SC EP:75 Looking back over the last 75 shows

Tomorrow night is our 75th show. We invite everyone to call in and share their encounter, comments or whatever you want. This is an opportunity to ask questions on stuff we have talked about in the past or future plans.     Open New Player Window

SC EP:72 Down the rabbit hole Part 3 [Members]

Tonight we talk to a forestry worker who had an aggressive encounter with a Sasquatch and also encountered the federal agents we have been speaking about and claims to know one of them.You do not want to miss this show!     Open New Player Window

SC EP:71 Down the rabbit hole part 2

Tonight we continue the conversation from SC EP:70. We will finish up the discussion with John, who is a retired police officer. In this episode we’ll also bring back Jack to explain the bogus 9-1-1 call he was sent out on. We will also be speaking with Bob Garrett and hear first hand what is… Read more »

SC EP:70 Down the rabbit hole

Tonight we are having a round table discussion with John (a retired police officer), Jack (a current police officer), and Ken (our insider). We will be discussing a government cover-up regarding Sasquatch. This is an interesting discussion because one of the police officers has had direct contact with representatives claiming to be from the Department… Read more »

SC EP:69 Bigfoot chased ATV

We will be speaking to a listener who describes being chased on his ATV by a Sasquatch, and having a boulder size rock thrown at his head. We also have a surprise story for everyone. In the second half of the show we will be interviewing a police officer who has responded to several 911… Read more »

SC EP:67 The “Insider” Part 1

Happy Holidays everyone! This week we have a two-part show. We have an “insider” who will be coming on to share his encounter and knowledge of some government emails he came across between the U.S. Department of the Interior and The Bureau of Land Management. I have asked him to change his story about how… Read more »

SC EP:66 Giants in America

Brad Lockwood is an author of 9 books, including “On Giants: Mounds, Monsters, Myth Man — Or, why we want to be small.” Brad writes us “This is my lifelong study of early Native American mounds, who built them, and the supposed big bones unearthed. A bit of an expert on the subject, I do find intriguing similarities… Read more »

SC EP:63 Bigfoot on the family farm

Tonight we speak to a listener who grew up on a farm. Over several weeks he noticed animals that either came up missing or had their necks broken. The family had no idea what was killing their animals until one day he came across a Sasquatch while he was picking berries. The encounter changed his… Read more »

Welcome to the Sasquatch Chronicles website

We are still working out a few bugs on the website. Please forgive us and thank you for visiting our site. In the following weeks we will be posting a ton of free content as well as paid content. We are diligently working hard to make sure this website and the transition is as smooth… Read more »

The Wrap Up Show with Shannon

Join Shannon as she does a wrap-up of Sunday’s show and discusses recent encounters.     Open New Player Window

SC EP:62 A hunter’s encounter

Tonight we speak to a hunter from Pennsylvania. While hunting he had a chance encounter with Sasquatch. The creature and him came face-to-face on a trail, and the encounter changed his life. Listen as our guest describes what he saw, how he felt and how this has changed his life.     Open New Player… Read more »

SC EP:61 Government Coverup

Tonight we speak with a ex-police officer who was investigating a Sasquatch encounter on a property and was told to back off of his investigation. When he refused, he was forced out of the police force. Join us for a crazy night, you will not want to miss this government cover-up. Why is the government… Read more »

SC EP:60 Bigfoot charged my car!

Tonight we interview a listener who contacted the show and wanted to share encounter story of a Sasquatch running towards her car.     Open New Player Window

SC EP:59 Bigfoot encounters call in 646-716-8791

Tonight we invite listeners to call in and share your encounter(s) or questions! We will be have a few guests on tonight that will be sharing their encounters stories with Sasquatch with everyone.     Open New Player Window