Dec 30

SC EP:1018 Grandfather Was Feeding Them

Brian writes “I grew up on a property and looking back, it would seem my grandfather had habituated a group. Moving in on the land he sat us down to explain his “rules” of living there.

I basically all boiled down yo 1 simple rule. Don’t be on the property at night. In those days kids didn’t question. I wouldn’t have anyway since I had already witnessed to red eyes that I spent some time staring into from the window.

Found out later that this seemed to be an epidemic among the other grade school kids on that side of the county. Although my parents did really well at trying to hide the truth from us and play things off this place was off the charts weird.

Most friends I made only visited once and wouldn’t come back. The feeling was tangible as soon as you turned to corner of the driveway. There has never been a moment that you felt comfortably alone in these woods. From the voices, the name calling, to the late night vocals. Rock throwing while night fishing, and pinecones on occasion while hunting.

Missing pets, tree structures, random animal body parts, discarded carcasses, the occasional stolen deer from where it fell after hunt. Which is what led to my eventual encounter. The smells, the lights, all the things we know nothing about sasquatch.

Anyways, as I said before, it’s a lot to share.

My encounter is something I’ve never shared considering the treatment I got for saying I’ve seen one.
I’ve been bingeing your podcast since I found it. I’ve almost caught up with all the free shows. Hopefully after new year I’ll be able to join.

I had given up on actually hearing from you and being able to share, but the situation has recently changed. A couple of months ago my son was discharged from the Marines. He decided to return to my parents instead of my home. I moved away from home for work. Now my son is messaging me regarding the odd occurrences he’s encountering.”


Here is a link to Sarah McLeod YouTube Channel. Go subscribe and check out the song played tonight. Sarah gave me permission to play it and it is a shame she only has like 2K YouTube subscribers.






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117 Responses to “SC EP:1018 Grandfather Was Feeding Them”

  1. Tessa C

    Incredible episode, thank you for sharing your life stories here Brian. And thank you for all your work collecting + sharing these stories Wes, we appreciate you. Happy new year xx

  2. Geneva V

    Happy New Year SC family and Wes!!! Thanks for the new episode I have sure been looking forward to it!! Hope everyone had a Great Christmas! Thanks Again Wes for all your hard work!!😊

  3. Stacey C

    Wes, great show as always!!!! Absolutely love your taste in music!! She’s amazing great outro…. Happy New Year’s everyone, pls everyone be safe, watch your surroundings and be Blessed ❣️❣️❣️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  4. Melissa K

    I could relate to so much to what Brian said. I have heard the 800 lb. Owl and the whoooos that don’t sound like the whoops.
    When I hear the whooos, I go straight inside no matter what I am doing. It may sound silly but, when you hear them you know it is not a normal sound. Happy New Year and Thank you, Wes and Brian

  5. Matthew D

    That was the best episode yet, in my opinion. That dude was fantastic, great historian! I also agree with his logic as to why there hasn’t been acknowledgement of these creatures. Contemporary Homo Sapiens can’t fathom that we are not at “the top of the food chain” it wasn’t long ago that we were in the middle of the food chain!

  6. winkatme122

    Wes, amazing show tonight! Really missed you a lot! I hope everyone has an AWESOME NEW YEAR! And may next year be better than the last. Nothin buy luv, WINK 💓🕯️☮️🕊️

  7. Brian C

    Great episode! From the interview, it sounds like this took place in eastern/coastal NC?? Not asking for a specific location; just a general idea. I live in the mountains of western MC

  8. STEVE W

    Yup everything understands what a racking shotgun sounds like , At least everything on two legs , Hopefully he has that talk with his son so in the least he understands what he is dealing with , That run in I think was a mistake by the sasquatch but who knows , He either thought he heard the deer or said screw this, Thats now my deer

  9. Seamus J. C

    This is one of the most impactful accounts I have ever heard–and I’ve heard every one of the SC ones at least once. The fact of living in the shadow of a sasquatch troop (just one?): never a clear, full-on sighting but with them calling people’s names, the red eyes, animal body parts found, that baleful feeling of being watched, friends refusing to visit the property more than once…plus, the family’s silence & gaslighting about it based on its belief that satanic entities were involved–wow. All that, and in addition a story very well told, plenty of detail and yet succinct, crisp, vivid. The whole thing told in the context of salt-of-the-earth folk intimate with the land and its creatures and products. Just wow.

