Apr 18

SC EP:750 Hulu: Sasquatch

Hulu: Sasquatch – Journalist David Holthouse calls the urban legend “the craziest story I’ve heard heard,” and he’s just crazy enough to look into whether the tale actually happened in Hulu’s Sasquatch, as seen in the exclusive trailer above. Tonight we will be speaking to the director Joshua Rofé on his new documentary. A must see!

We will also be speaking to Rob who is a Canadian and a Veteran of the military. Rob shares with us his strange encounters in the Canadian forest. Rob has had two sightings of the creature.









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211 Responses to “SC EP:750 Hulu: Sasquatch”

          • Sandra C

            I just watched the first episode and loved it. The pot grower connection makes sense. By necessity, the farms were in some pretty remote wilderness areas. I’m very familiar with it because it’s very close to where I grew up. We used to fish and camp in the Mendocino and Humboldt areas a lot. At one point, my parents even bought property up there. They were going to move into one of the new communities. Not sure, but I think all the Sasquatch sightings unnerved them. All of a sudden, they sold the property, left the area and never looked back.

            The property was beautiful. It was just over the Mendocino line in Humboldt county. Lots of tall redwoods. I actually remember Spy Rock Rd. Very remote and very rural. I kept expecting to see a Bigfoot everywhere I looked. This was in the early 80’s, and sightings were commonplace. Their existence in the area was a curiosity to some, but an undeniable fact to many others.

            The historical connection might be boring to many people, but Sasquatch don’t exist in a vacuum. Our history and theirs converge in critical areas. If we really want to understand them in any meaningful ways, it probably pays to look into where and how we connect in certain places, and why some of those connections are violent and others not. We can’t really understand how they do (and don’t) fit into the human ecosystem if we have no idea of the larger picture.

            The Hulu documentary, Sasquatch, is the first one to attempt this. It’s unfair to dismiss it or label it “clickbait.” I’d love to see more like it.

    • laura t

      Iam out of northern cali.. I know growers from there…you dont go in. Mendo county unless you know them..cops are not allowed and will escorted out..alot i mean lot of people go missing ..local stores have store fronts coverd with missing people flyers..mostly trimers.. You can pay them for 2 to 3 months of work 40 thousand or more or buried them..sad but true..stay out of emarld triangel..

    • Rob P

      Weeesssssssss….. You can’t seriously think that documentary was good!!! 🤔

      If you don’t have Hulu.. don’t get it for this documentary, you’ll waste your time. It was more about these guys growing pot than anything else. No evidence or Sasquatch. It makes people who grow pot and believe in squatch look like crazy bums. When this first came out I thought sweet! Now people will start to look at this topic with sincerity. Nope. Bob gimlin was a bad choice to interview, looking like hoody doody on there. We MIGHT believe him here.. but the general population doesn’t so that basically discredits it. I thought they would have evidence or interview people who saw it or were part of it, or police reports… Something! There was nothing. I have many complaints so I’ll stop here. Don’t waste your time hoping for a good Sasquatch doc finally. If anything, this doc is a step back on the topic.

  1. Dean C

    Can’t wait to see these Hulu vids. Only thing in looking forwards to more is seeing Bigfoot Odyssey’s 168hrs!
    Hope everyone’s well and had a great weekend!
    Wales, UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  2. Lisa B

    Can’t wait to see the documentary! I hope Claire’s listening! That would be an awesome episode to document!! Yoo Hoo Claire..where are you? 🥰

  3. Whizbang

    Sunday night wknd over, Guinness beer is really good, smooth and creamy, we get to listen to Wes the greatest show on earth, it overtook Barlem and Bailey. On with the show hello everyone.

      • Trey

        Thanks. Only took 6 takes for him to say it. He kept saying watching SC lol. All good though he was bouncing off the walls when I called to tell him he made it on the show. Then he said “ ima have to call you back uncle Trey I haven’t finished listening to the episode” lol

        • Jeremiah S

          I could only imagine his excitement. I got ADHD and I bet his was X’s 3. Sounds like Lil’man has a kool Uncle. I love Tenn. It’s beautiful up there. I had so much fun in Gatlinburg. I’m down in Ala just on the outskirts of the Notorious Sin’City (Phenix City).

          • Trey

            Right outside of Gatlinburg in Cades Cove, not the huge park but the outskirts of Cades Cove is a major hotspot here in E. Tennessee. It’s a beautiful place.

