Dec 9

SC EP:910 A Pissed Off Monkey With A Grudge

Lee writes “I’m reaching out because this past September my son and I had a run in with what we believe were multiple Sasquatch while kayaking the Lower Buffalo River, wilderness section.

We were on day 2 of our trip and we were specifically there to fish for smallmouth bass. It was around 4pm when we went through a narrow section and around an obstruction and all hell broke loose. This thing was at the rivers edge when it bolted through the woods like a bulldozer. The crazy thing about it is that it sounded like a pissed off monkey as it ran tearing through the woods.

We went a little over 2 River miles and made camp on a narrow gravel bar. While we were setting up camp we heard a tree knock across the River from us. We joked about it being Bigfoot and just kept on with setting up camp. After camp was established I broke out my weather radio to check our regional forecast for the next day due to a high percentage of rain in our area. After about 20 minutes of listening to several regional forecasts I cut the radio off. Right after that we heard a yell come off the ridge from us close to the tree knock location. Well from that point until 4am all hell broke loose.

We experienced rocks being thrown off the bluff into the river, more tree knocks, the pissed off monkey sounds multiple times, deep chatter, a log being snapped into, and a freaky sound that was like something singing. We had to set up a lighted perimeter and we pulled a cot out of one of the tents and set it up by the fire. We set up a 2 hour fire watch shift where someone would be awake the entire time. When the log snapped just inside the tree line behind us it was around 3:30 am. We were both awake and we decided to break down camp to show that we had intentions of leaving. Everything ended at that point and we were in our kayaks at first light. As soon as we were getting into our kayaks the last rock came flying of the ridge clipping trees on the way down and hit the river.

We were done and got off the river that day. The worst thing about it all was we were on a section of the river we’ve never been on so we weren’t able to run it in the middle of the night. We were stuck between the river and the woods on a narrow gravel bar. We literally had no where to go. I truly believe if we would have done one thing wrong we wouldn’t be here today. There was nothing friendly about that night and it seemed the pissed off monkey was extremely upset that we surprised him and held a grudge.

After returning home I contacted a Ranger friend of mine that put me in contact with a Ranger stationed on the Buffalo River. That was an extremely interesting conversation. I want to let people know there is definitely something on that river and my whole purpose reaching out to the Ranger was for safety reasons. I didn’t want to read about a family getting hurt on that section of the river and me not say anything.”













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82 Responses to “SC EP:910 A Pissed Off Monkey With A Grudge”

  1. Ron S

    In my opinion, never let a personal encounter or even stories of them detour you from going into nature, enjoy being closer to creation and respect it…it’s there for a reason…take along a bible or anything else for peace of mind if you need to:) Be smart and be safe everyone!

  2. Karla G

    Wes, I just want you to know that I appreciate how hard you must work to put out not one, but two, top notch, professional caliber shows each week with quality and entertaining content. I guess some people probably think you just make a phone call and hit a record button, but I know there’s so much more to it than that. Thank you for working so hard to bring us these shows each week. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Your show have gotten me through some rough times, the toughest period in my life. These shows are my escape. I look forward to each one. Thank you again.

    • Brian L

      Karla G…..
      Thank God….or whomever….
      That Wes and Woodster took that drive up that portion of the mountain….
      Cause we all loose people….
      Sasquatch Chronicles

  3. Shelly B

    The web site won’t allow me to hear episode. I’m paid up but it says I can’t listen or access anything until Dec. 25?? I’m an annual member for 2 years and haven’t ever missed a show.

  4. Maria G

    Thx Wes for such a great show tonight 😊. Hi SC family I look forward to you guys all week such a great group of ppl from all over the place. I’ve learned so much since I started listening a few years ago. For me personally I know that Sasquatch are real and I’m grateful this platform is here for anyone who’d like to share. Thx Wes for all your hard work it really matters.. truly ☺️

  5. richard r

    im glad i got a whole year of this plus a couple months, dont regret it at all. thanks Wes
    i found a web cam somebody took of a bigfoot crawling like a spider on 4 legs people talk about looks like a acrobat could do it but creepy as hell it was the first scary cut of one on “slapped ham” dont know if anyones heard of it.