    So many questions (I’ve never had so many about an episode), I hope for a Part 2:
    Did Brian ever speak in any detail with his bigger brother about it all?
    Did the neighborhood kids ever have any clue what “red eyes” was, or share any more in-depth encounters with Brian or his brother?
    Is Brian reasonably comfortable in the woods now, or do the effects of that last encounter linger? Does Brian feel that he has suffered ongoing psychological effects from having grown up this way? Nightmares or nervousness? He sounds pretty stable to me….
    Does the family still own, and reside on, this property? If so, are there still squatchy happenings going on? How close is the property to fully wild areas such as national parks, mountains, etc?
    Did they ever see footprints or other physical evidence?
    Did they often hear howls or screams or other vocalizations? Did the boogers say everyone’s name, at different times–or just Brian’s?
    Can Brian speculate on how the sound of that falling tree that never fell was made?
    How come the bigfoot didn’t cull the deer herd effectively, making Brian and his dad have to do it?
    Did that poor beagle ever make it back home?
    I couldn’t catch what Brian said about that massive deer’s head: “That’s the part of the deer he (the squatch) thought I wanted to have”?? If I heard that right–he thinks the booger thought all he wanted was the head, say, as a trophy? Could a sasquatch even think this way, “Hey, this guy wants a trophy”..?

    I’m sure if I listened to it through again, I’d have even more questions. That was a lot to cover. Most people share an encounter or two–but this was a lifetime.

    Thank you so much for sharing all this, Brian. I am glad for you in finding relief in having done so. I’ve never had an encounter myself, my traumas have been different–but it does my heart good to know that people who have felt confused and alone with such experiences have found clarity and relief from the stories and people of Sasquatch Chronicles. It seems to me that SC has done a whole lot of disturbed people a whole lot of good.

    • STEVE W

      One of the scariest encounters I ever heard, How nonchalant his mom and dad was about it all amazed me, But his dad grew up at the same place so I guess he was also conditioned to life there, One question I have is what happened after his Grandfather died , Did they keep planting an extra? These beings are defiantly smart enough to realize grandpa died, They dont seem to like change
      In any case he needs to have that talk with his son, Odds are his son will be fine, But his sons friends that come out there might do something stupid if they ever see one hunting.

    • Brian P

      Unfortunately,we have many poachers.But they’re horn hunters.
      They take the trophy from the animal and discard the rest.Its disgusting but it happens.
      They dump the carcasses down every empty path they can get in and out of quickly.
      This is what I meant by the creature thinking what I wanted.They literally get delivery.
      As far as the tree falling sound,I can only assume it was the sound of a large ape like creature moving from tree to tree.
      And it was only my name it called.
      The beagle made it home.

  10. Perry I

    Thanks Brian for your testimony of encounters and happenings all through the years on your property. Glad you were able to get it off your chest after so many years of suppressing it. One of the best interviews I’ve heard in a long time. The last encounter of it being right behind you is terrifying. You instinctively acted thank God in the right way where you were not harmed. God’s speed and happy new year to you.

  11. Joseph G

    great episode Wes!!! thanks for sharing your story Brian. Wes glad to hear you back. Hopefully everything is going well your recovery. Happy new year to you and SC family!!!

  12. Chad W

    A fascinating series of encounters, Brian. I’m glad that you and your family have remained safe all through these years. I loved this version of “We’ve Got Tonight”, which has always been a favorite of mine.

  13. STEVE W

    I think this man could have talked for many hours,, It even sounded like they dealt with possible paranormal, He quickly mentioned hearing drums before as well,, Indian spirits and sasquatch in one spot, Jeeze how unsettling

  14. Charlie H

    Happy new year everyone! I’m a new member from the PNW. I’m an avid hiker and plant identification nerd. I must say that I have never been so fixated on a subject as Sasquatch. It’s been 2 months and I have listened to at least half of these accounts. I really appreciate the format of the podcast and enjoy hearing the raw emotion of guests as they tell their stories. It’s captivating and some high quality entertainment in my humble opinion. I’m planning a road trip to big sur in mid January and hoping to find the beach where Claire 515 had her encounter. Not expecting to see anything but just take in the scene. Thanks Wes and everyone who has shared their stories 🙂

  15. Karen D

    I think this episode one of my new favorites! Thx Wes.

    Thank you for the heads up on Sarah McLeod too. Go follow her on IG too. She does a cover of Billy Idols “Dancing With Myself”. Billy Idol is a fav of mine.