  4. Linda B

    Loving listening tonight. Just bought Hulu and see the sasquatch trailer and all set to go….Wes, if you are impressed, the rest of us are really excited.
    Listening to Rob. He tells his episode so colorfully and I really enjoy listening and since he’s nervous, I’m getting creeped out just sitting in my living room. He says, it was very wide….and you know you almost want to cry for the poor man. Oh my gosh….10 ft. Oh wow. Poor Rob. Oh my gosh.

  5. Denise F

    I’m surprised the show is being released…I’ll let y’all draw your own conclusions from my comment.

    Oh ty, Wes, for keeping our squatch thirst, quenched! Lol

    • Clifford B

      Does anyone know why the late Brentin Sawins interview with “Mike the Cop Vet on his Deathbed “was
      deleted from YouTube ?
      It was an encounter where Mike who was a SoCal Police officer (dept was omitted ) who was still a reserve with the Army , was summoned to eradicate grow areas of the emerald triangle vicinity along with state and federal law enforcement.
      They ran into a family of Yeti , and lit them up , killing mom , dad, and 1 younger but big one . A little one got away …All hell broke loose . Mike caught Cancer and told his story ….He is now dead . Mr Sawin is dead . The encounter podcast episode has been labeled as “ private” or some BS…Anyone ? Anyone ?
      I’ve heard thousands of encounters like you , and it was the most compelling ever .

  6. Jeremiah S

    @Rob, you did an excellent job relaying your encounter. Who ain’t usually nervous. Come on, you’re amongst family. Wes, I am so excited for you and the podcast to be recognized in such a cool way as to inspire the possible next Big Thing in the BigFoot World. Bringing a realness to a subject that is already ridiculed is amazing. It will be interesting to see how far the series goes. Regardless its attention that can’t be denied. But there will still be those that still laugh and doubt and I’ll tell you like an old friend to me. Quoting an old song “The same thing that makes you laugh could make you cry”. Name that Tune…lol.

  7. theresa m

    Monday Morning Manna! Thanks, Wes. Great show! One day away from Hulu Heaven! Got Hulu! Ever since I found Sasquatch Chronicles a while ago I have been on the hunt for sasquatch stories, which inevitably has led to learning about other things that go bump in the night or day in some cases. I’ve said it before, you have created a wonderful, safe platform for witnesses to share their experiences and the rest of us get to listen, learn and share.

  8. Rick C

    Our government knows very well about what goes on in North Cali. There are also large forests in South GA and North FL with similar circumstances near “Grow Operations”.

  9. Charles R

    Fascinating and frightful sighting by Rob with the Adult and youngster. Question. Was their any light that accounted for reflective eyeshine?

    For Josh Rofe. I sincerely hope Sasquatch is a smash hit and Hulu allows you to do other episodes. If so, I have been hoping for 10 years know that someone would make a whole Hollywood production of the Patterson/Gimlin sighting. Events in their life leading up to, the actual encounter, and the aftermath. Bob is still alive and of sound mind to help contribute. This is one story that needs to be told and accurately.

  10. Sally A

    This is so weird because I just binged Murder Mountain on Netflix over the weekend and then this comes on about the EXACT same stuff…..minus the squatch. I recommend watching murder mountain first because you will know more about the world of pot farms in the mountains. Can’t wait to see this!!!!

    • Catherine B

      Sally….Definitly agree with you…!!! “Murder Mountain” gives a good idea of how messed up that area is……Very scary with many missing people and a lot of drug problems….People go there to work thinking they will make some easy fast money and are not seen from again….I don’t think even Squatchs would want to be around there.

  11. John G

    Wow. Just watched Lost for Life on YouTube. I too am a victim. I lost a loved one in a similar situation. It was emotionally gut wrenching to sit through this as I have departmentalized the event. Seeing the consequences from the other side shows how devastating this is for everyone. I pray for those incarcerated. Shawn Taylor is amazing. I hope these (now) men find forgiveness and redemption. I have forgiven. God bless.

  12. Juan Z

    SC is simply the best. Long time member here. Wes it’s crazy how your production skills and ease on the mic have evolved. Out fucking standing brutha.

