May 28

SC EP:761 The Creature Was Talking

Mike writes “I was hunting last year when encountered this thing. First off I’m from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Biloxi area, I was hunting the Leaf River Wildlife Management Area about 40 miles north of the coast.

December 14th I was up in my tree stand about 30 ft up I was hunter a powerline, and I heard something off to my right very close coming through the woods, it sounded like it was very big.

At the time I was thinking 2 things, either another hunter coming in on top of me, or a very big buck or black bear because we have a few protected black bear here. It was coming through the woods slowly, but it was super loud and what ever it was at the time seemed to stop occasionally and seemed to be breathing deep and hard. When I heard this thing breathe I knew it was no deer. It made it about 30 yards from the powerlines and stopped again, and I could not see whatever it was because the woods was way to thick. I had my rifle set to see whatever it was when it finally came out the bush, and on to the powerlines.

It stayed motionless in the bush for a very long time at least 30 minutes, I started second guessing myself. Then it finally come out the bush solid black and on all 4’s. At first I thought it was a bear it’s was about 150 yards out, and about 4 in the afternoon, and the sun was already behind the trees but I had about an hour of daylight left, it was facing away from me. So I put it in the scope and something about it was off, all of a sudden this thing sat on its butt like a human with its feet on the ground and arms to the side. Wes man I lost it, I knew nothing about these things I stood up in my stand and started yelling at it!!!! I was freaking and panicking. This thing jumped up and the speed and the way this thing moved was like something out of this world, like something out of a DC comic book. It started looking around and panning, it was huge 8ft at least!! Oblong cone shaped head has he mouth and I could see every muscle in its body. It’s was scanning the trees doing a 360 it never knew I was there I guess.

This animals started screaming so loud that it was vibrating me, it was almost like it was pissed off because it couldn’t find the source of the noise it heard. It started talking to itself!!! It looked very confused and it was walking around in circles and it got within about 70 yards and I put it back in the scope, and that’s when it saw me or my movement. Omg!! I got a very good look at this thing to say the lease. First off it didn’t have fur like say a bear or any other mammal. I was long hair like human hair, but very long. It was standing there looking at me motionless, eyes were jet black very little facial hair, skin was grayish dark brown under the hair, it looked like there was just shoulders and a head, if there was any neck at all it’s very short,very kind arms past it’s knees and I scoped this thing in it had dirt in its fingernails. I was shaking so bad and it looked so human in the face, the thing kept smiling at me or showing it’s teeth it had perfectly bright white square teeth like us or a big horse, I mean this thing was something out of the realm of reality but the facial features this creature was making at me was so humanish it was almost a sense of fear but also calmness for a moment or 2. Wes I really thing these things are a people. So this thing had me locked on to it, there was no way I was getting out of my tree for I was scared for my life, so it started talked again but louder, it had a language that sounded like jibberish, grunts and whistles it stuck its toughest out and it’s was big pink and huge also, then it looked dead at me again, finally I broke out of my fear, because this thing knew where I was at and looking at me and wasn’t going anywhere.

I looked dead at this creature and waved my hands in the air and said WHAT DO YOU WANT????? When I did that, all hell broke loose this things eyes got real big, and it’s almost like he blew at me, like a big sound energy hit me right in the chest li actually felt it and then it started yelling so loud all it’s hair stood up and when it yelled it looked like it’s face was caving in on itself and would go back to normal, this thing ran on 2 legs for about 50 yards and then dropped backed down to 4 legs and then ran back into the brush behind me, and started pushing trees down!!! Full grown pine trees down I was in panic mode and got down and ran to to the powerlines I thought, well if I’m going to die, at least I’ll have a fighting chance if I can see it in the clearing so I started heading south back down the powerlines, I left a 400 dollar summit titan jack up stand on the tree, I cared nothing about this thing was behind me moaning and screaming and tearing the woods up, and I’m only 5/9 170 pounds with a 7mm magnum across my shoulder and about 500 yards from my truck, I still had a little light left it was dusk.

This thing was still pushing trees and tearing woods up and all a sudden I heard something on the side of me about 30 yards in the woods walking not to me but with me, I heard him sound off behind me yelling sounding off very loud but there was something on the side of me walking also, mimicking very step I make getting closer and closer, I started running as fast as I could, but whatever was on the the side of me, was keeping up and moving in on me, finally out of fear, and fatigue and despair, I stopped and crank a shot in the air out of my thunderstick my gun, and when I did that it got super quiet. I started jogging again and I heard nothing. I got to wear I could finally see the top of my truck, I got to my my truck finally and right when I put my key in the door it sounded off again about a mile back, way off, a high pitch yell with a gutter rolling sound at the end. I got home I cried all the way home out of disbelief , I had another paralleling me on the way out but never showed itself, almost like it was guiding me out. Before this happened I never believed in Bigfoot, or at least that they were out west and not in Mississippi. I still struggle with the PTSD from it, nightmares, I need a platform to get my experience out there I have to get it off my chest, maybe it will help me mentally, I told my dad that’s it, but I don’t think he believes it, all though he listens I have told no one else out of fear of ridicule.”








