Apr 14

I could see “IT” behind the tree

A listener writes “I was 63 when this encounter happen. I was disabled from a stroke when I was 58. I’m a single dad of a beautiful 9 year daughter. She was 5 when we had the first experience.

We were living in Taos New Mexico at this time. Taos is located in the San de Cristo mountains. To help in my physical rehab we would spend most of our time hiking mountain trails in the spring and summer and the Rio Grand Gorge in the winter, weather permitting. Our favorite area hiking spots were off a canyon road that joined Taos and the small ski town of Angel Fire. Most days were spent watching my daughter play in a large meadow at the end of a dirt forest road. We eat lunch and spend the day hike the mountain to the south of the meadows. On this day we decide to hike an old logging road to the north I had located on Goggle Earth.

I decided we would hike to the ridge and eat lunch there. As always, I loaded my pistol with a round in the chamber, grabbed my pack and started up. The road fairly steep and overgrown. about 100 yards in there was a large dead tree on the up hill side, that had fallen across the road. My daughter always walked a short way in front, she jumped on and over the tree. I had to sit on it, swing my legs over and then stand. We kept on and found 4 or 5 more large laying across the trail some with roots still attached but dead. About 45 minuets in this climb i noticed a small stand of Aspen trees to our down hill side, something caught my eye. i told to stop and come back. We searched the small trees from the road and saw nothing move or unusual.

I took a picture and we moved on. about 100 yards further we came to a flat area. On the down hill side a large pine tree with a large bolder laying about 4 feet from it. This looked like a good place to take break. As I approached I noticed something strange. The area between the tree and bolder was smooth dirt, no pine needles, no sticks, no small rocks. It looked like someone sleeping there or sitting on the rock smoothing it out with their feet. As i looked around behind us on the up hill side there was 5 or 6 four inch diameter Aspen trees broke off, still attached and formed some kind shelter. Now I’m getting the idea! just then my daughter says, come here and look at this dad. I go to where she is squatting down and looking at the ground. There is a patch of dirt and in that dirt is the foot print, 16″ long and 7” wide. At the same time I’m hearing a sound from above on the road behind the next tree about 75′ from us.

I told her to start down the mountain and I looked back at the tree, wish I never looked back. I could see “IT”, behind the tree. It was hair covered, grayish with black mixed in. It was huge, all that I can see is its upper chest, shoulders and head. His eyes were very large and wide spread, his mouth was closed. I have never, never ever been more afraid in my whole life. I’m a Vet and I never, ever felt so helpless as I did that day. No gun I owned would of stopped this creature.

My daughter had cleared 2 trees before I got started. We made it down safely, she was in the car waiting. I only return there once more. never again. We had 2 more encounter in NM. We moved to east Texas the next spring. I didn’t know. Now I’m finding foot prints on the back side of the property here.

Thanks for your time”

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  1. Steven B

    I feel for you. It’s not like anyone will tell you not to move to a certain area because BF live there (or any other currently not cataloged creature).

    I live in deep south Texas near the Mexican border and when I began to become interested in cryptids again, a couple of years back and found SC, I thought, “well I’m safe enough here in the RGV…not a chance of running into anything here”…nope lots of accounts of weird stuff and animals down here too once one starts looking for accounts. I wasn’t trying to escape “cryptids” by moving here to begin with, but, if I had been, I would have been mistaken.

  2. Trent M

    Plus he stated “No gun I owned would of stopped this creature” Maybe he doesn’t own anything that big. I only had military calibers before I got interested and bought a .300 Win Mag after talking about it. I then built a 458 SOCOM but what I’ve heard from people that have seen them move is they are so fast you will be hard pressed to lead them. I no longer want to shoot one but I do want to be safe in the woods. Shrugs shoulders.

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