  13. Pete D

    Thanks for another great show! Is there anyway to watch Sasquatch in Australia? Hulu is not available here unless you jump through 100 hulu hoops with VPNs and faux credit cards…

  14. pam

    I love a good mystery, and the truth- however it ends up!
    Cannot get a contact email for Hulu to let them know I would like more on Sasquatch. I am not a Hulu member so can’t login to comment!
    A good mystery for Holthouse to pursue in the same vein s the supposed Bigfoot Park killings of campers,I think in Bishop CC. Anyone remember there s?

  15. Gary H

    The one thing about Sasquatch is if you are going to watch it with small kids the use of the “F” word is rampant in the show. Just saying. Be forewarned.

  16. Miss Kendall S

    I’m going in to watch it now, I watched the trailer and it definitely focuses on the people that are missing that had to do with growing Bud in the woods but I’m going to be open minded becuz I love Hulu so we shall see..

  17. Andrea L

    So disappointed after watching the HULU doc. An entertaining set of shows, but I feel it ultimately does a significant disservice to the entire subject of Sasquatch. It made believers look goofy…they even edited Dr. Meldrum to kind of almost seem like a non-believer. Why no discussion of the dermal ridges, for example. Seems like the producers just exploited the Sasquatch topic for their own gain. I hated the arrogance of the intellectual that says it’s actually just about the fears of man. I so want someone to drop that guy off 30 miles into Sasquatch wilderness, and leave him alone for a few nights;)

    • Alex M

      Totally agree with you. I was enjoying the setup of the show, and thought it was entertaining and intriguing through the first 2 episodes — even though I found the Bigfoot believers to be portrayed more comically…I figured that was all to set up a more stunning ending that took the topic more seriously. But without giving away too much, the ending felt completely patronizing to the subject matter and almost like you’d have to be an idiot to believe that Sasquatch could have been involved with those murders. Thinking back to the first episode, they even show that shot of Meldrum holding one of his footprint castings with a big goofy smile almost as if to portray him as a whackjob. I felt it was a great opportunity to at least shine a better more mainstream light on the topic than what’s generally out there but unfortunately it seems clear that no one involved with the subject actually take it seriously or respect anyone who believes in their existence. Very disappointing. I feel like the filmmaker stating this would really connect with people in the cryptid community because of the mystery it delves into is just completely out of touch. The film goes way out of its way to make sure there is no mystery on the subject whatsoever from their perspective…they don’t believe in Sasquatch and they don’t show respect towards anyone who does. Not to mention, their little playing both sides of the debate on the Patty film was just ridiculous. It’s fine if they want to get into the claims of hoaxing but they did little to balance out that debate that really should not even be a debate at this point with all the clear analysis at this point showing there’s no possibility that was a costume. Anyway, very disappointing. Was looking forward to this for a while. I wish Wes had put him on the spot more during the interview and warned everyone not to get too excited for the ending. But I know that’s not his style.

  18. Chamberlin

    The Cannabis farm up in northern California. A small mountain town of Branscomb, California.
    There is this cannabis farm and an out building. The small building has no electricity, no gas, no heating.
    How would they have phone service?
    An old rotary phone is shown being used by the cannabis owner.
    Most rotary phones were stop being used by the late 1980’s.
    That’s the only part that didn’t seem off to me.
    Love the Sasquatch documentary on hulu!
    Wes, you did a great job as well.

  19. Timothy C

    It bothers me that they title it “Sasquatch”.. It wasn’t about Sasquatch.It was about pot farms and the shady community that comes with it. The only reason they seemed to bring up Sasquatch was to make a joke of the subject. They are trying to capitalize on the term in a very dishonest way.Thats my opinion.. The show had no redeeming quality.. I stuck it out to the end in anticipation of some great Sasquatch reveal that never came.. I can’t figure out why Wes gave this so much praise on the show.. Dissapointed

    • Chamberlin

      Timothy C,
      I agree with your comment in part. “Click bait” is another word that come’s to mind.
      I don’t know but I don’t think Sasquatch would dismember humans?
      The only monsters on this planet are humans.
      Hulu Sasquatch Documentary I thought was created very well, I enjoyed it.
      The twist, the catch-all…blame it on Sasquatch.

    • Clifford B

      I just want to tell my brothers and sisters the following; From the bottom of my heart , I absolutely appreciate the honest reviews of the Hulu flick . The raw honesty actually surprised the hell out of me .

