446 Responses to “SC EP:87 Attacks from the community”

  1. larry h

    you guys should not pay attention to those idiots and keep on doing what you do best and that is giving people a voice so we can share what we have experienced so too all of you thank you for being there

    • Jesse W

      Wes and Woody,
      I started out wanting to hear the “stories” with ears wide open. The more I listened, you all opened my eyes to the possibility of it being true. Continuing with every show, you opened my mind to the new possibility of why if remains a secret and a mystery. Those who question, I would think you sincerely welcome. Those would criticize, the whole cast probably wish to hear from. Those who attack with insults and accusations forget how to turn off the podcast. I don’t believe any of you do this for the public acceptance but to only share. It’s a buffet, take what you want and leave the rest for someone else. Do I believe every guest, NO. Do I enjoy the stories Definitely! Those who don’t believe… go camping.

      • Anne W

        OMG! I’m sitting in Chili’s by myself and practically spit my food out laughing at the last line of your comment. Yes, for those who don’t believe, go camping. I hear Sam Houston National Forest is lovely this time of year! If it weren’t for this show, I would still be haphazardly traipsing through the woods. My eyes are wide open!

      • Scott F

        Exactly these people haters because you’ve gotten popular! If uve seen u know…Fu#$ em an feed em fish heads….keep doing what u guys do an move forward …more success more BS an bs whiny people to whine while anonymous

    • Ruth O

      I absolutely agree. You’ve said your say now – you do more and you’re just playing into the trolls’ hands. It’s time to get back to what most of us came here for. You provide a real service to those who want a safe place to share their encounters, and you provide great entertainment for those of us who want to hear about the encounters. Let’s get back to it, okay?

      • Thomas M

        Very well put- agreed. Wes, you guys are upstanding individuals and we all appreciate what you bring to this community. I’m so sorry this type of crap is happening to you guys, you most definitely don’t deserve it -but trolls will be trolls and now that you guys are at a higher point in popularity, these a$$ hats just pour out of the woodwork. Don’t let them dampen your spirits. We believe in you guys. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • caroline v

      The ad hominem attacks against you all are RIDICULOUS! In my opinion this is a ruse by the establishment to discredit you; its called divide and conquer. maybe you should ask these critics to PROVE their credentials…. you don’t have to jump through any hoops for anyone. What you do provides a service to all who have and similar experiences. It is human nature to seek out others to share in order to better understand. Remember the quote “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.” Don’t let anyone poison your spirit.

    • keith s

      fuck them all if they were stupid enough to pay for the extra content fuck em!! i pay 7$ a month because i love the show and the content i could’ve just listened to the free stuff i chose just like them! your show seems to be the only show, that takes it serious

      you have a laugh when its appropriate but your respectful to your guests and you’ve heard how grateful they are to be able to
      tell there story, so fuck everyone else stick to why you started this show and carry on regardless but if i ever come to the U.S i want a to borrow your H3 for my 7$ welcome to fame boys keep it up and fuck the jealous ! cant wait to see photos and more sounds from your trip. smiffy !!!!

    • Michele D

      I enjoy the show and I’m sick of the attacks that a lot of people are pouring out . Stop this and quit listening if you have a proble with the Wes, Wioody,Shannon and Will. And leave their personal lives out of it. And if you have a problem with the date and time of their encounter, I would like to ask if you remember the date and time of day or night for everything that you have experienced? If so your either a liar or u have an incredible memory. Which means we all envy you. And if all you can worry about is someone’s personal life you got too much time on your hands and no sense what so ever. I’m pissed cause I don’t like anyone under attack. This is a witch hunt and people need to back off. Leave our hosts alone!!!!!!!!

    • Robert N

      Wes , Woody and Shannon, KEEP ON KEEPING ON GUYS ! …… not much we can do about close minded dirtbags with nothing better to do than try to lie and discredit honest real people like yourselves… ANYONE THAT HAS FOLLOWED YOU GUYS FOR ANY LENTH OF TIME KNOWS THESE ACCUSATIONS ARE TOTAL NONSENSE!!!!!!.

    • Gale R

      I totally agree about the government trolls. Paid to troll, no doubt about it. You were getting to popular and then the trip to see Bob just sealed it for the harassment. You have given people a safe place to share their stories and not be ridiculed. ( except in the comment sections which I’d love to see closed). Thank you for continuing the show.

    • Gale R

      I agree and I just wanted to also say this-
      Who is this “We” that needs to verify this encounter??? I am not surprised by this but I am surprised by Will’s lack of integrity. The way one treats others tells a lot about character. Even if he was threatened- there is no reason for not contacting you to say he had decided not to do the show. I wonder if he is “Mr. Black”.

      I totally agree about the government trolls. Paid to troll, no doubt about it. Your show is getting to popular and then the trip to see Bob just sealed it for the harassment. Didn’t the intensity increase after you planned the trip?

      You have given people a safe place to share their stories and not be ridiculed, except in the comment sections.( which I’d love to see closed)

      Wes,Woody and Shannon here is what is happening… and the 2 am calls are pure harassment, disruption of your daily life.Bless your hearts this is not right.

      Paid Gov’t and Corporate Internet Trolls Are Real

      “Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums.”

      and here is the whole google page with various other sources proving the above


    • Timothy C

      Okay, I am a little disappointed in some of the fans of this show, as well as the hosts for allowing Government Trolls and Government Agitators to move you all emotionaly and cause all this drama. It is clear that they are trying to discredit Woody, West, Will, and Shannon. As well, trying to cause them to lose heart. Will, West, Woody, and Shannon are exposing something that the government has been trying to keep secret for years. These trolls and agitators are to be expected. Welcome to the front lines in the battle of government secrets and lies. This show is awesome. I love this show and all the host. Please Shannon don’t let this shake you. Adversity is the mark of a righteous endeavor. So strengthen your resolve and don’t focus on the few agitators, but on the large audience of supporters that have you alls back like me.

    • Gregory T

      Guys this is what we call FAME. You guys have a great show that not only do people learn from but they can finally hear the truth about this subject. You have a growing following that cares so much for both you and your show that we are willing to support it financially. The way these jack asses are acting just PROVES your doing something RIGHT. Rock stars, movie stars, virtually every one in the public eye catches this crap. This is why people in media use “stage names.”

      The way you deal with these ass holes is you ignore them. You have nothing to prove. Don’t bother trying to prove anything to anyone. Cut off easy access. Change your numbers and don’t give them out. Trash their emails, don’t even bother to read them. Just keep count of them because the more you get the more famous you are. I was an on air DJ on a very popular radio station in the north east for several years and you wouldn’t believe the crap I had to put up with. But it is worth it. You got a tremendous fan base and its growing every day. Don’t let these few jealous dumb asses bother you. They just wish they were you. This show is very worth it. More than you know. I’m very sorry that these twerps are saying things like this about Shannon but they are doing it because they realize they will never clime high enough to be in her league Don’t even dignify these losers by trying to justify anything. They can just go screw themselves. This show means a great deal to a great many people and I am one of those people. If you were to close the show it would be a tremendous loss and it would be letting them win giving them just what they want. Don’t give it to them.

      And as for you making money from this show… I hope your making a friggin fortune. You deserve it for all the work you have done. And besides the more money you make the longer the show will run and that’s a win for everyone. Your fans are not attacking you. Those pore jealous souls who just wish they were you are. And if you look at it for what it is, its a huge complement.

      May be we, your loyal fans could take up a collection to send them all on a camping trip down to the big thicket. Hay … problem solved 🙂

    • Carl M

      Keep my $70 buck your show has been worth every penny. Will J. Is the worst part of the show better off without him. I Get so tired of the so called “experts” who talk like they know anything about these creatures for sure. Your encounter weather I believe you or not, and I do, was awesome good entertainment and that is why I listen and love the show. You Guys provid good entertainment. Even if the whole thing was a lie it was great fun! And I don’t think you’re lying I think you’re honest good hearted people. Make money too,make tons of money and hang in there for years and years.
      Will is stupid to leave the show. It’s a great format to promote his books and his message it looks bad for him no matter how you slice it. Either somebody got to him or he is a fair weather friend. Both say spineless coward.

    • Randy S

      “All their data is skewed, no pic’s, no video, wrong dates, etc” SO Joseph B lets see YOUR impervious information. Prove everything you’ve said! So why are you even here? There are a lot of things I don’t believe in or disagree with but I don’t troll websites calling people out. DO what consumers have done forever TURN IT OFF
      Also where is this multi million dollar Bigfoot Bonanza? Who has made all of this money you BF conspiracy theorists insist is being made? Patterson Gimlin film hasn’t made any of them “RICH”, Mrs. Patterson lives in the same home she shared with her husband. Bob lives on a small farm. You question EVERYTHING and EVERBODY so why don’t YOU PROVE your FACTS? Because you CAN’T!
      I feel sorry for you conspiracy Nuts. Running around waiting for the “SKY TO FALL”

    • Carl M

      How stupid are these people has anyone really done the math of these accusations? At $7 or $70 a year you would literally have to get thousands of people to sign up in just a few months to make any real cash. There is no advertising revenue nor merchandise revenue on the sight at all. Some one paid for a fairly nice websight and podcasting cost have increased with the new content I doubt those cost have been recovered yet. Will J. Is the only person who stood to benefit right away with greater exposure to past and future books, which he has now forfeited for apparently no real reason. That makes no sense at all. He has been steadily promoting his work to a growing body of listeners, now that is over and he has left this audience with a bad taste and a sense of betrayal.
      If Will and Woody’s story was a complete fabrication it would essentially change nothing regarding the site or what it preports to do. With out doubt some of the encounters that have been shared on the show are fraudulent, some are embellishments and some are misinterpreting of circumstances. So what! Some of the encounters have been true and all have been great fun and good entertainment! If Wes and Woody are telling the truth then they would most definitely get some details wrong. No one remembers anything with perfect clarity. Witnesses to traumatic events always describe differences.
      Lastly, Wes and Woody have not asked for anyone to buy anything by virtue of their encounter, the podcast of their encounter is free! We are paying for the on going entertainment value of the website. We pay for the effort to maintain this format and colect and present other people’s encounter stories. So if they make a literal fortune it is because they provided a service that people were willing to pay for. No one has been deceived or charged a dime more than they agreed to.
      I personally wish that Wes would publish the names of all the people who have accused him and called Shanon names issued personal attacks etc. These people who call in the middle of the night are bullies and should be shunned by the community.

      • Shannon D

        You make some excellent points, Carl. Yeah, show me the money or exactly how he got the money. I would love a Sasquatch Chronicles T-shirt but there is no store. Dogman Encounters, which has a free podcasts, sold T-shirts and I’m sure it is to cover some on his (Vic Cunduff) expenses for his show. Everyone does it different. Signing up is a choice…Shit, it’s not like this is a healthcare plan.

    • alan j

      Big al england
      I would just like to say, dont let mindless idiots try to undermine you or your show, i think its the best most informed show on the subject in the world, the only place anyone interested in bigfoot can get allmost realtime info on wats going on out there, it says alot when those feds, you know, those two idiots in black suv listen to your show,so stuff em !!! They are like those hecklers off the muppets to me, keep up the good work, big.al

    • Garry M

      Hey Guys & Shannon,

      You have not spent much of your lives in the public eye. I have spent most of my life in that world.
      There will be all kinds of people, opinions, views, comments and general bullshit!
      Everyone out here has a choice to either pay or not pay to listen to your show, if their not happy
      with the show or content then they should sign off. Do you think these people are “entitled” to some kind
      of validity on your behalf?
      Your letting the undercurrent try to cause nothing but chaos, this can be a careful plan to disrupt the show
      and your relationships.
      I say” put it out there” screw the detractors, screw the people who have nothing better to do than destroy and
      attack !!
      Let me share this “If you lose your money, you lose a little” If you lose your health, you lose a lot”
      “If you lose your integrity, you lose everything” !!!
      I trust your integrity, the easy thing to do is quit !! You guys deserve better for sure !! I doubt that your quitters !!
      Screw all you jerkwads who think they should fill all the shows with stories, the real researchers / followers would like
      to be kept up to speed when things happen, not try to create stories !! These things happen when they happen !!
      Seriously keep your $7.00 and your 2 cent comments and contradictions, get a life. If this is still vague to you lowlife,
      spineless, chickenshit, cowards then here it is plain and simple “FUCK RIGHT OFF” !!!

    • Grant P

      Hi hope you guys make all kinds of money, who gives a damn what you make from the show, you have a great show, fuck those loser hates.

      Show lover

    • Matthew J

      I personally don’t care how much money you make. I hope you make lots of money. It’s no one’s business. The world is full of trolls and idiots. You don’t owe anyone anything. They can go screw themselves.

  2. margaret h

    Wes and Wody, I have not listened to this episode yet (87) but I can tell you you have our 100% support. It is inevitable thot you would become TARGETS by the USUAL SUSPECTS out there. The ones that don’t want you to succeed, the ones that want to see you fail. Just look at the Bob Garrett’s of this world.. It was going to be your turn in the barrel sometime and I guess this is it. PLEASE keep your heads held high and I hope and wish you all well if this is a difficult time for you. I don’t know, maybe it is not because some people handle pressure really well and just brush it off. I hope you can not let this get to you and continue all the good work you have done over the last couple years. I know there are lots and lots who support you. Unfortunately, the HATERS are the most vocal. Come on supporters, show your good faith to Wes Woody and Shannon. Mx

  3. darren

    embarrassed for you guys having to do this shit. must’ve been through clenched teeth. Good onya’s and hopefully you can put this bullshit behind you and keep focused on continuing the great job done to date!

  4. Robert B

    Thank you so much for the show I was concerned that all the negativity had gotten to you. I wish I could,apologize for all the fools that have been attacking you guys but I don’t think that would change the nature of those individuals. Stay strong guys things will get better.

  5. margaret h

    Wes, your personal business is your personal business. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. The HATERS out there are just trying to BAIT you. Don’t take the Bait. I don’t know who all these horrible people are out there but they will always be out there. Wes and Woody, you guys are so genuine and honest and have bared your souls to us all. You don’t deserve what you are getting from the HATERS but I say they are doing what they do best or are paid to do. Perhaps the HATERS are paid to discredit you. Please ignore all those crazies out there. They are crazy and YOU GUYS are REAl. and GENUINE. Don’t take the BAIT. Mxo

    • Michael M

      Has anybody noticed how the phoney Trolls have clammed up??? Now that many people are first time bloggers, behold the pent up power of the Silent Majority!! We want the truth! Unite and make “noise”, and we will have what is overdue. We have enormous, potential strength.

  6. greg d

    Glad you guys acknowledged the situation. Now you either close shop or move on and go back to doing what you did before. If people want to hate they’re gonna hate. If you have a podcast, and your photo, and facebook all over, you’re going to get hate. That’s the loser Internet, that’s life. Ignore it or pay someone to delete the crap off these forums and your facebook page. You’ll never control the rest of the Internet so again, you have to ignore it. There will always be whiners. If people want to whine here, boot them. End of story.

    Stay the course. If they don’t like it they’re free to go elsewhere.

    I appreciate the work you guys do to bring this stuff to us in an interesting way for a minimal to free cost. Take care guys & gal, hope you stay the course.

  7. Jonah N

    People do evil things because they are evil. Some people are evil in the way that some things are coloured indigo. They commit their evil deeds not to achieve some goal, but just because of the sort of people they are.
    Terry Eagleton

  8. Peter N

    Dear Good People,

    I have been a long time listener and have enjoyed all aspects of your podcasts. I am so sorry to hear about your recent troll problem. There is a minor population of truly sick individuals and true nutburgers that inhabit the internet – they yearn for attention, and some are probably off their meds. Screw em!

    Keep in mind that ruining your show may also be important to certain groups. You guys have been very effective at cutting through the BS, and I suspect that you may be getting close to the “truth” (what ever that is). Could part of this be blow back? They certainly hit you at your strengths – integrity, openness, etc. And it worked!

    Shannon – you are a gem, a joy to listen to. Don’t let them win……

    Thanks for everything you guys!

    • Patricia R

      I agree with Peter N — you all are good people and I think it’s admirable of you to want to set the record straight. I have believed that your encounter was real because you spoke with genuine emotion in describing it; in fact, I’ve listened to it about 3 or 4 times. I’m glad you will continue to proceed with the show as I really look forward to each episode — so much so that I wish there was an episode everyday. I always assumed that Woody was no longer on the show because of his family responsibilities and never thought anymore about it. I think Shannon is doing a good job as is evidenced by her peppier interviewing techniques — she always knows the right questions to ask. Thank you for Sasquatch Chronicles!

