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SC EP:977 I Have No Idea What I Saw

Jane writes “I am a 29 year old mother from eastern Kentucky, and I had an incredibly strange encounter while deer hunting with our oldest daughter last year. I am skeptical about telling this experience, just because I am skeptical myself, but here goes nothin’….

Last year I had promised our oldest daughter, who was 6 at the time, that I would take her deer hunting on our property opening day of modern gun season. My husband and father I own around 40 acres on the Montgomery/ Menifee line, the entirety of which is almost completely wooded, and goes all the way to the top of Turkey Knob, which then backs up to hundreds of acres of uninhabited forest. We woke up that morning and we’re running a little behind because I had to feed our baby, and make sure our little boy and husband were set for breakfast.

Once we headed into the woods the sky was starting to get lighter and I made to decision to find a good spot to sit on the ground because by the time we made it to our stand it would have already been daylight. Ended up at a tree that backed up to the top of Turkey knob, and we could see over the ravine into the ridge line where a big game trail was. We sat there for prob 30 mins or so and my little girl fell asleep in my lap, I was watching some gray squirrels play on a log down the hill in front of us when I heard a baby cry.

The squirrels ran off and everything got really quiet. I thought maybe I was just hearing things, (our baby was only 4 months old at the time and I was still breastfeeding) but then I heard it again and again. I felt really disoriented, like I couldn’t figure out where the cry was coming from. While I was trying to figure out where the cry was coming from, I heard something BARRELING down the side of the mountain behind me. We have horses and it was every bit as loud as a horse would be galloping full force through the woods. My little girl was still asleep in my lap so I couldn’t jump up without waking her up and her making noise so I just sat as still as possible and grabbed my knife on my side (my rifle was leaned up against the tree). Out the side of my eye I saw something huge with long black hair coming down the ledge right behind me to the left of my tree. I thought it was a bear spooked from all the gunshots until I saw it’s face out the side of my eye. It was no bear.

It was looking behind it, and when it looked forward it was like it was surprised that it saw me there, furrowed it’s brow, grunted and acted like it was going to charge me, but then, and I truly believe this, either saw I was a woman, or was holding a sleeping child, and it’s expression immediately softened and hunkered down, held both its huge hands out like to say “it’s ok, it’s ok” slowly backed away about three steps and turned And bounded back up the cliff completely out sight. I was fully prepared to fight that thing to the death to protect my girl, but thankfully it didn’t come to that. Wasn’t even that worried waking her up and walking back out of the woods.

Felt like an unspoken thing between mothers to be honest. I have no idea what I saw, but I am almost certain she was female. When she stood all the way up she was probably six foot tall or so. She had a gray skin on her hands and face, human eyes. The whole thing had me dazed and confused. I haven’t told anyone this for fear of sounding like an absolute crack job. There’s been multiple odd things happen on this property prior to this, and a weird occurrence that has happened since then. I’d be happy to tell the whole story.”









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104 Responses to “SC EP:977 I Have No Idea What I Saw”

    • Ken A

      A dog who pulls his owner from a fire and burns it’s own face is capable of more true, unconditional love than anything.
      Interesting encounter.

  1. Paula J

    Hey SC family have a great weekend. I am camping with my grandsons at Chickasaw National Recreation Center at the campsite in ep 109. We will listen tonight! Thanks Wes. Randy Harrington’s encounter.

    • Brian L

      Isn’t that the Truth….
      I mean, you got Daniel Boone National Forest behind your house……
      and a bunch of teenagers…or prowlers are creeping around in the dark woods….
      You are just asking for a 30 round clip to be directed in that direction….

  2. David G

    Excellent show Wes! Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jane’s encounter. I tend to agree with Jane’s idea that they are indeed biological , however, there is something else going on that we just don’t understand. Keep up the good work Wes!

  3. Mark D

    very good show. thanks very much for sharing.
    “If they were just some kind of ape running around in the woods or a prehistoric species we’d have them in the zoo.! “

  4. Dawn K

    If her milk let down after she heard the “baby” crying, I’m thinking the female Sasquatch may have smelled that. Take that into consideration that she had a small child sleeping on her lap seems like she backed away out of respect one woman to another. Another great episode! Thanks Wes

  5. KEB

    Wonder if she told her husband, his reaction and wonder if now they’re gonna get the peeping Toms at the windows during the night…watching the kids from the edge of the woods…

  6. Laurie V

    Thanks Wes!! Air Show in Lethbridge Alberta this weekend!! Been listening to the planes coming in all day! And listening to missed episodes!! Have a great weekend!!

  7. theresa m

    Wes and Jane, thank you for this evening’s episode. You know what makes me wonder … how do folks sell a property that has bothered them with this activity to another person with no word of warning? I know the answer, of course, but I can’t help but think they must feel not only relief to be out of that situation but continue to worry for those who have now inherited the ‘problem’. This encounter is new in its informational contribution because it seems to be female to female and I think, Jane, she smelled your milk, you were a female and had a child with you. She put her hands up to let you know in the way a human would understand that she was going to leave you. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  8. Daren c

    That was incredible, leaves ya speechless just hearing it , can’t imagine living that ! Man , that would be an awesome encounter to have.