      • Chamberlin

        Clifford B,
        I personally have not witness Sasquatch but I have been “educated” by Sasquatch Chronicles members
        and Wes Germer on the subject.
        I view Sasquatch as an unknown animal whom is miss understood.
        I like the Sasquatch documentary but the alluring twist was an eye opener to me.
        I would never thought of blaming Sasquatch for killing (murder)?
        You have the taste for Sasquatch, perhaps one day build true story from one of Sasquatch Chronicles
        members or phone in interviews with Wes?

        • Clifford B

          Maybe I was misunderstood 😊
          Thanks to You and the rest of y’all from preventing me from having to watch it ( Hulu Sasquatch) x 3.
          I’m quite content watching every 30 Rock episode from season 1 up the last episode on Amazon Prime ( currently up to season 4 ep
          3) Plus another kick ass series was “Hunters w/ Al Pacino .
          Plus I sort of hold the Sasquatch subject quite personally…I don’t need to hear about Sasquatch Allegedly “ dismembering people “.
          Cmon people ….Out of every Sasquatch Chronicles episode how many have we heard about where dismembering of people happened ?
          Bob Garret ? And those victims were tossed into trees and what not . Plus they were not all killed .
          Southeastern Sasquatches are highly aggressive VS the North Cali types No ?
          Yeah I’m fortunate to not to have seen this .

  20. David J

    In 3 episodes they managed to dismiss Sasquatch as a myth/folklore and imply the Patterson/Gimlin video is a hoax. The series wasn’t about Sasquatch at all it was about one out of several hundred murders that took place on criminally run pot farms over several decades. I’m completely surprised that Wes promoted it at all. I hope they paid him well.

  21. Colin K

    James “Bobo” Fey just went on social media about this. He said they spliced up his interview and completely twisted what he was saying. I also hate how the documentary basically questioned Bob Gimlin’s integrity. This documentary was not about Bigfoot at all. It was more of a cut-rate film self-engandizing Holthouse. The ending seemed to even mock the existence of Sasquatch. As a serious Bigfoot enthusiast, I found the documentary to be disappoiting, manipulative and a let down.

  22. Timothy C

    Chamberln, I see your point.I was just really put off by the way they disrespected the Sasquatch community.They could have wove their murder story in a much more respectful manner as it related to Sasquatch. It’s one thing to question whether Sasquatch is involved in a killing.Its quite another thing to go out of your way to try and discredit the topic of Sasquatch.They made it Abundantly clear they don’t believe in Sasquatch and think it’s nothing but hoaxes and liars.
    P.S. See my comment further up in this thread speaking of “Click bait”.. I said the exact same thing..
    Take care all😎

  23. Tiara S

    *Spoiler alert* Am I the only one who thought the Hulu show talked more about weed than Sasquatch? It was cool to learn about the weed growers but come on now, there’s barely a connection.

  24. Ryan S

    I was really hyped to watch the documentary, wasn’t a fan. Had nothing to do with sasquatch and the story didn’t make sense. Felt like the guy was making things up as he went. The ‘murderer’ had some Mexican workers cut up with boltcutters to scare others from coming to the farm. Meanwhile, he’s hiring them to work on the farm? I don’t understand. If people are infiltrating your operation, you don’t keep hiring them and try to scare them with scooby doo level tactics. I feel bad for Bigfoot Gary, just calling the guy and accusing him of murdering three guys.

  25. Matthew G

    It was a good doc on cannabis growers and murder, however like many have stated here, it wasn’t focused on Sasquatch. Have no idea why Wes would put out a call to write Hulu for more. Disappointed and feel duped.

  26. wolfheathen

    I kinda enjoyed it. 5/10

    Poor marketing to just name it “Sasquatch” though. I’m certain that true crime mystery fans are gonna outnumber Sasquatch fans by an ENORMOUS margin.

    I chuckled hat ow his detective was allegedly told to drop it by one anonymous threat, while the “truth” was then handed to him by another “name witheld” source who I guess all of a sudden WASN’T worried about outing “the truth”. Lol whut??

    That kinda paints the entire conclusion in doubt for me.

    At the end of it, we’re still left with nothing more than the director Holthouse empty handed saying “what’s more likely to be the truth?” I’m fine agreeing with the liklihood of his conclusion, but that’s where I would have been at the start of the damn story, without his doc.

    He basically spent three hours and brought no new evidence to bolster it…just more heresay along with a nice sit down with Bob Gimlin! =)

    Seems to be a documentary that was half done, trying to conclude by shrugging it’s shoulders and saying “well THIS alleged account is more likely!” Uh…yes. Thanks?

