Apr 17

California Bigfoot by Brown Dwarf

I really think this is a person with black shorts on. brown dwarf writes “Brown and fellow team members capture something in the redwoods, let us know what you think?? Property of NorCal Bigfoot Project”

4 Responses to “California Bigfoot by Brown Dwarf”

  1. Sid N

    Great job, and I think it is very obviously a human, you can see the clothes, and even possibly a hat on his head. Body shape seems to depict a young man.

    • Steven B

      It does prove one thing though…”blob squatches” and fuzzy, out-of-focus photos are not totally within the realm of taking cryptid photos – it happens with known subjects too – and with regularity. I can remember when I used take photos with a film camera – sometimes I’d get some of the photos back and say “What is that of?” or I’d know what it was and have to chuck the photo just because it was not in focus and blurry. Others were chucked because my subject was too far away and so wasn’t very recognizable or too close for the camera to focus.

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