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152 Responses to “SC EP:761 The Creature Was Talking”

      • James E

        I agree! My two shows I listen to religiously are Sasquatch chronicles and the confessional and well.. I hate to say that lately it’s been a little wonky but this was a great encounter packed with truth and emotion and was the first episode in a few that I didnt have to wonder. Did I listen to this one? when I impulsively checked back a few hours later.

    • Denise F

      Excellent retelling. Mike was very brave and the details he remembered were fascinating.

      I noticed he said when the thing crossed the open power line it went to all fours….they are smart enough to know where they can be seen.

      I also agree they are more than animal. They are a people….hence why we keep it so Hush Hush 🤫

  1. Jeremiah S

    Dang Mike you’re like the Rubberband Man bouncing back. My hats off to you for your courage over the incident and for coming on the show. We’d love to have you as a member of the SC Family. When you sign up its like you hit the Bigfoot Loto. Tons of members only episodes that you can listen to over and over again…Priceless.

  2. Doug K

    Thanks for another great episode Wes……Big thanks to Mike for sharing this really scary encounter with us. I could see you in my mind driving frantically down that dirt road to get out of there. YEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  3. Robin D

    Jumpin Jehosaphat, that was really good. I loooooove SC – thank you for putting on such an excellent podcast every week – music, audio, witness encounters, just THE BEST!!!

  4. Andrew K

    Wow. This is one of the best encounters I’ve heard in a really long time. No disrespect to anyone else who has shared theirs in the not so distant past. There’s been so many great ones. But for some reason, this one at multiple points throughout, just leaves me with my jaw dropped.

  5. Brad B

    Great show. One interesting point was how he described the concave or implosion of his face as he opened his jaws. I’m sure anatomical experts could expand on that. I didn’t get any impression that he may have experienced any kind of sonic hits or zaps that left him Ill. I couldn’t imagine the amounts of adrenaline and the dumps following that event. Incredibly courageous and amazed by his fortitude. This is greatly detailed account with new information from a pretty dynamic man. Thank you

    • Mike B

      When he was screaming at me he would close his eyes, and it looked like his face was caving in on itself, that’s what I was trying to say.

  6. Juan Z

    Sounds to me like the one on the left was pinned down once he gave his position away. Possibly it was the female. Typically big boy would have been outta there I think, but perhaps he had to make a stand to protect her. Makes sense until you consider that she then paced him out. Strange behavior.

  7. Janetta V

    I think the suggestion that they are from the Nephilim is totally right on, I have thought that for years. This was an incredible encounter and I’m so glad you got out of the woods safe, but please don’t get in that situation again. Thank you.

  8. James H

    This episode competes with the likes of Tracy G.’s encounter, the lady with the British Accent saying they were talking back and forth back and forth, Mike Wooley, Peanut, dude who peed on one, the ambulance driver who broke down and the lady who babysat these things. Awesome Show Bravo! Glad the man is ok and wonderfully told encounter.

    • James E

      I love the babysitter one when he was explaining the youngsters peaking down the stairs at him and watching SpongeBob. He spoke like a close friend or something. Weird things do happen in life and I believed his weird thing

  9. Bryan P

    What’s really interesting about the two audio clips is that both howls are at the same frequency (approximately 623Hz). Musically, they both sustain a D#5.

  10. STEVE W

    Im glad you wont let that stop you from hunting or enjoying the outdoors,
    I think the big boy freaked out because you pointed a BOOM Stick at him
    Im sure you thought hard about how you knew he was looking at you like dont you dare try it,
    The government needs to admit they are out there, For the most part, They dont want to hurt us
    and like you, The signs was there, Just didnt notice them, I hunted a place for 20 years and this year
    was the first year I realized they was there,

  11. Cristina J

    Hands down in my top five encounters for favorite! I felt for Mike because you could feel his fear but man it was a great encounter! I give him mad props for running. I would probably still be in the stand

