Oct 8

SC EP:995 Creature Of West Virginia

Tonight I will be speaking to Kara who is from Maryland. She recently moved to West Virginia and describes seeing this upright canine. Kara said “I was frozen in fear.” Then we will will wrap up with Tony Merkel from the Confessionals Podcast. While filming his new film we came across a missing man. Tony will give us an update on the missing man.

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72 Responses to “SC EP:995 Creature Of West Virginia”

    • Daniel B

      I don’t believe her. Most encounters ring true. Hers does not. Just my opinion. Thanks Wes… looking forward to seeing what episode 1000 brings. 500 with les was amazing. Gonna be hard to top it!

          • Sondra M

            So it’s very possible if Wes and Tony didn’t come across the campsite those other four bodies may not have never been found. Thank goodness they found what they did when they did so now somebody is looking for this man and the families of those other poor souls have some resolution may not have all the answers as to what happened to them but at least they found their remains that has to bring them some peace I’m sure. I am a member of both podcasts listen to them daily watched Wes and his brothers encounter on terror in the woods so many times and have seen everything Tony has put out so far and can’t wait for the upcoming Bigfoot movie to premiere. In other words love everything you both do keep up the great work and content you definitely have a super fan in me!

      • Carl C

        She sounded sincere but her story made no sense. She’s apparently in an urban area in her car when she sees this creature and she was frozen with fear? How about just driving away somewhere?

  1. Josephine L

    Sasquatch Chronicles Sundays are the best👌. Thanks Wes & guests❣ Excited for Tony’s update. Have a great rest of your weekend & week ahead SC family. Until then…watch out 👀 for the Hairy Man 🦱…

  2. Neil B

    Wes, maybe Tony’s and your followers could actually come up with the appropriate name for Tony’s Sasquatch movie. you know we are all freaks and love this stuff!

  3. Chad W

    We used to go to Sheetz a lot when we lived in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, about half an hour from West Virginia. I wouldn’t ever have expected to see a cryptid at one! Thank you for sharing your experience, Kara! Wes and Tony, thank you for giving an update on the missing gentleman. I’ve wondered about him these last few months.

  4. Karla G

    not sure about that story. Def not my fave. and I had no idea what sheetz was. Had to look it up lol. just like in Florida we had wawa, but everytime I mention it here in North Carolina, everyone’s like “What’s a Wawa??” 🤔

  5. Tim K

    What is a sheet? Drive thru? Didn’t understand the location and how it applied to the site of encounter. How tall was the dog man not much of a discreption unless I missed it tried to relisten to it but it wasn’t very informative or interesting and all and all seemed like a back slapping party. Not to be negative but I boost Wes ‘s show up to people because it’s not about promoting and back slapping for most part at least thats what ive gathered from listening to Wes,guess I will have to reexamine my description to newbie ‘s…
    Night !

  6. Sharon H

    Thanks Wes! Another good show. It was good to hear Tony talk about both his films. Can’t wait for the Sasquatch film to come out.
    Have a great Indigenous Peoples Day and a great week!

    • Charles R

      Really Ms Jennifer H. I know the Sheets are popular in the East. I live out in Darke County about 25 minutes NW of Dayton. Around us the Casey’s stations have really popped up all over.

  7. Ar

    Great update from Merkel. Was just thinking about that case because merkel mentioned it in his youtube interview of the kid whose investigating mh370 portal.

    Wes, do u have any comm w/Palides? Would be to good to see more info.

    Cool idea on Merkel movie preview. Can it also have a live stream option for people who cant get to a movie place?

    Would also be cool to see some live shows or more interactivy opportunities w/SC.

  8. Steve W

    Wes I had ALL my teeth yanked several months ago. I purposely didn’t mention it hurt like a red eyed B/£<H !!! But Wendy & I were praying for you. We hope you are on the road to recovery and all heals nicely👀🤙

  9. Lisa H

    Great show TU Guest was wonderful Im a member on both your shows so a member viewing would b much appreciated Can’t stop thinking about those missing people & who they are & what happened

  10. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and Kara for tonight’s show. I think the hardest part about seeing something so bizarre would be afterward because I’d wonder if I was marked or something along those lines, you know, having looked right at the beast and it at me! Kara, appreciate your sharing. Wicked Scary!

