Watch: Killing Bigfoot

It is so interesting to hear witness speak about their experiences.”Anna, in East Texas claims she shot at Big Foot in her backyard, to protect her daughter and save her dog. This report has the entire team excited – a wounded monster should be easy to track down. Bobby and Brandi climb into his pickup… Read more »

Hikers have possible daytime encounter

In 2016, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, My wife and I started to make our descent from the summit of Mount Greylock during a morning hike. Approximately half a mile on the Cheshire Harbor Trail, close to Rockwell Rd, my wife and I heard a clapping sound. We stood in place for a few moments, listening to… Read more »

My house is being slapped

I will be contacting this listener today, he writes: “Wes my name is (removed) from Litchfield NH. I discovered I have these creatures on my property. I have 3.25 acres in rural area with stream running threw. When I realized they where there I did couple stupid things not knowing what I was really dealing… Read more »

2016 Arkansas Bigfoot Conference

Robert Swain talks at the Arkansas Bigfoot Conference. I did not even realize that Arkansas had a conference, I have had several people who have had encounters from Arkansas. Take a listen:

SC EP:215 The creature was looking at me intently

  I apologize for having the show up a little late, had some technical issues with the player. Very interesting encounter tonight, I spoke with the witness and his impression of the creature was it was trying to warn him to go away because something was coming down the hill. He could hear something large… Read more »

Tonight: The creature was looking at me intently

Very interesting encounter tonight, I spoke with the witness and his impression of the creature was it was trying to warn him to go away because something was coming down the hill. He could hear something large and breaking branches on the hill at the time he ran into the creature. A listener writes “It… Read more »

Four-wheeler riders are observed by a tall white biped

2005, Daviess County, Kentucky, I saw a white colored bipedal animal, it looked to be around or over 7 feet tall, broad shoulders, and thick coarse hair draping off of the creature. Seen at dusk while riding on a fourwheeler trail to check a soybean field for deer. It looked at me and my brother… Read more »

Hunters fired several shots at the creature

Great information posted by Jim AKA “Bear”, Jim writes “This comes from the West Coast Times in New Zealand, dated 29th of August 1868. A MONSTER. We take the following from the St. Louis Despatch A strange-visaged creature, apparently one of Nature’s prodigies, has just been discovered near Meadville, Franklin County, Miss., causing much excitement… Read more »

SC EP:214 Attacked in the woods is now available

Is now available in the podcast section. You will not want to miss this show, very interesting encounter as well as the vocal both men heard the creature make. It is interesting to hear this type of behavior from these creatures. Check it out!

The Sighting – Official Movie Trailer 2016

I am starting to see a lot of these movies coming out lately, here is the newest one: “One year after seven local students are inexplicably murdered at a lake house party near the Canadian border, recent high school grads Travis and his buddy Nate plan a celebratory road trip to Canada. While cutting through… Read more »

Tonights Show: Attacked in the woods

Tonight I speak to a hunter who says his friend was attacked in the woods by a monkey. The gentleman who was attacked is a current law enforcement officer and has declined to come on the show due to his job. His friend was there when it happened and walks us through what happened. The… Read more »

Update on the property

A couple of shows ago I talked about a witness talking about finding prints around her property. Her son was getting off of the bus and saw a very large orangutan looking creature looking at him. This is her update: “Hi Wes, I just wanted to give you an update on what has been going… Read more »

White polar bear like figure on the side of the road

On the last show I talked about a witness I spoke to who said he saw a large polar bear like creature. After hearing his description it sounded like a white dogman type creature but very large, large enough for the witness to think a polar bear escaped the zoo until he got a closer… Read more »

The creature would sway from one position to the next

A listener writes “Early June 2005. I was with my brother and a friend following a remote tributary that links the estuary of the salmon river chasing steel head that were dropping back into Lake Ontario. As we got farther back in the woods roughly a mile down essentially a game trail that paralleled this… Read more »

Upcoming Show: Attacked in the woods!

I just spoke to a listener who talked about his friend being attacked in the woods by a creature, while they were hunting. His friend started getting dragged off and his friend shot the creature in the shoulder…..more to come.