. Thanks ways for putting all this together. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. richard r

    On another bigfoot show on youtube, an eyewitness said, ” i saw a bigfoot cross the road carrying a “cowbell”. Do these things have toys they play with like cats?

    Thanks for the show Wes, woke up this morning had myself some coffee and saw this new show.

  4. Jo M

    Excellent show! So interesting. I wonder if the different sounds, some monkey chatter and howls, some more human sounding, are coming from the different types of them? Would the more chimp like in TX be able to speak like the Patty type in CA? Could they communicate with language to each other? So crazy to think of all of this.

  5. m99

    “I can’t stand those Jawa’s ! Disgusting creatures!” ~ Wes Germer

    “That’s a Hard Act to Follow.” ~ Ron Morehead

    “Yeah. That’s it. If she hadn’t been there we wouldn’t be having this conversation, Wes.” ~ Claire from UK

    Scott Nelson states, “I knew immediately this was not a human being.”

  6. theresa m

    Woo Hoo, Wes! Loved hearing the vocals today and I never tire of hearing the woman who was blasted with the sound from the male. Really glad for her that females, no matter what our origin, stick together. Great show!

  7. STEVE W

    My theory is the gibberish is done in excitement and not a normal means of communication for the majority,,,,
    They are special for sure, Some are far more intelligent than others , I have the up most respect for them,
    People who think they are simply ape are wrong, Humans can outsmart any animal, I look at them as
    primitive humans and have abilities we once had

  8. Daren c

    Hey Wes , we have issue, We aren’t sure we can live without the Coolest most informative damn show on the planet! No pressure buddy lol

    I’d love to Laugh in the Face of that Radio Station that dissed you back in the day … Suffice to say, they aren’t worthy enough to touch your Microphone!!!!!

  9. DeAnn A

    Whoa I kept feeling last night that I should check the site for a new show. Logic kept telling me “no, it’s not Friday” Thanks Wes! Oh and yes they have a language. I’ve heard them speaking outside my house. I will try to get a recording the next time we hear it!

  10. Jason D

    Thanks for the Tuesday show Wes. I’ve listened to Claire’s story multiple times. Incredible encounter and articulated very well. Also, if I heard something yell “David” in the timber……It probably would end deer hunting for me. Be safe y’all.

  11. Nathan E

    This episode is an example of why I’m a member of SC. Lots of informed speculation here, and all the more reason to suspect these creatures aren’t “damned dirty apes” but instead something that is closer to us than anything else on Earth.

  12. Aaron F

    Can anybody please tell me what episode Clair with the beach encounter appeared on? “They were chattering away back and forth”. She’s featured in the intro. I listened to every episode front to back and I’m now going in descending order and somehow missed it.

  13. susan w b

    I so appreciate this episode. It’s just the right amount of overview and historical content, spliced in a fluid, digestible manner.
    Nice job Wes. Finally, I have something that I can play for my partner to catch her up on what is so riveting about these
    creatures that is more than opinion.

    I love this episode!


  14. John W

    What a great show this was pulling together some of the most amazing accounts and sounds. I really enjoyed the original story from the English lady. It was both fascinating and terrifying but I have always had a couple of questions about it. One was about the creatures hearing her drop a lens. Firstly I don’t know how a lens could fall off a camera but I guess it could happen and then I was thinking about how much noise the falling lens would have made and whether the creatures who were apparently 30 yards away or more heard it being dropped with all the noise from the beach. I guess it’s possible. I also had some questions about the woman falling unconscious and then waking up in the car park. I kept trying to put some logical scenario on this but it’s a strange ending to the story. It’s a great story nonetheless!

  15. John A

    Great episode Wes. I wonder what the phonemes tell us about the anatomy of Sasquatch in relation to the oral and nasal cavities and palates. It is apparent the larynx is quite striking when considering voice volume.

  16. NHSquatcher

    I was very pleased to discover a new episode with a clip of my very favorite account at the beginning with the guy who calls 911. While I was listening to it I thought I would bet he’s going to play Claire’s account next and think oh you did! Any chance you could get that guy on again to see if anything new has happened???

    • Mike G

      Great production as always! As a new member, I was psyched to hear longer versions of the stories used in the intro. Fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

  17. cynthia s

    Great show Wes. I love to hear witness testimony but also shows like this one delving into the scientific evidence and aspects of Bigfoot is so great. Knowledge is power. Thanks

  18. Christopher H

    Awesome show Wes! Yes, they do have language. I have heard chatter coming from the woods at a house I just moved from. Strange vocalizations and even trees being pushed around. My wife even caught a glimpse of one going into the wood line on our property. Strange stuff

  19. Annette H

    I don’t normally comment mainly because in Australia I’m always out of sync with time zones. But I had to say incredible, fascinating episode Wes. As with everything Sasquatch their are more questions than answers. I can’t help but wonder if the calls like the Ohio howl etc are their way of just communicating over long distances. We do that too. When you yell for someone to being something you often simplify it to make it understood. Perhaps that’s why the loud calls are more simple. As with everything Sasquatch it will be more complicated than that. Why don’t you have one in your garage Wes, it would make life so much more straight forward ????

  20. Aaron L

    Great show Wes! I liked how you compiled all the different pieces of the puzzle together, really put it into perspective. Wouldn’t mind hearing some other compilations like this with similarities. A friend of mine that passed a few years back described what he heard on his property, he described it as a lion mixed with elephant and something else all at once. At first I was like yeah who knows what that was, now I know exactly what it was. I miss him not being here, and I wish he would have been able to listen to other’s experiences as it would have helped him out a great deal.

  21. Scott D

    Have any of those able to communicate with gorillas via sign language attempted to ask said primates which sound is used to communicate friendship/goodwill in their “language “ and subsequently attempted to use such sounds with sasquatch in an attempt to convey something similar between us and them. Perhaps the same sounds or vocalizations convey the same sentiment just as latin or old English translates more or less to modern english speakers thereby attempting to establish some sort of common ground with an obviously intelligent entity.

  22. Vivian M

    Excellent show! I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight! Hats off to the individual that has the self fortitude to be present and listen to that ! I woulda heard about to seconds and I’d have been gone or fainted! Creepy , bizarre and I’m in agreement not human!

  23. Vincent B

    One of the interesting connections in this episode is that both the Navy Cryptographer and the English lady were at one point in Monterey California. What are the odds of that? If you’re going to pick a place to vacation in the United States, most people don’t pick the tiny, obscure city of Monterey, they go and visit the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone or Niagra falls. What an interesting parallel.

    Anyhow, I was also a cryptologic linguist in the Army and my first thought when I heard the Morehead recordings is that it was a language, but the more and more I listen to it, I realized that it’s a mockery of language. The sasquatch aren’t talking to each other, they are mocking human speech patterns. They are making fun of the humans in the woods.

  24. Meesha F

    listening to this again, I think that the Sierra Sounds may actually be a male and female.. she is probably trying to get him to get away from what may be humans to avoid danger I can imagine but it definitely makes you think of Claire’s account and what was happening with the male and female there

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