Mar 15

SC EP:86 East Texas Trip Overview [updated]

Tonight we will be giving a recap of our trip to East Texas and the Sam Houston National Forest. Bob Garrett was kind enough to take us out to a few of the areas. The whole time we had non-stop rain and flooding but we did have a couple of encounters and lots of audio and video, which I will be releasing throughout the week.



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    • Kelly P

      I I have lived lived next to the Sam Houston National Forest for all my 52 years. It wasn’t always like that. I have had some sightings with the Monkey Man and his ladies.

      • Candice W

        Saw My 1st One, This past December In Huntsville Texas…It took me a Week To Admit to MYSELF what I saw Because of How fast This M.FER ran.. I looked up To watch Where I was walking & looked down & It clicked What I had Just Saw.

  1. Anthony M

    Is It Just A Matter Of Time Before The Authorities Harrasing Sasquatch Clans Causes Them To Go On A Bigger Rampage Than What Bob Garrett Came Across In Texas!

  2. Christopher c

    I thought They were going to say they ran into Tom Biscardi, Tom has been down in the big thicket Texas for the last six months,I know exactly where he is right now,I thought it was crazy that our hosts went down there to the same area,Iv’e been keeping tabs on him as I do believe that he is putting his heart and soul into bringing one down and clearing his name once and for all ,his name was marred by the two law enforcement officers who hoaxed him,and reportedly took him for over,130,000 dollars Ii still believe in him for not giving up, that means a lot ,if he were out trying to hoax people why has he been in the big thicket for so long why hasn’t he thrown in the towel?and if he is a millionaire why would he let a silly 300 dollar monkey suit and some road kill ,kill his reputation?see where I am with this,I hope he brings one in and get’s to clear his name someday ,I guess nobody was as mad at him as I was,but that was before I did a little homework on him and found out that it was Law Enforcement officers who created the hoax,one of whom was fired for lying on Nat. T.V. ,which really makes me wonder sometimes if we should always listen harder to the law enforcement officer group or listen to HIPPY as Dave Paulides said in his book Tribal Bigfoot ,Dave went on to say HIPPY seemed to be hiding something like he knew something, and to that I interpret it as HIPPY grows a lot of illegal pot ,yes hippy has had a run in with Sasquatch and would like to get it off his chest but smart HIPPY seems to know better than to bring in unwanted attention to himself and his illegal grow ,he knows if he talks his day are numbered as he will be breaking HIPPY RULE .#1 and 2 keep your mouth shut and two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead!HIPPY knows something but getting HIPPY to talk is another battle ,I want to hear from HIPPY,SCREW the cops for now they had their chance!

  3. ron n

    Awesome report! Thanks for sharing; makes me wonder why there was an apparent helicopter there does anyone have a theory about that? Was it because you guys arrived there or was the chopper already there because of a previously publicised report.It also sounds very disturbing that the guys from a motorcycle club won’t travel to their property at night because of the strange goings on there.Whatever was throwing logs sounds like it/they meant to do you harm wow!

  4. Patrick N

    In regards to the black hawk. Do you think the the government is prepping to exterminate the squatch clan and dogmen. They really have no choice from their perspective. Everything that’s happened since the attack on the camp points in that direction. Remember the missing 40 (and counting). The gotta sanitize the situation.

  5. WALT D

    Really enjoyed listening to the show. There is nothing more exciting than going out and having some action take place. Dave congrats on a safe first sighting. Shannon you are getting closer. Wes you are starting to get your confidence back that the bruise brothers took from you ! All in all can’t wait for more good stuff. Thanks guys.

  6. Robert P

    That whole area is a large forest, swamp that many people don’t venture. There is another similar place a hundred miles north of there the Honobia, Boggy Creek area. Both are maybe a couple of million acres of forest. These animals will never run out of food or shelter because of the hogs and the land will never be developed. We get El Niño rains once every ten years and y’all just happened to be here at that time. Freaking awesome show!

  7. Donald A

    When things get strange in the field it can be real intimidating. And I didn’t even think a creature like Bigfoot even existed back then. I however, did become a big fan of always taking my 44 mag with me though. Sounds like you folks had a great trip/adventure. Thanks for sharing!

  8. margaret h

    Enjoyed hearing you all so excited by your happenings on the trip. Thanks to Bob Garrett and his Crew for sharing. Wes, you sound like a kid let loose in a candy store. So excited I thought you would burst. Glad you had the courage to confront your fears. Don’t know if I would be so courageous. Shannon, glad you were so inspired and hope you can go back soon. Maybe a new broadcasting post perhaps??? Dave, you had the ultimate “safe” sighting everyone dreams of. Welcome to the club mate…..Can’t wait to hear more this week. Wonder when all your adrenaline will subside? Maybe after a few more days. Cheers and thanks to all. Mxo

    • Eli K

      I find it very coincidental that Will leaves right around the time Wes is meeting Bob and saying how he is ” amazing, and the absolute real deal” then all of a sudden, he doesn’t believe wes and woody??? Seems almost like jealousy in the way that he may not be ” the man” to wes and the show anymore….just seems strange In my opinion.

      Sorry not a comment towards you just didn’t see where else I could comment lol

      • Dameon D

        Exactly! I was not a member when this happened so I have a bird’s eye view of this. It wasn’t hard to see what happened after the fact. I don’t believe it was Uncle Sam launching the attacks. I got all of the episodes in one dose.

  9. Janetta V

    Thanks to all of you for having the courage to go out in the woods like this in such a hot area. People sometimes put their lives on the line so we folks at home can have so much listening pleasure. Thanky you so much, I love you show.

