Apr 18

Pombero, the Monster from Paraguay, Sighting

Pombero’s original name in the Guaraní language is Karai Pyhare, literally “The man of the Night”, he is said to be a primarily nocturnal creature. In some parts of Argentina he is known primarily by the Spanish translation of his name, Señor de la noche.

Although accounts of the Pombero’s appearance and nature vary slightly from one community to the next, he is usually described as being short and ugly, with hairy hands and feet. His hairy feet are said to give him the abilat the Pombero generally dwells in rural areas, living in the forest, although he will sometimes choose to inhabit an abandoned house.

As a forest dweller, the Pombero is said to be able to imitate the sounds of various forest creatures. Most specifically it is believed that the Pombero can imitate birdsong, especially those of a nocturnal variety, and as such is viewed as something of a protector of the birds. Many witnesses of the Pombero say that before he appears he whistles. Most are so frightened of gathering his wrath that they never whistle again. One common aspect of the myth among various Guaraní based societies is that the Pombero protects the birds from children who hunt them with slingshots.

The Pombero is generally viewed as a harmless troublemaker. Owing to his preferred habitat of rural forests, the targets of his mischief tend to be rural farmers. Among his favourite activities are setting loose cattle, stealing eggs, chicken and honey, frightening horses and causing them to throw their riders off, as well as scattering corn, rice, or other provisions.

3 Responses to “Pombero, the Monster from Paraguay, Sighting”

  1. Dovie D

    I don’t know if this is fake or not but it seems odd the arm comes out right after she coughs. Besides i think the dogs would either growl or bark at this creature and come.

  2. Boyd S

    What was striking for me was a quick google of pombero images after skimming this vid. I’d never heard of pombero and the vid suggested something very different from N. American cousins, the stature was all wrong. It didn’t resonate until I saw depictions of pombero. Whatever that is in the video, whether real, prank, or something else, it’s easy to imagine it is pombero. Nothing can be understood from the dogs’ reaction to it. That reaction could reflect a prior familiarity with the creature. Who knows what that relationship would be and I’m sure pombero, if it is a real thing, would know how to handle dogs.

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