    Tony! Great to hear you on Wes’s show. Support you both because you guys are the best! I’d love to be part of a viewing for your new movie. Have watched the first two and they were riveting!

  11. Cristina J

    I was lucky enough to be at the Washington viewing with you guys and I really , really want to be at the next one! Pls try to give us notice so we can plan. I’m in cali so it’s a little harder. Can’t wait!!

  12. Blanche D

    So sorry about this fella that’s disappeared. I think the missing is always a dark burden on family and friends. Also condolences to those affected by those 4 found. Thank you to the dogman experiencer. Wasn’t she sweet? Her description was a little bit different, so I wonder which sex it was, or if a juvie.

    • Charles R

      Now this is an interesting question Blanche D. If Wes is correct, and I tend to think along the lines of a demonic entity also is there really a sex or just an apparition?

      • Douglas K

        A Keel concept is that it all has something to do with what we call death. Heiser speaks to the unseen realms. The idea of retrocausality is also provocative. Dunno where weiners and boobies fit besides Disneyfying the phenomena

  13. Charles R

    Tragic is such an accurate description of those poor deceist souls, and probably 5 with the other gentleman. Indeed it has all the earmarks of Missing 411, only one shoe and going the wrong direction.

  14. Jonathan C

    @Wes G if I may put in a subscriber request for an app functionality – please bake in the ability to have a queue within the media player. This way we can load up a list of episodes to autoplay one after another in a desired order. I often will play stories of encounters to talk me to sleep. It would be nice to not have to fiddle with the phone between episodes while getting some rest or while on a long drive. I’m sure others would find this useful as well.

  15. m99

    Wow. What a time we are living in!

    I’ve taken pictures that have these entities in them, but only a couple people actually “see” them in the snaps. I didn’t look at the first ones right away. The trip was taken during the initial shutdown (March 2020). We went up into the mountains and when we got up high in a clearing the cells started going off. My daughter was calling to tell me the country was shut down, (Covid mess), so I simply forgot to look at the pictures until we got the gest of the happenings. When I did look I was amazed.

    This is not Sasquatch, but like a troop of Dogman, and two are cloaked. One is obviously not cloaked and hiding it’s head behind a branch while sitting on a hill. Both times (two separate trips) we were in the Cascades, and both times I had a “weird” feeling, so decided to take some pictures. My husband said I listen to too many encounter stories, and I have this on my mind. True, but I know what I felt, plus this podcast has taught us to be more careful and aware. Both times were in the daytime.

    Anyway, excellent encounter from the lady. So sad about the man leaving his stuff and simply disappearing. Best for folks to have someone with, huh? and not be out ALL alone. I’m so thankful Woody & you were together that time. It’s one of the very best depictions of an encounter, and a horror movie could definitely be made from it. It’s also interesting how this podcast was born from it. I know it changed your life for sure.

    Thank you for having Tony back. I’m so glad you have friends like him. You truly are a blessed man! So glad you seem to be doing much better. Good Job Wes. Thanks again! _m

  16. David D

    Feels like a very vague description for being so close. Almost like she’s saying things she’s heard before and not going in too much more detail. But how a witness reacts to a situation is something very fluid and always changing so who am I to say how she should react. Very freaky encounter.

  17. Carl C

    The guest on this episode sounded sincere but her story doesn’t add up for me. She’s a a Sheetz gas station (and these places are huge and lit up all over and usually open 24 hours) and she’s frozen with fear and doesn’t know what to do? How about just driving away or driving up to the front door of the storevand telling someone/getting help? Looking forward to your 1,000 th show.

  18. Adam s

    yeah something Dosent seem right with her story, I can’t put my finger on it but just the way it was put together was fishy, never had that reaction from any other SC episode except hers. just like you said David sounds like she’s putting together stuff she’s heard not experienced.

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