Dec 11

SC EP:715 These Monsters Chasing Me

Tonight we’ll speak with Joseph who had a terrifying encounter in Florida. He writes “Long story short, 10 years ago I went on a 30 mile hike through the Big Cypress National preserve and encountered 7 different bigfoots 3 of which I saw. Beginning this last year I have been going back out into the swamp and have gathered some interesting photos and videos.”

Joseph describes a long night of several creatures around his camp upon leaving he saw two large creatures watching him, the creatures began to harass and stalk him.

The witness said “I was a runner and I could out run anyone back in the day, I have never ran so hard in my life and every time I looked back this creature was right there.

I thought I was going to die. As I was leaving I saw a smaller one sitting in a tree watching me. I stopped and looked up at it. I continued to run. I was so exhausted and overheated as I came out of the woods, I was in bad shape. I ended up going to the hospital. I was mumbling monsters to the EMT’s and medical staff, this has haunted me for the last ten years, I cannot get it out of my dreams at night.”









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121 Responses to “SC EP:715 These Monsters Chasing Me”

    • Ed G

      I’ve listened to all 700 plus episodes and can only point to a handful where my BSMeter was on high almost right from the get go. This is one of them. As someone has already pointed out, where is the track evidence? Not buying this one.

      • L. Oriana S

        Ed, I’ve listened to every episode too and I think you’re way off here. It takes guts to share these experiences publicly and the last thing a witness needs to hear is some yahoo who wasn’t there say he’s lying! Joseph sounds 100% believable to me and his story rings true. Please know that Wes does due diligence when he selects guests and give these encounters the benefit of any doubts you may have in the future.

        • Ed G

          I relistened to the episode and my opinion has not changed. Just doesnt seem genuine and way to casual, matter of fact type of presentation. No fear in his voice. Yes, I do believe he may have found footprints afterward, etc… but trecking the Everglades alone for 30+ miles? Who does this?

        • Rob M

          I agree with you. Ive listened to every episode as well and this one a dozen times. This guy isnt lying. 10 years ago was probably 4 phones ago….maybe the pics gone. I dont need pictures with this guy anyway…hes telling the truth for my money. And I believe there’s more than a handful of episodes where the guest isnt 100% genuine.

      • KRISTA J


    • STEVE W

      That would be a butt pucker moment for sure , You dont want to shoot , You cannot leave , This is when I would hope they would listen when I say we will leave at first light

    • Cathy S

      Great show. I saw a white one near Tampa Florida. They’re out there. I think they are descendants of the nephillium genericly watered down over so many many years. DNA from Melba proved it.

  1. Karen H

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have a better way to contact Wes other than the SC encounter email? I’ve tried for a number of months to contact him through email because my account has not been charged for months. I saw a few months back that FS had the same issue as far as not having the monthly membership fee taken out. I mentioned something to FS in one of his comments but didn’t get a response to that either. Not exactly sure what to do here. Any thoughts as a full proof way to reach Wes? -Thank you.

  2. Denise F

    It’s Friday AND we have a great episode to listen to….all I need now is a winning scratch off and a pizza for the perfect Friday night, lol ????

    Thanks Wes and I was looking forward to hearing this encounter.

  3. Jeremiah S

    Props Wes for your work and to your guest for the courage to come forward sharing every minute detail that strings together the reality that I can’t deny a truthful event. Thank you, hope you never have to experience that again.

  4. Tracy C

    Joseph, you brave soul. You fought to live – and won.
    I’m glad you have people who were pulling for you on a 5D level. I believe you had your battery pack ready to go for the radio. I also believe that while you were going in and out on the hammock that’s when it went missing.. and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it later. You know exactly what’s what though. I wish you peace for another 10 years! Thank you so much for sharing your encounter.

  5. Travis E

    Wes I wish we could talk. Why my messages get deleted and have such a hard time. A lot more has gone down in my life and it is best if what I learned to keep from having a bad day when the big wild people are around. (757) 800-6140 is my number and I don’t want anything for what I have to say and what I share, anyone can do what ever they wish, use my voice or even contact me. I don’t email. For some reason it isn’t trusted by my book. Old school, on the phone is best.

  6. Leann G

    You did a great job sharing your experience. The details and explanation of what was happening to you really painted a raw scene for us listeners .
    The whole battery thing is freaky because the intention for it to be taken is concerning. If you had just forgot it then you would have found it again when you got back home.
    Thanks Wes for the show.

    • Tracy C

      Hi Leann – This was a terrifying and incredible encounter, wasn’t it. The battery pack is concerning. I believe he packed it one hundred percent. But the freakier part is that it could have “re-appeared” – – anything is possible at this point. Either way – the sheer trauma of it all is maddening.

