Apr 19

The Show Will Return Next Week

I talked about this on last weeks show but due to personal reasons, there will not be shows this weekend. I will return next week. I appreciate everyone understanding.

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  1. Jimmy D

    Prayers for you and your family. Hope surgery is successful and your dog has a speedy recovery. You’re a good man. Do what you have to. We’ll all be waiting for your return.

  2. Karla Amber G

    Wes I prayed for your baby and I’m still praying. But if the worst happened, just know that he’s somewhere running around with Cola waiting to see you again some day. I don’t know where they go, but they go somewhere. Twice I’ve seen a cat walk into my living room from the front door and then just fade out halfway through the room. Never owned a cat of that description, don’t know where it came from, but I KNOW WHAT I SAW. It’s actually the only “without a doubt” apparition I’ve ever seen. PLAIN AS DAY, in color, and right in front of my eyes. This wasn’t in my peripheral vision, it was dead on in front of me. I have zero history of hallucination lol, but I might have thought I was hallucinating had my son not ran in one day and told me that he saw a cat walk into the living room and vanish. Described the EXACT same cat down to EVERY DETAIL. Half grown, orange black and brown calico, tail standing straight up but curled slightly, etc. I had never told my children about seeing this, as they were little, and I didn’t want to scare them. But he saw EXACTLY the same thing without knowing. So I don’t know where the animals go, all I know is it’s not the end for them, and they’re somewhere waiting for us. There’s got to be some sort of animal “heaven,” whatever that means, anyway, as animals are the most innocent and pure and beautiful of any life form. Not sure exactly what “heaven” is, or who runs the show, but I know there’s something – because an angel, or something, saved my daughter’s life. There’s something after this. Still praying for you that that’s not the case though. God bless you and your baby, whatever the case. 💜🐾💜

  3. Jacob S

    Sending prayers your way, Wes. There is something about the connection between a man and his dog, it is truly unlike anything else in life. I know the feeling, and I know how we worry and how much heartache is experienced when things don’t go the way we hope for. You’re a good man, we all understand where your priorities have to be right now, and we’ll be here to support you in what ever small way we can. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. We love you, brother.

  4. Jesse W

    All good Wes we all need time here and there there’s only 1000+ encounters to listen too and I have over 100 downloaded on my phone lol. See ya next week

  5. Jennifer V

    Ugh Wes. I am devastated for you. I am so very sorry you have lost such a beloved member of your family. I just experienced it myself, and there is no pain quite like that kind. Hang in there the best you can.

  6. Kathy F

    I am so sorry, Wes. I fear the worst has happened. I lost my dog last September and it was harder than even I expected. He was my buddy and I miss him every day. Maybe we should just stick to cats. They can be jerks and we might not miss them so much. Take good care of you and your family. We can wait.

      • Kathy F

        I am so sorry, Wes. I fear the worst has happened. I lost my dog last September and it was harder than even I expected. He was my buddy and I miss him every day. Maybe we should just stick to cats. They can be jerks and we might not miss them so much. Take good care of you and your family. We can wait.

        So sorry. I was making a joke. I have 2 cats and love them to death.

    • Steve W

      LATHY F … we have a cat who is a perfect gentlelady…
      She loves to tease our Papillon dog but they always end up on our bed in each other’s embrace cuddling the noght away …👀🤙

  7. Ric M

    I think it’s fair to say that we all love the show, but most of all love and care about you Wes! I hope you and yours find the peace and solace in these hard times. Losing a pet is more like losing a family member! We got your six and see (hear) ya maybe next week. God bless Brother!

  8. Josephine L

    Hola Wes & SC family, blessings to everyone including our pet animals who love us unconditionally 🐕.
    It’s so apparent why the pain is incredibly great in our hearts when they are ill & especially much more if we lose them in our lifetime 🐕😢…we ask ourselves, “how can we live without you?”…until we pause for moments & remind ourselves of their gifts of memories… And if it’s their time to pass, peace can come over us in time if we allow ourselves to grieve, naturally.
    Wes, you’ve been there for us unconditionally & we are here for you ❤❤❤ unconditionally & always. Take your time & take care 🙏🥰 Always a SC fan & member 💛

  9. Paul R

    Can someone help me find the episode where a guy goes hunting and one of the creatures runs across the trail he thinks it’s maybe a homeless person but then he goes back out hunting and it turns out there’s two creatures and he ends up going back to his cabin, where he calls his wife to come and get him, it was a terrifying encounter and one of the best I’ve ever heard, but I don’t remember what encounter it was.

