Aug 21

SC EP:246 Law Enforcement Night

A Law Enforcement Officer writes “Hey Wes, I will make this as short as possible. I have a video form a trail cam.

The video is not conclusive as it doesn’t show the face. Here is the history of the video. I am a 20+ year Law Enforcement Officer, three of which were done as a Game Warden. I received this video from a collage of mine. He was assigned to a federal task force working gorilla grown Marijuana.

This group would go into remote areas of Northern California and set trail cams in an attempt to catch the growers on film.. This particular trail cam was 27 miles back in the Sequoia National Forest, not accessible by vehicles only ATV then foot. He retrieved the trail cam and found the attached video. He did not know what to do with it as he was afraid of repercussions etc. I openly speak about the subject and my beliefs and another officer referred him to me and he provided me the video. I only ask we discuss what to release about the video before sharing if you decide to.

I also have experienced events, i.e. tree knocks, footsteps, and extreme fear for unexplained reason. I have also found a few footprints.”

I spoke to the Law Enforcement Officer today and he said that trail cam appeared to be ripped off of the tree and this creature had buried it in leaves. He said the cameras are in such remote locations that they are only set to record 5-10 clips so that guys do not have to go out constantly to replace SD cards. They setup the cameras to bust drug trafficking.

The officer did not make any claims as to what it is but he served as a game warden for many years and says “it is not a bear… this thing ripped the trail cam off of the tree and started putting leaves over it.”



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  1. Charles B

    My grandfather lived in a remote area near poconos in Pennsylvania he witnessed bigfoots 5 different times while hunting and had one scream at him when he pointed his rifle at it . He served in ww2 as a German soldier .He didn’t even own a TV and I see no reason he would’ve lied about it . He’s been passed away in 2003 . I believe they’re out there

    • Patrick Q

      Had an odd experience in the Poconos myself while working at a summer camp there. What sound d like large tree limbs snapping as we packed up our gear one evening as a storm approached…kinda revived my interest in the topic bc my bunkmate and I could not figure out what would be responsible for such sounds.

  2. Black-YETI

    If I did not know better it’s a GROUNDHOG unit.
    I have seen shots of bears ripping off cameras from trees.
    My bro found a camera in PA that was on the ground for over a year.
    Taking bear pics facing the sky.

  3. Black-YETI

    My dad lived in Indian Mt lakes in the Poconos.
    He bear hunted off 534 I think?
    He had seen 600 pound bear there. Lots of ground and getting built up there now.

  4. F S

    Okay, y’all. Something is bothering me, and I would respectfully like other input. (The Devil is in the Details”, as David Paulides says.)
    When we listen to and read witness’ accounts, for any genre or subject, we take their words to evaluate their experiences, and their person. All we have are their words as we do not know them.
    What if you read about a police officer who specialized in “Dee You Eyes”, instead of “DUIs”? (His own words and spelling.)
    Take this statement, which Wes quotes the guest as writing “He was assigned to a federal task force working GORILLA GROWN Marijuana.”
    There IS NO SUCH THING as “gorilla grown Marijuana”. There are no large, hairy apes from Africa growing pot in our national forests – at least not that I know.
    There IS “Guerrilla Grow Marijuana” (note the spelling of “gorilla”, and the use of “grown” instead of “grow” (verb versus noun).
    “noun: guerrilla –
    member of a small independent group referring to actions or activities performed in an impromptu way, often without authorization.”
    Could it just be auto-correct error? Police spend half their lives writing reports. Their grammar may not be perfect, but that is a big misspelling. The police friends I know would be ribbing a fellow officer for months for such a mistake.
    Hope I’m wrong.
    I am stoked about the video.
    Thanks for letting me say my piece. (J/K. I mean PEACE!)
    NOTE – this is not an attack against Wes or his guest. This is a simple point for which I ask clarification.

    • Dan B

      Thanks FS, you are absolutely right about the zoo animal vs the independent group. The next time I write something on my phone in between calls while I’m out making sure your 1st amendment rights to criticize me are intact, I’ll send it to you first, so it’s ready for trial.

      A simple thank you for sharing would have been good.

    • Michele S

      I do see “wear” you r going with that. It makes a lot of “since” the way you explained it. I “too” agree with you, as I also think that details are very important, because “they’er” all we have to go with.

      • F S

        My first post was a compliment.
        I had a concern.
        I explained the reason for the concern in great detail.
        I tried to be respectful.
        That’s all I could do.
        God Bless.