  7. Lisa B

    Wow, what an encounter! Thanks Wes for having Joseph on and allowing him to talk about what happened to him. I believe the prayers absolutely helped him, having the gun too, because they know what guns are. I believe his point on being a human hybrid from Nephilim, or maybe something close to that is true. If it’s a hybrid, it doesn’t follow the natural order of how and what God creates, so it would tend to be sinister. I don’t know if that made sense…but Joseph definitely endured a terrifying encounter. God Bless him. Thanks Wes…

  8. Josephine L

    Wow! The way Joseph describes what he saw about it looking like a door with a head on top…that really puts the size into perspective. I’m glad you’re ok Joseph! And thank you Wes for making my Friday great???? again!

  9. Doug K

    Thank you Joseph……your telling of the encounter you had made me feel like I was right there. I live in central Florida and I have driven down there on Alligator Alley…….always wondered about the existence of those creatures down there. This was one of the scariest encounters I have ever heard on this site. Thanks for sharing it with us ……..Big thanks to Wes also for keeping this program going each week. Thanks guys! YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. RONALD S

    The screams from Clipper Mills, CA sounded like what I heard up in Terrace, BC a few years ago. Except they were a lot closer to us. We never seen them but seen the trees shake and heard the branches being ripped off while the screaming was going on.

    Joseph, glad you are OK! I’ve seen that black door with a head on top too in AZ. Thank you for sharing. Trust in Him always, Brother!

  11. Dovie D

    My husband and I were talking the other night about what we thought Sasquatch were. We think they are evil. The one I saw as a child with the red eyes looking at me felt evil. I thought it was satan. It was as dark as a shadow and when I was awakened in a home I lived in 3 years ago I was awakened at least twice while being at home alone. I was awakened by smell of sewer and sulfur and something shuffling on the side of my house. We had others thing occur as well but I felt so fearful in my own home.. i had lived there 15 years.
    I have seen Sasquatch few times in my life. At the time I didn’t know what I had seen.
    Or Maybe become part of the military when big things happen.

    • MONTE M

      I’ve had large Muskies follow my lure and startle me and they look mean and evil but really they are just a fish. They are also territorial and I think they chase lures because of that too. I can see how people feel that way about these things. I f I didnt know that Gorillas existed, was on a Safari and encountered one, they look kinda evil and I could see feeling that it was an evil monster that was human like in nature. Not saying they are not capable of harm and demonic looking especially with glowing eyes but there are plenty of reports just opposite of that where they dont have any expression that would be considered threatening or evil.

  12. Jennifer G

    Terrifying, not only for the encounter but also because, living near the same section of the FL trail and knowing all of the other dangerous, scary creatures in the swamp (and my yard) besides Bigfoot, cannot imagine being in his shoes. Add to the the FL heat in the summer and trying to move quickly in those elements … horrible! Glad he survived the encounter and the elements.

  13. Matthew J

    Wes is 100% correct about PTSD is not limited to the military. When Joseph finally got to the truck stop he likely was in shock. I’ve heard many, many encounter stories where a human was running away from a sasquatch. I cannot think of a story where the creature caught the victim from behind. Maybe the chase is to get people very serious about leaving the area.

    I hope Joseph can get himself out there when he wants- with some friends. Great story.

  14. Andrew A

    Thank you Wes! One of the top 10 for sure! Besides the English lady and Anthony I would say this is the best since the ambulance driver. Joseph was brave just being out there! I’ve been listening for years and this was a terrifying encounter. Clearly very very credible due to the inflection in his voice and the detail of inane things that were self deprecating. The you my man was very fortunate to make it out alive but He saved himself by his thoughts and actions. These things understand, in my opinion, exactly what you are thinking even before you think it. Supernatural to say the least. I too believe they are other worldly and I believe this is a holding ground for them. Whether we have contracted with them to fight our battles in this galaxy or someone else has I believe their purpose is within this galaxy and it isn’t to be on earth. They are the six million dollar man with fur.

    Anyway, thanks again for this one and thank you Wes for staying humble and reticent in this search for truth. P.S. Anthony’s encounter whe he described what the old lady told him in regard to the space people has really stuck with me. As she said at a certain age they have to go with the Soave people for awhile. I wish he would have asked more questions about that because I believe there inlays the purpose behind them being here. Considering what we are going through as a nation this year, anything is possible!

  15. Roger W

    Carol Kane That’s one hell of a endorsement Also one of the best musicians you will ever hear. Great show as usual. Wes keep them coming. Your getting closer to the truth. And a lot more people are talking now because of you.

  16. Denise F

    I’d be curious to know if the trailhead he started at had cell service.? I remember him mentioning in that when he and his brother went back that the footprints started about a mile in.