  9. Richard C

    Wes/Woody thank you, I’m sad that you felt compelled to spend the time addressing these “distractions”. I believe that the ones, raising these issues may have it in their heart to do anything to destroy this show. It’s sad that Will has bought into this hook line and sinker, Over the last year I’ve witnessed a friendship and synergy develop between the two of you that I thought would never be broken. You all work so well together, the show is great. I am so sad that you, Shannon and Woody are getting treated this way. People talking about law suits, your ethics, etc. They should be looking at the show and the “good” that has been done. People seem to forget that you originally started the show on “BlogTalk”, were taking no money and originally had decided to end the show. Only came back because people loved it so much. I’m with all of you, people need to ignore what is being posted here, people that spend their time looking into “lunar phases”, “Weather Patterns” in my humble opinion have nothing but “ill intent”. I’m for you guys, if the show ends today, keep my money I don’t want it back. You’re a good man, that opinion is based on what I’ve heard/witnessed over the last year, it’s also based on the person that took time out of his busy day to talk to me about this very topic. Thank you, thank you so much for the show. – Rick

    • margaret h

      Agree with Richard C.
      Keep my money Wes If you decide to stop the show and I paid for one year.. I could never repay what you have given to me and the rest of us who really appreciate the show. IT’s NOT about the MONEY. and SHANNON, may I say to you that you are the loveliest sweetest articulate intelligent and genuine person I have come across in a very long time. I wish I could be more like you. Shannon you are a great role model and we simply adore you. Social media can be a real bitch. You don’t have to read all that crap. Don’t read it. Those people are just deranged delusional and bored and have NO LIFE of their own. I am so sorry to hear that you have been affected by those nasty people out there. It says everything about them and it says nothing about you. Cheers, Mxo

      • Michael M

        Wes, Woody and Shannon,
        I paid for a year’s subscription. If the show is terminated at some point, I do NOT want a refund. As for the stupid, phoney, slut Trolls: go to Hell.

    • MICHEL P

      Wil is the kind of person that would rat his friends out in the first 20 seconds of an interview by authorities and then use the same lines of BS about integrity,reputation or whatever to excuse his yellow streak. Integrity means sticking up for your friends when times are dark and future uncertain!! His reputation is now going to be the guy that snuck out that back door and left his friends because he didn’t like the odds of the fight.

  10. William C

    Hey guys don’t give up or stop the show because of all the haters and shanon rise above the negative hating hits out there I love the show I love that anyone with a experience can call in I’m a sceptic but like to here real not tree hugging flute playing stories and its a conspiracy run bu shoeless curly Bob keep the show going

  11. Casey M


  12. darren

    ‘tall poppy syndrome’ we call it in Australia (probably same USA?). just proves to me you’re getting tool close to truth and too good for many to handle. jealous small mined folk. if you didn’t realise until now, but you need broad shoulders if going to make big inroads in the search for bigfoot and haters trying to undermine are expected ballast. keep your heads above the bullshit boys. truth eventually comes to light, don’t let the bastards drag you down.

  13. James B

    It matters to people trying to poke holes in your story and SC in general. I say turn off comments, lock the forum and continue doing what you’ve been doing until the shitshow blows over. If you feed the trolls, they start to multiply. There are too many people with no lives who unfortunately FEED off the drama and the bashing. If you take away their outlet for the drama, it will eventually fade. Unfortunately the damage has been done and it’s time to move on. I’d say make comments and forum paid member’s only – but then people would register just to continue trying to discredit. Lots of envy out there. People see a successful show, website, the cool sounding people on the podcast 😉 and they get ‘jelly. To all of you who feel compelled to dedicating time out of your day trying to discredit and put others down: get a hobby, turn off your computers. the world would be a better place for it.

  14. steven a

    As a listener from Australia as Darren said its the tall poppy syndrome you have a great show and people are jealous dont listen to the haters you guys bring forwards people encounters which i enjoy so keep your heads high

  15. Jo Ann P

    Good to hear your voice Woody! Congrats on that sweet little guy. Wes…keep up the fight and don’t let the bastards win! Love you guys! Shannon, you rock girl! Sorry to hear Will left, but Will is not the show. You guys have helped so many people by having this show, sharing your encounter and letting people tell of their encounters! Keep on keepin’ on!

  16. Orma B

    Thanks, guys. I appreciated listening to both of you this morning. I have never commented on the site or used the forum and was shocked when I checked out the forum after hearing Will had left the show. I can understand your hurt and disappointment. Your encounter made me a believer in bigfoot. I was always interested and shows on TV made me a little skeptical due to their field tactics. When I stumbled onto Bigfoot Hotspot Radio on YouTube, I was impressed with the two of you. Listening without seeing you, I was taken by your kindness,, gentleness and self-deprecation. I felt that you had good characters and, as a mother, appreciated your Mom for what her sons were like. I’m happy that Wes will continue the show. I enjoy hearing about people’s encounters and I like you guys! I’m disappointed in Will. I can’t wait for the next show and to hear about Texas. Good luck and congratulations on your little one, Woody!

  17. Bruce M

    The trolls will never be satisfied, but I pray that those who had doubt are content with this and are ready to move on. Wes, you need to get somebody to screen you and Shanon’s e-mail for you. I am a disabled network engineer, I will gladly help all I can if nobody else can be found. We who have had encounters need this show to go on. Funny how you do a few shows about the government and say you are going to post some great stuff, spend a week with Bob Garrett and out of nowhere an attempt is made to discredit you and the show happen. If I was to guess, it is time to get the foil hats on and watch your step. With our help, you are being noticed. Glad you are going to continue the show. We are with you and I can say for myself, where ever this goes.

  18. Scott B

    I am grateful now that I did not comment for a few days on the slaughter going on these threads, and some of the guests were starting to get in my head, but I knew it wasn’t fair to attack someone without hearing the facts! Now I feel terrible that I even doubted, and at my age. Hell, I am acting like my own kids, so I will make this public and tell all the crew, that I am sorry.

    Whew, Now that is over, like I have been saying the last 3 days, lets start talking Bigfoot again!

  19. Theodore G

    I love the show. I am both entertained and educated. Keep up the great work and let the numbers speak to your success. Overwhelming support by my count! And to those naysayers “CRY HAVOC! AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR.”

  20. Glenn S

    Thank you guys so much! I’m just 1 of your long term listeners that want to thank you guys for keeping it real, even through the hard times, I’m so happy the show is continuing and moving forward, I’m really shocked and saddened by these attacks on you guys. We believe in you guys 100 percent and you can count on our support. If anything after me hearing this show tonight, my support and respect for wes woody and Shannon has got even stronger. Great job guys!



    • Shawn

      The Amount of normal listeners who wish the SasChron team well compared to the blind hatred and people trying to poke holes in every balloon are greatly outnumbered. It’s a great show and we all wish nothing but for it to get back to normal. It’ll be sad that Will is gone, and I think he was a great asset to the show, but this just leaves an opportunity to change dynamics and add a new team member.. That’s what companies do with lost employees every day. However, with radio the talent and personality are major factors, and Wes is great by himself but needs someone to go back and forth with. Just my two cents..

  22. Roy D

    Is this the government causing all this bullshit media hype? How embarrassing for them, and might I add, pretty childish.. all these negative, and horrible things that people are saying, is the civilization we have all worked to become? Name calling, threats, and phone calls? Wes, Its none of ANYONES Business wether you have a 10$ or a 70,000$ car. If (the listeners) like the show, and pay for the content, then shut the f*ck up.. This is the most credible podcast I’ve ever heard. And I’m sure most of you will agree. Second, asking for documents of a deceased person, thats a really personal thing to ask. Shame on you whoever you are.. Its pretty cowardly to sit behind a screen and throw insults people’s way. Life happens, people forget different dates and times and ect.. we’re all humans.. So sue them for forgetting one detail or two details… so fuckin’ petty. And Shannon, is a wonderful, delightful, happy, humble, sweet girl… I can only assume its a man calling her the names they are calling her. Which makes you (the name caller) a big piece of shit. And as far as them “proving it”? THEY CAN’T PROVE IT… (right now at least) these things are so fast, so big, so unreal… When you see something like this… and they way in which they were seen… is completely scary and haunting. You guys don’t have to defend yourself you me.. I got your backs guys! Man, thats why I got rid of Facebook… people are running mad with themselves, the media is used for good, and bad. Ive never seen a sasquatch, I don’t need to see it to know it exists… there are too many eyewitnesses coming forward, too many accounts that span the centuries. Comon’ either believe, and come on this journey with all of us. If you can read, find out the facts yourself, cause the facts and the witnesses speak for themselves. Or sit back, call names, give threats, and be a pussy… Im sure the hunters out there, the officers of the law, Native Americans, the families of missing men, women, and children, people of every country, nation and tribe out there, who have seen these things, would love to meet you… and there are A LOT… God Bless you guys. Woody, great to hear from you… ! We’ve missed ya. Shannon, don’t let those idiots get you down. They probably are just butt-hurt that they can’t have you. Wes and Will…. don’t worry about them.. haters gonna hate. This is exactly with the pop stars and media go through all the time. Its actually a compliment, if you think about it. You guys are celebrities in the bf world!

    • Michael M

      Project Mockingbird was acknowledged to be real, I think in 1976, by the then current CIA Director, Pres Geo H W Bush. He also said they would no longer pay these people, who we call “trolls” today, to disinform and debunk. I can’t be sure if the Gov’t is involved here, but it is very “smelly”, just sayin’!! I also think the Gov’t wants to “come clean”, but at their own pace and methods. They are very convinced they are in charge. MUFON and others are very familiar with this crap!!

  23. Diane L

    Wes and Woody,
    I never doubted you, and you are right to ignore all the haters from now on. Looking forward to you continuing the show, Wes, and hopefully Shannon. On the C2C website, I did call Noory a snake one time (oops) and they deleted me from the fan page. Perhaps you might want to consider weeding out the people saying hurtful or outrageous comments and trying to cause problems. The page has gotten flooded with them and I want to read about Sasquatch info, not anything negative about you or Shannon, or even Will. Something you might want to consider.
    Diane L. Sims

  24. Scott D

    First off!! I BELIEVE you guys and have been a loyal fan since the single digit episodes! Those idiots who question your validity need to have the tables turned on them! Have their lives run through the ringer and see how it feels. NOT one of them probably do ANYTHING in their lives that come close to what you guys do for people that suffer from a traumatic experience. Keep up the GREAT work and I will be there as long as you will!! Thanks for everything guys and I wish I could help… I REALLY do.

  25. Wil I

    That’s the first show I’ve ever fast forwarded through. I love you guys but that was not your best work. I for one do not care about the jack asses. I’m tired of all of this crap. I support you all. Will showed his true colors he will be missed but you don’t kick friends when they’re down. I’m hoping we can all shake this off and move forward with some quality SasChron! !! Thanks for caring enough to do that but for me it was not necessary.

    • Kelly W

      Well said. If you guys are going to be famous you need to learn deal with this stuff effectively and professionally. I believe you and support you, but I think this is a terrible way of handling it. Maybe you should talk to a public relations firm. But whining on air makes you sound weak and less believable, to be honest. Maybe listen to Rush Limbaugh or someone who knows how to handle being attacked on air.
      I think you should close the forums or at least approve the comments before they are posted. You need to control your messaging. Why allow the trolls to post on your own website? You also need to have someone else handle most of your email. Why do crazy people have your phone number to begin with?
      Also, you need to orient your podcast to your fans, not towards your haters. You are preaching to the choir. If people are listening to you, the odds are they like you, and it makes no sense for you to come on the air defensively and somewhat aggressively.

  26. Diane L

    William, would you want to work full-time, plus put together a show for free, and at your expense? If so, do you have any talents like doing tax returns, etc., and would you consider doing mine at no cost? The show WAS going to add the “Into the Abyss” and of course now that won’t be on there, but give it time, or just don’t pay.

  27. ICEMAN

    there are people that cant handle the truth. you are going through what all true Bf research go through . you must know that a lot of this is Government Related to discrete you . Don’t give up keep on and don’t pay attention to the naysayer you guys are the best and you are on the government hit list. Tell Shannon hang it there we love her input she is great.

  28. michael c

    Great show guys… we aren’t paying money to believe your story… we’re paying for the content that you are supplying us with. That wouldn’t be possible without our help. That’s why we are paying for the page… you guys are great and it’s well worth what I’m paying a month

  29. Jack33

    Hey guys,

    I’m literally shocked to hear the shit you’re having to deal with.

    Did you say the people harrassing you and spreading false roumors are members of the website? Unbelievable!!

    There could be a couple of possible explainations for what may be going on here.

    The first possibility is that you this may be an attack by paid shills working for a government agency, who’s objective is to disrupt and destroy what you’ve built, possibly because they consider you guys to be a threat in exposing the existenceof Sasquatch.
    It sounds a little far fetched, but dont discount it totally….these tactics are common place and without a doubt used by various agancies within our government.

    The second possibility is that these people doing this are just metally unstable assholes. In which case, the solution should be to revoke their memberships, refund their money and ban them from the website for life.

    Either way its time to move on and be done with those jokers.

    Wes, Woody, Shannon and Will, 99.9% of the people here apprieciate and enjoy the work you’re doing.

    I consider myself to be a good judge of character, and I’ve not once gotten the sense that any of you guys were anything but truthful, genuine, desent people.
    Thank you all.
    Now lets get back to work!


  30. joedh

    I love the show and i will remain a fan for as long as you continue to do this. The energy that people put in to dragging your name through the mud, should be used for something better. I have much better things to do in life. Wish you guys continued success and I will continue to support your $70, 000 vehicles…lol.

    • Michael M

      That’s the whole intent, take everybody off topic, and waste time, $$$, and energy. It’s a form of sabotage. Oh gee, this is really important, Wes has a fricking Hummer!! We need to convert this negative, stupid energy into a means of strengthening our cause. Does anyone really believe if we unite and stay the course, the Gov’t has the resources to bird dog everyone, like they are doing right now to Bob Garrett.? We are the Silent Majority and they expect we will remain silent. Let’s bring the facts out, and the most important one is that WE are in charge, not the Federal Government. We have rights and now is the time for the truth.

  31. Douglas S

    You have my support. Sorry people have been so cruel. Honest good folk like you, who are sincerly just trying to help, will always be a target for the dark sick twisted evil that seems to be trying to consume the light. Bless you all for being fearless bringers of the light. Lesser people cower before the darkness and leave brave commrades to fight alone. Sasquatch Chronicals is a rare example of people trying to band together in the darkness to understand these beings that have impacted so many lives. Fight on brave brothers and sisters of the light, for the darkness wins if there are none to carry forth the light of truth.

  32. Logan5

    As a member who does not “follow” the Bigfoot community at large, I was actually surprised to hear what some people were saying about you guys, Shannon, and the podcast. I enjoy hearing the stories of the guests, your takes and reading the blog posts. Don’t let the hate get to you. I have a coulpe of close friends who do talk raido on a local AM station, and they get this kind of hate all the time…. you have to be thick-skinned. As one of them told me: You can only be true to yourself, you cant be true for them. If you guys are being straight up with us, and you can sleep well at night, you can have my subscription money. I enjoy what I get for it.

    …And Shannon; I am sorry that you are being attacked at a personal level. That just shows me that these A-holes don’t have anything better to do than try to hurt a woman’s feelings. It is less of a reflection on you than it is a sign that they are jerks of the highest order.

    • Michael M

      What a brave group these loser, SOB’s are; attacking a Women over the Internet!! Unlike a certain so-called “Culture” that is always in the news these days, we do NOT hide behind our Women and Children; we defend them. These Trolls are without honor. Some are from the UK. Please block these dullards; they bring nothing positive or constructive to the community. Shannon, I am only one Man, but I have your back.

  33. leslie w

    Wes,Woody and Shannon,These so-called investigators are so never going away.That’s their whole reason for living .The others are just climbing on cause they enjoy misery,This group will never ever get enough to satisfy their lust for drama.The truth doesn’t matter, they don’t care about the goal of the show to share their encounters and enjoy the experience of their stories.Don’t stop what you are doing for their enjoyment.Let them find some other group that they can drive insane .Let them die off.I can’t tell you not to feel bad about this crap,but it will pass.The stories will endure for a lifetime and many will enjoy them.

  34. Reid D

    Just keep doing what you have done all along! Somebody is always gonna hate, you’ve got a lot of good folks behind you. Shannon, young lady I’m so sorry that you’ve been attacked like that.. You have a great radio voice and your calming and sincere to the folks who call in!! Just saying thanks from where the grumpy ones are The Lone Star State! Thank you

  35. Papa - Yeti

    Wes, as a new father here myself, I know how busy being a new father is, my little guy here is awesome we got him five days out of the box. We got him, and I stayed up for three months watching over him, all through the night, taking care of him, I fully understand the work of a new father, Parent. Congratulations. And thank you for your heart felt and detailed explanation, but franking it is no bodies business. I am very glad you have addressed this and have shaken all the many trolls out of boxer shorts. Thank you Wes, and Woody for being so kind in addressing such a horrible attacking and very personally attacking unnecessary issue. Wes. You and Shannon and Woody do not own any of us anything, and yet again here you have given 1000 percent, of you honor, of you sacrificing of your personal life for helping people. And again have proven that you are Gentlemen; Pan and Shannon have always been nothing but Ladies and kind hearted people. It shows man, it really shows and that is what was so damn tragic of this over blown non issue. Thank you Wes. Woody, Shannon and Pan and all of your families for being awesome Hosts. No do not even take a Lye detector test. Don’t spend one dime on giving those Ill pathetic trolls a thing. To all the S.C. members that have remained neutral and non combative and non- hassling. You along with Wes, Woody and Shannon and Pan are Sasquatch Chronicles. Yes Wes. We survivors, and our families have been dealing with being harassed and unbelieved, and labeled kooks, insane, crazy, liers. Decades of such mean attacks. Sasquatch Chronicles is the only place that has helped me through it all.
    Wes. There are times where I too feel Humans are just a evil and vile, as the creatures out there. Thank your Wes. Woody, Shannon and Pan and to all your families.

    Wes, You guys, and the S.C. Team are 1000 plus 1000 percent real, human and very awesome. Thank you.

