Dec 8

Strange Familiars: The Red-Eyed Rabbit and Other Weirdness

Strange Familiars writes “Charlie shares tales of being visited by a giant, sinister, red-eyed rabbit and another weird entity, along with experiences in a haunted house and some possible bigfoot encounters.”

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  1. David T

    When I was 18 I took some LSD on a school night once. Bad idea but anyway, I laid in bed hallucinating all night. Everything was patterns and colours. At one point my room was filled with little people about 3′ tall the color and shape of carrots with big white eyes, black pupils and pointed green hats. They stared at me for awhile. There was a noise outside my door and all their eyes looked over towards the door at one time and then back at me. They stared for awhile longer and then disappeared.

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