Dec 11

Strange Sounds From Clipper Mills, CA

The witness writes “Screams captured on audio July 8th, 2012 in the sierras near Clipper mills, Ca. This is as it happened and 100% real.The experience lasted over 20 mins and It has been edited to 15 mins to You tubes requirements. Watch the video to the end. It gets better as it goes and has a good ending.”

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  1. Brenda B

    At the end, after the car passes them and gets down the road a bit you can hear it honk twice and then the dog starts growling…. I wonder if there was something closer than what they were hearing! Really freaky!! Excellent video/audio… Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Pamela J S

    Sounds like a group of Sasquatch, but a few times there were sounds like Dogman. Definitely hair raising. Wonder what the car honked at? Great recording. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Randy H

    I was bigfooting in the mountains east and south of LaPorte California a few months ago this summer, I see that is very close to where I was camped for a couple weeks.

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