  27. Chris F

    Do not waste your time.
    Holthouse sold us a bridge.
    If the documentary is about the growin’ trade then don’t sell it as a Sasquatch documentary.
    What an rip.

  28. Mark G

    Bait & switch ? fooled me , but had to wait until the end of the 3 rd of 4 episodes to find out the hulu show has NOTHING to do with the BIGFOOT we all know about . . . LOL almost comical that wes recommended it. oh well got both of them new members but my hulu subscrip ends after trial period. shesh . . . .

  29. Darin W

    This documentary ultimately had nothing to do with Sasquatch. The “bigfoot angle” in the story was entirely the result of a misconception on the part of the journalist. They waited and revealed that in the third installment. The gay squatch couple who bickered like, well, an old married couple, was not helpful and neither was the guy who claimed to be in a Pattie costume. I have to wonder why Sasquatch Chronicles hyped this disappointing documentary in the first place.

  30. Adam C

    The documentary was a very solid murder mystery. The implementation of Sasquatch was not appropriate, in my opinion. David knew damn well there was no confusion as to whether or not a Sasquatch was involved in this case. It was a deceiving audience grab in title. I greatly respect Wes and his opinion, but find myself firmly on the other side of the fence in regards to his review.

  31. Don

    The Sasquatch show was terrible. All about pot. Then find out later that they totally mis-represented Bobo’s statements in the show. Do not recommend anyone waste their time watching it.

    • Jay D

      Half of the Episode 1 was Sasquatch related, but even then it only skimmed the surface in terms of encounters and several of the witnesses were made to look a bit wacky. The rest was all about pot growing related drug enforcement and brutal violence toward outsiders, many murders.
      Well made, cool animation and a compelling main character. But ” Sasquatch? Bad title. More like Weed Mysteries. Did Wes jump the shark?

  32. Shauna H

    I thought it was very interesting. Yea it kinda starts out like Sasquatch related but ends up about ruthless pot growers.. kinda shows where and how mis information works..

  33. Shannon R

    First post – ever. Go easy! I watched the first episode and came away more worried about Bobo’s health more than anything…. love that guy. I watched it with the wife and she really enjoyed it, but she’s not big into all things Sasquatch as we all are.

    I have to side with the general vibe in the comments that it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. However, I think we are a pretty tough crowd to please given our exposure to the many stories Wes has given us the privilege to enjoy.

    On the the second episode (fingers crossed)….

    • Shannon R

      Second episode done…. at one point I said to the wife about 3/4 the way through that the title of the show was completely inaccurate and she agreed, outside of the first 5 mins Sasquatch wasn’t mentioned again for the next 30…… nonetheless it’s been educational on the area!

  34. Darin W

    I don’t know if I’ll ever run out and buy or watch something that Wes has recommended like this ever again. I mean, the Devolution book was pretty good, but this documentary was hammered dogshit and did nothing but MOCK people interested in bigfoot. I hope Wes got a lot of money for endorsing it.

  35. Darren H

    Thought I would come back to read comments to see if others had watched the Hulu film and what they had to say. Happy to to see some of the SAS CHRON loyalist didn’t hold back….it was pure crap!!!
    Cumon Wes, the integrity of what you have built is way better than endorsing something like this.

  36. Scott A

    Vancouver island has some of the biggest grizzly bears in Canada. In the news they warned people in a village recently. Also problems with cougars on the island. I don’t understand why Rob said there weren’t any. Some ranchers have a real problem with them there. The lake he stayed at has grizzlies also, they are all over the island. There are wolves and coyotes on the island as well. The island has a city but the rest of it is wilderness. I know the island well. We had property here not long ago. I’m just surprised Rob doesn’t know because everyone else knows. The island is also the area of the most sightings in Canada. Some people call it Ape Island for that reason. It is well known here and the rest of BC.
    My older sister and husband camped on the island a few times but one time they had 4 huge grizzlies in their camp at night when they were in the tent sleep. They were woken by something trashing their campsite. When they looked outside they could see huge grizzlies in the moonlight tearing their metal cooler that had a lock and they ripped it apart easily, they ate everything but left the milk. Int he middle of the commotion they had to knife their way through the tent and escape into their van. They luckily made it. They said they had never felt such fear or seen such huge bears. They said they remembered the bushes in the camp had large hollows that lead through the bush out back and wondered what it was when they got there. They never went back.