  12. Robin D

    You know, I was thinking about the government officials in the black SUVs who respond to some of these encounters, or the guy that shows up in his flannel shirt and khakis that is thought to be from fish and game dept maybe….is there absolutely NO ONE who is close to one of those guys who, perhaps, had some pillow talk about where he is going at such a moment’s notice or some ex-girlfriend or ex-wife who at least knows at least enough to verify that the govt KNOWS and/or maybe got a hint of what these creatures actually ARE? I mean there are former CIA who have had their non-disclosures expire and are talking about things the govt is doing, so there MUST be some agents or friends of agents that can talk – at least anonymously…hmmmm

    • Clifford B

      If you go back to pre SC EP 100 days , there is an interview ( by Wes and other guy not woody )with a cop who was recruited or they were trying to offer him employment with an agency ( US DOI) .
      They seem to be doing it in a very clandestine sort of way . I was once upon a time ( after college ) an LEO .The hiring process was 18 months .
      I resigned after 2 years because I got a job working for a beautiful lady LOL .
      That was my only reservation about the authenticity of what he was saying . However; I guess Wes vetted this guy well . I’m not sure . When it comes to this topic ,,maybe certain procedures and processes are ignored.
      These men in black SUV Ford police utility vehicles are all over Ohio . I love those trucks so much ( 2020 Ford police interceptor utility with Kevlar seats etc….) that I bought one from a police auction.
      That interview is easily found . I just listened to it last month . If anyone knows the exact episode please let us know . 😊

  13. jeff m

    Definitely another of the more terrifying encounters. Reminded me of Mike Wooley’s encounter (EP 260). I still remember his “The eyes were real real evil” before Wes changed the intro. The details Mike provided from this encounter match up so many others. The Land Between the Lakes (EP 257) episode Taylor describes the mouth very similar to Mike’s description. I amazed Mike was able to keep it together and get out of there in one piece. The adrenalin dump trying to cover that distance back to the truck in itself was impressive.

  14. NHSquatcher

    This afternoon there was a great two hour documentary called “Bigfoot: I Saw It!” on the REELZ channel I had come across it by accident while searching for things to watch and I was lucky enough to be able to record it and I’m watching it now. It doesn’t say it’s going to be on again but you should watch for it because it features Dr. Meldrum and Bob Gimlin himself I’m not sure if it’s brand new or very old it looks pretty new and I just wanted to give you the heads up about it. I’m looking forward to listening to this SC episode!!

  15. Clifford B

    Mikes encounter goes into my top 10 .
    Welcome to you BTW if your subscribing .

    I’m wondering why Mike kept talking to it ?
    We all do different things when stressed . I would have kept hidden and quiet as long as possible .

    Is Kumbo a young or old guy ? Anyone

    And I would rather have a hand gun vs the Shotgun. I keep hearing it all the time “12 gauge this and 12 gauge that “ .
    Think about this;
    The only time I would have to shoot is if it got within / under 10 or so yards of me ie close quarters situation. By the time I could raise the SG it would have me in its grips . Not to mention the other ones I can’t see .
    Carrying a shotgun around is just a bad idea
    unless your using to hunt game . It may make me a walking target .hauling it around which is impractical if not hunting but hiking and fishing and simply camping .
    Plus if it’s not a semi auto , I’m screwed .
    I think ideally a 45 or 50 cal is optimal.
    Concealed , Accessible, packs a punch .
    Carting around a fishing rod , back pack with all my tackle and gear while using my off road purposed Honda Monkey is very doable ..Adding a Shotgun to that , and I would opt to just not go into the woods … A complete pain in the A deal breaker

  16. Linda B

    Thanks, Wes!! Thank you too, Mike!! Really good show. Late comment, helping the grandson move. Steve and I listened tonight on the patio, chilly in ole’ NE KS. Happy Memorial Day everybody! God bless our veterans!

  17. Sue R

    Totally agree with everyone else: this episode is fantastic, although I’m sad Mike has had to deal with the PTSD. I’m always grateful Wes is so good and compassionate talking about this aspect of encounters. Really hope Mike joins; he’ll get tons of support and validation here, which hopefully would help too. I might’ve died waiting in that tree, but I get why he knew he had to get out before it got dark. There was never going to be a good time to leave, so I agree with Wes that Mike did everything ‘right’ to get out of there alive. So fricking brave. Great sense of humor describing himself getting winded, too!

    I was fascinated that the creature he was watching couldn’t locate Mike after he yelled the first time. I would love for Mike or someone to get a camera up in that tree! I know these creatures are usually great at avoiding cameras, but it sounds like Mike was fairly undetectable that high up. And I wonder if the power lines would provide some static noise ‘cover’ for the camera? It just sounds like a pretty well-used highway, especially since the sasquatch he saw sat down and got comfy digging in the ground.

