Apr 6

The Confessionals Podcast: Legion

Tony writes “In Episode 327: Legion, we are joined by Caden, who shares stories from his childhood in his family home. Caden reveals some rather scary experiences that he believes were demonic in nature. When he went off to college, he became involved in a campus ministry, where he experienced things that changed his life and left him with no doubts that the spiritual realm is very real. He recounts the story of a demonically possessed girl who, during an exorcism, exhibited supernatural strength and revealed the names of the demons that were possessing her.”

2 Responses to “The Confessionals Podcast: Legion”

  1. Cathy S

    Good show. I’m a spirit filled Christian and have witness demonic deliverance several times. I believe God gave us spiritual tools to use during prayer by the use of a spiritual language that Satan hates. When I’ve experienced these demons they have to flee by the name of Jesus and by His blood. Sometimes it takes awhile but persistence is the key. It sounds like God is using you in spiritual warfare. Remember to put your armor on and leave it on for times like this. Ephesians chapter 6. We are in a spiritual war. God bless.

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