    I have hiked places where the trailhead had service but right about where service ends, the ‘footprints’ start. Just thinking out loud, lol.

    I don’t personally think they took the radio battery for evil reasons…..I have a feeling that they just wanted it. Strange the way batteries drain and electronics fail around them…..

  17. Rick P

    Great show and guest as always Wes. You could hear in his voice something terrifying happened to him. And again because of your great interviewing style another person has the courage to come forward to tell there story.

  18. Johanna V

    Thank you Wes for producing another fantastic show. And thank you Joseph for sharing your experience with us. You really had me transported there almost right beside you. WTH with making very good decisions and choices, such as ditching your pack, covering yourself in mud, striping you clothes as much as possible, and not stopping for any reason. These excellent decisions (along with your family’s good thoughts, of course), no doubt saved your life. You could have so easily been, well, missing. Thank you again for the great guest and show, Wes!

  19. m99

    (Not that I don’t believe this young man, but I always wonder about these kind of encounters. Many people try for years to have encounters and never do. For example, Dr. Bindernagel never had an encounter, yet this guy has an encounter with a troop that is prolonged. Odd. This is real life? Uh, ya think? He’s so analytical. Most people are just frightened and confused. Finally in the story he begins to feel fear. Fear is a great motivator, especially for young people.)

    Joseph ~ In so many ways you remind me of my nephew, who craves adventure, is a Christian, and wants to experience ‘real life’. Truly, we do fight to live everyday, and we’re in more of a spiritual battle than most of us imagine. And Joseph, I know what you mean about the snakes. I’ve looked into the wide opened mouth of a water moccasin. That in itself is a terrifying experience. And I agree. These things, these Sasquatch are human hybrids. Don’t you think the “veil” is opening up more and more?

    Anyway, Joseph, thank you for sharing this terrible experience. And Wes, once again thank you for your willingness to give people the floor to get this kind of stuff off their chests. The service you provide is amazing. Plus, the level at which you don’t seem to understand that is also amazing. What I mean to say is, you’re a humble man and a God send.

  20. Elaine L

    What an encounter! I can only imagine the fear and horror he must have been feeling all that time. I personally have seen numerous ‘things’ over the years and with friends had an encounter with a sasquatch so I know there are things and beings out there. Up and above that I know when Joseph speaks of being protected by the ‘prayers’ his family said for him while he was in the swamp. I have had medically verifiable healings, have seen and heard both good and evil things that are in the world and have personally used prayer for protection, healing, and so many other things. As a confessing Christian over the years I have found out and encountered many amazing and frightening things in my walk with Jesus but two occurrences that happen again and again is that with Jesus we have an astounding power with prayer when used in His name and secondly what we visually see in the world before us is so FAR from what is really there. My ways are not always His ways but like I say “I’m a work in progress … for the past 40 years”. Thank God for repentance, forgiveness and FAITH! Life is a long road and I’m only human but LOVED beyond all measure! ????????
    Luke 10:19

  21. Jay T

    Joseph, you were then a brave and perhaps naive young man, but respect and appreciate your teen andeavor and current desire to go with others to learn more about these people or creatures. I would encourage you to talk to then in friendly, non-threatening manner as I’m of the thought that they understand our intentions and language. If look at the FL map, I was first introduced to them going on Spring Breaks near Sunrise, FL in the 1970s. Stories of Bigfoot seen on mobile home roofs and newspaper account of a police car hitting one made myth turn into possibly reality to me. Even Paterson GImlin at the time made me think because why is there only one. Good Lucas to you in further hikes on the Florida Trail and hope we hear from you again of your evidence and encounters.

  22. Asheim

    One of the most frightening encounters to date. I am so glad you fought as you did Joseph and had family pulling for you. Glad you made it safely out of there. I would have liked more detail what they looked like. Will listen again to try to pick up anything. Thanks Wes as always for all your work. Keep safe out there.

  23. Michael S

    Hhhmmmm? I guess I’m a jerk but I don’t know? If this thing was following me, I’m not sure if I would stop and take time to cut my pants into shorts? If I’m “freaking out” why would I stop to rub mud on my body? Also, walking in water for two days, snakes and alligators are everywhere? He reports his encounter very calmly…. I don’t know?

