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          • F S

            The part that bothered me is the laying of vocal tones and inflections simultaneously, not to mention tones consistent during inhaling and exhaling. I have taken vocal lessons (opera and rock) and that’s very difficult to achieve. This is evident in demonic possession cases. It’s like I say – these things are abominations.
            The veteran with the story of the 15’ Sasquatch, AND the “Catsquatch” or “Felinesquatch” or “Pusssquatch” blew my mind. This is one of the best shows ever.
            (The one thing that kinda bothers me is that the person with the recording of the vocals mentions that he did not want to share the evidence “at the time” but now feels comfortable, but then also says that the incident occurred in late 2021. That’s not a long time but perhaps it’s subjective.)

          • Madelyn H

            I’m with you, they are abominations. Whatever that was sounded demonic. I’m no expert in demonic but you can sense the evil.

  1. William L

    Recording just ends at approx 33:05 (if I remember right) and then jumps to 1:01:52 and ends. Very strange and I tried restarting several times with same result. Anyone else experience this? I see no comments to this effect at 9:04 Eastern time.

  2. John A

    Exceptional episode and discussion. I’m from a rough area of the world and not easily scared but that audio clip was unnerving. Thank you Josh, Wes and Mat.

  3. Linda B

    Wes, you’re amazing. Tonight’s show was incredible. Ok, can identify with dads getting mad because they can’t tell their kid that there is something out there so they get mad instead, also…yeah…something jumping into the back of a pickup….oh man, my husband had that happen. Was it last week we heard about the gal on the Texas border cat sitting in the hot tub? Guess who had to go check the hot tub in the dark tonight by herself during the show. Not fun. Lol. Crazy stuff. Loved what you said at the end of tonight’s show about going and getting a man of God . You are right.. they run from the name of Jesus because the Bible says every tongue will confess and every knee will bow at His Name.. I think they must be from the devil,, at least in part.. One thing’s for sure when Jesus comes back which could be soon no hologram will be big enough because the Bible says everyone will see it in the whole world at the same time. We are not to be deceived. These creepy crawlers are probably a precursor to what comes after Jesus calls his elect home. Be one of those. You have all my respect Wes. Please be well, brother. Love yall.

  4. Miss Kendall S

    The show was awesome Wes thank you. The sounds at the beginning and then the end, well I Couldn’t listen to it till the end lol it was creeping me out too much smh.. Anyway I hope you get back to feeling better quickly ????

    • Wilfred N

      I remember an episode a while back where this person had seen all these different creatures that were Kept underground. As if it were some type of scientific experiment. Sometimes I wonder if some of these are set free .

  5. Wilfred N

    I remember an episode a while back where this person had seen all these different creatures that were Kept underground. As if it were some type of scientific experiment. Sometimes I wonder if some of these are set free .

  6. Melissa P

    Wes, what a great show! Thank you. I would love to hear some of the encounters that you can’t post. The hunter that sees that huge giant, I bet it was an incredible to listen to him. I really hope that you do an update on the giants. Maybe you could talk him into coming on that show…
    Josh, thanks so much for sharing your encounters. The first one you talked about was incredible! I cannot imagine seeing something that BIG! How close were you to it? Do you think that the giant saw you? How did your dog react? Sorry, I’m just so curious!! Please update us after you speak to your father. Thank you and your dad for serving this country for all of us. So you worked on a base in Nevada, you can’t speak about some of what you witnessed and it was high security there. Sounds a lot like Area 51…

    • Donald P

      Wes, please do the show on the mountain giant encounter. These things are not extra large Sasquatches but an entirely different entity. More like the Kandahar giant – red hair and beard, tusks, etc. These guys could fold an adult Sasquatch up like an accordion and have one for breakfast.

    • Josh y

      Hey Melissa, thanks for the kind words. If I had to estimate I’d say I was a good 150 to 200 meters away when that thing burst out of the trees. Whatever it was I think it was too preoccupied with the helicopter above it to even notice me. It was just dashing back and forth like crazy, I don’t even think it was paying attention to its surroundings just trying to get away from the blackhawk. Funny thing is I don’t remember my dog really reacting to it other than just watching it, I think it was too far away for her to consider it a threat.

      I’ll contact Wes after I get a chance to speak with my dad face-to-face about it, hopefully get some more details. I was in Alaska about four or five years and this was the only time I ever saw anything like this. I just wish I could’ve gotten a clearer look so I could know exactly what it was. Kind of bothers me to this day that I still don’t know.