  36. joann m

    After this, if the trolls continue, I would ban them by ip address, not name. That way they cannot come back on under a different name. Calling people in the middle of the night except for a family emergency is totally inexcusable and appalling. In order to move forward, I personally would move them out. They have driven off important hosts and good people of this forum for their own personal hatred and it should not be tolerated any longer now that this issue has been addressed. Thank you for joining us this episode, Woody, and congrats on your new baby.

  37. Charmaine L

    So sorry you’ve had to go through this guys. I LOVE the show, its my favourtie podcast and I literally check my feed several times a day to see if a new episode has been released. I don’t use the forum so had no idea all this crap was going on until I listened to this episode. Please don’t give up now! Big hugs from the UK.

  38. Michelle L

    Worst Ponzi scheme EVER! 🙂 Thanks for this clip and taking the time to make it. I can’t imagine how horribly stressful this week has been for everyone but there is a lot of support here for you all. A lot. I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning and if you broadcast, I will listen. If you can, shake off the idiots and keep at it. It’s a wonderful show – seriously. I look forward to it every week and I know many, many people do.

  39. LC B

    So I am over the anger of feeling duped, it is really not any of the facts that bother me surrounding
    the encounter. It is obvious that Wes is not getting rich off of this deal, and he has done a stellar job
    of producing the show, I still feel that the encounter itself does not fit with the reality of what encounters
    seem to entail, I say this after examining 1000s of sightings. If I were Wes and Woody I would simply
    take a lie detector test, that would at least clear the air for some of the fan base. Whatever happened
    it is not relevant, the fact is now that it has been brought into question, they can still rise above the ashes
    but taking a lie detector test would add credibility that for right or wrong has been lost.

    • Laura L

      Honestly LCB, if it bothers that much then LEAVE!! You’re acting like a scorned lover who can’t let it go. NO!! Wes and Woody don’t take the lie detector test because it won’t stop there. People like LCB will try to victimize themselves even more to get you to post death certificates and who knows what else. This has to STOP!! I could care less about the bs being questioned. This is about a place for those who fear this kind of crap happening having a voice. LCB please leave…go someplace where this kind of crap is wanted and enjoyed. I would happily pay my $7 for JUST encounter stories, pics and audio. LCB if you feel victimized for having an opinion then welcome to the real world!!! Karma can be a B!!! Now YOU know what it feels like. If you need validation from people you don’t even know…you have a deep seated issue that you need to deal with elsewhere. Stay in your lane LCB….GO..AWAY!!!

      • gary b

        Yeah, I agree with Laura, they don’t need to do crap! It’s like any other encounter, you believe it or you don’t, but you at least get to decide for yourself. if you don’t like it leave it’s that simpleif you don’t like it leave it’s that simple!

      • margaret h

        Agree with Laura. DON’T TAKE THE BAIT WES AND WOODY !!!!
        They (whomever they be) want to bait you. If you take the bait and offer them something, then they will PICK THAT APART and then ASK FOR MORE.
        Remember the Obama birth certificate circus???? It will never end so don’t even think about participating in this circus.
        Congrats Woody on the new baby. We love you, we miss you but WE UNDERSTAND…….and finally, hearing Wes say that he has never heard personally from WILL is SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT. It only makes me wonder whether WiLL got a “heads up” from Mr. BLACK that it was all going to hit the fan. (And you ask, how would Mr Black know that???? Everyone think about that one for a while. It’s a bit like leaving home before the arsonist turns up at your house at midnight………Just sayin’……Mx

  40. Stephen N

    Feed um fish Wes. The idiots are pulling your chain. You don”t have to prove yourself, at all. We are behind you guys. I”m sorry this is happening to you, Keep the faith buddy. Loyal from Louisiana…………….

  41. A.J. O

    You guys don’t owe ANYONE a damn thing. When you get as popular and loved as you are, people are gonna hate on you. They will find a reason to bring you down. Stay the course. Keep doing your thing and to hell with the naysayers. Let em follow Rick Dyer and his band of cohorts. You shouldn’t even had to explain yourself in this manner! Stay humble and keep good people around you as you are now and the rest will fall into place. Your true followers know the truth. By the way, even if you did lie, I wouldn’t care. I enjoy the stories!

  42. Jim D

    While you guys were going through all of the stuff that went on in your lives, over on the Forum section we were dealing with the same element of trolling that we have seen every day on the Bigfoot Evidence comment section. Who these people are, well we all have our strong (and most likely correct) theories, but one particular post really struck me. Some guy comes on and proceeds to say one whole week before you guys returned, exactly where you went, and whose crew you were camping with and not only that but this person said that there were two women present and one of them was NOT Shannon. Now how did this guy know all of these facts on March the 8th?

  43. Blake C

    Anyway – By Mother Teresa
    People are often unreasonable, illogical
    And self-centered; Forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind, people may accuse you of
    Selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.

    If you are successful, you will win some false
    Friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.

    If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
    Be honest and frank anyway.

    What you spend years building, someone could
    Destroy overnight; Build anyway.

    If you find serenity and happiness, they may be
    Jealous; Be happy anyway.

    The good you do today, people will often forget
    Tomorrow; Do good anyway.

    Give the world the best you have, and it may never
    Be enough; Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

    You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and
    God; It was never between you and them anyway.

    A great man “Gordon B. Hinckley” wrote:
    “Don’t be gloomy. Do not dwell on unkind things. Stop
    Seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.
    Even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face.
    Accentuate the positive. Look a little deeper for the good.
    Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile
    On your face, with great and strong purpose in your heart.
    Love life.”

    Thanks for the show to all of you.
    You are all great

    • Asheim

      I was so saddened about the events on SC and ashamed of those people that were so quick to get on the bandwagon. But I am so proud of you guys and the way you are handling things and thrilled that you are going to continue with the show. You have our full support Trond and I, your faithful supporters in Norway. You and Woody are just the nicest guys and I want to see you go on with your lives and stay who you are and this will all blow over in time. People will get tired of promulgating their little stories as truth. I was more than happy to hear the show will go on and I think it will become something better than before. You are so right, if you quit the show, it is like they have won. And I especially liked that you said that you just are not going to make the shows about defending the little accusations. Here they are waiting for the show to go under and it just goes on and becomes better than ever. But I do understand that the hurts have run deep. It really hurt to think of the things that were said about Shannon. She is so obviously the best sweetest person. I hope her supporters can talk her into coming back. She really added so much to the show. She will be missed and I hope it is only temporary. I gave Mike Wooley and Gayle Beatty a heads up. This Alana was contacting people and talking in the forum and supposed to have this big bad information to prove your encounters never took place. It was just so pathetic. I thought to myself, really? That’s all you’ve got? Any of it could be so easily explained away. Didn’t they listen to the encounter? The prove was in the telling and the raw emotion was real to me. That is what carried the weight, not the minute little endless details whether one of you described the Sasquatch in the tree as a “blobb” or what terminalogy was used that didn’t seem to coincide with the other. For your own peace of mind Wes, these people don’t deserve the time of day. I mean who calls someone at 2:00 in the morning and asks for their dead grandfather’s death certificate? Who does that? That is pretty down there. I know a lot of us does not want to see the SC drug down any further. There are plenty of us to lend our support and has your back. Let the troublemakers leave with their refunds! Let the shows go on! Just keep doing what you have done that has made the site the best out there. You’re a good unassuming caring host and I for one cannot wait to hear what happened in Texas and all of your adventures. Congrats Woody on your new little one!

      Take care and better times are ahead
      Bonnie & Trond

  44. vernon p

    you guys are getting too close with Bob Garrett, the government has sicked trolls on you.show is awesome hey you guys do not need to concern yourself with these assholes. you guys are awesome, shannon is awesome. wes is awesome, will is awesome. ,too bad there wasn’t any way to block these a holes! !!!!!#!!!!###!###!#!

  45. Theresa D

    You guys are great and I’m saddened you had to go through all of this! There are always people out there who are looking for the next person to throw under the bus! Please keep your heads high and your hearts strong!

  46. Dave T

    Your right Wes, doing shows like this suck. I know you guys felt you needed to clear the air. Sad part about this world is there will always be haters. I guess it’s just part of life. I wouldn’t blame you if you bailed but your right, they’d win. Thanks Woody for coming back to stand your ground, hope you still stay part of the show. Sounds like Shannon isn’t coming back, that sucks. She’s a lady with a lot of class and has a real talent for interviewing. Maybe she can ease back in after this calms down. Wil J? I don’t get the departure. Sometimes in life you gotta man up brother.

  47. tom b

    Very proud of you guys right now for standing up and addressing those asshole trolls. Shannon WE LOVE YOU. Don’t be down girl, you rock. A lot of the trash talk started when there was a lack of communication on when shows would and would not be played. They act like it was constant, but I only remember twice. (which is damn good considering how many shows) But I think when they started paying they expect to be notified and that is fair. Take care and keep up the Great Job!!! I am behind you 100%!

  48. patricia d

    Wes, Woody, Shannon and I am gonna put Dave in there too…loved his account from the TX EP…..ROCK ON guys! I made and make up my own mind on who and what I support…and I never gave up on all of you!

  49. Christopher P

    Hay guys you’re doing a great job.. keep it up. Just move forward and focus on making the show better for your true following. We all no that it was an attempt to get you guys off the air. It could be that bearded agent that you guys called out on ep.79 I think (down the rabbit hole) Anyways just move forward, there will always be assholes out there trying to f__k things up. I Love the show so don’t let this B.S stop what you have started. Becouse thay are stupid. So thanks for the show guys!!!☺

  50. Shannon D

    It’s so easy to be taken in by the trolls and I feel awful for the doubts it caused in me. My husband is starting his own tarot reading business and since his prices are so low, people accuse him of being fraud. We both had to learn to deal with the magnitude of idiots out there that feel good by putting others down and sometimes it does get difficult to ignore.

    I’m going to restart my membership and I’m glad your coming back Wes. I hope Shannon comes back also.

    Please add more member content.

  51. Charles R

    First off there are some truly great comments posted in regard to Episode 87 and I can do no better. Just want to say I concur with just about everything stated. I predicted to myself this would happen, I have seen it before. Cyberspace can be entertaining and educational, and then it can be down right horrifying. I did not know to what ends these troll would go to and it could get worse.
    If you are going to keep this show going extreme thick skin and perseverance will be needed. There are people jealous of what you have accomplished, in my opinion created the greatest Sasquatch website and live shows this arena has ever seen. Do not lose sight of this. If Will has succumbed to the lies, deceit, inuendos, harrassment, trash talking, etc. I hope he quickly realizes what has happened and will return. If reasons are different then carry one. There are many reasons partnerships dissolve and I have had a couple myself, probably everyone here has. That is just life.
    Wes. Get a different phone number that is unlisted. Ban the IP of anyone on here that needs to be. A person may have the right to free speech, you do not have the right to be heard. Curt Shilling just made life miserable for 3 trolls that went after his daughter in a most outrageous manner on twitter.

    Lastly do not discount some, if not most what has been happening is orchestrated to try and ruin this whole site. I have seen it work very effectively at another place. Wes – you can not let that happen. It is probably happening in this manner as you are treading on territory with powers that do not want you going here.


    I wish Wes Woody Shannon and Will to look at the big picture, and go forward with a renewed sense of vigor, self esteem, and vision and you will be rewarded.

    • Indignico

      Ah good I was going to post that same link. And I still haven’t figured out the best way to say it but I’ll be back once I do to offer up a good explanation for and defense of William Jevning’s otherwise impossible to fathom behavior. For me I finally understood it when I found out that he left the show without having said a word to Wes or Woody ahead of time. That to me was practically a silent signal to everyone from a desperate guy. There’s no way that a person who so publicly made himself all about character and loyalty to friends would have left without any kind of direct off-the-air heads up to Wes about what he was about to do. He wasn’t an idiot. And so he must have known him suddenly bailing out with the voiced–but not to Wes or Woody–excuse of needing to protect his reputation would be the apparent signs of fire that the earlier shill-driven ‘questions’ and other rumor-mongering behavior was the preceding smoke for would possibly sink the ship that was (is! Haha bastards!) Sasquatch Chronicles…. And to be all about ‘character’ and loyalty to friends (which truly is what the many Rene Dahinden comments were about more than mere cheesy-ass name dropping) and make THE move that likely came the closest to actually doing serious damage to Wes and Woody’s ability to carry on… And do it without a hint of a heads up to those guys so they could prepare for it and mitigate the damage they would suffer because of it…. That isn’t the dude I’ve been listening to all these months… And if you felt the honesty and General integrity in the personalities of Wes and Woody then do you really not credit them with being able to judge people well enough to avoid taking in a friend close enough that Woody said he told Will about the fact that he was about to have a son before he had told most of his own family that was really such a characterless backstabbing loser that he would cover his own ass at the possible total expense of everything he well knew Wes and Woody had thrown their lives into for the last few years… I don’t. They’ve proven themselves to be quite good judges of character and Will’s move was so completely out of character that I might possibly have bought it if he had done all he could to make sure Wes and Woody were ok with what he thought he had to do to maintain his own li minor… But he didn’t did he? No he bailed without a word.

      So what I think is somehow he was forced. And don’t even start anyone feeling like they need to say a thing where they use the phrase conspiracy theory or act like it’s in any way nutty to refer to an actual organized government entity that handles people and organizations and movements in a professional and effective manner that includes things up to and including actually murdering people (go study cointelpro w d Fred Hampton for example) so don’t think it’d cause actual people who are employed by our tax dollars to do such things and it seems pretty logical that if they intended to shut down this podcast they would do more than hire snarky jerks to cause trouble and hurt feelings on the forums… It seems very like a one-two punch plan such an agency might conceive of that would first spread rumors and stride and raise questions all playing off of people’s worst biases and predjudices and then close the deal by forcing Will to bail out like he did in the most damaging possible fashion knowing full well that for many who failed to look into the matter any deeper that that would be the final nail in the coffin ‘proving’ where there’s smoke, there’s fire etc. etc. and for me hearing Will never so much as warned Wes or Woody before he bailed told me that my little theory is definitely what must have happened. And a confirmation was reading through the comments and coming across the obvious troll comments all lockstep in the way the used Will’s leaving as verification that Wes and Wood must have been lying and we all need to flee this sinking reputation destroying ship run! Run! Ha! Bullshit.

      I rest my case.

  52. Judy B

    Love the show. The first time I checked out the forum (last week) I immediately noticed a few of the ‘Meow’ types, griping as though they were spending the rent check on what is a low-cost subscription website. I was embarrassed for them, but, obviously, you’ve also been seriously trolled. If I were you, I would dump the forum and the comment section. You’ve got some bottom-feeders on your tails. And Shannon, tell the foul-mouthed pigs to pound sand. As for that Alana character-honey, your forum histrionics alone were worth the 7 bucks.!

  53. Dina P

    Been with you from the beginning. I am heart sick for what Shannon has had to endure. I believe Will has the right to leave but he owed you a conversation at least. He left because he feared for his reputation but his reputation was damaged with the way he handled this situation. Wes, Will and Shannon, I enjoy the podcast a great deal. If you decide this is all too much for you I will understand. If you decide to continue I will be listening.

  54. bigyin

    Lol you cant remember date of encounter but you remember every minute detail about encounter what a load of tosh anything to admit your encounter was bullshit your pathetic….

  55. Copperhead120

    Congrats Wes on the new baby! Please don’t let the TROLLS get you down! I love the show no matter who has left please don’t let that keep you guys from continuing to stay the course! I’m waiting to hear what happened in Texas! Love you guys!

  56. james b


  57. Linda H

    SC – Actually you should feel proud that you threaten a very few people so much – that is the power of your voices. You obviously have many who support you and it bothers some for some strange reason. So, please, please look at the good side of this: look at all the people who support and want you to continue. We love the show and look forward to see a new story, video, and episode every time we log on.

    The few complaints about their investment of $7 is a joke. When my six-month subscription runs out, I will gladly re-up; even if you raise the price. 100Xs better than TV. I would be happy if you became rich from entertaining.

    We have your back – Long Run – SC

  58. justin v

    Maybe the same group who is bothering Bob Garrett are trying to do the same to you guys so you will stop the show. Maybe there’s a bunch of jerks out there with nothing better to do but to harass you at 2 in the morning because they are jealous of your success with the best Bigfoot podcast out there. Maybe it’s a’ll of the above. I love this show and I’m so happy it will continue! I listen every day just about and I know that you guys are not making up your encounter. It makes me so mad that you even had to defend yourselves like this and it really upsets me that you had to give the GPS location! Shannon has some of the most interesting podcasts as well and it’s disgusting how people are attacking her for no apparent reason. I hope Shannon will stay on and I can’t wait for the show to move on! Good luck guys!

  59. Jacquie C

    In response to all of this rigmarole. I am usually a very quiet person and keep my opinions to myself, but on this… The death threats need to be reported to authorities. Seriously Wes… As for Will leaving like he did… I think that he just used the “controversy” as a scapegoat to leave. I mean, after listening to the Outtakes episode, and he seemed to leave during the middle of this interview…. I have to wonder. Is it professional to leave an interview with no notice (even if the interviewee seems a bit… Delusional), or to wait until people try to discredit your co-hosts? By the way, I did not laugh at Ray at all. I thought he was quite eloquent when relating his story (as unbelievable as it sounded!).
    Will wrote: “There has been a lot of controversy recently surrounding Wes and Woody’s situation and I have a reputation to protect as an author.”
    Umm… The whole subject of Bigfoot is controversial! Getting a date wrong, or moon phase wrong – That is not controversial, a big hairy monster running around in the woods IS. Has he never had to defend his own experiences? His reputation as an author does need to be protected, though previous to listening to SC, I had no idea Mr. Jevnings even existed! I am thinking that his leaving had no relation to Wes and Woody’s story being questioned. I think he wanted to distance himself from the callers who seemed to have different/controversial views than his. Aliens and fairies… hmmm
    As for those who tend to take the time to spread hate, threats and abuse… Shame on you! Question everything, yes. But to call names, threaten and harass? Unbelievable!
    “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”
    – Theodore Roosevelt
    By the way, I found this quote on the North American Wood Ape Conservancy website, which is quite an interesting group!

