Interview with Jim Lansdale

Bigfoot Evidence writes “Jim Lansdale has been hunting Bigfoot for the last 20 years. He is one of the co-founders of Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. At the GCBRO, he is head of investigations and has spent months on end in the back woods of Louisiana and Texas. He first encountered Bigfoot at one of… Read more »

Watch: Les Stroud Talks About Government Involvement With Bigfoot

I found this interesting. I think the more people who come forward and say they have seen these creatures the more obvious it becomes that the government is well aware they exist. Survivorman describes the plausible efforts of global timber barons who want nothing more than to shroud the BF phenomena. Watch below  

Ball Lightning

I want to thank my Geologist friend Brian for sending me this “possible explanation” on what these lights are that people are seeing in the woods. Ball lightning is an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon. The term refers to reports of luminous, spherical objects which vary in diameter from pea-sized to several meters. It is usually… Read more »

Watch: Enormous Flash Of Light Stuns Russia, Meteor Blast?

I did not think I would get the response I did from discussing “strange lights” from the last show. I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I want to thank Mike for sending this to me. This isn’t what we were discussing the other night but I was blown away with the video and wanted to share this…. Read more »

Witness encounter story

A witness sent me his encounter story and I am working to get him on the show, he writes: “My sighting occurred in August of 1981 when I was 18 years old. It happened here in the Prescott National Forest. This event changed the way I view the world. I was driving along on a… Read more »

Oklahoma Prowler

A family in Oklahoma reportedly “saw guy stepped over a bobbed wire fence, and jumped over a brush pile while leaving.” They even called the sheriff. The report is below: Witness Observed: It was dark, about 8pm. My two sons and I were watching television while eating popcorn. The eldest, age 16 was sitting across the… Read more »

SC EP:93 Researching Bigfoot

Tomorrow night in the members section I will be speaking with a researcher from the south. He will be discussing his encounter along with other encounters he has looked into. I spoke with him yesterday and he had some interesting, aggressive encounter stories as well as ideas on what the Sasquatch are, he even spoke… Read more »

Fire Captains Sasquatch Encounter As A Teen

Witness Observation This was in the early 80s, late spring or early summer. I was still in high school (graduated in 1983). My two brothers and I as well as my best friend and his two brothers were in a field with our 2 dogs goofing off, on top of a hill overlooking a swamp… Read more »

Did Neanderthals Have High Pitched Voice?

I read this on the Bigfoot Evidence and thought it was an interesting video.Vocal experts examine the first full skeleton of a neanderthal ever to be discovered and uncover insights into the most likely sound our primitive cousins would have made.

SC EP:92 Lights in the forest

  Members, the full show is under the Episodes section. Tonight I speak with several witnesses who had encounters with Sasquatch. One of the topics tonight is lights in the forest. What are people seeing? What is being described? While I do not think the lights and bigfoot are related, it is interesting to note… Read more »

Why it is important to never go alone

A lot of things can get you in the forest as Rob found out. One Colorado man learned what was happening in his neighbor’s backyard and now he’s afraid to even go outside! “Some mountain lions killed a mule deer in my neighbor’s back yard in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky mountains. I set… Read more »

Jane Goodall on Instinct

I want to thank Lucas for sending me this video it as interesting   Jane Goodall on Instinct | The Experimenters | Blank on Blank from Quoted Studios on Vimeo.

Hog hunter watches bigfoot kill hog

  Editors Note: Take note of the many behaviors of the Sasquatch, the hunter is able to witness in this encounter.   Spring 2004, Texas Witness Observed: I was hog hunting from a tree stand next to the Sabine River. I had gone to my stand around 5:30 AM, put out sliced apples and table… Read more »

Sasquatch eyewitness interviews in a remote BC

Briony Penn and John Bindernagel interview sasquatch eyewitnesses in Opitsaht and Tofino, BC in 2003. John A. Bindernagel is a wildlife biologist who has sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published a book in 1998 entitled North America’s Great Ape: the Sasquatch. Bindernagel grew up in Ontario, attended the University of Guelph, and received… Read more »

Bigfoot Sighting “It Was Huge!”

I grew up in Boise Idaho in the 60s. My dad was a minister and loved camping and fishing. One of his best friends in the church was Mr. B., who was an avid outdoors man and hunter as well as fisherman. One summer, in the early 60s, my dad, Mr. B and I were… Read more »

Listen: Missouri Scream

YouTube Description: For the last couple of years I have recorded vocals that I call the Missouri Scream. These are usually recorded with recorder setups left in the woods. Earlier this month we lucky enough to be able to hear it in person. It was interesting and eerie all at the same time.  

Watch: Bigfoot Creature Sighting Caught on Tape

YouTube Description: Bigfoot Creature Sighting caught on tape,amazing real footage from trail cam in Wisconsin Wilderness, proof, watch the video, by D.B Young’s, Monster Quest to find Bigfoot. He was featured on History Channels Monster Quest in 2003. Spending 60 to 80 hour’s per week in the outdoors getting very close to many wild animals…. Read more »

What are people seeing?

I have been working on a blog post on lights in the forest. I have spoken to hikers, hunters and bigfoot researchers about seeing balls of light in the forest. While I do not think the Sasquatch and these lights are related it interesting when mentally sound, rational people describe these lights. I am not… Read more »

Man recalls Sasquatch looking at him through a window

Witness Observation I have grown up around here nearly all of my life. While I was living in Bradford, a town north of Searcy, I had an encounter with a bigfoot. I thought I could tell you this story and maybe you could help me to some conclusions. I think I was 11 or 12… Read more »