Dec 30

Bob Gymlan: Ummmm, How Did We Miss This?

YouTuber Bob Gymlan writes “I have a relatively short video today for you today. I still don’t know what to make of it, but it is very interesting, whether or not it is what it looks like.

In 2015, an Episode of Survivorman aired (link below). And at the 35:35 minute mark, for approximately 3.7 seconds, the likeness of a bigfoot, sasquatch, or almas-like creature is plainly visible. The setting is in the Transylvanian Alps, in Romania. What better place for high strangeness?

Now, Les Stroud (Survivorman) is agnostic on the matter of bigfoot, but he still knows his stuff, and has expressed a great deal of interest on the subject. So I’d assume that he would have mentioned it if it was something of note, but what if he hasn’t seen it yet?

Oh also, the figure seems to blink, but that very well could be nothing more than foliage shaking.”


Link To Video

7 Responses to “Bob Gymlan: Ummmm, How Did We Miss This?”

  1. Carl W

    I believe it is what it appears to be, a humanoid form, sitting motionless, watching Les Stroud. We always question what we see, but come on folks, it certainly looks humanoid., Good enough for me.

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