  60. sherry r

    Where are all the trolls? Maybe they were made for what they are! Wes and Woody you have my ear, I will be listening,and learning! Thanks for not quitting, I really enjoy my membership!:-)

  61. Jan W

    I am so sorry you’re feelings were hurt by the hateful comments of the “troll patrol”; mine would have been too. Anything personal, I did not dignify by reading and think all the fools casting stones should be ashamed of themselves. Death certificates? You have to be kidding? Talk about the Twilight Zone.

    Now – On with the show!

    • Michael M

      Part of the tactics of debunkers, is to take Wes, Shannon, Woodie and Will et. al., out of focus and unnecessarily burden them with meaningless issues, which the trolls are trying to claim ARE important and relevant. This is the same M. O. That was used against MUFON and other UFO organizations. And let’s wake up everybody, this crap is being funded by all of us, through our taxes. And they only have to fool some of the people, some of the time!!

      • Wendy C

        Right on the button – alternative media must be a nightmare for the so called ‘Powers that be’ they can’t control it – so they will do all in their power to discredit and destroy it. Only Humans hate for the sake of hating . Guys I have followed your show from day one ‘Sasquatch Anonymous’ lol – a place where people can go to talk about there experience. Shannon – if you are a good looking intelligent woman (which you are) people going to hate you (that again is human nature) Thanks guys again for all you do – I will as I have always done, follow with interest anything you put out there – in Australia $7 barely buys you a cup of coffee and a cake (bloody good value membership I say) – Love and peace

  62. Donna K

    Thankyou guys. We have always believed in you. You can hear integrity in peoples voices and the way you handle people. I knew the trolls were all whacked. So glad you are continuing the show. Dont quit! We have been through some stuff ourselves in a different arena and know how people can turn on you… Judas lives everywhere. So appreciate you. So glad the show will go on!!! We are behind you 110%!!! Really sad to see Shannon go. Wish Wil would not have bailed, especially without talking with you guys. Cant wait for the rest of the Texas stories. Shannon, please consider coming back!!!! We love you!!!

  63. bigyin

    Your pissed off how do you think members feel, hardly any shows now planted guests lie upon lie. Snide comments about Will sickens me, kinda sums you people up. Don’t solve Nessie we don’t want you in the UK. Quit with the sympathy act it doesn’t wash. Your moon theory you gave is fucking comical there was no fucking moon your still lying. The moon is so relevant to the story of course it is. Keep laughing it off guys, some dicks will fall for it, but it doesn’t alter the fact you lied. All you’ve done for the last hour is just repeat upon repeat. What a pathetic response to serious accusations. Do the lie detector test C’mon. Believe it or not i loved this show but how can i trust you again thats the sad part about all this. The biggest downfall is the lack of 75% of extra shows we’ve never had them thats what were paying for, but never got……… It was so good before you brought in paid content.

    • Michael M

      Are for real or are you in denial that your likely daft?? Get a grip, you are messing with the Yanks. Stay on your side of the pond and stifle your feeble minded comments and thoughts.

    • Michael M

      Are for real or are you in denial that you’re likely daft?? Get a grip, you are messing with the Yanks. Stay on your side of the pond and stifle your feeble minded comments and thoughts. Why don’t you use your name like a honest person of integrity? You are an obvious “Mockingbird”!

    • Derek G

      Still pathetic! The UK what’s that….. the United Kingdom? Oh that little island off the coast of France? I thought they proved the mystery surrounding the existence of the “UK” is actually false. WOW! The UK is a figment of imagination. Has anyone seen the UK?

      • John s

        Come on Derek that was offensive nearly 500 of my fellow “little islanders” died next to your boys in Iraq one was 18 years old and lived straight over the road and I can’t recall his mother saying anything about hating Americans and 90% of your culture is based on ours your a very young country in historical terms, we are the two closest countries on earth in terms of foreign relations BIGYIN IS NOT BRITISH please don’t fall out with the people who are we don’t want to fall out with any of you or the TROLLS win

        • Michael M

          John S
          I will say to anyone, that there are many honorable men in the UK, who are also freedom fighters. The SAS is second to none in the World. There is good and bad extremes everywhere. These Trolls and the people who employ them are AGAINST OUR FREEDOM . And the Aussies and Canaidians also fight with us for freedom, which must be regularly defended.

    • John s

      Your not from the UK pal, I’m f**kin English mate and I know when one is leaving comments you have chosen the wrong words in your sentences, few fancy good un’s thrown in but with a terribly American way of saying it.
      In fact I can pretty much tell what part of my country UK members are from just by the WAY they word the comments they leave.
      its all due to the fact that we have spoken AND written this way for the past 1200 or so years and as such even with Olde English (Shakespeare) which is still widely printed, written and read, you only have to travel 20 miles over here before the populus not only have different accents but a completely different way of speaking to one another.

      Lesson Over
      And here is a saying from my neck of the woods


      Keep it up guys iv been with you since day 1 ill miss will but you all have your reasons I on the other hand will be with you tell the very end “THIS WILL BE OUR FINEST HOUR” I hope iv given you some British bulldog spirit! Chin up lip stiff!! Send em packing

  64. Kelly W

    I was surprised to hear about all this, because you are the only Sasquatch people I follow. I imagine this is true for many of your listeners. So don’t worry too much – the thing about being a leader is that it means you have a target on your back. Now that you have reached the level of influence you have, you will have detractors, period. There is nothing you can do about it. So don’t waste too much show time (ahem, ahem) on it. If you feel obligated to respond to these kind of stupid attacks, maybe do it on a blog post. It is very unlikely that many of your listeners care.

  65. angelo p

    wil,fall foreward bro not backward . Truth and the light always wins at the end. The sasquatch is the only issue out there where you have groups attacking each other with evil nasty intentions. INSTEAD OF WORKING TOGETHER AND RESPECTING EACH OTHERS VIEWS>I support you will. KEEP STRONG and BE DILIGENT . I had a feeling this was going to happen because of the popularity of your show. Jealousy and ego bring out evil . KEEP GUARD UP GUYS , MOLON LABE .SPARTANS SAID TO THE PERSIANS AFTER KING XERZES TOLD THE SPARTANS TO LAY DOWN THIER ARMS>MOLONLABE

  66. TheGiant573

    I have decided I do not need to listen to this episode! Those that hate will not be appeased, and I am ready to move on. Sorry you all had to do this show for the trolls. So what happened in TX?

  67. WindshieldSquatcher

    I notice they don’t address stealing other people’s work, the phoney guests, the pre-recorded ‘live’ shows where they pretend to take callers, the total lack of original content, the sloppy job they did, never following through on the promises they made to get all those people’s money. You people are gullible beyond anything I’ve ever encountered if you’re not insulted by the lame ass lies these fools continually spew.

  68. Sheila

    Will please continue with the show. Now you know what I said from the beginning, anyone can be called a liar in the bigfoot world at any minute. You bigfoot researchers need to stick together and support one another and forget all of these government trolls. The truth will come out.

  69. Gail d

    My God I had no idea that things had deteriorated so rapidly. Night calls and name calling really?? If people are suspicious stop listening!! I read about the moon issue I thought about it but was unsure what to think especially since you went back to the site to describe it. I felt the guests were telling the truth and still wanted to hear the encounters. I should say I was taken aback by the viciousness but I am not because I have seen nasty vicious people say some horrible callous things other websites. But to call someone in the middle of the night is beyond the pale. Wow!!
    I hope all of you can get past this and share your pictures or videos from Texas

    • Michael M

      That’s why SASCHRON is on the receiving end, the Gov’t does not want the truth to come out, especially about the BIG THICKET. If thousands of people start going down there, it increases the odds of someone getting hurt or otherwise continuing the coverup. Wes said he will continue the show, and that means we all are approaching the moment of truth. We must not let the show take all the heat, we ALL need to make some noise and demand the Gov’t tell the truth.

  70. Irene A

    I’m still a member but I had to leave the SC Facebook group. It was just to crazy to read all the vitriol. I’ve been fascinated by Sasquatch since I watch the Paterson-Gimlin film when I was 6 years old. And listening to your show, I’ve LEARN so much about the true nature of this illusive creature. It is a shame to lose Will…that’s his choice and I wish him well. Thank YOU and please…Keep keeping on!

  71. Karen D

    Wes and Woody….wuhoo ….you’re back. Thanks for making this into an episode….now you can just refer any naysayers to “listen to episode 87” and not have to keep on going through this negative nonsense.
    Also ,thanks for showing everyone out there that gets attacked n picked apart over their sighting how to pick themselves up , brush themselves off , hold their head up and confidently move forward.
    It May not seem like it after all the battering you’ve had to take….but you guys (Shannon too) are very much respected by ALOT of people.
    I feel bad Will treated you like he did…he did make money off this show…I only bought his books after listening to your show.
    Take care ….you’ve went from “victims” to “victors” ……
    …..woop woop !!
    Ps….someone should go put a statue at the gps coordinates you gave saying…”here’s where Wes n Woody had there sighting”!
    Would soon become a tourist attraction heh heh 🙂

  72. Basil K

    Find out who the haters are, refund their money, cancel their account, change your phone number and get on with the show. (simple)
    My choice if I listen, yes I am totally stupid so all you idiots can fuck off and let me be totally happy with my nievity.
    Fact or fiction I don’t care, doesn’t affect my life any. If this show has any affect on your life as a member you really are a dick and need serious help. The world is full of dickheads, we just need to accept that.

  73. Irene A

    IN ADDITION, your names are out there for us to see. Where are the REAL names of those who are making these accusations against you? No, they hide behind screen names. We don’t know who they are and yet we’re suppose to believe them because they “claim” to have evidence? So far, the evidence they’ve presented wouldn’t stand up in court. Come on!

  74. Tara J

    Wes, Woody & Shannon please don’t stop the show. You have way more people for you than against you. The same things happen to others who get too close to the truth. Your peeps love you and appreciate all that you do. Eventually these fools will be exposed for what they really are. Thank you!

  75. Blake S

    Come off it guys, this sounds like the work of government trolls that are posting all this nonsense, notice all this has started a short while after “the insider” shows…the empire is striking back!!!

  76. Jonah N

    Shannon I have a special request: Please return to the show. Your shows are fun to listen to and ignore the stupid things bad people say about you. You are a good host and I like the way you don’t make fun of your guests. I have never posted a note about you and if I did, it would be that I do look forward to hear you host a Monday show.
    I nominate to remove WindshieldSquatcher’s comments…..idiot.

    • Kris W

      Shannon is sweet as honey! She is a real genuine person and u can feel that coming thru when u listen to her shows ! U can feel real people! Wes and Shannon are real! They don’t try and hide their thoughts or feelings and u guys should go back to having fun …Wes drink some more beers on some out takes and get laughing and having fun with what u do again. Just ignore the shit talkers and if someone called Shannon a name in front of me they would get there ass whipped. I know she’s a great person without even meeting her. This is just a small setback. A setback is a step away from a comeback…. I think were in for some really good stuff to come if we all stick together and get back to enjoying Wes and crew great shows and let them get back to work finding great people to interview! Lastly they just got back from Texas and things are heating up stick with our guys for a bit. Don’t rush greatness!

  77. Carol Ann G

    I am only a couple minutes into the show and literally tearing up. I am so embarrassed and ashamed of how supposed supporters of the show treated all of you. None of you deserved this. I support you all 100% and behind you all the way. I love the show since the 1st episode and plan on staying a subscriber. Thank you for all you do for us (even tho there are many that don’t deserve it), keep on doing what you are doing cause you are the best there is!

  78. Chris I

    Thank you both for this. I have to admit when I saw Shannon was leaving I was afraid that would be the last straw. Keep on doing what you’re doing and remember you are loved!

  79. Jim L

    The haters are always going to hate. The keyboard courage of social media hacks need to get out of their mother’s basements and find something more productive to do in their lonely meaningless lives. You have a great show, sorry Will left, sorry Shannon has to put up with frustrated cowards. I look forward to your next show as always.

  80. Stephen M

    Thank you, Wes for stating your case. I have been waiting for the response to form my opinion to if I wanted to remain a fan of the show or not. I’ve decided I will remain a fan. So far, I’ve not been presented with enough to make me think your encounter is an outright lie, more than any other account I’ve heard. I’ve always enjoyed the show and will continue with it.

  81. Tim S

    Thanks for all you do Wes, Woody, and Shannon. So sad to see you getting attacked at all angles. I find it very upsetting they went after Shannon. Real classy they are.

  82. darren w

    This totally blows. Maybe you should get rid of the forum section completely. I think those of us who like the show would be fine with it, we’re still gonna listen. Let the haters start their own friggin web page. Its real easy to sit back and insult people while hiding behind a keyboard and fake name. COWARDS, all of them. And a lie detector test will solve nothing. In fact, given all the horrible shit thats been said about all of you, a sasquatch body wouldn’t even solve it. People who are hurting can only find joy in hurting other people. You have OUR support guys…that includes you too Shannon. Do not let the evil prevail.

  83. victoria b

    More shows please!!!!! Wanna know all that happened in texas, wanna hear more encounters. And want you to know that you must be doing something right if they are dogging you so hard .

  84. Jim D

    For information’s sake let it be known that Bigyin and Windshield are the same person-they also use a persona called “Lisa’ so, just so you guys know….We got him mad over on the forum and he kind of got ‘confused” and started answering as the wrong guy LOL, oh yea they are also the same kind of idiots who don’t know the difference between your and you’re or when to use each.

  85. laura t

    I just sat here, and honestly in tears, Iam so sorry Wes, woody and Shannon you all had to go threw this. I very happy the show gos on and even better, truely the American way.. It s sad you even had to explain.. Will makes me sick, selfish indeed.. Sometime in life when we go threw things in life like this, you find out who real friends are… Glad we know now. I been saying a lot of what you said on Facebook, … The min I heard your voice I just cried… So glad we can move on…love you all,, iam in support of you all…

  86. William M

    Wow, I’m speechless. Instead of answering relevant questions from your members, you concentrate on generating sympathy for yourselves and attack people WITH integrity like Mr William Jevning.
    Your “encounter” happened on Nov 16th, 2012 in your own EM confirmed by WASRT. There’s no disputing that now. There was no moon=no light as it was below the horizon. A FULL moon was one of the few consistent statements in all of your own, various recountings.
    I’ve cancelled my membership and accept your offer for a refund as stated in this “apology episode”. It’s not the money that’s important to me, it’s the principal. Integrity means something to me, even when it gets in the way of my fun or entertainment.
    Very disappointed.

  87. lawrence w

    sorry to hear Will has left the show. I just finished his 1st book ” notes from the field”. I would never have heard of the book had it not been for Sasquatch chronicles. I’m also sorry to hear about all the name calling. I’ve never talked to Shannon in person, but she seemed to be a very nice Lady. I’m also glad to hear that Woody and you Wes are still go on with the show. I personally won’t blame you both for hanging up your hats and quitting. But as you told Bob Garrett “don’t let’em get to you”. As for Will’s sightings he was 14yrs old when him and his friend found the gut pile on the railroad tracks and 16 when he had his first bigfoot sighting.I’ll sign off with “you know when your getting at the truth, when all the rats come out of the walls after you!!!!!!!

  88. Jennifer l

    You were right that was the worst show ever! Up untill you said (your gonna keep doing the show) !! Thanks guys WooHoo WOODY Is Back!!! It is gone be even better than ever !!

  89. darren w

    And you don’t have to prove anything to us guys. What makes all of this interesting is the mystery of it all. I have always had mixed emotions in fact. I’ve always been fascinated and enjoy hearing the stories and learning more and would love to see one for my self (from a distance). But at the same time, not know is why it’s such an interesting topic.

  90. Susan B

    I looked at Will J’s fb and he was looking forward to doing his new show. Professional people usually give a minimum of 2 weeks notice or more if they are public figures not unless they have been fired. Shannon toughen up, your improving with every episode. Wes maybe Will did see their faces and they looked more human than ape. You all need to post something every day. Everyone toughen up.

      • Michael M

        Exactly Susan,
        Bob Garrett is HOT and getting harassed daily. SC goes to Texas and come back with a lot of video and audio. Then with perfect timing (a week and a half ago) the off-the-wall calls, threats and harassment starts up. Who would have thought??? Wes, Shannon and Woody we are behind you. The more of us who remain silent, the greater the chances the Feds will succeed shutting down SC!!

  91. caltros

    Please stay and continue your good work. You have many fans here and would be missed. I hope Shannon can host as well.