    • Wes

      He emailed me yesterday when I uploaded the show. “I know I screwed up in some places when I said we were in the Appalachian Mountains…we were in the Ozark Mountains but I can say I was nervous as hell.”

      • Sheila L

        I caught that too, Wes. (Completely understand Mister Lee’s nervousness.)

        Man, it sure is pretty down there. Love using the Ctrl key – and scrolling around the area with the mouse – where Lee and his son were on Google maps. Lee’s descriptions were excellent.

        Kevin L

  6. theresa m

    Wes, great, great show! Lee, you made me laugh when you said you carry an AR-10! I confess I do not know much about guns but this has got to be one big gun! Wow! Scariest story so far! I think being who you are, Lee, you saved yourself and your son by not losing your cool and shooting at them. I wonder if they provoke not only because you are in ‘their area’ but also hoping you will cross a line and they can then go apeshit and take out a person! I know nothing as to what Sasquatch is but Neandethal is what they may be. We have been lied to about so much.

  7. Matthew C

    that was a great show. I love it when ex military/ Leo people recall an encounter. They make you feel like you are sitting there with them with all the detail and time stamps they provide. Lee was incredible.

  8. Daren c

    I wonder if there were females and youngains nearby and Lee unknowingly strolled into their homebase area or something and that’s why they didn’t leave but instead turned up the harassment?

    Thanks for coming on Lee and sharing your encounter with us. Love the music as always as well Wes.

    And a quick shout out to m99 to have a safe trip to her brother Jake’s and a 🙏 for his upcoming surgery.

    • Charles R

      Great thought Daren c. I have no doubt that if they find a great spot to raise the baby(s), they will get more territorial and not want humans or any other animal threat around. I know of a guy, actually he was on the SC in the second year whos family had several hundred acres around the Guadalupe River, hill region of Texas, Comfort, TX area. He had a group on his property for at least 2 years. He set up an I phone (10 years ago) to take pics and had one that certainly looked like a Mother Sasquatch nursing a baby. A number of noted researcheres came to his property back then. It got rather comical at times, but they would chase him out of his own woods at night.

  9. Lee U

    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Again, I did screw up on the Appalachian Mountain. My wife and I are currently planning a trip up to Blue Ridge in north Georgia. So sorry for any confusion…plus I was nervous.

    The conversation with the Ranger.
    It took about 4 days for them to call me and right off the bat I could tell it was someone in PR. She advised that people have reported stuff like that all over the Buffalo and really along the wilderness section. She said that there have been actual sightings and reports of rocks being thrown…BUT…there are people that run around in the woods doing calls and doing all the things that I told her happened to us. I was advised that they would go onto location and investigate the report and that they would call if they needed to ask any questions. Never called but she was respectful to what we went through and appeared to be somewhat concerned. They’re not going to tell anyone these things are out there but she said what I expected to hear.

    Again thank you guys again and a special thank you to Wes for his professionalism and for what he does.

  10. Chad W

    Terrifying encounter, Lee. I’m glad that you and your son made it out of there unharmed (physically, at least). My wife and I were in the southern edge of the Arkansas Ozarks last weekend, but we were in a hotel, not on a riverbank!

  11. Conor O

    They seem to have been playing with those guys…. Weird freaks sasquatch seems to be…. Just how smart they are is interesting… They had pinned them dudes and did not advance…

  12. Ryan M

    I go there just about every year, it’s not surprising they are there. I back country camped in St. Joe, AR near woolum campground in December of 2017 and heard what sounded like wood knocks three separate hours through the night and weird sounding screams around 2am. I’m with you on how terrifying it can be, you did a great job assessing the situation. I wouldn’t let these things ruin the outdoors for me either.

  13. Linda B

    Lee, thank you for coming on. I have been listening to this podcast for bout five years or so and I rarely miss and have gone back and heard I think just anout all of Wes’s interviews, sometimes more than once, and your encounter and the way you told your story has so impressed me, and you did such a good job telling us about it, if it’s right to have someone’s terrifying encounter as a favorite anything, yours is my favorite. It jerked all my heart strings with your son there with you. I appreciate you and your service to our country and your openness to tell us what happened to you. I hope you’re okay. I lived in the ArkLaTex area, I Believe you 100 percent.

