Apr 15

Tonight’s Show: The cave of no return

Tonight I will be speaking to Joe and Joe use to work as a patrol officer for a paper mill property. He had an encounter in Texas on the property and reported it, the company brushed it off. Joe said “this thing was standing in the river and had its back to me, I thought it was a bear until it stood up and turned to look at me. I had never seen anything like this before. We just sat and looked at each other for what felt like forever and than it grunted at me and turned and walked across the river.”

Joe said “ever since that encounter I have been researching and investigating this subject. I had another visual on a different property in Alabama.”

I will also be welcoming Chance to the show. His father has passed now but I asked Chance to come on to talk about what his father had told him and the tracks he found.

Chance writes “I live in southern Indiana. I have a few stories that you may like to hear. My first story is of the one my father told me when I was around twelve or so.

My father (god rest his soul) was squirrel hunting on my moms family old home place.

He hadn’t had any luck, but as we walking he found what appeared to be a trail of some kind leading up a hill. He decided to take this trail and see where it led too. He went a good piece up the hill, when he started seeing bones. He said at first they look like maybe animal bones, like deer, etc. But, all of the sudden he said he smelled a real nasty stench, like maybe a wet dog and something decaying. About that time, he said that’s when he noticed that some of the bones were getting bigger. According to my dad some of them could have been possibly human. About this time he came to an entrance to a cave.

As he was standing there, he said the smell had gotten worse. And about that time he heard what he called a growl from hell. And say two big red eyes. Now, my dad was a Vietnam veteran. So he wasn’t scared of much. I asked what he done. He said I didn’t stick around to see what was coming out of that cave. I unloaded my double barrel and hauled ass out of there. And I haven’t been back since.

My I guess you can say my experience with Sasquatch was my dad and I were hunting/scouting on my uncles property in Crawford County Indiana. We were looking for rubs and scrapes checking for sign so we knew to put a tree stand for the upcoming deer season. As we were walking, we decided to start walking a creek that was just about dried up. As we came around a bend in the creek, my dad stopped dead in his tracks, and I ran right into him.

As I gathered myself, I looked at my dad, and he was white as a ghost. He looked at me, and says I don’t know what made this, but we aren’t sticking around to see what did. And he pointed down to the ground with his shotgun. And there in the ground, in the mud was a footprint that was fifteen to seventeen inches long. You could see the toes and everything. So yeah, we got the hell out of there.

When we got back to my uncles house, we told him what we had found. And my uncle, looked at us both and said, I’m not surprised. We’ve been hearing what we thought were coyote howls every night for the last two weeks.

I never found anymore tracks, but I have heard the howls a few times over the years.
Those are couple of my stories, I hope you find these interesting. And thank you for the awesome show. I listen to it going to work and coming home. Hell, I listen to them as I go to bed. Keep up the good work buddy.”

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    Oh yeah this is going to be a great show .. Thank you for all you Wes…!! Thank you to the Guest that will come on and tell all..!!

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