    • Diana A

      That is a very inspiring video. You can see a long hairy arm that is obvious. You can see the skin under the arm. I will look at it again to spot the knee and thumb. Great job to keep repore with all the individuals necessary to connect to this video find. You are making great progress Wes, this will lead to acknowledgement of species. If you shoot one, it may be the last one.

    • Trekker111

      Having been a police supervisor for years, issues like that in a report are common. I have guys that no matter how much I try, I can’t get him to grasp the concept of the paragraph, and he is a 6 year LEO with a college degree.

    • Joyce N

      Your common sense should confirm what you already know they meant. Not everyone, even in law enforcement are expert spellers or grammar specialists. It could be a typo, auto correction or an individual ‘s sense of humor-Yes, cops have a sense of humor, too. So let go of the anal retentive attention to detail, these are every day people sharing their encounters. We’re all human and subject to errors. I know nurses with shitty spelling-doesn’t mean they are stupid or don’t know their job-they’re just crappy spellers. Sometimes ya just gotta laugh and move on.

  5. Michele S

    Am I wrong or 5 seconds in, is that a shot of a hand with an actual thumb? I have looked at this video frame by frame, in super slow motion, and I do think that is a shot of a thumb.

  6. michael n

    Right before it puts leaves over the camera it looks like a knee bends right in front of it.
    Yes, thank you for the video!! How nice to have evidence shown to us instead of hearing “I have tons of pics” etc and not getting to see one of them.
    Now the waiting begins…….

    Thanks wes for all of your hard work.

  7. Gale R

    Oh and one more thing, thanks to the two guys who were so gracious as to share their time and experiences with us! I really appreciate it and thanks for your service!

  8. Karen C

    Thanks so much for your experiences you shared, I’ll tell you what, the days of traveling lonely back roads by myself are over, and upgrading from S&W 22LR to something WAY BIGGER after listening to you Sir!! Thanks for great Advice…

  9. Dan B

    I think there is something else in the vid. It’s about mid screen right at the top of the leaves. Time wise about the 5 second mark.

    I also want to thank you all for the positive comments. I feel much better about going on now.

  10. Jeffrey H

    Two excellent guests! Thanks Wes & guests for the great show and letting us know about your encounters! Now we’re going to have to hide our trash cans when our weird relatives come to visit!

  11. Dan B

    I am trying to get the video clips prior to the furballs visit. Since he was only looking for people in them I’m hoping there might be some not so obvious things of intrest.

    Wes, thank you so much for making the vid available to everyone. I sat on it for a long time as I was afraid of giving it to someone and they try and market it or something. You are one cool dude!!

  12. Mr. M

    Dan B. Thank you for taking the time to submit your story. Also a Thank You for choosing a profession that very could do and even less understand.
    I watched a documentary about a professional p wildlife photographer, her specialty was bears. In order to get high resolution photographs, it was necessary for her to fabricate her own game cameras that mounted a full-size digital camera. Her biggest problem was not the technology. It was keeping these large box’s sized for the cameras in place, as a Bears would constantly tear them down. It was obvious that bears were doing it because should get them on film. And in all those instances the Bears would smell and than bite at the camera with her mouth initially. After that the claws came out trying to get at the source, of the odor that attracted them. ( Plastics give off a similar odor as insect larva ) The box housing the camera would sometimes be found quite a distance away from its original mounting point. The Bear would roll it and scratch at it trying it at every angle, until it fatigued. In all these cases it was obvious what had done it, as with anything a bear comes in contact with It’s completely destroyed. I read a blog once were young man was traveling on the Appalachian Trail. At one overnight resting place it was well-documented that equipment would go missing. He knew this and help grease the poles that suspended his backpack. It was missing in the morning, never found a trace setting him back financially, and the time it took for him to get IDs permits etc. reissued. Later on as he continued his trip, at another resting spot it happened again. But this time everything was still there, with the exception of food items. But there wasn’t a single piece of equipment he could use. Everything completely shredded. He never saw a difference between something that could circumvent countermeasures, At will removing backpacks, without a trace. To something that would rip it down and consume on the spot.

    • Dan B

      Good points. I have seen a few trail cams that were removed by bears, they all had damage by tooth or claw. Each of them had been moved varying distances as well. They do the same to refrigerators and freezers Something to do with the insulation mimicking the odor of decomposing flesh. There is no evidence in this case to suggest a bear was involved.