    Such great details from Mike’s observations too. I know I’ll listen to this one again this week!

  18. Jay Carlsen

    ………………………. 7mm MAG ! Nice Choice , the Mule Kicker.
    I am always fascinated with Encounters where people think of Jesus , and these things react.
    One night I was walking back to town from a friends house and I had to cross the River. As soon as I crossed the Bridge I could see a Radio Tower on a hill 5 miles away , and I noticed it had 4 Red Lights that were lit up on it I could see it through the Woods that were on that side. When I got that ” TIME TO GO ” Feeling of TERROR & PANIC which stopped me dead in my Tracks. When I stood there , I just started saying the Lords Prayer. And that Feeling STOPPED.
    When I continued walking I noticed there were only 3 Red Lights that were lit up on that Radio Tower.
    SO Could I have walked up on one of these things maybe going to the River to get a Drink ? I did not see 2 Red Eyes glowing in the Darkness …… or maybe I did and it only had 1 Eye ? ( Because I did not recognize it as 3 Red Lights and a pair of Eyes were under them – or maybe I was generalizing what I was seeing ? )
    This was before I seen that 10 foot Tall Gorilla in 2000 – Northwestern Michigan. ( and I wish I would have known that when I seen it. )
    And when I said the Lords Prayer , it was something I recalled from Sunday School. At the Time I was not a Believer of the Bible.
    Which did not happen until almost , maybe , a year after I seen that Gorilla. Sometime in the month of August 2001 I had this CRAZY DREAM where I heard GOD say 4 words. And I woke up a Christian.
    Is it only a coincidence that the Spring of 1979 after moving to Northern Michigan from Detroit , and I held a 17 x 8 inch Human Looking Footprint that was cast on the flat side of a large Chunk of Dried Plaster ? Which was cast 6 years prior – but from only 10 miles North of the Old Farmhouse we had just moved into ! And later that same year I was asked if I would like to be Baptized. ( For My Parents didn’t want me to turn into a Social Reject like I have. And the fact that the nearest Kid of my Age lived 2 miles away. They decided that we should attend Church. Which Sunday School would start at 10:30 am , and Service began at 11:00 am and last an Hour.
    Up North was so different than the City , I recall asking my mother if these were the People that I wasn’t to wave too. And She explained that these were only Farmers , Not some Pervert Weirdo from the City.
    My Parents also asked if I would like to give my Soul to Jesus who is the Christ , and how that all worked. And I was proud to be making my Own Decision. And so September 9th of 1979 I was Baptized.
    Now what a Coincidence that my oldest Daughter was born on September 9 2003. ( my Family does have a weird thing with Birthdates – As I was born on the exact day my Great Grandfather passed away ( though years later )
    Or the fact I seen a 10 foot Tall Gorilla in the Summer of 2000 and almost a year later I had that Crazy Dream where I heard the Son of Man say 4 words ?
    I do not know , but I might be Crazy.

    Sorry , I know I am all over the place. I get carried away when my brain spills on the Keyboard. Yet one more thing on that – the Name of Jesus ENDS the Alien Abduction Experience. As stated by Joe Jordan on the Confessionals ep 153 ( I believe ) So that is a crazy Coincidence.

    When I seen that 10 foot Tall Gorilla I owned a 308 Fnal Assault Rifle – AR 15 – 2 AK47’s – 2 7×62 SKS – 7 x 62 Mossin Nagant – 30 – 30 Marlin Deer Rifle – 45 Smith & Wesson and a 9 mm for plincking around. And I couldn’t have shot that thing. Nor did I have any desire to. ( I hope I could if I had one during the encounter and it charged me ? ) But I think I am ON to Something with this Jesus.
    If I ever have another encounter , I am going to asked them if they want to speak about Jesus with me.

  19. Jess M

    Yes alot of tribes will only drink blood and eat roots in order to Hydrate, if you do you research water is a solvent and strips you of minerals. Aboriginals in australia don’t drink water they eat root juice. And I think these things harvest plants for consumption or medicinal use. But you can survive off of blood and raw meat it’s a natrual human diet we only started eating plants during slavery times . Then engineered man made vegetables and started eating grains and processed grains.

  20. Jan D

    Good detail in this one. Why they are not shot more often comes through in Mike’s account. You kill a hominid, it’s homicide. If they are even close to being some kind of a people, shooting them would be considered a crime. When they are shot, it’s generally covered up for that reason. Man, what a frightening situation. A lot of sightings on these power line cuts.