  7. Cindy S

    Wes this was a great episode!! Praying that you feel better soon!
    I got nauseous listening to that audio… I used to hear deep growling coming from my woods. All those terrifying feelings came rushing back to me! I am so glad to be away from there! I really feel for those people that have these things coming around their house. I hope they are careful.

  8. Elaine L

    AWESOME show Wes! All your shows are excellent but this one really hit it out of the ball park for me! Josh has some amazing encounters for sure. I love to hear what he knows but can’t say because of his military NDA. You’re going to have to stick around man! 😉 As he was talking about the ‘feline man’ story I happened to remember that you had two guys on a while back who recounted an strange encounter they had one evening with a creature that had feline attributes. I believe there was a ball of light in the trees at the back of the yard as well. I remember they said that the creature had an amazing leap over their back shed which reminded me of very feline abilities and if I remember correctly they made a comment about it being like a cat or the size of a large cat. All SO intriguing!
    I hope you’re feeling better with each passing day and many thanks for working through the ‘big-C’ to bring us the uber quality work that you’re known for that we get weekly. So appreciated! Take care <3

  9. Michael J

    Anyone with breathing problems use a nebulizer.
    1 part 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide
    27parts saline.
    Nebulizer 4minutes plus, no limit, 1or more times an hour.
    Follow mixture perfectly.
    Look up on web for confirmation. This can save your life, and keep you out of the untrustworthy hospitals.
    God Bless you all

  10. Andrew A

    Hey Wes,

    If you are still fighting COVID get Ivermectin and Albuterol for the lungs, Call a Telehealth Doctor to prescribe Ivermectin or go to Mexico and get it over the counter. If anyone in the group has ivermectin get with Wes and get it to him. If COVID lingers it can be a problem and no doc will prescribe it.

    Take vitamins C, D3 and Zinc Wes..don’t mess around and go get the meds. Take care and wish you better days!

  11. Johanna V

    Excellent episode, Wes, thank you! The witnesses were very interesting, and it must be difficult coming from that military background where so many things require paperwork, etc. if you speak up, and then there‘s ridicule and reputation, etc. also. The audio tape recording at the end was so creepy, though. Ok, growling, whatever, but when it says, and you can clearly hear ‘I’m fine’..that is beyond chilling, for a couple of reasons. First of all, the tone/emotion behind the phrase does not match the words; it sounds extremely pissed off and/or agitated, certainly not ‘fine’. Secondly, it does not sound like a phrase it is accustomed to saying, even though it clearly has language and is used to speaking with words. It’s like if you or I tried to say a word or phrase in a foreign language, but slightly bungled it, so it is still understandable but doesn’t really make sense in the context. Thirdly, it almost seems like this could be a phrase that whatever it is perhaps overheard someone else saying, like on the phone, or to another person..’Hi, how are you? Oh, I’m fine’. Rather than a phrase that was just made up on the spur of the moment to convey a genuine emotion. Maybe whatever it was even thought that ‘I’m fine’ was the dog’s name, because maybe the owner (the caller’s mom) would say it somehow in conjunction with the dog? IDK, but it is just extremely concerning and frightening and beyond creepy. Almost beyond shotgun creepy, more like move the heck out creepy! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  12. HUGH C

    Excellent episode! Being a Remington man, I’d go with an 870, but whatever they get, make sure it’s chambered for 3-1/2″ Magnum! Mr “I’m Fine” might warrant an RPG-7. That was absolutely terrifying. Glad I didn’t listen to that episode while camping!

  13. Stephen W

    Another great classic Sasquach Chronicles Podcast Don’t think it gets any better than this.Thanks Wes.Am very pleased you are on the mend.Gods blessings and favor to you always.Stay toasty.

  14. theresa m

    Wes, Vitamin D3 and C. Get some zinc into you, as well. So sorry you are sick with Covid. Have a sister dealing with long-term issues and it is not easy at all. Red Face, leg cramps, etc. Rest. Thank you so much for the show this evening. Of the four podcasts I support, yours is consistently the most riveting and I am hooked. Best to you. Thank you so much, Josh. Thank you for your service. Your share helps the community so much. It just might move someone else with a ‘like’ story come forward to share and get it off their chest, too. We do not live in the world our parents and public school prepared us for. Wes, Wernher von Braun said that the last thing ‘they’ would do after making us think Russia was trying to overtake us was that an alien attack would be used against us. It’s all about control … controlling us! That last audio is unGodly and I believe comes from the underworld. Say the name of the Lord and keep praying. Get that .375 H&H Mag out!