    Some have suggested shutting down the forum completely. I would suggest a re-do, sort of like Oregon Bigfoot’s forum. If you are not familiar with it, Autumn Williams, owner of the site, vets each member before membership is approved. The forum is strictly members only, not only to participate but to read it. It requires a double log-in; You first log into the members portion of the site and then log into the forum using a second password. It is controlled and moderated, with clear rules set forth. It also has categories such as videos, audio, media, off topic, etc. As far as I can tell, the forum is private, and cannot be searched from the net. It is a safe place to talk within the community. You could still allow moderated comments on the site in order to interact with prospective members and the public, but you can keep the trolls out of the forum.

  92. Jim D

    Notice how the trolls are all so upset about a man “WITH integrity like Mr William Jevning.” is now gone? Even Sasquatch Ontario didn’t trust or believe anything that guy said. IMO, Jevning was a plant, a person whose job it was to be an insider here, a spy. Notice how the mysterious Mister Black was a friend of Wil’s and nobody else? The Trolls are happy that Shannon has left too, they even said it over in the forum, they think that perhaps another slot has opened up for one of them. Whatever happens guys, do not let people like William, Winsield Wiper, or Bigyin in the inner circle-they are not who they claim to be, just like Wil

  93. Cindy W

    You best not let those Assholes that have no respect for themselves much less you stop you from helping other people that do love you and believe you!! They are just a bunch of SISSIES!! Not men, but SISSIES!! So I laugh at them Ha Ha Ha!! Haters are SISSIES!! So you sissies Go back under your pond scum rock and stay there. The SISSIES will not be missed!!

  94. r v

    Good job Wes and Woody. I believe you. If it makes you feel any better, I actually envy your being able to do what you do. Talk about a great gig! Your show will now be even better than it was, and the dust will settle. Every single BF research personality has gone through this.

  95. joann m

    Wes, you should make the forum part of the $7 pay section so that the known troll(s) will stop the lying, cheating, posting under numerous names or ban his ass by ip address. Shannon, we all hope you will change your mind and return in your own good time. Being a good host takes practice. You’re doing fine. In some ways the internet really sucks. People who would never consider saying things like that to your face think it is alright to do on the internet.

  96. Kenneth M

    I’ve been well entertained by SC for many months and many of those months FOR FREE! I feel they really owe me nothing. I have been well entertained and I feel Wes, Woody and Will had a good show, at some point I’ve had my doubts about Bigfoot, and that is even having some experience myself. I don’t blame them for being inconsistent, I can’t remember the exact date or time I had an experience about 5 years ago. I know it was within a certain month or so and that is about it. I can recall the fear and confusion well, but little else about that day. Frankly I even question myself and doubt myself at times.

    In any case I think SC is being devoured by serious case of Divide & Conquer – I think its obvious that you guys could have stirred up some .gov’s and in retaliation mode. They know how to harass – that is what government does so well.

  97. Scott C

    Will, Wes and Woody –
    My two cents – keep up the good work and don’t allow yourselves to get sidetracked by the negativity. This is probably one of the finest podcasts out there and you’re doing sterling work. Onward!

  98. gary b

    Wes, Woody, and Shannon,

    Don’t give up, please. My uncle always said
    I’m personally sorry for the idiots, haters, desk jockey squatchers, I cannot believe the rude comments, shows no class, I’m sure they had bad parents. Wes Says your great, I’m sure you are! We need a woman’s insight, the show would suffer without you. I think you’re chemistry with the boys is great! Hang in there! !!

    Much thanks, Gary

  99. Janet P

    I’m so so sorry you both have to go through this. I know from working with pathological people that it doesn’t matter WHAT you do or say, they’re never satisfied with your response, your explanation, or your rationale. When terrible stuff like this has happened to me, I try to find what’s in it for me… how can I come out on top and still be true to myself?

    I say this: NEVER give your power away! To anyone, even those you care about, much less those who wish you harm. Seriously, both of you draw a circle around yourselves where you stand or sit, and no one can come inside that circle without your permission. A friend of mine suggested that maybe you got too close to something in E Tex … a reputation slur is a lot harder to get over than a crash of your website. Just sayin. You owe it only to yourselves to get whatever good can come out of this, and it may be years before you even know what that is.

    Until then, yes, we want more boogers.

  100. LC B

    I get your loyalty and all, I am not a hater, but I am a truth seeker and I
    think Wes and Woody’s account is fascinating, maybe just a bit to fantastic
    compared to the almost entire history of sightings, which is really why it
    has been brought under scrutiny. I would love for them to be vindicated
    and to be able to rub this in the doubters faces, passing a lie detection test
    would go aways toward that end.

    • Laura L

      LCB it goes farther than loyalty. This speaks to how those who have encounters have to endure this baloney. Belief based on stipulations. I believe IF you do take a lie detector test. I believe IF you provide me with death certificates. In Wes’ podcast he asked the guy who called him in the wee hours if he took the lie detector test if all this controversy would end. In the beginning the guy said yes then he stipulated ‘UNLESS you’re pathological liar’. So now what LCB??? You’re going to THEN base your belief on WHAT?? A psych test showing they’re not pathological liars. It will never end…do you understand?? It will never end. Prior to this show all anyone ever heard was how loving and nonconfrontational sasquatch was…thatz crap!!! He’s not!! Not all sasquatch are violent but there are a hell of a lot that are… So YOU making judgement that their story is too fantastic because you’ve EXAMINED 1000’s of encounters…whatever. I didn’t hear you say that YOU HAD an encounter. Sounds to me like you’re just an armchair researcher tryin to make someone prove to you beyond a shadow of your and all the other idiots’ doubts that this event occurred. Ain’t gonna happen… Are they going to be vindicated…NO! Its up to us who enjoy, believe….whatever to support them so we don’t lose something that NO ONE else offers. And again I advise…you don’t believe let it go and move on. Their end I believe is to continue with what they started without being crucified NOT to comply with your stipulations so YOU feel better about the fact that YOU want to be a truth seeker and pacify the dirty little trolls that have issues. So I’m going to jump back on my high horse named I BELIEVE to meet you on your high horse, TRUTH SEEKER, to proverbally cuff you in the head and move on. Wes thanks for continuing the show and please don’t let all the haters get you down.

  101. Max C

    Wes and Woody I love your show and I’m sorry for the retards making it hard on you. You have support and if Ole Will don’t want to be on the show screw him you don’t need a guy like that in your life. Who bails after a couple comments no proof or anything and the guy bails???? Keep it going and come back Shannon.

  102. Letty

    You have my support 100% and I encourage you all to continue with the fantastic encounters. This site needs Spring Cleaning so lets delete all the hater comments and your posts related to Attacks from the Community. It needs a fresh start. This is your site and you can do what you please. Block those who fail to see the difference between expressing their opinions and personally attacking someone’s character. Someone suggested to limit the forum to paid members which sounds like a good idea and simply block the ones who are repeat offenders of the subject and the hosts.

  103. Sean C

    You know we are not all against you guys, in fact, you know that many of us would do whatever we could, to help you in this situation. I know I would.

    You got too close to something important, just like Bob Garrett, and you know what he is going through!

    Whatever you decide, my thoughts and prayers will be with you! And if I can help in any other way, just let me know, you have my info.


  104. Scott A

    Wes, I am relieved that you are continuing the show! This is a great website and the vast majority of members support it. I wish Will did not leave and I hope he has considered how you have handled the criticism and speculation and returns. I am happy for Woody having a baby in September and hope to hear from him when he has time to be on the show. I understand Shannon taking a step back. If a member or a mole says mean, hurtful things to her, the rest of you or other members then they should be removed. This show has been shaken to the core, either simply by random people posting awful speculation and calling people names or by an individual or individuals who do not like a popular podcast going out to visit Bob Garrett, recording sound and video and preparing to air it when they return. What better way to silence a podcast than tear down its credibility and the credibility of everyone involved with rumors, speculation, misinformation and disinformation to dissolve their audience? I am glad you have stood up to this nonsense. We are with you. I am not going anywhere.

  105. Tyler D

    Wes, you are a boss man don’t you forget it. N it’s soo good to hear Woody again, everything I’ve wanted from this show you guys have delivered on. Your educating all of us.

  106. Marc I

    Not for nothing but if you’re on a mountain at a high elevation wouldn’t the moon from its waxing and waning gibbous stages (which could be argued to be 7-10 days) be bright enough with ambient light to appear to the casual eye, especially under duress, very easily be mistaken for full?
    I don’t that Wes and Woody thought at that moment to look out the car and say “Hmmmmm you know what? That must be a waning gibbous, make a note of that!!!” It was probably bright and very easily mistaken for full
    This whole thing is utter nonsense

  107. Ken W

    Loved the show, never doubted you! Haters are gonna hate. That’s all they know how to do.
    As for me I’m still with you and your brother!

  108. Linda W

    Wes & Woody I first heard you on Chuck P’s show and knew you had a genuine experience. I’m glad that you guy’s took the time to help others thru their experiences. That’s what this show is about. I don’t see the public agencies helping anyone. Give yourselves and Shannon a pat on the back for helping and encouraging others. I agree with many here… don’t let the bully’s intimidate you. They obviously need a life and are jealous of you. By the way, I love your hummer. Good on you for finding a good car for a good deal. I love you all and enjoy your personalities. Woody you have made the right choice in taking care of your family. Carry on…..

    • Mike M

      I remember the same show. I could always tell they were genuine with their story. It was great for them to try and help others cope with their experiences. These are guys I want to have a drink with because the always seemed to be good working class guys. The show needs Shannon, she adds the perfect balance to Wes and she always sounds like such an amazing person.

  109. michael s

    im here for a great radio show. one that you can listen to driving down back roads after midnight and get the feeling maybe there is something out there. honestly could care less if its all bullshit at least hes good at it. some of you people take this crap too seriously.

  110. Robert M

    I’ve listened to your shows from the beginning , I support you. I do this with my eyes wide open. I know from my devastating encounter ; for years I believed my encounter happen in May, only to realize it probably happened in April. The bottom line is this people who aren’t happy with them self, they usally hate to see other people be successful so they set out ” set it right” in their mind. People can be despicable, please don’t give them control. Fckem Bob

  111. jourdan i

    I think you guys were and are close to truth and revealing it. This is another move out of the government playbook. They are trying to attack your character. Keep doing what you are doing and maybe go deeper into the rabbit hole and expose this mother wide open. As far as Will, they must have threatened or offered money to do what he did. Or him and all of his good time buddies were nothing more than disinformationist the whole time. I know you have some footage or team up with Bob and go all out. Thanks for staying in the fight i love the show. Your awesome sauce.

  112. michael s

    just goes to show you how retarded the “Sasquatch community” is. bunch of damn goofs. couldnt just enjoy a good thing had to screw it up with their bullshit.

  113. Bob S

    Wes,itsit’s too bad that you are letting these people get in your head Wes and will and Shannon I say this is America and if you guys are doing something that is benefiting the public especially with this subject God bless you and make as much as you can, I wouldn’t give in to the juvenile comments your personal life belongs to you

  114. Kerrin C

    As we used to say in the ’70’s, Keep on Truckin’! You’ll do fine. Don’t quit – at least not now – it will only give the haters ammunition. It is time to hold your head high and move forward. Many support you. I am one of them.

  115. Hillary K

    So sorry guys. Shannon, Wes,& Woody…..the truth trumps BS all the time. As for the Hummer, my neighbors kid just bought a used one….definitely not a $70,000 car.
    Keep up the good work. The closer you are to the Truth, the more shit gets thrown at you. Just let it roll.

  116. Mike B

    Good man.dont let the bastards grind ya down.i never liked will.to much name droping and his great hero,rene.stole pattys casts from roger pattersons widow for fuck sake.will got them when rene died and do you think he gave them back?fuck no!he profits on them to this day.he sells casts of the casts of patty.hes a zero integrity loser who lached on to you two causehe thought he could make a buck.when the water got a little choppy the fucker jumped ship!fuck em.you dont need him,never did.and his storys got a bit stale about the tenth time he told them.
    I will call ya in a couple a days and tell ya my tales.

  117. vicki c

    it will be sad to see you guys stop the show but its understandable. youve been kicked where it hurts and its hard to get up from that. sad to see people go but when comments like that you just have to.

  118. Melanie W

    Wes, Woddy and Shannon… I have been behind your work here since the beginning, and will continue to the end. I hope you don’t give in to the nasty *coughgoveernmentbackedcough* trolls and fools who buy into the lies and slander. I posted on the forum, but I’ll say it again here… There is no coincidence that this all happened right when you decided to head for the Big Thicket. If you give up now, “they” win. Don’t let them!

    And to Will… If you truly have left the show… Shame on you. At the very least you owe the other hosts and all of us loyal listeners a better explaination than a post on some obscure FB page. Bring it here, to us. If, on the other hand, you truly DO have an emergency… Then my prayers are with you, but please tell someone so the rumors can subside.

  119. bill l

    these are government trolls guys no question in my mind about it. Take it as a compliment. Your show is getting too popular and too close to the truth about things they don’t want people to know. You have them worried..

  120. Gary C


    I’m shocked that people would call you at 2am to talk rubbish and how insensitive to ask for birth certs, email me and I will give you some nice UK numbers to divert your mobile to at night 2am is 10am here


    I’m glad your there for your bro, kids are great even 3 of them 🙂


    Words are wind , actions are louder keep going


    I’m disappointed, you don’t turn your back in times of need

  121. Tyler D


  122. SmellyHusband

    Wtf ? How could the trolls have torn this apart on you . You think the department of the interior officers you called out has anything to do with it? . Im mad because i have a lot of respect for Will but i can not understand his reason for leaving . Please keep doing show i love the encounter s and good luck getting your group back together .

    on a side not : more bob garret stuff because clearly he is the guy who is gonna bring one in and prove everything the doubters , Will has 40+ years of solid research but dose not seem willing to risk his name to prove it . And i dont understand how prints and casts are not concidered real physical evidence is just proof how stupid the genral public is … adopt my policy of not giving a fuck of what people think of you because clearly they are retarded .

    rant time : Religious people have blind faith in bs there is no proof for but 1000 s of casts of tracks will not change their mind , think about it .

  123. Liliana v

    So glad this will be the end of the crappity crap! I only wish Shannon would find it in her heart to come back one day. Onward and upward! The hurt cannot be taken away, but it can be transformed into something much more positive. So many support you, concentrate on the ones who care and keep on keepin’ on!

  124. Gail R

    Wes, Woody, I respect you for the countless hours of effort you put into establishing the podcast. I thank you for creating the shows and sharing them with us. You will do what you feel is right about continuing the show or not and that’s entirely your decision. The vampires attacking you are pathetic. Hope you realise how much support you have too, even if we don’t phone you at 2am about it!

  125. Pat T

    Wes, Woody , Shannon, hang in there, honesty prevails everytime it’s used. Thanks for moving forward Wes, I knew you wouldn’t let us down. Shannon , God bless you and the work your doing, we love you and know your a classy lady. People who attack like this I feel sorry for if your life is really that shallow. Sadly our nation is headed in the wrong direction and this is just another example of it. Will, I truely hope you haven’t thrown a good friend out like the trash based on lies and innuendos. Surely that friendship is more important than a few more book sales. Wes, welcome to Bob Garretts world, ironically you went to visit what goes on in his and it followed you home. This is a case of iron sharpening iron so hang in there and not only will the show be better for it but I think you as an individual will be better for it. We all look forward to some positivity in our dreary Mondays and my friend this show is the way to start out a long week. Keep your head up and come out swinging for the fences.

  126. Letty

    Shannon, please consider coming back. Bottom line, there a douche bags out there that have not respect for people. If need to take some down time until it subsides then come back at your pace. You were doing such a great job, I hate to see your talent not used on such a great show like this one. This is just a little set back meant to strengthen us. Stay strong and don’t let this get the best of you!

  127. charlene a

    Please don’t quit the show for all the debbie downers, there are just a few of them, but lots of us who love you guys and your shows, you did this show for people like us, I once heard this public figure say that he doesn’t read the crap about him out there because it would depress him, so he just focuses on the nice stuff. You guys just have fun and ignore the sad sacks, give them back their money and develop a block system on here lol for the idiots, you can say something respectfully without tearing someone apart, the people who are doing all the bitching, they are probably fighting with everyone in this world not just with you. So chin up and move forward for the people who love you guys, we are worth it too right 🙂

  128. Ray R

    Love your show, but one thing you dont have to prove anything to anybody, I see your pain from the attacks but don’t pay any attention to them, these a hateful people, and I don’t believe anyone wants there money back, just keep going. To hell with them, now you see why people don’t want to tell their story to anyone because of attacks. Great show guys and gal keep it up, oh buy an old jalopy car and say see what I drive lol, Thank You

  129. bilky w

    Guys, we all know where these attacks came from. Move on. We pay because we LOVE what you do. Keep it up and you have our support. Shannon, we love you…… Stay with us

  130. WILLIAM P

    All of you are great! Please keep it up. I cant wait to hear about details of your trip. I am glad you have a nice car – you should not make excuses to anyone. Woody being a dad is fantastic!

  131. Bob S

    To bad you wasted a show on such nonsense drama, we all care about our images but please don’t allow idiots with no lives to get in your head, your only bowing down to the mindless by doing a show like this, what a waste, I paid for and support the BF info, and if you guys make millions Good on you!