    Thanks so much Jane for taking the time out to share your incredibly wild encounter with us.

  9. Seamus J. C

    Don’t tell Wes he’s humble!Now he’s gonna have to double down… As they say, the minute it occurs to you that you are humble–you’re not.

    Look, I’ll try it on myself: I’m so humble!…Yeck. Even if that were true, Yeck. : )-

    So, Wes, I am here to tell you that you are not humble…Feels better, don’t it?

  10. Andrew B

    Very intense situation. And truly incredible how it reacted to the realization(s) that 1. Not direct threat (although it likely did see the firearm nearby) 2. Child in quiet, sleeping state and not “alarming” by crying/screaming. 3. Mutual female/maternity “vibs” 4. The appearance of your “submissive” posture/mannerisms and 5. She remained seemingly unafraid (from its viewpoint) because she did freak the F out, didn’t jump and reach for weapon; in fact, didn’t say ANYTHING which “startled” the creature more in a subconscious way. The irony is that her child sleeping may have saved them BOTH.
    Anyway, I’d love to try to capture the creature she saw by sketching it. I have several hundred “sasquatch type” drawings I’ve done- but only ONE was from an actual witness feedback. The rest are from my imagination. If she or any other witness would like, just contact me. I don’t charge anything. Most of my drawings are here

  11. Erica W

    I absolutely loved Jane’s encounter. It honestly reminded me of my own relationship with my mother (her being a fierce southern bell who wouldn’t gone through hell for her kids). This episode gave me the existential wonder of what it really means to be human, and a weird comfort that we don’t really know. Maybe the sasquatch wonder and don’t really know either. That is, until we encounter the most important things in life, like a mother and her child. Thanks Wes and Jane!

  12. Grace L C

    Very good show! Loved the whole encounter story. I can’t imagine being out there with one of my children and that happening. However, I disagree 100% about an animal not really loving you. I KNOW my dog loves me – and not just because I feed her and am kind to her. 😉

  13. Jesse D

    IDK… to say animals aren’t self aware is not entirely accurate in my opinion. It was a great show and encounter, but I can show you a cat that brings a leaf to a fish dealer because he sat and watched and LEARNED humans paying with cash daily and got a fish. So he brought a leaf, and the kind man gave the cat a fish. Now every day the freaking cat buys fish with a leaf. I know a Belgian Malinois Wolf mix that “trades” his toys. Some people DO over humanize their animals for whatever their reason, but I have seen self awareness in animals tine, and time again. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. Leann G

    I love this guest and her story. She told it well . Very interesting details
    To the critics of her shooting a few rounds off :There is no good situation going on when “someone” is hunkering down on your property , especially after its obvious they have been seen.

  15. Nicholas V

    Yeah that is a very annoying and dangerous way to look at things . Shoot first ask questions later . There are lots of missing people in America as we all know and some of those missing people act strangely for whatever reason. You could be shooting one of them . Not to mention I don’t care what state you live in, you shoot someone on your property and it turns out they weren’t hunting and they just got lost , you’re going to prison for murder

  16. Bill F

    I’m gonna have to posit that her kids do not love her, they just like her because she occasionally breast feeds them.. yup sounds about right.

    Good lord, where do people come up with this crap? No dog is going to bury her puppies so she can eat them later.. stupid.
    people like this are the ones posting “lost dog” signs all over the telephone poles in the country.. that there dog ain’t lost, he is looking for a place he belongs. it sure as shit ain’t with someone who thinks they do not even have feelings.

    I learned very young about how to relate to dogs.. you just have to talk to them in.. well, dog. Once you know how to do that, they will move heaven and earth to do exactly what you want them to, no matter what.

    I have had my dogs BRING ME FOOD when I was hungry.. went out and caught small game and brought it back to camp, so we BOTH could eat.

    If you think a dog has no feelings and just likes you because you feed it, you have A LOT to learn about this here world we live in. Pity the kids being taught that way as well.

  17. Bill F

    As an aside… just cracking off rounds in the direction of some noises in the woods is UBER stupid as well. Recon by fire is not even practiced by third world militaries anymore. to do that outside combat, in a backyard, with other folks within miles, yes bullets travel miles, is extraordinarily stupid on her part. I do hope she reads this.

  18. Cody M

    I’ve never had an episode piss me of like she has, saying animals only love you because you feed them and confidently saying they don’t love like humans do. Also delusional to ever think you’re even gunna get a chance to Injure a Bigfoot, you’d die in like .3 seconds.

  19. Brian D

    Great encounter. I think some of the previous comments are far to harsh. I can say with confidence that if the shit truly hit the fan, I would rather have Jane on my side! Great show Wes!

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