  10. bigyin

    The courage to go out into the woods what a load of sickly hero worship tripe I’m reading. Sorry but any credibility Wes had has now totally gone with me. I just can’t believe a word of what he says anymore.. Just read moon phase thread!

  11. LC B

    The activity sounded legit, and the dogman stuff hits home with me living so close to Bray Road and the history of DM sightings in my area, did they sound like the howl/scream at the beginning of Monster X’s podcast?

  12. auroralora

    I’m taking care of a friend’s dog. When the second howl played, the dog started barking and wanted to go outside. 🙂

    I guessed Texas! Glad to hear the show. Thanks guys, and anxious to hear more.

  13. pam

    Really good but a TEASER! More more! hahah
    The bikers getting knocked off bikes rang a bell- I recall an old video where a woman tells of her husband being encountered on his cycle as he went to work.

  14. Renee B

    I wondered if y’all would be coming here to Texas. I’ve always been amused by folks having an idea of Texas being all flat and no scenery but thats not the case. The piney woods is perfect Sasquatch habitat.

  15. Dutch W

    Good show, Wes you fade in and out perhaps your moving away from the mike?? The Blackhawk I would look at an aviation sectional chart for this area to see if this area is an MOA which is designated military Operations area zero feet to 10 thousand or whatever altitude perhaps National Guard , perhaps Kill team maneuvers. I would hope some follow up with the biker bar concerning the squatch slaps while they are riding down a certain road. I dont know how to approach and gain trust but this would be a good place not to mention the surrounding area of the bar a couple bikers hitting a fatty and seeing a squatch watching them .Who knows but they are aware of each other over time and there must be stories waiting to be shared..Be respectful and they will share I am sure,

  16. Joey S

    They need to have Vic Cundiff on the show. I wonder now that they’ve seen the Dogman type print, if it will help open their minds a bit. I love the show and have been following since early 2014. I like the level headed approach they bring to the table but, IMO they seem a bit closed minded on certain topics and occurrences. I believe having an open mind is key, especially on the bf topic. Sounds like they had their minds blown down there in the big thicket!

  17. Eddie M

    The environment must agree with “them” there. I’ve heard quite a few “credible” people’s experiences in East Texas. Bear about got his head took off by Big Gray…With plenty of back up. I don’t know what “the credibility” snipe was about…I want hear about what you heard and saw…I believe you saw and heard every bit of it. That Region just has a pot sheet load of boogers. Bob’s as credible as credible gets and I’ve listened to a long time…the area is just teaming. Please ask Dave to slow down speech just hair…couldn’t understand some of it…kinda like dis claimer at end of commercial.

  18. SYLVIA V

    A very excellent and interesting show. I’m glad to hear and see that everything went good for everyone. I can imagine the unsettling feeling at night knowing that something is creeping around the campsite howling and having tree logs flying out at your direction. It truly takes a special kind person to be out there investigating these creatures, especially in this bad weather conditions here in Houston. I am glad to have not crossed paths with any of these cryptids.Be safe and aware of your surroundings. Ruben & Sylvia Villalpando

  19. Kenneth M

    Would love to hear a Biker-Bar Encounter – People being Picked up off of a motorcycle is in line with the kid and the bike story. Dogs and other animals really get psyched up when a loud bike goes by in my experience – sort of makes sense a squatch would be wound up over one and grab it, etc.

    Also is the making of a great action movie – “Sasquatch Vs Hells Angels'” or Son’s of Sasquatch Anarchy : )

  20. auroralora

    Well hell. I’ve read the entire threads on FB and Reddit. Entire as of 9:00 a.m., anyway. I’m really sorry all this is happening to such a great production.

    While I’m sympathetic to some of the comments I’ve read elsewhere online, the bulk of it doesn’t convince me that the folks here have lied or duped anyone. Some folks make good points, but really, some of the criticism is just whining and freaking out over nothing, and I suspect it comes from people who a) have never really worked before, as in, earned their own living financially or b) are some kind of trolls whose real motives remain unclear. I mean, some posters want to act like your trip is totally fake because you didn’t instantly post shows from the location in TX. Wtf? And anyone who researches anything can find inconsistencies. The ones pointed out in Wes’ stories are not convincing. So I keep coming back to trolls and what their real motivations might be. (And just that some listeners have no lives and have to make the lives of others miserable to feel important.)

    I KNOW that Bob Garrett used to have a lot of videos on Youtube, and not just the torn up camp. I watched them and subscribed to his channel last summer before all this went down. When people act like it’s all made up I’m just confused. It’s not. He had well over 1,000 subscribers. Maybe less than 2,000, I can’t be sure, but roughly that number.

    I, for one, am not ready to jump ship just yet.

    Don’t give up, guys!

  21. Rob C

    Glad everything went well, although it felt as though I was listening to an episode of Finding Bigfoot, bunch of people running around in the woods and hearing noises. Please get back to the encounter stories. Thanks!!!

  22. Letty

    Can’t wait for you all to share your findings. I was hoping Shannon would have had her first encounter. I would like to add that there are serious listeners like myself who are intrigued by the subject and would love to join the team someday. I do remember Will and Wes mentioning an expedition at one time at the beginning. I am interested in paying my way to get there and I am sure there are others who are mature and serious enough to handle the sensitivity and discretion of the subject.

  23. Scott P

    I wonder how much the raw pig diet can limit a lfe expectancy. They must be full of worms to begin with but wild hogs are just NASTY if you don’t cook em. Not that raw anything is good for our diet. They must be incredibly adept to survive out there. Great show as always.

  24. wanda t

    Hey Wes! Thank you for the overview! Im just now hearing this 6/23/19 Lol I know this is old news but its new to me! Sounds like you guys had a blast! Awesome!

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