  132. scott p

    Hey guys. Wes i saw the cast and the headline and wondered – No way… I started to listen to it out of curiosity about what/etc and shut it off. I won’t waste the energy nor time listening to things/excuses/ whatever it is when NON IS REQUIRED. I think being in the public eye so to speak brings out peoples ignorance cause they do not know and figure they should even though it’s non of there f-ing business that’s why. There Just trying to throw you off your path buddy by hitting you where it hurts.. Ignore them cause they will always be there.Like literally – ignore them. YOU GUYS ARE FAMOUS NOW!! lol.. Everybody has a choice of whether they want to listen to this show/etc.. Nobodies making them and to be honest i hope you guys do make shit ton of money at some point for compensation for all the MORONS who want to make your guys lives difficult. Jealous idiots. That H3 you got? well buddy put my money towards a nice bike/car/house and all that great stuff for all i care. Why? cause you guys deserve it – that’s why. Keep up your guys awsome work! The ones that count are here with you guys!

  133. darlene b

    I still am convinced this is all jealousy,people hate success in any form , I love the show , keep your heads up and go forward. millions of people experience cyber bullies .

  134. Linda H

    W/W – I finally listened to this podcast. I see your main problem. You’re too nice – you over-estimated that most are like you. A person’s word is not questioned among friends, even in arguments no one ever hits below the belt. You’re belief in the goodness, and integrity in all men is sadly wrong. This is not a vice, it’s the faith that still needs to continue in this world.

    I don’t want to talk about the bad guys, I wouldn’t be able to stop. I rather talk about the goodness in you. I hope this situation does not lessen your shine. You know when you see celebrities on the public’s eye (this is of course a mistaken assumption of actually knowing what’s going on in their lives – but, face it, one images). You see a point where they change. I think it’s one of two things, losing it from trying to please all, or for not giving a flying **** about anything anymore. It’s good to have thick skin, but that’s when you become one of them…

    I love your show more than even books (that’s saying a lot). But I would rather see SC end than to see your gentle, too-caring, intelligent, respectful ( a rarity). stars diminish. I rather think that you would stay this way forever.

    A lot of people feel they know you, through your bare exposures you have shown. That’s enough for someone to feel they love you. (maybe high respect is more acceptable). And we want what’s best for your and yours.

    When the world is ready, if it is every allowed, truths will eventually prevail.

    You need a healing ceremony.-

  135. Jonas C

    WOW- Dont listen to the haters, screw them!! Just keep up the great awesome videos PLEASE!! BTW- Thank you for opening up the topic Big Foot for discussion and don’t worry about what other people say. Great Saying: ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE (HATERS) THINK OF ME. 🙂

  136. Chachie

    Thank you guys for addressing everything. It meant a lot to those of us who are captivated by what this site is all about. I still have one more question and I think it’s a legitimate one… but I’m going to wait for permission to ask it because I think you’ve all been through enough for now and it can wait. However, it is a question about the ONE thing that was not addressed in this episode and was probably the single-most confusing item in this mess.

    I don’t want to be negative and I don’t want to extend this mess. It’s gnawing at me though. Please reply or email me. I’ll even ask it in private. I heart SasChron. That is all.

  137. Terry R

    Hey Guys, glad to hear that your are carrying on. great show, always has been, and I’m happy to hear that you aren’t letting the low-lifes get you down. My latin spelling is terrible, but there is a saying that my uncle had on his desk for years: illegentimae non carbrundum (don’t let the bastards get you down).
    Woody, congratulations on your son. My children changed my life, enjoy yours. When my oldest was 5 he was playing T-ball, and while standing in line to bat, the kid behind him pushed his hat forward, he turned to that kid, and the kid on the other side did the same. This went on a few times, and when my son got tired of it, my son stepped out of line, confronted both of them, and said, “If you guys plan on going through your lives making someone else feel bad, just to make yourselves feel better, then I feel sorry for you, because you both have lousy lives in front of you.” It stopped. He was only 5, but he handled it with better character than most adults. Good on both of you for carrying on.
    I’m sorry to hear that all of you are being harassed like you are. Each of you are real stand-up people. I can not imagine the type of person it takes to treat Shannon the way she has been treated. That type of language only exposes ignorance, and for someone to call you and treat you that way is terrible. The hours you all put in for each of us can’t be easy. And to think that you do it for us is nothing short of amasing. I can’t say thank you enough.
    Will has always been a great asset to the show, I’m going to miss him. I’m not going to pretend to know what is going on in his life, but he must have spent hours dedicated to S.C. and hopefully he can find the time to come back, at least from time to time.
    Great show, keep it up, and don’t let the little people get you down.

  138. Robert P

    I think Will was threatened. I do not think he bailed like a pinko commie traitor. The people that keep mentioning $7a month this $7 a month that make me sad that the change in our country is happening. I want the people I like to freaking swim in money. I hope the show comes back but if not I will have good memories. Take care Will Jevning

    • Eric B

      I agree Robert. Will knew Mr. Black. Mr Black gave Will inside info(Bob Garret surveillance,etc) Govt is trying to plug the leak. Even if they don’t know who Mr Black is………they know who Will is……and his conduit to the public is now severed.

  139. phil c

    It took me 10 minutes to scroll (not read)to the bottom of the support…
    We support you. Keep learning, keep teaching.
    Hate to see Will leave, Show him respect and see what happens.

    Been here since the beginning, be here until it ends. Hang in there.

  140. Heather W

    Will, Wes, Woody and Shannon-

    Please don’t let these horrible people bring you down with the comments and snide and cruel remarks they have made. This show is awesome, and I can’t wait to see how great the upcoming shows will be!

  141. Reed D

    Wes & Company,
    Just remember this: you know you’re over the target when you start taking flak.
    So hang in and hold your course, you’re making progress. DO NOT let the jerks get to you. Keep in mind that we, your members, know that their blatant harassment and groundless, vile accusations are nothing more than a contrived BS campaign and we all see right through it!
    Never think for a moment that we don’t support you… and most certainly believe you. Wes, you’ve helped me more than you know. I know you’re the real deal, and those who count do also.
    Wes, Woody, Shannon, Wil….. There are more people out here than you can begin to imagine that hold you in high regard and respect you very much. So don’t give the BS a second though! You have NOTHING to explain.
    Reed D.

  142. Kent C

    I originally stumbled across some of the earlier SC episodes on YouTube; ……..And they captured my interest because of the unique format and interesting discussions.

    I watched all of the episodes that were on YouTube, and then subscribed to sasquatchchronicles.com because I enjoyed the ongoing discussions and “encounter reports”. ……Wes and Woody’s experience was just one out of dozens and dozens of encounters that were discussed, and if they had never personally seen a Sasquatch, the show would still be just as interesting to me!

    I subscribed to SC because Wes and Woody had created a good on-line product that was all about providing a place where people could talk about a difficult subject without the fear of ridicule: …….Not because they had personally had an encounter!

    ………And anyone who feels driven to examine the details of Wes and Woody’s single personal experience while ignoring everything else the show brings to the table……………. Well, that person needs to take the this month’s $7 subscription fee and go try to buy some pathetic little “life” for themselves!

  143. Kay S

    Please don’t leave Shannon. I know it can be tough, but hold your head up. You not only have my support and respect, but from the comments above 95% of our members respect you too!

  144. Frank S

    Hey u guys: I’m saddened n upset that u have been treated in this way. I love ur show n all ur honesty!! Shannon/ hope u come back!! Wes – all my respects n admiration!!! Stay strong n hold on to ur friends n listeners who r Fucken Happy that the show goes on!!! Keep Marching/

  145. Renee B

    Ok if they are attacking Shannon then thats just nuts. I’m really starting to believe that this was a coordinated government attack. Y’all are getting too close to the truth hre in Texas. These people also attacked Tracy G! As to Will, either he has been threatened or more likely he is a coward. I’m disappointed in him. I’d never heard of Rene Dahindon before he talked about him and after learning he left his family to look for BF and Will idolized him I’m questioning Will’s judgement. Get rid of the firum! Between these crazy trolls, the flute players, and the BF is a pooh bear posters I avoided it anyway. Please talk Shannon into coming back. Please Wes keep doing the show and I’ve missed Woody so maybe he could come around once in a while? Anyway, thanks for this show. I kept saying to wait n see and I have and am staying. Now lets get back to the BF stuff and get rid of the drama.

  146. Brett S

    I can’t believe this, I look forward to your shows every day, check the website a dozen times a day for new material and have helped me get through some rough patches over the past year. I’m sorry for the trolls and disappointed at Will for not at least discussing matters. I’ll still renew when the time comes. I was an Eagle Scout and have camped all over northern California I’ve heard stories never had any experience but have been fascinated since a kid. You guys do a great job and hope to see more

  147. Christopher N

    Wes, Woody, and Shannon,

    I’ve been a listener since the beginning and a subscriber since the Fall. I’ve tuned out that last month and checked back in tonight. Wow. I’m very bummed that Will has left. I wish he departed in a better fashion. Wes and Woody, you guys sound terrible. Beat up. Worn out. You guys should stop doing this show for what it’s doing to you. Or just do one episode once a month. Or once every three. Or only when you feel you have something you want to present. I won’t mind. You’ve done great stuff here and I’ll keep listening whatever the format. Just take care of yourselves.

  148. Renee B

    Shannon if you quit, they win. Please come back! I miss your smiling voice because thats how I always thought of it. You have such a gentle spirit and your interviewing style is great. I’ve never seen a BF myself but if I had the SC would be the only place where I would tell of my encounter. Look at Tracy G. That man had a terrifying encounter, he came here and y’all gave him a place to talk it out. I’d hate to think where he’d be if he hadn’t had your sympathetic ear. If ANYONE can dare to attack Shannon and Tracy G then you know they have an agenda. Wes n Woody hang in there. I’ve been steamed up ever since this stuff started on the forum. I don’t do facebook because the social media thing is mot something I’m really into and the only tweets I’m interested in are from the birds outside my window. I’m with Pam, just let the dust settle, get Shannon back and lets get on with the Sas Chron we know and love. Peace to y’all.

  149. Al G

    It was not needed, but thanks for tonights explanation. It is sad that Will left the show, however it was of his choosing and for his own reasons. Same for Shannon. But we got Woody back. Hopefully for more than one show.

    Time to break out the ban button on these trolls.

    Now, it’s time for more shows.

  150. Christopher c

    Welcome back guys ! you will always have a friend here! i stay in your corner! sorry there is so many weirdo’s on this domain I have ran across a few but overall it’s been well worth it!

  151. Audie J

    I believe there are people on this site hired to get u guys pissed off enough to quit the quest for the truth behind ” Bigfoot”
    PLEASE NEVER STOP ! …. People will keep coming forward with their encounters…others with their knowledge …….the name sayers will get tired and move on especially if WE DO NOT FEED into their comments…let’s all ignore them….treat each other with respect ….. BIG HUGS to Wes, Woody, Shannon and Will 🙂

  152. Thane M

    Finally got to listen to this. I had already on my own reached same assessment as you Wes and Woody. Interesting how sasquatch has brought out the very worst in human beings, the dark side of human beings, and I am talkng about those who have attacked you without any real basis, showing their jealousy, condemnation, character assasination, vain imaginations, campaigns of disinformation, magnfication of facts that are inconsequential; This has been a showcase and a window into minds of madness and pure negativity which actually looks like pure stupidity. I agree enough is enough. Please continue this good show and please close this group to anyone who is acting to destroy it. There is something much worse in human interactions than making a mistake, its condemning your brother or your sister without just cause. Its abandoning your brother or your sister when they are being assailed by false accusations. I am not into organized religion but in this instance I think it appropriate to quote from the words of Jesus ” He who is without sin cast the first stone!” ” Judge not lest you be judged by the same standard.” I am looking forward to you resuming this show next week!

  153. George H

    Wes and Woody: Your encounter was extraordinary in many ways (the size especially): I accept most stories if they come across as sincere and believable, but even I always have thought that your encounter seems like it was possibly exaggerated: So really you should not be so defensive about the criticism and answer all the questions now to prove your case:

    The death certificate of your Grandfather would help establish the actual date of your encounter (because you said it was about a week later): So this is not trivial and it is a document that you should be able to produce – and it would help prove your case.

    Will Jevning was a major part of the credibility of your encounter and the show.

    I believe you guys need to be more professional about all of this and produce any documentation that can establish the date – and the death certificate is a key document. -George

    • Gale R

      Oh my,Were you the one who called at 2am? How rude, if so.
      Sorry I do not agree with several things you posted because I do not feel Will was ever a major part of credibility to this show or their encounter!
      Their show is credible because of their willingness to allow others to share their experiences in an environment without ridicule.

  154. ron n

    Hey Wes,Woody and Shannon I don’t understand people who want to cause hurt/pain in anyones lives.I mean the nastiness and mean spirited personal attacks are beyond immature.An open message to those of you who attack Wes,Woody,Shannon and the people who have shared their traumatic events.I feel sorry for you ,if you were a compassionate person you would realize how much hurt you have caused,heck if you had any compassion at all you wouldn’t have called Wes with your “prove it to me personalized attacks”I hope that one day that you heal but that’s probably not going to happen now is it? Examples like what I have unfortunately had to watch on Facebook make me feel sick to my stomach. I feel so glad that I am not like people like you and cause the hurt that you’ve caused to people.I don’t know Wes,Woody or Shannon but what have they ever done to you? I’m really sorry Wes,Woody and Shannon do what is right for you!

  155. Rajan K

    When you are successful you are going to attract criticism. You guys have created a great community and you are doing a great job. I think you need to ignore the criticism and continue doing what you are doing.

  156. chris w

    We have a choice to believe any encounter as fact or fiction based on our knowledge of people whom we believe have had a true encounter. We take the info of what we believe to be true encounters and form on opnion of the habits, physical appearance,etc . And that begins to determine what we precieve has bull shit or what we have formulated to be true based on a creature that has not proven to exist by any evidence. We come back to the only evidence if you want to call it evidence are the encounters by people that you hear on pod casts youtube etc. That’s what we need to hear, the encounters!!! Big foot came out of a flying saucer,bigfoot disappeared before my eyes.Bigfoot spoke to me tellapathically,whoes to say any of them is wronge? Sure you can clearly see how up set non menbers and menbers were with evidence about the full moon date of encounter etc. that may bust your encounter as a lie,but just like all the the great encounters that we have listened om your show we want to hear more!!!! Keep it up, iam in.

  157. hickory67

    Well done guys. If you need help moderating, interviewing, or vetting potential guests I’m happy to do it.
    Many who claim to hold truth in high regard have no idea how to get at it
    I never heard of Mr. Jevning before this show. Respectable guy up until the point he left without talking to you. I could understand leaving due to the unfortunate circumstances. Politicians distance themselves all the time in such ways. But the right thing to do would have been to speak to you about it. Very disappointing.

    Keep up the good work.

  158. Jeven M

    First, OMG the scroll of comments, but also, if you’re not used to YouTube, understand for every good person who listens , there are gonna be 2_4 trolls and crazy fucks out there. If you are gonna do this professionaly, you gotta find a way to tune out the haters and the trolls. I hope you all and the show continue forth, trudge through it and keep focus and make a great show where others can share thier encounters at. Because at the end of the day, thats all that matters, BIGFOOTS. Be strong, be proud, and keep your eyes on the treeline.

  159. adrian P

    You guys are awesome all of you. And as for all those idiot iInternet trolls screw them. There all fucking idiot losers who have nothing better to do than bitch and complain.

  160. SYLVIA V

    This is the best show in the Bigfoot community , brings out a lot of jealousy and haters that have problems that had never had success.Hold the fort down do not abandoned us these will blow over and just be bad memory and a lesson how haters cause damage . You all are doing good continue the path and ignore trolls,haters .

  161. Ron K

    I had an experience when I was a kid camping with my family. I could give a general description but otherwise I was to scared to look for details. And as far as remembering when where or anything else for fet about it. Keep up the good work you have a great show that is focused on reality rather than whimsical stories and that’s what we need.

  162. Gordon D

    Wes and Woody ,Listen Up ! Will aint your friend ! Will about will ! I ll pay for him and You to take a poly ,and It will be you guys ,having to seperate your self from will for integrity ! Boys ! Get some thick skin ! Quite winning about the Sob s that bring the negtivity ! Your in the Media business ! Changer damn # quite talking to them ! Quite Crying and Stand Up and do this show Big . Ok Will an arrogant premadona ! Get Tim Conbo or his Partner as a new host and you will blow it up !

  163. Mattie L

    Jealousy is the culprit. Your show is going well and they can’t stand it. So glad to hear the show will continue. The overwhelming majority of your audience supports you guys. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the barrel.

