May 6

SC EP:851 The Runaways

Phil will be joining me tonight and over 20 years ago he was a runaway teenager. He lived in the Pine Barrens for some time. One night Phil and his friend had an aggressive encounter with a creature he had never seen before.

I will also be speaking to Jeanette. Over 30 years ago Jeanette and her boyfriend were fishing at a campground when they saw this huge creature stand up and walk away. Jeanette said “It was not a bear and it was not a man, I did not know what it was.”







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90 Responses to “SC EP:851 The Runaways”

  1. F S

    Happy Mother’s Day ladies! Y’all get too little credit.
    (I’ve also been called a “mother” a bunch of times – but in a different context.)
    And for everyone else – call your mum!

    • Chad W

      There’s an interesting Wikipedia page regarding the Sisimito (aka SISIMITE), which appears to be the Central American cryptid Phil was describing. Their legends describe them as very gruesome creatures.

    • m99

      Yeah. Remember that night the wise guys (Sopranos’) spent in the Pine Barrens? Even they were spooked.

      Anyway, yes. While listening, I thought, they shouldn’t be out there.

    • Phil C

      This was the most terrifying experience I have ever had. It led to years of self destruction, drug abuse, incarceration and being institutionalized. I was really nervous talking about it to Wes for the first time ever. I wish I could go back and do it over because there is so much I left out. But cheers friend. Thank you for listening to my mumbling

  2. Linda B

    Man, Phil, if you are able to read our comments, I sure am sorry you had such a terrifying experience with these things. I have a friend from New Jersey who is one of the nicest people in the world and he has told me how rough it was just going to the grocery store there, so I’m a believer and I am really sorry for the harsh upbringing you had. All our best to you.

    • Phil C

      Thank you for the kind words Linda. I agree with your friend, NJ is a rough place especially in the 80s and 90s. This experience led me to some crazy places. Even crazier than being alone in NYC on the streets in the dead of winter or spending more than a couple years in jails in the roughest areas like Newark, Patterson and Camden for heroin addiction.(clean and sober 17 years) For years I didn’t know what that night was. It wasn’t until finding Wes’s Sasquatch Chronicles that I started putting the pieces together. Like I said in a previous reply. I wish I could re-tell the incident because I left so much out. I was so nervous to talk to Wes about this for the first time ever. Also had my 3 year old son running around me trying to grab my attention haha. But after I felt a weight lifted off my back. Wes is a great interviewer and is easy to talk to and open up too. I am grateful for him. Cheers Linda.

  3. Doug K

    This was an absolutely great program tonight Wes!!! Big thanks to both of the witnesses who were kind enough to share their encounters with all of us!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Alexandra H

    Wow! It’s sooo good! What’s so scary is that the poor kids had no where else to go!!! They were stuck there. As a teacher for traumatised kids I just want to hug them both and keep them safe. Thank you for sharing!

    • Phil C

      Thank you. I really appreciate your kind words. Luckily I learned exactly what not to do as a parent from years of neglect and abuse. That night was terrifying and definitely added to the long list of trauma I have lived through. But I somehow made it out of the chaos and have a great family and lots of amazing caring friends. I still do a lot to deal with the trauma like meds and therapy. I wont share this encounter with my therapist though. Im sure Id be labeled psychotic or schizophrenic if I did. All the best to you

  5. Edward H

    Crazy to think how close these creatures are to major urban centers. I live in NYC and encounters are reported just an hour north and west of the city.

    • Phil C

      It was the only time I have ever urinated from fear. And I have been in some sketchy situations with bloods, skinheads and latin kings in jail. Nothing can even come close to this.

  6. Maria G

    Man I’m not sure what happened but I certainly hit a snag and couldn’t comment most of the night..but I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying my birthday while listening to another new SC episode. So cheers to that. Thanks Wes

  7. richard r

    yes Wes you’re a great listener. i visit a counselor every 2 weeks and i love to go because she is a great listener too. it does help to get a lot of stuff off your mind especially these people who have seen one but have no one to talk to.

  8. Laura K

    Great Show, Wes! White Rose, Red Rose, I hope you all remember your moms this Sunday. We wouldn’t be here without them. I know for you, Wes, this may be a tough holiday. Be kind to yourself.

  9. David G

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show Wes. Phil’s story was both exciting and terrifying! I am glad Phil decided to share his story. Having been to the boundary waters area numerous times, I could relate to Jeanette’s story. There are definitely large tracks of land/lakes that could be the home to Bigfoot. I have often wondered why there weren’t more stories from this area. Big thanks to Jeanette for sharing her story!