    • Steve W

      Paul R …I remember the episode. Wasn’t he in a pickup camper ? … maybe that’ll jog a memory out there. Let us know the # when you find it 👀🤙

  10. Sarah G

    We can send you good vibes but still keep you accountable for not having back up shows. People pay $$ for this content. I am finding more and more you take breaks, so maybe give people a discount if you cannot provide the content we sign up for.

    • Steve W

      sarah g. … C R E E P Y …you are the antithesis of the kind, caring person WES is… a discount off of $7 ??? How much were you thinking ? I will pay you ten times that if you promise to go away and piss in someone else’s punchbowl !!!👀🤙

  11. Ruth A

    Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to you and your pup and praying for the best results. Lots of love from BC!!
    Family comes first always, if people don’t understand this I kinda feel sorry for them.

  12. Jane D

    Wes, I hope all is going ok and my thoughts are with you . Look forward to having you back but take as long as you need . I am sure I am not alone in saying we will all be here for you when you return . Love from Jane ( UK listener and believer )

  13. Teri R

    wishing you comfort in this time. our pups are family. take the time you need. I have been here long enough to benefit from extra shows you have put out. membership is worth more than what I pay. see you when you are ready❤️

  14. Cynthia J

    wish only the best for you and yours. much love faith comfort peace and hope ❤️ sometimes so hard finding reasons for things- kinda what makes us all just US humans. May you have as much comfort as you give others ❤️

  15. KEB

    Reading through more comments—should have done that first. Terribly sorry, mate. Horrible ache, not one we ever really recover from. Take the much needed time to heal.

  16. Steve W

    W E S …..most things do get “easier” or “better” with time.
    I know because I’ve had my heart broken multiple times
    Hang in there bro. You have a whole lot of people
    wishing, hoping & praying for your well being. And we never forget your pet(s) in our prayers & well wishes & hope
    for you & yours. We genuinely care bro
    With love, Steve & Wendy 🐕 👀🤙

  17. Joni

    I’m Sorry to hear about your boy , it’s hard I know.
    I’m still grieving over my white German Shepherd Porche girl and she passed in 2014 ,
    Now our other girl Angel got a massive tumor,had it taken off and now the surgeon will not do
    anymore surgeries on her.
    Take her home and enjoy every day, it’s going on a year soon and that dam thing on her side is huge.
    She still Runs in the House when she’s had enough outside but that’s just to go bathroom, still eating, drinking
    It’s coming and I hate it … not fare they don’t get to live longer 🐾🙏✝️🙏🐾

  18. Herman S

    Hi Wes. Thought it was time to come out of the “Long time Listener” shadows and speak up to say that I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I’ve been there too and know how tough it it is. I feel for you brother. You and your show have brought so much joy and thought provoking moments to my life over the years, and I want to say Thamk you and God bless you. I m sure you can feel the love from your heartfelt fans and just know that I’m one of ‘em. Peace to you and your family as you take some time away.

  19. Steve W

    D@mn, I can’t even get on here and send my condolences to WES, who has single handedly pulled this podcast out of the MUCK
    and delivered Y E A R S of excellent content ( hands down the best around ) without some insensitive mook effing it up because they want to hold WES’S nose to the proverbial grindstone …
    The more I know of people like that, the more I love my DOG !!! 👀🤙

  20. Kyle N

    sorry for the loss of one of family member. That same intense feeling of grief is the same intense feeling of connection you felt when you felt love in the presence of your pet.

  21. Rod F

    I dont get to listen to your show on the weekend , But I do when I go to work Monday night . the sad thing is on Monday April 15 I had to say goodbye to my best friend Buddy after 14 yrs , stomach cancer took him . plus I worked that night at the same veteriain clinic where I said my goodbye. I’m sorry for your loss and I know how you feel it’s hard and I hope you and your family can heal and give each other strength of the days ahead .

  22. Bethan D

    Wes you are the best guy and your listeners have a lot of respect and love for you. we all feel for you when you are hurting. we send much love and support to you. xx

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