  164. Jay Carlsen

    EASY CHEETAH ! Remember the episode you did w/ the Officer , & that Insider guy ? Don’t be so Quick to apologize………. Think About It . Could those Comments come from the D.O.I, or what ever agency is trying to Suppress this Information ? ( Think About it …)
    Who is this Community you say ? Your Local Community ? Can you Not See ? did you Poke that Hornets Nest one to many times ? ( I am Sure that is the Truth) Remember , the guy who Filmed the tore up Camp Site ? How his E-Mail was screwed with ? Same Name #1 – Same Name # 2 – Same Name #3 ? Do YOU NOT RECALL SAYING THAT ? ( I do ….. & I got a Head Injury . Broke a Motorcycle Helmet in 2 Pieces .)
    Apologizing, Is what they want you to do . Be BIGGER than that . Remember ? They are Laughing that you Waste an Episode on THIS , & not putting the Info out . ( Think About it .)
    Woody, Good to hear the Voice of Reason Again ! Congratz on your New Boy ! …….. September 8th 2003 , I was Working the Oil Field in Deboise Pa . I watched a Man Cut his right hand in 1/2 ! We were Working in the Mountains , I took him to the Hospital . The very Next Day , My Oldest Daughter was Born ! ( September 9 2003 ) ( I don’t Know ….. I just thought it Cool . The Voice of Reason’s Son was Born a Day before my Daughters Birthday !)
    I never seen one of these Sasquatch People , But I held a Foot Print when I was 7 Years Old ( even though I had to sit on the Couch, So I wouldn’t drop it & Break It .) Since then I have been a Believer . When I switched Schools , if the Subject came up in Science Class – I was the the First to Jump on the Boat ! ‘ Oh Yeah ! It’s Real ……. I held a Foot Print . ‘ The FIRST kid who Laughed or Poked Fun. I Would Pound his Ass on the Playground ! ( I am no Tough Guy – I have had My Ass BEAT.when i was drinking ) But if I am RIGHT , & Sober ….. Watch out. It only hurts the Next Morning .
    I am a Christian , So i listen to people Laugh & scoff at me as well . I can not Help that I KNOW . sorry . If anyone would like to hear how I KNOW , I will Gladly tell them . ( don’t get me going , it is Long & i can not type ……)
    Did you not Poke the Hornets Nest ? Can you not See , that it could very well be someone from this Agency? Didn’t you tell them to BRING IT ON ? That you were not Intimidated ? Well apologizing is excepting the Intimidation .
    Sad to see people Jump Ship on ya . Too Bad ……
    I have always said ” Could Be ” ” May Be ” when people would Laugh at me . But I Know that They don’t KNOW. Let them say what they will .
    Who could have got your Home Numbers ? ( The Government ? ) Think About it ………….. You had Better keep it Going ! I cash in Pop Bottles to listen to this Show ! ( Michigan 10 cent Refund ) And I will Keep Doing it, as long as you hang in there. Quit Being Sappy & Apologizing! Because do you NOT Remember Asking for it ? Poking that Hornets Nest ? ” Men in Black ? Fuck em .”
    Just keep it Going – & I will keep cashing in the Pop Bottles !
    Hang in there ……. & Fuck Them .

  165. Robert D

    I’m not standing on one side or the other. I do not know the reasoning behind Mr. Jevning or Miss LeGro’s departures. I’m sure they have their own good & solid reasons for moving along. Although in this day and age of ‘information’ most people want to know everything but aren’t getting everything, there are times where it’s a ‘need to know basis’ and we simply do not need to know at this time.

    That being said, I have to take exception to the passive agressive tactics used on Mr. Jevning on this podcast. “A week ago, I would have taken a bullet for the guy, I still love the guy”, “I believe him but on one show he said he was 14 and on another he said he was 16”. “He was within 10 feet of two of them and I believe he was, but he cannot describe their faces”. It seems to me that Mr. Jevning HAS described their faces in an episode or two. Those tactics are nothing but an attempt at deflecting attention of the plight they are in at the moment.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t this podcast supposed to be about addressing the attacks from the community, not attacking Mr. Jevning and calling his own encounter and 40 years in this subject into question? Besides, it has never been Mr. Jevning’s encounter called into question, it was Wes & Woody’s. Saying you’re sick of the attacks while taking shots at Rene Dahinden was pretty low class, especially since he isn’t here on this earth to defend himself anymore. Also saying what you said about him without having known the man is also very low. Basically Wes saying that Rene Dahinden was a scumbag after having agreed with Mr. Jevning on so many podcasts that Rene was a forerunner of this subject and good guy, makes you look two-faced towards Mr. Jevning. More passive aggressive tactics right there.

    As for this paysite, it turned ugly very early on because of a few that started ruining it from the beginning with foul commentary and online bullying.

    Asking for true facts about an encounter is perfectly valid, asking for death certificates is utter ridiculousness and way below the line of taste and decorum.

    Throwing out insults at Miss LeGro and Mr. Jevning is childish, bullyish and completely lacks taste, especially since those throwing out the insults haven’t a clue as to what is going on with them.

    If it turns out to be that this show was built on a hoax, bravo to Wes & Woody, you’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame and made some money. If not, Godspeed & good luck in your future endeavors. If everyone will be patient for a while, the truth WILL eventually emerge, good or bad for the show.

    • Robert D

      Wes & Woody, since there was SO MUCH LIGHT out that night y’all had your encounter (due to a full moon, half moon or massive solar flare driven auroral activity), what did the faces of the multiple Sasquatch y’all ‘encountered’ look like? I ask this because it seems that you validate or discredit someone’s experience based on that fact. Especially Mr. Jevning’s.


      Could not have said it better myself robert!
      Hit the NAIL right on the head as there RANT was quite UNPROFESSIONAL if you ask me and I felt like I was at KINDERGARDEN again hearing these two BITCH and WINE about people comments they DONT EVEN KNOW!
      WHO CARES work it out guys?
      Get on with the show boys and stop acting like a bunch of ten yr olds cause if I had a DOLLAR for every time someone said SHIT about me I’d be SUPER RICH! LOL
      And incase you haven’t heard the old saying STICKS and STONES will break my bones but NAMES will never HURT ME!
      Im losing interest in this show and its ashame but life goes on!

  166. Richard C

    Wow…this is all sooooooo frigin crazy I cant believe this has even happened…but then again….searching the web for a outlet for what I experienced and maybe…hopefully…some validation before I found this show I guess…par for the course…I for one am certainly ashamed I was even briefly taken in by the b.s. and for that I apologize…I just loved the show and hated the crap I was hearing…and as far as what the guys were saying about this USED to be a safe place to share there incounters…wow…that sucks….was just gettin the nerve to bite the bullet man up and call…now…just dont know…sucks…sucks …sucks…SUCKS!

  167. Donna A

    Please don’t let the #$%^& trouble makers stop you from continuing on with the BEST SASQUATCH SHOW EVER!
    ***IGNORE THEM*** They are not worth your valuable time and can only hurt you if you allow them to.
    Change contact info and disregard negative posts. That makes them powerless.

  168. Lita C

    Wes and Woody –
    I’m so sad you’ve been so badly maligned in the past several days. I believe Sasquatch exists, I believe your encounter story, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your show!!! Please continue to provide us with the perfect forum to both share our encounters with these cryptid creatures and to listen as others share theirs. Your show is simply the best thing going when it comes to all things Bigfoot!
    An avid and ardent fan,
    Leigh Clevinger

  169. Kent C

    I just wish that those people who research the Lunar Phase and ask for Death Certificates would apply the same zeal to “call out” our Federal Government on all the lies they tell us about Wars, Politics, The Economy and all of the government intrusions into our personal private affairs!!!

  170. darren

    Sit a lie detector test yourself trolls and see if you can get away answering “no” to the question “are you a big shit stirring troll”?

  171. victoria b

    Most really good groups i belong to on social media not only had to go private but secret as well to keep the flaming trolls out. And we still have to bounce a few people out perodically. By the way you don’t owe anyone information on your father or grandfathers death records, and for some random person to call you up at two in the morning demanding that is outrageous.

  172. rick b

    WES ,WOODY,YOUR ALL GOOD HERE,BACK TO THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BACK TO THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS R.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Keith M

    Two cents of mine:

    The crap is an indication of your success, how lunatic the fringe ends of the subject matter really are (and we always knew they were like that), and the fact that you are rocking some boats.

    I have checked out everyone else posting and writing on the subject, and I’m a researcher and interviewer by profession. NO ONE has the credibility you all have, and an unmistakable decency, humor, intelligence and commitment. It is regrettable that you’ve experienced the insanity the way you have, but you all – if you care to continue – just have to change your numbers, snip and delete stupid postings, ignore “the community” if it turns savage, and admit that you all are working not just in a weird business, but one that also likely includes some savvy, intentional undermining. I’m not conspiratorial, but you know who is listening, and who could be surprised at some careful work going on to get under your skin. Kudos to you all.

    The real beasts, after all, are not the ones in the woods.

  174. Jay Carlsen

    Now ya done it ! I am going to have to go back & Listen to those previous episodes , & find where you ” called them out ” . So I can Prove my little Hornets Nest Theory ……. Read the Comments of your Fans ! The People have Spoken ! Don’t let those who want to Hold us Down , Put their thumb on you .
    Can I live without this show every Sunday ? …………………………………….. Yeah , I Guess . If I Have Too . It would save me the Trouble of Turning Pop Bottles in . ( Sticky Hands ) ( & the Children wouldn’t mind . Bottle Returns are their Currency ) But didn’t you say , You would not Be Daunted? Man Up ! You do not Owe Anyone an Apology! I am sad to see your other Host go ……. Do another call in show , I will call ! ( I might have to go get a Calling Card . Long Distance Block on my House Phone – I have pre-teen Daughters )
    We have a saying in Northern Michigan : If you are Scared …… Just say you are Scared . ( & I will add – Do Not let them scare you .)

  175. Terry W W

    Man, I thought I never make it to the bottom. Sasqautch Chronicles crew, you have a lot of people supporting you. You can count on me for support. You guys are great and doing a great job. If you all decided to call it quits, because of all the crap. I would back you up. No one should saying anything about you all, and especially Shannon. Whoever is saying things about Shannon are not gentlemen. Put a block on these people, if you can.

  176. Eric H

    Just for the record, Im here for the stories, as much as I dig listening to you, you guys do excellent work,…….. I hope you get some sort of compensation for your work here… of which, is none of my business, does not effect whether I listen to the show or not…..I am more bothered by the BS that you have been subjected too…… obviously those people have some issues to deal with, and its unfair you are subjected to it……..
    I only ask you keep up the good work
    and Thank you for putting together a great show

  177. amused2deth

    So now it’s time to pledge my support for u guys. Wish I could be there for Shannon. A very sweet gal even though we have never met. She is an absolute doll! I never doubted your story. Even I know why Woody had to leave, I have listened to every single episode and feel like I know you guys. Keep the show going. I don’t care about the forums anymore so u can get rid of those for all I care. Wes, leave the damn intro alone! I still like it the way it was and it took me a while to like the new one. Am I gonna have to tell your mom? LOL. I’ll miss Will and still support him. Why he left is his business and I don’t care. Great books so keep them coming. JUST DON’T QUIT THE SHOW!! Especially Shannon.

  178. George H

    I always thought that Will Jevning was the class aspect of this gig. Now that I know that that was the case. Will Jevning was too professional and too much a class act to remain a part of this.

  179. Rob H

    Guys, love the show from the UK, you are the only one worth listening to…that’s why I pay..to hear you Wes, Woody, Will and Shannon..just ignore the idiots and bring us these awesome stories, as often as you can. The format is spot on. Thanks.

  180. jennifer g

    Will is a spineless loser, terrible writer and boring radio show host – better without him. People will screw you every time you trust them. Your supporters are still here and never waivered.

    • Robert D

      And you base your meaningless opinion on what jennifer? Siimply because Mr. Jevning, (a TRUE researcher with 4 decades under his belt) left the show because of a possible risk to his reputation? A possible risk you know nothing about…..

      Are you so in tight with Wes & Woody that you know the entire back story jennifer? Or do you know something the rest of us don’t? Some inside information perhaps? Or are you just being a dirty troll like the ones you are pointing your finger at?

      Let’s see, would jennifer hang with a group of lying meth heads and forego her sterling reputation or would she back away and save it? Hmmmmm, I wonder which?

      NO ONE knows the true behind the scenes story except the players involved. Everyone else taking shots and making such ‘informed’ commentary on the situation are full of crap, no matter which side they’ve chosen to stand on.

  181. Donald A

    It was REAL nice to hear Woody again! Reminded me of the early days when I first became a fan. Congrats to Woody on his new little adventure. Hope you can find a way to rein in the trolls Wes. They can ruin a site and any discussion about Bigfoot. Shawn’s Bigfoot Evidence site is one example. Anyways, on with the show and God bless!

  182. WALT D

    Want to reiterate my position . Do not listen to the F heads that have caused trouble. You have my 100 % backing. Been here from the beginning and I cannot believe this bullshit. I am a firm believer that you are so close to the truth that someone is trying to silence you guys . Do not let this happen. Wes Woody and Shannon and Dave keep up the excellent work. Anything you need I’m there !

  183. DonRay

    You really shouldnt have to explain yourself Wes& Woody…………The date was probably the last thing you would have tried to remember,,, Cant believe the shit said about Shannon, I hope she understands its the internet! Keep your head up Shannon, and dont lower yourself to their level and let this bother you.. It will pass….. like i’ve said, Its proven that we who believe in this subject, on average have a higher intelligence, than non-believers,, So why waste your time conversing with the trolls…… Please dont let this shit get to you again……. Been here since episode #12, and i’m not going anywhere…. Ciao

  184. kevin k

    C mon guys you been shittin in the govt wheaties for a while, you had to expect pushback. Been with you since I listened to seige of Honobia when it came out. Fuck Wil, he couldnt let anyone say anything without having to interject in some way what an expert he was like somehow their story diminished his, he’s a tool. Thought that the whole time. The information provided by this show has been a beckon of illumination I dearly needed as I have several small children and live in the Pacific Northwest. I would hope that the govt provided more information for peoples safety. Its depressing to know your govt with such huge resources and assets doesnt have the
    Peoples best interests in mind.
    Thank you all and I have said before you call these folks out theyll come running. Just say the word. I mean your fans, people with sense are behind you and pay no mind to the rest, wasted energy.

  185. Martin G

    this sounds like a gov sponsored campaign to attack the credibility of the show…as a community we’ve been getting closer and closer to bringing this thing to the light of day, and now “they” have executed a slanderous assault on the TRUTH…we all know who’s behind this bullshit…right??? Don’t we??? Don’t be fooled…
    Wes, woody…drive the fuck on, and complete the mission…don’t let this shit get to you.
    Read between the lines here guys…these aren’t “people”…these are scum bags hiding behind a fucking computer. You have to survive this initial contact, and continue mission…
    The best defense is a rock solide offense!
    Shoot, move and communicate…fuck these ass hats…

  186. Terry W

    In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, “Bully, Bully for you..” This is my first time EVER contacting/writing to a website. I am so glad you have decided to continue the show. You guys, and gal (Shannon), are online therapists for those of us who have had encounters! I have had three separate encounters over the past twenty years on a “farm”, basically a 235 acre hunting area, that my father-in-law was part owner of. Of course, no one believes me and they smile when I talk about Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I found your show about spring of 2014 and immediately knew it was THE spot to to hang out and listen to others talk about their encounters for my “therapy”. At the risk of becoming dramatic, all I can say is when someone or something as your show becomes popular, there comes a time when you must suffer the slings and arrows of abuse. Thank you for deciding to carry on. I think there are a lot more of “the silent majority” out here like myself that would have no where to turn to, to help deal with those who don’t believe us or try to deal with what we have experienced on our own. Your tenacity to continue shows your commitment. Thanx.

  187. Steven P

    Beginning to see why Sasquatches avoid humans

    ,Keep doing the show it must have hit close to the mark,or the competition is getting jealous either way you are on the right track

  188. carla r

    Sad to say but some people’s only job in life is to be di**s. Shannon those haters only hate what they can never be so just pray they find peace and keep it moving. My mom always says even Jesus Christ had haters. I’m praying for you all….Even Will. lol Although I kind of feel like he pulled a di** move. I fell like he cheated the fans of this show but I figure he will regret it when his book sales drop.

  189. Jim D

    I’ve been saying for a while now that it seemed like the biggest skeptics and the quickest voices to try and discredit anyone with a claim or a compelling story were the people in charge of the websites, YouTube Channels, message boards and Sasquatch information sites. Notice how here in the comment sections and especially the Forum how every single “persona” that are the quickest to yell fraud are the same ones who are using words like “integrity and honesty” when describing their hero Wil? Just check out the sites (and the nerdy people running them) who are making blanket statements like “Sasquatch Chronicle Implodes”. All I can say is; one of the good things to come out of this ordeal (besides getting rid of insider/spy/alphabet letter agent Wil) is that the lines are being drawn as we speak, and we are seeing ever so much clearer just who sits where and on which side, and the why that is is also coming into sharper contrast.

  190. Bernadine F

    Won’t say that Will is bad person I do believe these trolls found he has something to hide and something to lose worth more to him then this show and threatened him. Shannon stick with it baby girl all this crap is not worth giving up your dream job huggs♥

  191. Robert D

    So. The believers in Wes & Woody’s story completely outnumber the supposed ‘trolls’ (those who have question the authenticity of Wes & Woody’s story) and they’ve repeatedly unleashed their fury and foul language on the ‘trolls’. Who, I ask, are the REAL trolls around here?

    It certainly isn’t those that question the validity of Wes & Woody’s story. It’s the blind followers and those that bought into the increasing government conspiracy theories posed not by Wes.

    Healthy skepticism is an incredibly healthy thing folks. Just buying into a story (and I say story by two guys because their details are falling apart) blindly is what got the idiot we have into the white house.

    Don’t believe some of the supposed ‘trolls’? Do some investigating for yourselves, listen to the story differences each time it’s told on different podcasts. Look into the details given. The evidence is there for you to find. Better hurry though, podcasts with discrepancies tend to disappear into thin air.

    I’m the type to give ‘benefit of the doubt’ and I have in this case but the more I dig, the more I find.

    @Jim D “All I can say is; one of the good things to come out of this ordeal (besides getting rid of insider/spy/alphabet letter agent Wil)”

    So Jim D, I guess you and the rest of the W&W sheep know sooooo much about Mr. Jevning that you can with 100% accuracy that you can say he definitely IS an insider/spy/alphabet letter agent? I would speculate that you are nothing other than a fan of government conspiracy theories. The more out there and fantastical they sound, the more you get excited.

