Apr 19

Research vessel encounters unexplained light under the sea

A research team studying bioluminescence came across this perplexing anomaly in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the testimony of an individual going by the username ‘Zj223’ who posted details of the experience on Reddit, the encounter occurred 10 miles west of Caladesi Island, Florida on Feb 27th at approximately 23:45 in the evening.

The research team first spotted the light around a quarter of a mile away, which prompted them to venture over to investigate.

At first, it seemed as though the light must have been that of a submerged navigation buoy or a sunken vessel, but as they got closer, they became increasingly puzzled as to what it could be.

“This light source was 100% on the bottom of the ocean, and not something that was floating through the water column,” the submitter wrote. “It did not move in the current.”

“As we hovered on top of the light, we used an EK-80 ( sonar ) to provide us with imaging of the ocean floor at this location. To our surprise, this object producing the light did not have a physical shape that we could detect. It was invisible to our sonar.”


he story and images quickly generated a great deal of debate, prompting a number of theories ranging from an underwater UFO (or USO) to some form of bioluminescence.

“According to the PhD chief scientist, he immediately declared it was not bioluminescence after viewing the object using the camera equipment that was attached to the ship,” the submitter added.

So could the researchers have discovered some sort of submerged UFO?

Additional images and footage of the phenomenon can be viewed – here.

What do you think this is?

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  1. James C

    I went to the images but could hardly see any for the adds! The pictures seemed fake, contrived to lure me in! This is not what I expected from Wes and the Sasquatch Chronicles.

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