    • Rober S

      Well I live in the exact same areas. We may have grizzlies up north, if you listened I said there are no fox, Wolf, of coyote near here. I did not see a grizzly. I saw a Sasquatch.

  37. Mark R

    I totally enjoyed the Hulu series as Holthouse went to where the investigation took him regardless if it proved a sasquatch murdered three people or not. Well done, good production values and Holthouse is fun to watch. A good true crime drama is a good thing even if it doesn’t answer the question the way I hoped it would.

  38. Greg A

    I felt like the HULU Sasquatch investigation was basically a let down. Had promise of course, but the way it turned out… fizzle. Too bad / it would have been nice if it played out differently

  39. Glen M

    Was absolutely stupid, had nothing to do with sasquatch. Remember Bigfoot gary Oh ya I do. the only reason he was In the show bcs of his name. SOOOO stupid, I’m surprised wes let this show play, If you haven’t realized yet the government wants to discredit sasquatch in anyway possibly that also means fucking with your once good show to what it is today, That’s probably what happened here and all the paranormal stuff ya 75% is the cover up catch a drift wes. play sasquatch encounters!!

    • Sandra C

      Your interview was extremely interesting as well. One of the best I’ve heard. You should really read Scott Carpenter’s book, Nephilim Among Us (Updated).

      He lays out the DNA evidence (which is extensive) and talks about what these things are…and aren’t. They aren’t the missing link. If they were, the government and scientific community would have been announcing their existence years ago. They’d LOVE a missing link.

      They have absolutely no primate DNA. Not a trace. Instead of confirming the theory of evolution, it calls it into question.

      The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which comes exclusively from the mother and is passed down unchanged from one generation to the next, was found to be 100% human.

      The nuclear DNA (nuDNA), which comes from both parents, was found to have an unknown origin, meaning the species of the father could not be identified as human, animal or anything else known to exist on earth. Scott explains it well in his book.

      Why has the evidence been suppressed? I think there are many good reasons. For one thing, how does modern science explain human hybrids with apparent supernatural abilities? Scott believes they are the descendants of the Nephilim. I had come to that conclusion myself even before reading it. But get the book and decide for yourself.

      One interesting thing, however, related to Scott’s book is that he discovered Sasquatch can be kept away by rebuking them in the name of Jesus. There’s a short prayer that Scott created that he’s been using very successfully to do this. It’s all in his book.

      It’s a very interesting read and not expensive. Get it! You won’t be sorry.

  40. Karey E B

    You shouldn’t have promoted this; has zero to do with Squatch and EVERYTHING to do with killers protecting their pot farms. In this, shame on you for basically dumbing down the very thing people come here, to YOUR show, for.
    No better than click-bait.
    Were you paid?

    • Wes

      No I was not paid. I really enjoyed it. I think doing encounters in this format would be awesome. Guess I will be more careful in the future, again I really enjoyed it….guess it’s not everyone

      • Sandra C

        I think people are being too hard on you, Wes. Making any documentary that portrays Sasquatch in any serious way as anything but Gigantopithicus is risky. It’s going to take time to get there.

        In the meantime, you made a friend and perhaps encouraged more documentaries that depart from the usual Sasquatch fare. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed both interviews a great deal.

  41. Rick P

    Just watched it on Crave Tv in Canada. It didn’t have a lot to do with Sasquatch but I felt it was a good watch and enjoyed it. I also liked How they may have used the legend of Sasquatch to put fear into people. I think Wes liked it because it can make you think “What If”

    • Rober S

      Imsorry that this episode was not up to your satisfaction. Listen to further podcasts to get the true feeling

      P..S. Yes I know how it was meant.

  42. Michael V

    Investigative Reporter has absolutely huge balls !!!! If you haven’t seen this doc, go into it with an open mind and understand that Sasquatch ripping these guys apart is not the only explanation given of how these guys died. Sasquatch was just one of them. The title makes you think the entire show is about Sasquatch and it isn’t. IF you go in knowing this you won’t be disappointed in the doc because its not ALL about Sasquatch. Good portion of the doc is about pot growers in that area.

  43. Kevin f

    I started watching this a couple days ago with the wife. didn’t get a chance to finish it yet but I’m gonna real soon. I love finding episodes of SC on the docs I have watched or have on my list.

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