  16. David H

    That is a beautiful song, thank you for sharing. Happy New Year. May it be full of great stories, and awesome people. And most of all good health! God bless you always,

  17. Brian P

    I want to give Wes a big pat on the back for his work in editing this.Yes there was much more to tell,and I see many questions.
    To my knowledge the beagle made it home safely.
    Yes,my family is still there and yes there is still activity.
    In fact,today I drove down and sat with my family to listen to this episode.
    My father remembers all these accounts ,and while he didn’t say much,his eyes were very apologetic.
    My mother actually confessed to one of her friends from church having an encounter at the edge of the yard in recent years.She even admitted to beginning to dive down the rabbit hole herself and has been researching.She has even started following the dogman phenomenon.
    Thank you Wes for opening this window for us.And I look forward to the next one.Much more.
    Thank you to the SC community for being so kind.
    Happy New Year to you all!

  18. Shana K

    This was a top 10 episode! Major props to Brian for sharing his encounters with us, I could listen to him all day. The emotional response during the last story really puts fear into perspective. Thank you so much Wes. This new year will be your best yet 💕

    • Ric M

      I agree, but this is definitely on my Top 5. Usually, I listen while I’m doing something in the house. About the 14 minute mark, I had to stop and sit and listen. Wow! These were some intense moments!

  19. Conor O

    yep water moving through quartz will make a charge…. the aquifers below the pyramids and the linings on the pyramids chamber supposed to do something similar….. now if we have dimensions to this world maybe a gateway…… for both things….. there’s a theory that so called dark matter can’t be seen as its in another dimension…. maybe that’s why footprint trails in the snow just end…..

  20. Cindy B

    Thank you and God bless you Brian and Wes. I’d like to hear more if you’d be willing to come back on. I pray it goes well with your family being willing to listen, especially with your son.

  21. George & Shekinah

    Sasquatch Chronicles is by far my favorite Sasquatch content. Not to engage in any competition or to put any other content creators down. It’s just the reality of the situation- being able to hear people giving their own lived experiences (from the horses mouth) rather than someone else telling it or acting it out, is awesome. I am fascinated by it all the more, getting first hand experiences.

  22. Rodger f

    Really enjoyed this show Wes and man, I wish we could know if they brought that beagle there. I know they’re real from experiences I’ve had out in the woods but it’s just all a very weird subject. I’m grateful that the ones I ran into in Ohio have just seemed to be curious.

  23. Lauren W

    G’day Wes, long time listener and member from Down Under, first time commenting.. Sarah McLeod is an amazing Aussie musician. if you love her sound, check out her old band superjesus. Love the show. It’s been my favourite podcast for years now. Happy New Year mate!

  24. Davis D

    Brian, I know this is a long shot, but I’m local to the Raleigh area, and your story really struck a chord with me. If you or your son would ever like a non-family “objective” pair of eyes and ears to come out with y’all and try and look for some more hard evidence please let me know!

    • Brian P

      In his defense this may have been a practice that he inherited.Unfortunately he passed suddenly and unexpectedly.
      It may have been smart.
      He was a small unassuming man.Very quiet.And very discreet and private.
      It’s possible he understood the intelligence of these creatures.
      Making a comfortable home for them seems to have been a great way to avoid all their shenanigans.
      They’re smart enough to not rock the boat.In this area they weren’t greatly vocal except to mimic and give the whoops.They did nothing to bring attention to themselves here unless you were there for extended times to notice the strangeness.
      They’ve raised their babies there for a long time without threat.
      They must go elsewhere to create their chaos and return home where there is no suspicion.
      Never faulted him for it.I just constantly had questions that could have been given straight answers.

  25. Charles R

    Fantastic interview with Brian. I would have loved to know what his Grandfather surely knowed, and wonder if his Grandfather interacted with them in some sort of way like that Robert Carter Sr. did. I look forward to the next session with Brian.

  26. Julian A

    Thanks Brian. Thankyou for telling your story. My name is Julian, I live in Queensland Australia. It’s time for people to be kind to our brothers and sisters.

  27. major m

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Both you and your grandfather sound like very intelligent people. I also wish more of us could live exactly the lives we want. Your words inspired me to start looking outside the box in which I have placed myself.

  28. Jana P

    Is Brian coming back for Part 2? You said he had a lot more experiences.
    Why was the deer’s head bashed in? Did the Bigfoot go after him immediately after Brian left wanting the deer to just bleed out?

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