  15. Nicholas V

    I’m from Illinois and the only cat man story I’ve heard actually came from southern central Illinois in the mid 1970’s. A guy had car trouble late at night and while looking under hood of car an actual cat like man tackled him and sat right on his chest so he got a very good look at it , clawed him up some if I remember right then took off into darkness . Was very big .

  16. Andrew A

    Thank you Wes for an excellent show and no thank you for the freaking nightmares from that demonic Sasquatch or whatever outside Matt’s window! That thing sounded like it had a bad case of COVID considering the incredibly labored breathing! Nebulizer or Albuterol will fix that right up!

    Thanks to Josh for his encounter and his experiences in the military. Also, thank you Josh for your service to our country or what little bit of country we still have. On a side note, I sure hope ex-military are on the ready if we need them…wink wink!

    Sasquatch, orbs, UFO’s and vanishing in thin air….what do all these have in common? They say the UFO’s we see are from the US military and they also say that every new thing introduced to the public is actually 50 year old technology. Orbs or US military high tech drones? Vanishing in thin air or US military “beaming them up”? I know this sounds crazy but so does the US government conducting gain of function research with the Chinese COMMUNIST Party. Also, it sounds crazy that the US government would knowingly encourage their citizens to get a “jab” of an experimental gene therapy and the get the CDC to lie and say it’s a vaccine. It is also crazy they know people are dying but will not acknowledge it and will call you a “conspiracy” theorist if you question it.

    So, do I believe Sasquatch exist, hell’s yes. Do I believe the government knows, hells yes. Just a thought but do you remember Anthony from his encounter in KY at the old lady’s home where she baby sat the young Sasquatch? I distinctly remember Anthony saying that the Sasquatch told the lady once they came of age they went up with the Star People. This is going to sound crazy but in my opinion anything is possible after what we have been through. What do WWII, the atomic bomb, increased UFO activity, technology boom have in common with Missing 411, David Paulides, child trafficking, Sasquatch, UFO’s, orbs, corrupt US government and cover-ups? Now put 2 and 2 and 2 together with Sasquatch’s interest with children and them being seen with orbs and UFO’s in the vicinity and wrap it up with our deeply corrupt government. You tell me?

    There are NO conspiracies but there are NO coincides either….just a thought.

    Thanks again Wes….feel better!

  17. niel r


  18. Joyce E

    HI Wes, hope you are feeling better, so sorry your got sick.
    I wanted to comment on the audio and the beginning and end of this episode.
    Years and Years ago Dr. John Mioninsky (in Wyoming) had an encounter he recounts where he sees a shadow of a very large hand above his tent with a bright moon out, just before a creature fell into and collapsed his 6 foot 2 inch tent with side walls. I remember he made the observation that this creature sounded like it had a bad respiratory problem because it had extremely raspy breathing. I would be curious if Dr. Mioninsky heard your audio recording and comparing it to what he heard the night of his encounter, were there any similarities?
    I have to admit to me it is very menacing and sounds like a growl however it is making the growl sound on both the inhale and exhale of it’s breath.

  19. m99

    WOW ~ What an episode! We were busy, busy over the weekend, so didn’t listen Sunday night. Wes, you did a wonderful job, as usual. I’ll run the episode tonight after dinner. I want him to hear this too. Usually he’ll ask about the show, but by the time we got done, we both were too tired to go for it. Love the Ghostbusters theme at the end. The whole thing was a #1. Thanks Wes! _m99

  20. Karen D

    Wow. Interesting stories. I want to hear a conversation with Josh here and Charlie from The Confessionals episode 122. Having an NDA for 30 years! That’s crazy cool.

    Feel better Wes. It is interesting that you and Tony caught Covid at the same time. Lol.

  21. Ryan S

    Anything they can do with animals- cloning or hybridization- they also can to humans. We aren’t genetically superior. When they said that when they started to clone goats in the 90s it was a blatant lie. If they’re lying about it, it’s either to avoid controversy or hide something. Bigfoots make sense from an evolutionary perspective and it seems like people have been seeing them forever.. but dog/catmen and other humanoid cryptids people seem to report more as of late don’t. If they’re real then they really could have come from government labs, which seems more likely than anything else. Especially if people are often seeing them on military bases in the desert.