  24. theresa m

    Wow! Great show Wes and thanks to Joseph for sharing his story. My years of going into the woods, hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire by way of logging roads is long over. The last big group hike was in the 1970s when I was just 20 years old. We carried 70 pound packs into our destination by a huge boulder field with a gushing stream. It rained the entire weekend and we pretty much had to stay at the campsite. We dug our bathroom pit away from the campsite and tied our food high up in the trees so that bears wouldn’t bother us. On one of the mornings when we were making breakfast a friend in the group asked if I had heard the heavy footsteps outside the tents the night before. He asked me if anything touched my tent. I was completely clueless that anything but moose, deer and bears lived in the woods. I dismissed his questions and figured he was pulling my leg In my 60s now I think about that time and wonder if what he heard was a Sasquatch who was curious and came in for a look. We had ten people in our group, were not armed and were just out having fun. When I listen to the stories shared on the podcast now I thank my lucky stars that we never had any encounters like Joseph’s. So scary. It would have scarred me enough to keep me out of the woods because we did continue camping and hiking for several years until I married and started a family. Then we stayed in cabins in family campgrounds way up in northern New Hampshire but with no incidents ever.

  25. Juan Z

    I listen to many Sasquatch shows throughout the week, but when Wes comes on during the weekend its all SC. The contrast is astounding even up against the best of the best shows. Wes you are the top dog in the Sasquatch business my friend. The best!!!

  26. David J

    The video/audio Wes played in the beginning was that of a couple and their two dogs. THEY had transmission trouble towing their boat in Clipper Mill CA.


    Full video is linked here : Watch “Bigfoot Screams(longest audio in the world)” on YouTube

    Hope Wes can get these folks on the show someday

  27. William H

    I believe him. I lived in South Florida for 28 years, and my wife and I had an opportunity to hike many trails there. I usually carried a gun because there are lots of things that can kill you on those trails. My biggest fear were wild hogs and snakes. Bigfoot was not on my radar back then because I didn’t believe in them until I moved to North Carolina where I had the first of two encounters on our property.

    I know that Bigfoot is in NC, and once you come to that conclusion, you realize that they must be everywhere. Joseph is lucky to have made it through the Everglades alive. Being that far off the road, simply stepping in a turtle hole and breaking a leg could have turned into an emergency situation.

    Thank you Joseph for sharing your incredible story, and thank you Wes for always doing such a good job. Sasquatch Chronicles has been a godsend to me in helping me understand what it is I’m dealing with.

  28. Zane W

    Great program, thanks Wes! Just a heads up, I’ve been listening to Jeffery’s channel for some time… evaluating… there is a gov’t agent, a guy named Victor, that he interviews regularly. The guy is legit… it looks like the President has ordered gradual disclosure of the existence of Dogman, Bigfoot and Werewolves (what many refer to as type 3 Dogman). Highly recommend Jeffery’s channel…

  29. Catherine B

    Thank you Wes and guest…..Happy Holidays to all…!!! I went camping with my family and our three dogs last summer..We were approx. 40 miles as the crow flies from Clipper Mills…..In the dead of night, around midnight we heard these same sounds…But the sounds we heard seemed more intense and louder..(maybe because we were actually there in real time?)…Our dogs were all quiet and very attentive the entire time…Not one bark……When we returned home I could not forget about those sounds….I could not stop wondering “What were those creatures”…I went on the internet and found those Clipper Mills sounds…It juggled my memory about another experience I had in the same area while hiking…..I was followed by a bipedal approx. 700 pound or larger something….I never saw it but I know it was not something normally identifiable .I did not feel fear but I went on “high alert” throughout my entire being…..I know this land well and it was nothing normal…..My point is I do believe this beautiful land I live in definitely has the Sasquatch living in it. I was hoping you may have been able to reach the Clipper Mills couple and have them on the show…Thanks again Wes….Looking forward to my family opening their Christmas gifts of “Sasquatch Chronicles” hoodies….I love supporting the show and love my own SC hoodie….All the best to you and all my Squatch Watchers

  30. Dante T

    Wes does a great job of vetting but rarely someone slips through the cracks. Wes is an honorable dude, it’s not on him ! Just didn’t feel this one. I have listened to almost every show since day 1.
    Normally I can feel the emotions in a guest. I could be very wrong, just my two cents.
    Keep up the great work Wes, you help many souls. Merry Christmas to all !

  31. Jay Carlsen

    Prayers ! There is something to that. Why would an Animal be wary of Someone’s Family who was Praying for Them ? If it is all Fantasy ?
    I totally believe Him. I can hear it in His Voice.

  32. Jennifer P

    doesn’t really sorry but I’ve listened to a whole lot of episodes and I’ve been pedaling backwards and I have to agree with what others have said. this is a bunch of bull! you can tell that he is making things up as he goes and that he most certainly did not have this experience. he’s looking for attention!

  33. craig d

    A whole lotta folks casting doubt on the first guest, I get it, it sounds a little bit of a tall tale. But people, imagine this did happen and he just isn’t a good storyteller, well your comment will probably make his wish they’d kept the experience to himself.
    I use the take it or leave it method. If I think it’s a bunch of bull, I’ll leave it.
    If its believable then ill take it. Try and trust in Wes’ judgement.

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