  10. Andrew A

    First of all…..fuck both of their parents! Absolutely pisses me off to hear their parents were worthless pieces of shit! Having said that it was an amazing encounter and freaking insane! I just want to say thank you Phil for you telling us your story. I would have shit and kissed my pants multiple times. You sound like a totally normal dude so I can only attribute that to your own coping skills and being a Gen X’er. We were often left to our own devices so if there is sby good that came from your parents being worthless at least what they taught you or by then being negligent you evolved into a total badass!

    Thanks again!

    • Phil C

      Wow much appreciated. It was a rough upbringing but mentally prepared me for the years of trouble and horror I lived through. Of course I would have loved to have had some sort of nourishing, compassionate parents but thats not what was in my deck of cards. I have grown a lot and learned what not to do in the upbringing of my son. He is having the best life and I am giving him all the things I missed out on. Thats all I care about. About the encounter…yeah it was so crazy I didn’t even believe it actually was happening. I was waiting to snap out of it and wake up in my tent but it was not a nightmare, it was reality. These creatures are not to be fu%#ed with. The speed they have, the sounds they produce and their brute strength seem almost paranormal. And from my encounter and listening to hundreds of others, they are never alone. Thank you again for the love and support. Cheers friend!

  11. Ann Y

    Area if a state park here in PA has been closed off for a couple years, supposedly working on it, but no sight or sounds of construction ????.
    Wes you are a great listener, rare in this day and age.

  12. Ann Y

    Wes and others who lost their Mother…God bless and comfort you this Mother’s day. Also,God’s comfort to all mothers who lost a child❤️

  13. John E

    Great show! I could really relate to Phil, I had a very similar background in the same places and I left home young. It sounded like my teen year in NY he was describing. What a crazy encounter. I’d have dropped a deuce in my underoos for sure. Sounds like he’s got a family now. I’m glad to hear it.

    • Phil C

      Hey thank you man. Yeah it was close for sure. I think the fact I hadn’t eaten barely anything in a couple days was why that didn’t happen hahahaha. Was terrifying as fu#%! I still have night terrors and sleep paralysis relating to that night. The worst part is that I cant talk to anyone I know about this night. Wes Is the only person I have ever talked to about this, which felt like a heavy weight off my shoulders. Cheers

  14. Leann G

    Thank you Wes for another edge of my seat episode!
    Thank you Phil for sharing your harrowing encounter. I hope you eventually feel safe enough to share with your wife.
    1988 is when I moved from MN to NC. My family would spend all summer long camping/fishing at a lake like Jeanette. I can remember those little house on the prairie style water pumps . The water was so cold that you couldn’t get shampoo rinsed out of your hair!
    I don’t know why there aren’t more reports of sightings especially from BWCA but maybe now more will come forward because you shared yours!
    Happy Mother’s Day all !

  15. Sidney R

    Two great guests! The first encounter sounds so terrifying. I can’t even imagine the terror those boys went through. But like Phil said, looking back he knows the Squatchs weren’t out to kill them, just scare the ever loving piss outta them! Thanks to both guests for sharing for our curiosity and their peace of mind to get it off their chests. Top notch show, Wes.

    • Phil C

      Cheers….Yeah like I said, they could have had us at any time. We were lucky. Unfortunately I tend to think some aren’t as lucky. There are way too many accounts of missing people with no trace. I believe these creatures are opportunistic hunters and if hungry enough wont hesitate to eat humans or even their own weak, elderly or rivals.

  16. pam

    Thank you both!I really connected with both Phil and Jeanette: I came to OR from MN and spent 100’s of hours camping and ;leading women on canoe adventures teaching them survival skills etc. Never heard or saw a bigfoot.
    I ran away from home at 16 , like Phil I went to the woods then flew out to CVA from KS where we were stationed after Dad retired. It was harrowing but because of HUMANS lol.

  17. Michele C

    gripping stuff! this young man and his pal must have been scared beyond words with their encounter, no wonder people are left traumatised after their encounters. This guy was already coping with way much more than most to start with what wire being homeless and all, yet you could audibly hear how he was complete at ease and comfortable talking to Wes about his terrifying encounter. Wes is one of the most compassionate and sincere hosts out there. This is why the show works so well. Keep em comin!!

  18. Connie O

    Wes, Thank you! You are such a blessing to so many. You provide a safe haven for so many to share their experiences. They can feel safe here. I pray God blesses you for your kindness and sacrifices for us to listen. You have a true gift of listening and making guests feel comfortable while telling their stories. ????????

  19. schlad

    Those poor guys, it’s amazing to me how some people.dont value how precious children are, and it’s Our job to protect and nurture them. What could possibly more important than guiding a new soul, what an honour..the highest possible use of a Life, it’s amazing how cretinous some humans are. Right now with all the child abuse with masks and shots, I often feel like I’m another species to most so called humans.

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