  13. russell s

    Afternoon wes , before I start you should know I’m from the UK , so saying that the video you posted was very compelling , so I decided to show it to 12 of my work force to get there take on it . After watching the video 10 of the 12 people said they thought it was an orangutan .. And when asked were they thought the video was taken most said Borneo or Sumatra , interesting don’t you think , when I told them it was shot in a remote part of an American national forest they wondered what the hell an orangutan was doing there, now I have to tell you these people know more about scratching there butt first thing in the morning than about sasquash and when I mentioned that this could be a sasquash most thought I was mad … But some thought about it and thought it could be possible . Just wanted to put this out there to see people’s comments .

  14. m99

    ~Hi Wes,
    Your comment about the orangutan looking thing made me think of a lady who lives in the foothills of the Cascades north of Seattle. I don’t know her, but do have her book and have talked to others who do know her. She’s supposed to be a very nice lady who is a legitimate BF researcher who has had several encounters.

    I’m speaking of Pearl Prihoda, and her book is ” Man-Otang”. I’d love it if you could interview her on your podcast.. She’s of the camp that believes they’re gentle forest people. She’s had weird experiences that she writes about. You’ve probably heard of her or spoken to her, but thought I’d ask. 🙂

  15. Malcolm T

    Great show. I am a LEO and yes there are strange thing in the woods. Haven’t seen anything like Bigfoot or Dogman but I have heard lots of strange noises out there while camping.

  16. Gerard C

    These are very compelling images. I have taken the liberty to look at the video frame by frame using ffmpeg. I could lighten each frame and get a little more detail out of it. Phenomenal. I have no other explanation for it than being a hairy ape.

  17. Rich A

    The whole using baby cries and woman screams to call us out for the hunt is the creepiest thing I’ve heard in a while. Makes perfect sense though. You are now the hunted.

  18. tommy d

    Ok now here is what im curious about. That screaming that they are doing, is that some kinda scare tactic. Like have they kidnapped a human and now they are scaring them before they kill them?? Its strange. Why else would they be screaming. Did someone come up missing around the time that this was screaming?? Are they doing it to herd deer? Wish we could get someone with a huge set of nuts to chase these things while they are screaming just to see what they are doing.

  19. Nathan E

    Yeah, the humans the police meet have Sasquatch beat six ways to Sunday for weird. >_<
    Two great LEO witnesses tonight, Wes. Great show, very informative, both witnesses sounded very convincing. Yeah, we will listen to vocal tracks all night. The film was short but very interesting! The "Bigfoot Cover-up Hotline" is more evidence for my belief the government knows all about the creature and is doing its best to keep things quiet.

  20. Randolf H

    To me, it looks like a thin hairy humanoid. Unless some jerk is trying to goof on the police I’d say it’s “a damned dirty ape”. No question the government knows about these things. Why not disclose it? The reason is the answer to 9/10 of all life’s questions: $.

  21. Miss Kendall S

    They obviously understand what a Camera is and what it does and they are smart enough to know that they don’t want pictures taken so this is not just a monkey …
    I’m so confused with this whole situation with Sasquatch and that’s why I know there is more to it than simply being Bigfoot in the woods there’s a lot more to their story and it will eventually come out because these are definitely smart beings, I mean come on they even have a language …

  22. L S

    Excellent episode! 2 great guys! Ryan, thanks for the info on the UFO/Sasquatch hotline. Boss looked up who owned the phone number..???? What our second officer has dealt with in law enforcement and as a game warden (also law enforcement), what all our officers deal with, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Wishing him (them all) safety in the field. That intense fear that he talked about that made him want to run, I’ve felt that fear as a kid when I walked into a grove of trees out in a field in California. For me, the response was Freeze. I’ve talked to a psychologist friend who says the fear response is 3 things: Fight, Flight, or Freeze. There was something up in the trees looking down at us. I felt like we were intensely unwelcome. Hated even. It was the most intense, palpable emotion that I’ve ever felt off someone. You can taste it. You can touch it. It takes up the air. The only thing that comes close is that time I really, really, REALLY pissed off my bf and he wouldn’t speak to me. For a month. He was a bit of a relic hominid, come to think of it. Held grudges. Got even. Everything needed to be on his terms. Very Squatch-like. ???????????? LOL

    • Michael R

      LMAO!! I was bummed there isn’t a link for the vid anymore, scrolled all the way down just in case, worth it to see u survived your bf encounter! Glad he didn’t use infrasound, might’ve turned out different!

  23. Shelley T

    Very interesting episode! I’m sad I didn’t get to see the video. I just wanted to comment and say that yes, Mountain Lions can and do take down horses and kill them. I know a lady in South Texas whose stallion was killed by a mountain lion (and it was definitely a mountain lion that killed it).

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