Dec 11

Tonight’s Guest: This Has Haunted Me For The Last Ten Years

A listener writes “Long story short, 10 years ago I went on a 30 mile hike through the Big Cypress National preserve and encountered 7 different bigfoots 3 of which I saw. Beginning this last year I have been going back out into the swamp and have gathered some interesting photos and videos.”

Spoke to the witness and he describes a long night of several creatures around his camp upon leaving he saw two large creatures watching him, the creatures began to harass and stalk him.

The witness said “I was a runner and I could out run anyone back in the day, I have never ran so hard in my life and every time I looked back this creature was right there.

I thought I was going to die. As I was leaving I saw a smaller one sitting in a tree watching me. I stopped and looked up at it. I continued to run. I was so exhausted and overheated as I came out of the woods, I was in bad shape. I ended up going to the hospital. I was mumbling monsters to the EMT’s and medical staff, this has haunted me for the last ten years, I cannot get it out of my dreams at night.”

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  1. Amy H

    Holy sh!t… if you’re running that hard, hard enough for heat exhaustion, death ISN’T that far away. Heat exhaustion kills. This guy is lucky to be alive…. hum, get ripped apart by giants or die of exhaustion by running hard… I’ll take the run..

    Freaked out for probably the following 20 years would not be an understatement. Hope we get to hear his encounter.

  2. Sheila L

    FYI folks: Zooming in on Google Maps you can see a place called Loop Rd. Scenic Drive on Fla. Hwy. 94 which is in the Big Cypress Preserve. You can click on the link here to look at pictures:,-81.0588175,12.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x39e564dd2ed94bcd!8m2!3d25.7692042!4d-81.0784096

    Among the pics above there is this pic by Daniela Daniela taken last February:,-81.0784053,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipOeQYZXL1cHxiivEYvhl4V21Rb4YN7hrv_HEu20!2e10!3e12!!7i3024!8i4032!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x39e564dd2ed94bcd!8m2!3d25.7692042!4d-81.0784096

    See the crane in the pic (obviously why the picture was taken)? Look up to the upper right just above the crane’s head in between the two trees. (about the 1:30 position) See the eyes? Zoom in on those eyes. What do you think, folks? Could that be a booger? (and it may have a little one on its back) Creeeeepy as all get-out if you ask me!

    • Denise F

      I found it and it was creepy. Almost stood out because they seemed fairly clear compared to the rest of the background.

      I had to laugh cuz I thought I was the only one who looked at pics like that, lol.

  3. Sheila L

    Hi Denise. :^)

    Thanks for the reply. I am a google maps geek and one can see all kinds of… strange things out there around country (and beyond).
    My wife believes that it is the real deal. (she’s very skeptical about such things)

    I found this photo while perusing the south Florida area while listening to a bigfoot youtube channel some months back. I hope Wes can get this gentleman on. What a encounter that would be to hear!


  4. Nerida H

    When I was about 7, I saw an “Äpe” staring through the bedroom window at me, + had nightmares about it for 40 yrs, till I convinced myself that I was having a nightmare, about a nightmare…..+ it worked, the bad dreams went. Then last yr, I phoned my Brother, + asked if he’d seen anything strange at the childhood home. Turns out all my 3 brothers had seen it.

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