May 19

10 More Strangest National Park Disappearances

Rusty West writes “Join me as I count down 10 more of the strangest national park missing person cases out there.”

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  1. Michael L

    A regular David Paulides “Missing 411”.. If you are going to tell these stories about different places, you should at least learn the proper pronunciation of the names of the Arizona parks and counties- fool…

    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) Michael L, You are a tough customer! I found these reports chilling, and also very sad. I think one important lesson is not to go on these log hikes Alone! The Everglade Park story reminded me of JW’s encounter from a previous episode. Remember him? He ran 7 miles back to safety at night!!

  2. doug w

    Guy what are you supposed to do sit home if you can find a buddy to go with?
    Almost Everytime I go out I’m by myself or with my dog.
    But I’m armed have made a knife a GPS a map and extra ammo.
    In my pack I have…
    2 road flares
    Candy bars
    Extra socks
    2 small duraflame fire starters
    Extra glasses
    550 cord
    Whistle and even sometimes a boat flare gun.
    2 good flashlights and a head lamp.
    I’m not sitting home in fear. If it or someone wants to get me I’m goin down shooting and stabbing.

    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) Doug, you make a good point. You certainly are well prepared! I suppose that is an excellent lesson as well.

  3. chris m

    I usually go hiking naked without any supplies or informing anyone of where I am going without a map or compass after a 6 pack of beers and typically start my trip on cloudy nights while bush whacking off trail.

  4. PJ

    Doug not sure any of that will keep you safe if you are targeted by a big fella. Its all good stuff to carry in the bush, but I think that to a Sasquatch two hiking are far less attractive carrying nothing at all, than one loaded to the gills. Just my feeling…and I wish I could muster the courage that you clearly have.

  5. Hillary H

    Been hearing reports via lesser known youtube channels of not just mutilated cattle, not just that mutilated man in Brazil,mdone the same way as the cattle,msheep etc but multiple persons with those wretched carved out body bits. Young and not so young, male and female human beings are being mutilated same exact way as the cattle. Also other species of forest dwellers & the pile of carcasses just dumped: raccoons, squirrels, badgers, rabbits…something truly malvolent, disgusting and of evil intent is advancing into and disrupting our everyday reality.
    Richard Sauders has totally other topic info about highly developed technological super cities underground, connected by maglev trains…. How does it tie together? Look at the demonic dancing dedication of the Swiss Tunnel and also CERN and what I heard was evil entities with super high tech knowledge give the knowledge of these sciences in exchange for access to human ‘tribute’.

    • m99

      Isn’t it amazing Hillary? And a few years ago now, I started looking into this stuff. I found a lot of these type themes in the word (bible) and began inquiring of the Lord. I used to read the Bhagavad Gita, and read things like Ancient Aliens, Chariot of the gods, and so forth. But, when I became a believer, a Christian, I put away those things. I couldn’t believe that the same authors are propounding those same narratives. Man, they’re more faithful than century of commissioned missionaries. It’s always good to seek and observe, make up your own mind, and decide, huh? I started getting a clue when the whole apocryphal came back on the scene. I asked one of the Pastors, and know what he said? Don’t even go there, it’ll only ‘confuse you’. Really? You know, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. How about that principle Seek and You Shall Find. I left and understand why unbelievers think the “church” is so narrow minded. Because, it is. We do not have to be narrow minded. Jesus wasn’t, and he wasn’t worried either. But, that’s not the real church. We are the real church. And as awful as it’s getting, maybe, soon, it’ll come to fruition and things will change. At any rate, I’ll continue to watch and learn. And pray. Thanks for you posts. 🙂

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