Apr 16

Peguis Back Road “Bigfoot sighting” enhancements

Bigfoot Tony takes a closer look at the Peguis Back Road “Bigfoot sighting.”

Original source:
Douglas Thomas writes “I guess I should make this clear first I’m not claiming that its “Bigfoot or Sasquatch,” I just don’t know? My boy and I were heading out to cut some firewood. On the way over a ridge we could see something crossing the road on the next ridge probably about 400 yards away. I slowed down and told my boy to grab my camcorder from the back seat. By the time he had it going what ever we saw had already walked across the road behind a mound of rocks. What you see in the video is clearer then what I actually saw because we were so far away. The “creature” quickly disappeared into the woods and what we seen the video is the last we saw of it. We stopped and shouted, “who’s there?” with no response. People asky why didnt we record the tracks but at the time it didnt seem important considering what ever made the track, i already captured on video.”

2 Responses to “Peguis Back Road “Bigfoot sighting” enhancements”

  1. Hawk

    Saw this on Tony’s Youtube (love Tony!!) and seems like a lot of ppl were preoccupied with “how did they know WHERE to point the camera???” …… as if it were a planned hoax. Glad I guessed correctly in that the “thing” had crossed the road ahead of time.
    Seems like an honest case of “not sure what I recorded ….. but here it is”. The critter seems kinda big tho.

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