  22. Michele C

    A fantastic account delivered from an extremely credible witness. Thoroughly enjoyed every second. Found myself holding my breath and my eyes widening throughout Josh’s experiences. Hang on in there with the Covid effects on the brain Wes. The show sounded great, particularly liked the ghost busters tune at the end

  23. Tracy L

    There is chatter in UFO circles that the “government” or those keeping the truth about the existence of UFOs a secret & making $$$ from Alient-based technology, is planning to stage a fake Alien invasion in order to bring about a one-world government when, in fact, it is all a lie. They will use HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTORS to park massive UFO/UAP spacecraft above major world cities to start a panic, and then swoop in and out-gun the aliens, thus saving the day. Luis Elizondo has spoken about this, as has Dr. Greer, Whitley Schrieber, et al. Supposedly, the “good aliens” are trying to sabotage this false flag event and bring the truth to the people (Disclosure). I was sent a survey asking me many questions about what would I do if I woke up and found that massive alien ships were parked over major cities without communicating or without any movement, such as just sitting there, no tiny ship leaving or coming to the craft, etc. I’m glad I purchased infrared binoculars.

  24. Mark H

    Don’t wait to ask…. I waited to ask my brother about his encounter and he died before I “got around to it”.

    I’ll regret that for the rest of my life.

  25. Jan D

    These accounts from military folks are a favorite with me. The threat-assessment training results in some thorough, level-headed reporting. Also, that account at the start, of a 15-foot tall being moving from 4 to 2 legs, running from a chopper, was spectacular. The image was otherworldly. Indeed, as Josh said, we do not live in the world that we think we do. Thanks Wes for getting it on the record.

  26. Diane P

    Very articulate and credible guest. Truly one of the most interesting accounts of his encounters with the unexplained. Also that audio was terrifying, and after hearing about catman, I couldn’t help thinking of a huge, malevolent cat-like being with a rumbling purr.

  27. Nerida H

    As we have all heard how guns seem to have no or little effect on BF, so Id try the prayer bit, as several stories mentioned that when they said the name Jesus Christ, the BF turned + left.

  28. m99

    Wellll, we finally sat down to listen to this show. I had heard it myself, but he wanted to hear it too. What do you know? Are you kidding me? You KNOW more than the average bear, I’m sure of that. And a country boy? That’s the best kind. Lord have mercy. I just told him, if I ever heard anything like that, my kids and I would have been in the car heading to my mother’s house (back when we lived in a cabin in the woods)., AND I never, ever would have gone back out there. This is WHY I refuse to live in the woods, ever again! _m

  29. Meesha F

    I swear that’s the next best audio since Sierra Sounds.. soooo creepy tho.. has to be legit. but the I’m fine is so scary. I know they’re smarter than they show us.. I’m sure they know how to make fire too they just don’t as it would give away their location

  30. Janetta V

    Dear Lord is right. My gosh that heavy breathing would weird anyone out. Have heard people report that’s the way they breathe. Sounds more like snoring, but I think it was awake, and what’s that “I’m fine” doing in there? Shit. Thanks so much Wes and Josh. Dear Wes sure hope you feel better soon.

    • Madelyn H

      It doesn’t say “I’m all right” there is no R sound in there whatsoever. Listen to it again. It is definitely an F sound, either fine or fun but no R so I don’t think you are right. However, it does sound very evil.

  31. L S

    The CIA guy saying he loves to hear about UFO sightings because people are not thinking it’s US aircraft? Bold faced disinfo. If it were true he wouldn’t say it.

  32. Stephanie D

    I don’t have the right technology tools, but it would be very interesting to hear that last audio clip in reverse because it sounds like someone recorded themselves doing bong hits, speeded it up, and then played it backwards. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone tried to do that and sent it in just to pull one over on us.

  33. Blanche D

    Wes asked this military chap, “where do you think all these cryptids come from?’ I wonder about that too. A big part of me thinks they are from another world and spy on us but I do sometimes wonder about South America, all the logging etc with the destruction of the rainforest and think it’s possible that’s where their origins are. They’ve gradually moved into traditional Sasquatch territory further north and we muddle the species. But what do I know?

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