  14. Matthew J

    Sounds like Lee & son ran into an angry sasquatch by accident. They had a good time at Lee’s expense. We see this reported a lot with younger ones who don’t have little ones to keep them busy and hidden. What gets me really angry is what would have happened if something terrible went wrong. No way would Lee’s evidence ever be allowed to reach the public. I’m quite sure of that.

  15. Carl W

    Thanks for coming forward to share your experience Lee, watching your video brings home what a truly frightening experience you and your son went through. Your reference to tactics and explanation of what was going on gives the listener a real feel, as if we were there with you. Truly frightening! Glad to hear you still go out into the woods, after what you went through it would be easy to give it all up, glad you didn’t. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

  16. Charles R

    Thanks Wes for your interpretation of the Nephilim. It fits mine also and if I remember correctly, this interpretation comes from Zecharia Sitchen. Those that came down from above. When you look at very old tablets that depict the leaders of the Sumerians, you see giant human like Kings on a throne that are huge compared to the subjects in these depictions. The Annunaki, the giants. Only my opinion.

  17. Geneva V

    Lee, thank you so much for sharing your experience!! I told my husband about it and he looked up the location based off your pin drop. I also sent this to a friend of ours that we have floated the Buffalo with and he wants to go to that spot and go camping. This friend of ours does not believe they are real. I think if he is brave enough to go camping there he may become a believer. As much as I would like to have a sighting so I know they are real, I think I will pass on that camping trip!!! Thanks again for telling your experience and thanks Wes for always doing a great job!
    P.S. Wes, have you by chance seen the email I sent you last month??? 😊

    • Daren c

      Sure he’s foreal, he explains the mixup a few post above . I think it’s great the Sasquatch Chronicles members are extremely detailed oriented and don’t want someone to pull a fast one over on them ,but at the same time , we gotta remember we are all human and make grammar mistakes as well as mixup the names of places from time to time, especially when reliving such an interest event in our lives

  18. Lee U

    Sorry for the confusion Mary and thank you Daren.

    Geneva, better him than me. That is definitely not an advantageous location and the gravel bar could be very narrow based on the water stage.

    A big thank you again for all the nice comments! You guys and gals rock!

  19. David H

    new favorite episode great detail I don’t care about a grammar mistake. my mans was in a horrible situation and actually explained his emotions in each moment very well. Stand Up Man for taking it on the chin and owning his experience the best he could. I’ve been in situations when you think you and the people your with are gonna die because of something I did. one of the worst feelings to feel. Lee did the best he could and thankfully it paid out in a good way in the end.

  20. craig d

    Heya all, new to the members club. Hope everyone’s good. I am listening to this and wondering why didn’t he at least record the event taking place even if it was just audio. This Sasquatch community can be so toxic, so bad I I only follow a very select few Les, Wes, Scott Carpenter, Kerry (BF Odyssey), Steve Ishdall (HtH) & last but certainly not least the amazing Dave Paulides. There are so many fact deniers in the BF world it saddens me. So many refuse to listen to what their fellow men are telling them. Sasquatch ain’t no NA Ape! If it was it would be in a zoo and have been trapped well before now. You need to really open your mind up and accept the fact that we humans aren’t as smart or knowledgeable as we’d like to believe, and realise that just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen or exist! Wow that intro turned into a bit of a rant, sorry and a big huge heya all 🙂

  21. Billy H

    I fish in this area often and there are a ton of stories by locals and there is one old woman who lives close here who says she sees them during specific times of the year. she also feeds them. idk if she is for real about all this but stories are common in this area. tons of caves in this area. huge cave systems.

  22. craig d

    Wish the YouTube links worked!! 😪
    Awesome to hear those sweet vocals of Mr Frank Sinatra on the outro… even though its April and Santa’s nowhere to be found.
    Yet another great show but I am feeling the need of a fringe topic episode!
    Be great to hear about haunting or whatever.
    Keep up the good work Wes.

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