    Also, W&W ‘got rid of’ Mr. Jevning? WRONG. I’ll take that comment of yours, lump it with your other one about ‘insider/spy/alpahabet letter agent and put them where they belong…………in the toilet.

  192. Duncan S

    Can I start the petition for Oprah Industries to buy Wes a Squash hunters Hummer,
    afterall who wouldn’t trade all the money spent producing daytime tv on just 5mins of clear squash shots be it by camera or bullet for the first few ‘evendenciary specimens to shove into the Smithsonian records.
    Lets get Oprah to buy Wes a Squash Hunters Hummer,
    with HD vision cams, sound recorders, sound blasters, flare rockets, flood lighting, deluxe esky & camp out stuffs, perspex sniper torrent for tranquilizer treatments and other. winches, night vision. plus extras,,
    And as were not in it for the fame or money, 50% of all footage & specimen viewing proceeds go to Oprah, give her a chance in her life to use the fortune of her self built empire, to record five minutes of something relevant, that will be remembered by man for her contribution.
    And leave SHannon alone, we love u wes and shannon…
    and wes dont be so pleasant to people when they call asking for crazy requests..there is a time when the phrase can be used” fu…off
    mate… /
    i think we should use the non believers who attacks the persons and not the subjects entire evidence,. as bait, for Wes’s new show sponsored by Oprah industries? who agrees..

  193. steve s


  194. Tina A

    All this is BS propaganda to make you all sound bad. I am sure someone is trying to ruin a good thing…they are jealous because it’s not their good thing! We’re your “true fans” and I Love you all and appreciate this show so much. We ALL know its NOT TRUE! It sucks big blue ones guys but shake it off like a bug on your sleeve! Rock on 🙂

  195. garrett a

    Wait what, you guys are making money off of us? For something you spend time putting together and working on? I’m appalled!!! I’m so confused and actually hurt!!! Shame on you guys for making bold statements about a crazy encounter you claim you had. Risking your credibility in your community and within your family and amongst your friends all for money!!! I just can’t believe this!!! Well keep charging my account boys!!!! I’ll keep listening!!! P.s. everything above except the last part was sarcasm

  196. Paul L

    In Kentucky in the service for weeks in the woods at a time it took repeated times before Myself I could except what happened and again in Tn. I no longer am a skeptic .give this guy a break .if you just want to
    Go around knocking someone go get a life. The most ignorant usually have the most to say!! P.s his ridewas a converted 4 wheel Bentley not a hummer.

  197. Seamus J. C

    Trolls! The same thing happened to Facebook Find Bigfoot, another interesting site, they just pulled it. Bye-bye, trolls win. After trying to engage others in debate–as in, each side presents a point of view and each responds meaningfully to the other’s–on various topics over the internet, I have concluded that it’s generally wasted time. People just want to hear themselves talk, and hear others agree. And here I’m not even talking about trolls, just people on different sides of an issue (although the tendency to attack the person rather than the argument seems to be an unresistable temptation for all). People don’t even know how to debate, to evaluate logic or assess credibility, and maybe thier education is at fault there. When you get to the trolls, I explain them by the fact that we live in a society that denies a lot of very deep and dark issues (bigfoots being the least of them). Any people that lives in such abject denial of real threats to our long-term survival and happiness–the killing off of the ecosystem, corruption in government and the economy, sexual assault, selective imprisonment, war for profit–is going to have this dark, troll shit oozing out of the pores. The internet and other media, which are not face-to-face and so lack the human elements that would act as brakes in other social interactions, such as facial expression and vocal tone, are a ‘perfect’ vehicle for the vomiting up all this repressed shite. Generally, the person trolling does not have to see the effect their comments have on the person criticized….I am not saying that every troll that saw the hurt on Shannon’s face as they hurled their vile insults would have felt shame or regret–some true sadists are among us–but I feel that many more would have felt bad, and stopped, if they could immediately see the effect their hurtful words were having. But the internet is not set up that way, and all this is a fact of life in the U. S. of A. Generally, we do not allow for the constructive expression of ugly truths and emotions. We want to shine, we don’t anyone to see blood. So my hat’s off to Wes and Woody for saying how they feel out in the open, sharing their hurt and anger. This is what I like about these guys: they are genuine people, their hearts are out on their sleeves. Because of that, I feel confident that they themselves will not become trolls (or cannibal bigfoots)….All that being said, I think that trolls have only as much power as we give them. In order for an insult to REALLY hurt, on some level we ourselves have to believe it. “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission,” as Eleanor Roosevelt said. And, when all else fails, screen the posts!

  198. Priscilla C

    It sucks that this happened but when you open things up to the public you have to understand that most of the public are assholes. Will, it sucks that you just left. I understand that I do not know all of the circumstances behind this but it really does suck. Shannon, I’ve only been listening to you a short time but your objectiveness and openness to people is really inspiring. To the SC crew, just keep doing what your doing and a big fuck you to the people who want to bring you down.

  199. james s


    • Jay Carlsen

      You Bet Ms. Germer ! After listening to episode 157 ( which was GREAT ) I Applaud your Son for sticking in there. I Like your Boys , & I would bye them Beer at the Bar ! ( even though I quit drinking in 2000) I been hooked on the Show since Episode 10
      ( or was it 12?) I always Believed they were Telling the Truth . I think My self a fair judge of Character ( w/ Men anyway )
      I know they are telling what Happened , the best of their ability , The Truth.
      I am still Impressed with the Content of the Show , Shannon was nice …. Glad she has moved on & seems to be doing something. To bad for Will. ( no big loss )
      Oh , People get Brave , when they are Typing to a Computer Screen……
      I am Glad you Son stuck it out . It is still GREAT w/ only Wes ! I was all for Paying – when it was brought up . & if I remember correctly ….. I think I was like one of the first on the YouTube to say So ? When it was announced , & I don’t still mind .
      I am sure He works at it .
      I think they were Solid with their encounter .
      Sorry – just reading your Post . I have to Agree ……

  200. Debbie C

    My husband and I have been searching for a website
    that will disscuss Bigfoot/Sasquatch and all names this mystacal
    frightening creature allow to share eye witness accounts.
    What I hate most, people paying/signing up for a website like
    Sasquatch Chronicles and post replies to comments that
    Bigfoot is fake, everyone is nuts for breathing the words Bigfoot/ Sasquatch.
    Everyone who creates this amazing show, your personal lives are no ones business.
    I hope you all remain strong, ignore the haters, the cry babies, the jealousy.
    We are glad your website is here! This is our learning tool about Bigfoot.
    We Thank You All:)

  201. Jon e

    I avoided listening to this podcast and skipped past it many times, because I don’t want to see a family I respect being bullied or bashed, but I finally listened to it. The first 10 minutes of listening to it I was pissed off, I couldn’t believe the disrespect some of the people attacking wes and woody. But a applaud wes and woody for staying as calm and collected as they were about it, because I am a family man myself and if someone was bashing my wife and demanding information about my deceased relitives, I would have snapped and went off, both of there wit and humor had me cracking up though, you can definitely tell from their sense of humor that they are portlanders all the way!. Represent! Love the show, keep up the good work boys.

  202. Mike H

    I’m going to try to be respectful this comment, but I may fail.

    I have been listening to all of the podcasts, as I found this show about a month ago. I am at this episode. I love the show. I don’t know where Will is now.

    It is good that Will is gone. He always rubbed me the wrong way. He came off to me as a one-upper. Anytime people talked about their encounters and sightings, he always had to discount their experience by changing the topic to refocus on his encounters and making statements that made his experiences appear to be more dramatic than theirs. It really got to me a few times and I had to skip past his comments. He always speaks in a ‘matter-of-fact’ way, when the truth is that he doesn’t know anything more about these creatures than anyone else. If he, or anyone, did – they would have a specimen on display and out there to provide proof to the world. His many “contacts” such as Mr. Black… Not sure I buy all of that. He probably had a contact, but I don’t think the person was as distinguished as Will made it seem. He certainly had a way of making himself sound so important. I’m glad he is gone.

    • Mike H

      P.S. To all you one-uppers out there in life…let people have their experiences. I work with a few, and it is terrible. Don’t prop yourself up by making others feel their experiences were not as valid as yours.

  203. Gerard C

    I have now listened to all the podcasts. When I first heard this show I was shocked. I had liked Jevning. I have read some of his “books” in the last week. Now that I have, I do not see what “reputation” he had to protect as a writer. The books are just not very good. Jevning did a good job in the early podcasts and provided a lot of good information but his “Dahinden did this”, “Dahinden once told me” was getting annoying. He even does it in his books. He worships the guy. Study the life, actions and quotes of Dahinden. Then ask yourself, would you want your reputation be tied to Dahinden? Why does Jevning or anyone else make such a big issue out of the whole moon phase problem? On a clear night the light of a half full moon is almost indistinguishable from the light of a full one, at least to human eyes. Anyhow, keep up the good work and go get a $170,000 Ferrari next time, Wes 😉

  204. Alexander S

    Ignore the braying nay-sayers (or would that be neying bray-sayers) Your show and your work is much too important in bringing these stories forward and creating a forum for sharing these experiences. Yours is the most credible and probably the most important show in the field. Damn the idiots. Full speed ahead!

  205. doug k

    Hey Wes, Woody Shannon and Will, I love your show so much……Always haters out there who want to find a way to discredit people. Your shows are so good. Hope you guys continue on with it….It is so needed. Everyone loves you ………

  206. Chuck S

    I just went back and listened to this show after a recent forum topic about what happened to Will Jevning. I’m glad you didn’t give up, and are going strong now. You came up with an idea that people enjoy and find value in. You started with an idea, and are now reaping the rewards, both financial and, hopefully, personal and professional. I hope you are making money hand over fist, and having a good time doing it. It’s the American entrepreneur’s dream.

  207. Indignico

    Whooooo! Just decided to read through this entire comment string again last night. Not sure why really but I did get one interesting thought out of it I hadn’t had earlier while it was all still ‘present tense bullshit happening’… and if anyone else ever reads through all of these comments in the months or years to follow and was around to witness it all going down when it did thus would have a relevant perspective on what I was just thinking about it all…

    The thing I found noticeably lacking in the thousands of comments for this episode… where was Shannon? The amount of love and concern for her well-being and offers to defend her from all vicious trolls supposedly scaring her into dropping her participation in the show was astounding and universal. Both trolls and honest fans and defenders of the show (Wes and Woody personally too) universally supported Shannon and poured so much love out for her… does it seem at all strange to anyone else that she never once in all those thousands of comments above this one I’m adding now, popped in to tell everyone how much she appreciated the support and calls for her to return to the show… especially if it were just an issue of being harassed to the point of quitting such an obvious good thing she claimed to delight in being part of… why when the chaos blew over and the paid trolls gave up and moved on… wasn’t it then ‘safe’ enough for her to pop in from time to time and maintain her supposedly-good-until-the-shit-hit-the-fan relationship with both Wes himself and the fans who really gave her more love and unquestioned support than any simple human has a hope to encounter in their lifetimes… yet Shannon hasn’t been back or apparently maintained any kind of relationship to the show or its audience despite all of that love and support.

    I’m thinking maybe Jevning the dishonest weasel might just not have been the only professional scumbag pretending to be someone other than they were. If so she is much much better at it than Jevning who did so many disinfo-like things during his tenure as to be all but obvious (I mean calling his secret government insider ‘Mister Black’ with a total straight face as if that kind of silliness isn’t exactly what people mistakenly believe anyone who ‘believes’ something not mainstream media approved would be doing… going out there and listening to silly doofuses calling themselves Mister Black on the down low while muttering Bigfoot secret government insider facts to gullible dorks on the internet… not a pseudonym someone would choose when trying to establish their credibility)… but Innocent Little Victim Shannon, (or as the trolls insist on referring to her in that stilted faux respectful way they do when referring to someone they wish to laud in contrast to the evil shameless liars with no integrity who they refer to by first name as if that name were an insult on its own) Miss LeGros… might just not have been quite the innocent victim she portrayed on the Internet.

    What does anyone who might have a thought on this idea think?

  208. Linda P

    Time has told the truth….the people who call in make this show what it is….keep up the great work Wes we appreciate you…AND the SHOW GOES ON!!!

  209. NHSquatcher

    Who cares if their encounter was true or not? This is a psyop to get people to stop talking about it — the government doesn’t want them to be talking. So what better way that to try to destroy the show by putting this rumor out there?

    It was probably seeded on one of these teeny bop message boards, you know, where stupid people are reading that Q nonsense and falling for it?

  210. Ernest M

    Wesley, the show misses the sprinkling of cuteness Shannon brought, I miss her and wherever Bullwinkle’s friend, Mr Know It All is, he can stay there. How did that parasite attach himself to the show anyway and was Shannon driven away by the haters?

  211. Glen M





  212. Dale J

    Wes & Woody, I’ve been a fan since episode 1. I was listening when all this was happening. Back then, I could only hope that you’d pull through this nightmare. It’s now 2019, I’m still listening…probably to the point of being an addict. Regardless, you weathered this storm. Since November 2018, I’ve been staying with my mom as she goes through chemo/radiation for stage 3B lung cancer. As many other fans have said to you before, SC has provided me with an escape as I go through my own tribulation. Thank you. Thank you for hanging in there to share encounter stories from so many credible people. God bless you both! Cheers!!

  213. Colleen J

    I am new subscriber…this week…but not a new listener. I had an ‘experience’ in 2011-ish (I must be a liar too cuz I can’t remember without looking at tax records lol) and am ridiculously relieved I’m not nuts! Wes, ignore the trolling asses… I’d like to drop them all off individually at every site of every encounter with only a pair of Depends. Keep up the insanity. We are all right there with you 🙂 CJ

  214. Tom S

    So I’ve listened to the podcast for only a few years. I thoroughly enjoy it. I listen to it when I go to bed and then I listen to it on the drive to work. Sometimes I listen to it why working in my home office. At any rate during these listening habits I fell upon this episode — it saddened me but also frustrated me. People have no right to pry into Wes or Woody’s private life over a the show. Honestly no one has the right to do it over ANYONE’s show. Its called mind your own f–king business people.

    And let’s talk about the accusation Wes and Woody are making a good buck off the show. Let’s analysis that. We live in the USA the pinnacle nation of capitalism and free enterprise on the planet. Its a USA based show. For the sake of the argument let me say — ok so they charge for their member shows after they gain popularity with their show. SO WHAT!? But you say they planned it all along — I don’t believe that, but again for the sake of the argument let’s say they did….guess what…SO WHAT. But they are making good money from it. Well first how do you know besides guessing. And if they are, I say God Bless them. Captialism baby. Free enterprise! There’s no crime here. Its a show about bigfoot. No one forces anyone to listen let alone to pay to listen. They aren’t hurting anyone or violating copy right laws (to the best of my knowledge anyway) so where’s the wrong? Where’s the crime. You just upset with jealously some guys came out with a podcast show that gained popularity and now world wide tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands listen…so they charge to provide member level content and you figure well at 7 bucks a pop if even just x people pay that’s …..blah blah a month…. SO WHAT!

    You invent something, write a book that sells well. Make a podcast , grow the audience and then charge for member content…..you do that…then what’s your PoV at that point? Oh its ok if you get success and make a decent living but if others do…well that’s wrong…LOL…..first look at yourselves before you look at others folks.

    And that’s no even covering the part of this episode where they say folks were insulting Shannon…..WTF are people demented are they 5 years old. Utterly ridiculous. I know years have past since this episode was live and because I listen to her current stuff from time to time Shannon is doing ok. But holy shit if I was a listener to this show when this episode was live…I’d have been raging at people then.

  215. Penny F

    Although I did appreciate Will’s knowledge, I must admit, he would interrupt too much and I enjoy Wes and his guests. Everyone KNOWS about Will’s encounters, he mentions them with EVERY encounter retold. I want to hear OTHER encounters not his over and over again. Will is a great guy, I am sure, but Wes is right Dehinde, left his family! What kind of MAN does this?

  216. KAREN Y

    Thank goodness Will is gone!! Gawd, a few days ago I decided to randomly listen to a show back when you first started. Will kept on interrupting you all and most importantly the guests. He kept trying to TOP everyone’s stories and putting his two cents in. I had to listen to only 2 shows and that was it. I researched and found out he left the show at EP 87. I ain’t listening to EP 1-86, except for your experience with Sasquatch. If I started to listen to this podcast from the beginning with Will I would of honestly asked for my $$ back.
    Keep up the great work and I appreciate you all.

  217. Luis C

    Wes , I hate to tell you the ones asking for a dead certificates are the Birthdets The same dumb ass Republicans that ask Obama for his birth certificate. You got to change your party . Those are angry unhappy republicans .

  218. Teresa P

    Sadly, . Anonymity behind a screen has created such hurtful dialogue from very small minded ppl. Just keep it up for us true fans Wes and Woody. Behind you all the way!👏👏👏👏

  219. John L

    I know this has been a while but: Wes, I don’t care if you drive a 16-wheeler made out of cotton candy. As long as you produce engaging content, you get my monthly sub. Simple as that.

  220. John L

    Let’s make it exceedingly simple for those struggling with this fairly easy concept. If you enjoy the podcast, listen and sub. If you do not enjoy it, do not listen or sub.

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