May 21

SC EP:759 It’s Right There!

Pansy will be joining me tonight. She is from Kentucky and writes “I have now seen Sasquatch two times where there is no doubt. I’m not crazy and I’m not seeing things! I grew up in the country hunting, fishing, playing paintball and hide-and -seek in the woods, riding 4 wheeler and horses all through the woods. I’m also the daughter of a retired taxidermist, I know what all the animals look like from the inside out, I’m not mistaken on what I have seen.”








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145 Responses to “SC EP:759 It’s Right There!”

  1. Denise F

    It’s raining, it’s pouring,
    It sure won’t be boring…….now that Wes has given me something to do early….on this rainy evening. ????

    TGIF, TGFW & TGfSC!!!!

  2. m99

    WOW! It’s so early. Just thought I’d check to see if Wes had posted what & when & there it is! AND ~ Congrats Paula J! It’s fun to be first, huh? 🙂

  3. Michael S

    YES!!! Even if the government admits/finds Sassy Quatch, you better revamp your show Wes around this “discovery.” We’re not letting you go away…

  4. Gary H

    Hey am I 39th omg I finally did it. Like totally rad dudes and dudets. Now I can die and go to heaven and tell St. Peter to let me in cause I met my life goal of being 39th on SC. I wonder if I can get a scholarship to Harvard for this.

    PS. This is sarcasm for those without a sense of humor. ????

  5. Jeremiah S

    Fantastic show Wes but terrifing encounter Thank you Pansy for sharing it. Things are getting way too real. Much Luv to my Sasquatch Club. Might head up to the Renaissance Festival in Fairburn, Ga on Sunday. Maybe someone from the Sasquatch Chron Club will be in the crowd. Jousting with a big turkey leg lol.

    • Gary H

      Thanks J S. I’m from Georgia and because of your info I will be riding my bike to the Renaissance Festival in Fairburn, Ga. Probably in June cause I see it’s on weekends. I’ve been doing these festivals for years and I appreciate your info or I wouldn’t had known.

    • James H

      Just listened! Dear God Almighty I was pulling my hair out screaming get to the damn point Pansy ass! I’m exhausted after that. Glad she made it out ok though. Amen to your comment Adam H.!

      • Jeremiah S

        Well maybe or maybe not. It’s not so much about the story but how someone tells it. They are as unique as the individual is. You can say well Bigfoot did this or he did that so many times without getting repeats. It’s not scripted and there’s no program. It’s real, natural, and true. It really adds to the validity of the account.

    • Jeremiah S

      That’s where he is Golden. Wes has flipped the script to the interview process and never dominates the conversation. He just let’s it flow naturally. So much more comes out. It makes for a very accepting atmosphere. So much is said without saying. I’m you sure that’s some Chinese proverb somewhere.

  6. James H

    Dang!! I was way off!…….. guess no buzz for me tonight ???? hey but at least I’ll get my fix of Sasquatch Chronicles! That beats an alcohol buzz any day!

  7. Debbie S

    What a great show! I was hanging on the edge of my seat. Thank you Pansy! I hope this helps you feel better. I for one loved hearing all the little incidents that happened before this most recent encounter. Good job. Thank you Wes! Everybody have a great weekend! 🙂

  8. rosalyn b

    Wondering what part of KY this happened. I had a strange incident on a trail at Greenbo State Park in KY. Can’t attribute it to a sasquatch, but it was strange.

  9. Charles R

    We take great pride here in Ohio that our Sasquatch are well groomed and clean and not aggressive. Who needs a damn dirty ape with a bad attitude. Fantastic sighting Pansy. I have a feeling their is a greater concentration of Sasquatch in the southern Ohio counties. A good number of rivers and large creeks that empty out in the Ohio River, plenty of forest and caves and deer, and a climate that is not too bad. Yes do go back Pansy.

  10. Clifford B

    I’m not agreeing with you Kid,However; you actually made me laugh so hard that it gave me an Ab workout…
    I haven’t laughed that hard since I saw Joey Diaz on stage 18 months ago .

    • Clifford B

      Dear Moderator, please remove my reply comment ????
      to the comment that was subsequently removed .
      Thank you . Kind regards . Your friend in Sasquatchery
      -Cliff Booth ( stunt man / body double /lover of Rolex watches , fast cars , small motorcycles ) ????

  11. Jan F

    Great show
    I Also fell asleep but i like that show..
    Wes cant we see the PICTURES from the guest When they are on the show?

  12. Nick C

    Long time listener it’s not often I post but a big thanks to Wes, & Pansy for a terrific retelling of hers & David’s run in with a Sasquatch family. We were right there with them snapping pictures and walking through the forest paths. I love her accent. David sounds like a great b’stard as we’d say in New Zealand.
    Stay safe everyone.

      • fausto m

        Wes. Sounds like this witness is all over the place.
        But it is an absolutely sincere account of her multiple encounters.
        She , just delivers chronicles and chronicles of her first hand experiences related to what it is a voiceless and pronounced multiple Sasquatch encounters.
        Bravo. To this venue.
        I must proclaim. That I will go back and listen to her account , over and over again. Just to pick out the little details. And the many other things….

  13. theresa m

    Awesome show, Wes and Pansy. Thank you so much for sharing, Pansy and Wes! Thank you for your quiet listening way. I appreciate how you let your guest share her story. So much detail that I felt I was right there on the trail with her and David. I would be frightened to go back there, though. This is a ‘second and third listen’ show in my future.

  14. STEVE W

    People are crazy to seek these things out, Blissful ignorance is a good thing to have
    Any doubt is gone after you see one, You will never really relax again in the woods

  15. Kelly S

    I remember when I first heard this song – instead of “90” by Pompeya… I didn’t like it as much. Now, I love it. I still love “90” more, however, I listen to this all the way through, as well.

  16. David H

    Hey everyone this is just a comment/statement I have had for a long time and the witness stated that her brother just didn’t want to believe it’s real because of fear. Men in the human culture do not want to submit or been seen as weaker than anything on the planet. Through the history of humans we have tried to kill the most “powerful” animals that roam the earth to prove “power”. Sasquatch seems to be the only “animal” that is the exception. I think that might be where that fear of believing comes from. Just a comment. What do y’all think?

  17. Meesha F

    its crazy how they’re smart enough to stop walking until the last person starts walking again.. I’ve heard several encounters like that.. seems like you have to half step or stop mid step to catch them when pacing you

  18. Meesha F

    and her last encounter was 20 days before this interview? they are getting so bold and if they are getting their numbers up high enough that there’s more encounters and not just more we’re hearing due to the internet, these people who want to see bodies might just get to ???? lol

    • Russ L

      I know, right??? This lady was driving me insane repeating everything 3 or 4 times, and describing everything that doesn’t f’ing matter one bit. She’s just rambling. Oh, there was one up there, but the tree up above, they were trees, and by the creek, and next to me, but they were trees and there was a creek, and I could just see it, and it was all wooded and trees all over next to the creek.

      She’s the most annoying person I’ve ever heard

  19. Eldon D

    I appreciate your sharing of this obviously terrifying encounter. Those who had negative comments are asses period. You can’t fix stupid unfortunately.

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