May 11

SC EP:323 One of them threw a rock at me

I am heading out of town to work on a project for the show, so I completed Sunday’s show early and I will be back on Friday or Saturday for the members. I apologize for the shows not being on the normal schedule.

A listener writes “I had drawn an area in Fall Creek Falls state park. Once again it was bow season. I knew a little about the area I was going to hunt. The deer in this area was massive and not accustom to being hunted.

I got to my area before sunrise and was heading up my tree. I started hearing this sound in the woods. It sounded like one of those old Samurai movies. I could hear two men making this sound. I turned around in my stand trying to find the location it was coming from. While turning I made some noise with my stand and the chatter stopped. I waited for what seemed like an eternity. Then I heard something coming around the trail I had come in on. Thinking this was a hunter I turned on my flashlight and called out. Everything got quite. Then I heard them step off the trail. One to the left and one to the right. I called out again and once more it got real silent. With daylight approaching I advised them I had drawn this area I let them know if I was in the wrong could they please advise me. Nothing, not a sound.

Now I am getting mad. Wanting to hunt and now someone messing with me.

I started climbing out of the tree. While climbing I could hear the one to left moving towards me and the other moving back toward the trail. When I got to the ground I was expecting to see someone waiting to explain the mix up. Unhooking my stand I scanned the area with my flashlight. I advised them I was going to the ranger station to sort this out.

When I got to the trail It sounded like they were standing just off the trail. I heard one of them mumble something and that is when I went off on them. I was yelling and cussing them. After my rant I turned around and headed toward my truck. I could hear them following behind me. I turned once more and yelled some more. This time when I turned to head out one of them threw a rock at me. The rock did not hit me but landed very close. I continued out the trail and they continued to follow. Tossing rocks and sticks at me. When I got to the truck I was very mad. I started the truck then spun out several times. I started honking the horn and flashing my lights. I was acting like a child but I thought if I could not hunt this area neither were they. As I left one of them threw a rock that hit the back off my truck.

When I got to the ranger station I explained what happened. They took me to a different area.

I did not think nothing of these events until a few months ago. While listening to your show I heard a sound that made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. It was that Samurai sound. The events of that day and the earlier event came back to me. A sick feeling came over me.”




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36 Responses to “SC EP:323 One of them threw a rock at me”

    • Tennessquatch

      Chris, if you read this, might I ask what side of the park the incident with the chatter and rock-throwing occurred?

      Was it west of the lake, or east, in the area they still allow hunting?

      Thanks hugely again, guys!

  1. Alexander F

    Hey love the surprise Thursday show!!

    Not throwing any shade or questioning any intentions at all–just wanted to toss this out there, see if anyone else was thinking along these lines: Anyone think the final story, with the young guy who went out with his family in Utah–anyone think he saw an owl on a branch?

    The huge eyes. The slow, methodic blink. The silence and stillness. And, the “hough” likely was a “whoosh” as it took off.

    Totally get it: They were hyped up and on edge and somewhat expecting to see something.

    It also entirely could’ve been a BF. But, I did want to toss this notion out there. Any thoughts, crowd?

  2. m99

    T/U Wes! I’ll try to listen w/ husband tonight, but he may be too tired. He’s working early and staying late until this project is OVER. Poor thing. Anyway, have fun and Be Careful. _Regards_m

  3. Kerry D

    What a great story !!! Thanks Chris Not fun for you, but sure fun for me to listen to! The two BF’s that walked you back to your truck were definitely letting you know it was THEIR spot to hunt.

  4. June P

    I wonder if the one the first guest growled and laughed at was a younger Sasquatch? Could account for it taking off after he did and then the two older ones escorting him out. Maybe they were out hunting and got ticked off when junior got scared off by the human hiding out in the bushes.
    Just a thought..

  5. pam purple rose

    First, got to say Tears For Fears, excellent choice …. one of my favorites to blast in the Chrysler!
    Thanks for the episode too.

  6. Jay Carlsen

    Coshocton ! oh ! Hey 3 dirty Bastards and I lived In Killbuck ! ( & Millersburg ) Working for a Seismic Survey Company down There !
    We would take our Boots to a Place called Pinkies that was in Coshocton – and This Old man would put Nails through the Toe of Our Boots & the Heel ! ( We do a LOT of Kicking ) I went to all the Bars there……. And I never realized it was so Close to Salt Fork ! ( More that I didn’t Know it was Salt Fork State Park when I was there ) I have Worked down by Newark & I have been to the Serpent Mound , I Also worked in Chillicothe oh ! With the Giant Geometrical shaped & Mounds.
    I understand Giant Remains have been Found around there in the Mounds ! But I do not think that the Giants found in the Mounds who are Found Wearing the Copper Armour are Sasquatch ? But who is to Say ?
    Skinwalker is Navajo if I am not mistaken ? Foul – Evil Things.

    • Linda P

      Christian L, i saw that,i was thinking that more than likey that guy was being skinned to be ate…not raped…..if it is even a real encounter..not sure how to show authenticity there..maybe snopes?

  7. m99

    ~ they say World News Daily is a spoof, and acopy cat of the (real news) network called World Net Daily. People sometimes confuse the two.

  8. Nick J

    That Samorai chatter is SOOO fucking fake!
    Its very clear its a human with no huge lung capasity like a Sasquatch would have and then the guy mimicing is doing a very poor job on purpose, to make it seems like its impossible to dublicate.

    What a joke u bring shit like that on Wes!

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