  21. Sharon K

    Wow excellent speaking…he really put you right in the middle of the encounter. He had to have some serious intestinal fortitude to get out of that tree and make a break for it, especially since he could hear one pacing him and still could hear the other one going psycho tearing up the trees. I am truly sorry for his PTSD

  22. Mike B

    Look, im not knockin anybody, but i would never use a shotgun against these things. You have a 7mm mag, if you can find fmj’s that might do it. Honestly though i hunt with a 308 AR10 with a ten round mag. I also carry a twenty round mag with API rounds in my cargo pocket. YOU SAW THE CHEST ON THAT THING! Do you think a shotgun is gonna hurt it? Only in the face and who gets that lucky twice? You knew that there were two of them. I wish you luck, but arm up to the game you might have to kill.

  23. Joe F

    Sounds like you were set up in their living area or close to it. Talking to him is the best thing you could gave done. It lets him know you ain’t scared of him and you acknowledgde him. Paralleling you out of the woods wasnt anything aggressive if you could hear them. If they wanted to hurt you, you would never have heard them. If you want to talk about it, l am in Booneville MS. I was on the first guest on episode 423.

  24. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I listened again, so let me again say WOW!! Just an amazing encounter. Mike did a tremedous job of making one feel they were there with him! As harrowing an experience as it was, Mike, I’d give anything to have been there with you! Out of 700 + episodes, clearly in the top ten!!

  25. Samuel A

    Damn this was an intense encounter the noises he said the first one he encountered made kind of reminded me of what Kerry Arnold said he went through when he had his experience.

  26. Geoffrey P

    Dude this was such a stellar show! Well done Wes. Amazing guest, story, encounter. And you were right, it was extremely fascinating from the start! He also did a phenomenal job describing it

  27. Erin D

    When you came home and didn’t go back to work for a week, how did you pull that off without telling anyone what happened? I mean, l know your mom/ wife/ boss/ kids were constantly berating you about it….. l had a similar experience but with a possible haunting(?) that l didn’t speak for 2 days….. what did you tell them???? Like, did you just go away?

  28. Evelyn L

    Some of these “creatures” do seem to be able to do things that neither humans or animals are able to do. Strange how some of them actually do the kind of things that happen in “haunted” houses. Some give the same environmental propaganda speeches that the so called “aliens” give after they have abducted people against their will, tortured them with their supposed “experimentations” and then let them go.
    I do not believe that they are from our natural ecosystem. There are some strange species in this world but nothing as large as these things have gone undetected. If it were a tiny animal or a bug I could understand it not being found. Even a sea creature can go undetected in the deepest parts of the sea but these things are giants.
    In my opinion they are genetically engineered species. They certainly seem like a hybrid of some kind. There are megalithic stone structures all over the world that “science’ cannot give us a rational explanation for and these giant stone structures often have the images of the “gods” or the kings, etc., and those images are often of beings that are part human and part animal. Some seem to be all monster. The scientists that really dismiss all of this want us to believe that the ancients just thought up all of these creatures for no particular reason, however, those people worshiped the creatures. They thought that they were “gods.” The creatures must have had some abilities that humans do not possess in order to get whole civilizations to worship and serve them.
    Some people would say that “aliens” were responsible for the strange cryptids. Some would say that the Nephilim were. Either way they were “aliens.” The Nephilim are said to be the result of entities from another place coming here and having offspring with human women. All the ancient and primitive civilizations have stories of “gods” coming from the stars and mating with human women. The result being strange creatures. Enoch says that the Nephilim and the Watchers both perverted all the mammals, birds, sea creatures, insects, and even the plants. The “Watchers” were not from here so that makes them “aliens.” They came from outside this place and basically ruined everything. The Book of Enoch states that the Watchers were imprisoned deep in the earth but who is to say that today’s “aliens” are not some of the same type of entity continuing to gather DNA during their examinations of people and their mutilations of animals?
    Humans are just now learning how to mix DNA and come up with strange hybrids of various species. These “aliens” have known about DNA for eons. So what if they have been mixing species for thousands of years and releasing them on various parts of the planet? What if they have stepped up their breeding program?

  29. Meesha F

    this guy that hunts around Leaf River probably knows my cousins who have camps down there for hunting and fellowship.. lots of family in that area.. Mississippi has so many places where it’s just forest for miles and miles .. plenty of water and plenty of food

  30. Blanche D

    Excellent witness. The description of that howl being a mix of a woman screaming and a bull hollering? Wow. So happy this fella wasn’t hurt. Hope he trims up and fights that flab, so he can run faster next time 😀

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