SC EP:227 Government Cover Up Of Sasquatch

The show will be available shortly in the podcast section. I am working on a show I have had in the back of my mind for sometime. I will be welcoming Duke to the show as well as a special guest who saw first hand what happens when people get too close to the truth…. Read more »

Kushtaka: Tlingit Bigfoot

Bob Gymlan writes “Once again, we have a First Nation People’s bigfoot with striking cultural and ecological consistencies. These are undeniable circumstances.”

Friday Night: Government Cover up Of Sasquatch

I am working on a show I have had in the back of my mind for sometime. I will be welcoming Duke to the show as well as a special guest who saw first hand what happens when people get too close to the truth. I have had researchers on in the past that say… Read more »

Interesting image captured

Robert Dodson captured an image of what appears to be a bigfoot lying in the brush at his research location in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Upcoming Show: ATV rider has encounter

My guest on Sunday will be Dave Groves. Dave shares with us an encounter he had with one of these creatures while riding his ATV, Dave says “I was riding my ATV and I kept getting hit with rocks. I stopped to see who was throwing rocks at me and as I looked up, this… Read more »

Testing a Witness Account of Sasquatch “Eye Glow”

The YouTuber writes “On multiple occasions and with multiple witnesses I have viewed a single red light in the woods of the Upper Peninsula of MI that responded to my presence. It blinked on and off and moved behind a tree. I even heard whatever was producing the light go crashing through the woods when… Read more »

Investigating the area of an old report

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Tim Stover investigates a sighting location where a mountain biker claims to have seen a monkey-like creature. Tim Stover writes “Investigating the area of an old report”

Possible Sasquatch Sighting

The tipster, Jeremy—who asked us not to publish his last name—tells City Desk that yesterday morning, as he was driving on Brock Bridge Road near Suburban Airport, he spotted what he thinks is a sasquatch. “I saw what I thought was a bear and so I pulled over to take some pictures,” he says. But… Read more »

The creature was gone but the stench remained

Mount Shasta is a place of many mysteries. A sacred ground, home to Lemurian refugees, portals to other worlds, faerie folk, evil giants, and hidden UFO bases. On its forested slopes, conspiracies await all. If you watch closely, you may even encounter Bigfoot. That said, the Bigfoot sightings alleged to have occurred at Mount Shasta,… Read more »

Silverback gorillas can broadcast their presence with a stinky stench

Silverback gorillas can broadcast their presence with a stinky stench, or turn off their scent to hide from strangers, new research suggests. Researchers came to this conclusion after following — and sniffing — one male gorilla for months, and the discovery suggests these primates may be able to use scent to communicate in subtle social… Read more »

Olympic Project: Sighting Presentation With Tom Baker

At an OP expedition, Tom Baker gives his presentation from collected sighting data. What I found interesting from this information was the forest fires data that was collected and how the reported encounters had moved away from the fires.

Sasquatch in the Americas, a Pre-History

Bob G. writes “This video explains the extreme likelihood of a North American Great Ape, and why Bigfoot’s origin is so important to understanding this little understood great ape”  

Government Tries To Block Entrance To Bigfoot Cave

The outlaws writes “We pick right up where we left off, talking about how the Government tried to block the entrance to a cave on Coonbo’s property. What happened will blow your mind. We also talk about bigfoot and their tendencies to steal things, but why are they doing it? Tune in to find out!”

Bigfoot Bonanza Dogman Vs Bigfoot

DW writes “Bigfoot Bonanza Dogman Vs Bigfoot. Tonight Dark Waters presents three Bigfoot stories unlike anything ever heard on Youtube. Bigfoot save a California Fire Fighter extracting him from his wrecked vehicle and caring him to safety. Next Bigfoot Attacks a camper leaving him terrified almost destroying his RV and steals his fish. These events… Read more »

Five Sasquatch Sightings Caught on Tape

The YouTuber writes “Bigfoot also known as Sasquatch is a large, hairy, muscular, bipedal ape-like mythological creature that some claimed to have seen one in real life. We all know by this point that the internet is full of hoax videos but we are only showing the realest sightings to ever exist. So you definitely… Read more »

Tonight: Sasquatch hitting a tree (2 guests)

I am still in the process of moving but I will be posting a show later tonight for members. The show will be up late tonight, later than normal but it will be up tonight. Next week will be back to normal! The witness reports: “I am in avid hunter and outdoors man. The short… Read more »

This Week On SC

Guys and Gals, I am moving this weekend and some of my equipment is in one place and some of my equipment in another place. Please bare with me. I will have a members only show this week. If I can get on it I will have both of the normal shows posted. My normal… Read more »