Mar 26

SC EP:742 I Shot It Out Of Fear

Spoke to Kris and he said “We have family property in East Texas. After my dad passed away I would visit the property just trying to find peace after his death.

I ran into these creatures on three different occasions and the last time I was sure they were going to kill me. I was in tears and shaking….I fired. I hit it center mass. I watched it fall and moan almost like a human. I did not mean to shoot it I was trying to scare it off…I struggle with this….

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214 Responses to “SC EP:742 I Shot It Out Of Fear”

    • STEVE W

      A person has the God given right to defend themselves and family, He didnf ask for trouble
      It found him , Bad position to be in , I probally would have shot as well

        • Sharity

          You may want to do your visiting during the day – night is their time and when they do their hunting, which you may have been interrupting by going out there at dusk/night. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I’ve heard it works, and it’s worth a try to be able to enjoy your family land again. So, go out there during the day, forget out and face the woods, holding your hands out to show you’re not armed, and apologize to the forest ppl. Speak your heart, explain you were scared, and apologize for shooting them.

          • Kristopher W

            Sharity, Idk what exactly happened, maybe during the 1st encounter I provoked it somehow. I had a scar 17s slung over my right shoulder with a rifle sock covering the barrel and handguard, I did notice as I was trying to walk backwards every time I turned my head to look behind me it would take a couple steps forward and stop when I spun my head back around. My headlamp may have obstructed its view and when I was far enough away it was able to catch a glimpse of it. I did notice him make a ham sized fist just before I turned my back to it. It felt as if it was keeping up with me up to a certain point. Once I got back on the iron ore road I felt somewhat safe. If they’ve not moved on, I am willing to try your idea though. There is more information I have intentionally been vague about or omitted, I honestly thought no one would care or it wouldn’t matter, I was trying to condense the encounter or it would easily been 2 hrs.
            Thank you , be blessed.

          • Kaye C

            Hi Kristopher, I can hear the pain as you speak and I feel for you. All Bible translations have errors. In the King James where it says “Thou shalt not kill” is actually inaccurate. In the Hebrew it means “murder”. So the commandment should read “Thou shalt not murder”. There’s a big difference between “killing” and “murder”. I mean think of all the people God commanded Joshua, Caleb, David, etc to kill. What most people don’t realize is that these people were the descendants of the fallen angels. And according to the Bible you are to defend yourself. May God bring you His peace.

      • Tim R

        God bless ya Chris , You did what anyone of us would have done .. don’t be so hard on yourself. My understanding is many ppl have gone missing from that area . Your actions, may not seem it right now but your actions probably saved life’s !! God speed sir .. keep God close !

        I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, sending prayers and love from Boston brother!!

    • F S

      I don’t understand why this guest kept going back – especially after he ended up in the hospital. Then, after the shooting, he didn’t leave?
      I don’t know about this one.

      • Kristopher W

        I was raised there, it’s home. I also drink A LOT of Monster Mean Bean, I don’t blame my problems on anything or anyone other than myself. Heart issues could have been smoking or caffeine or the way I treated my body when I was younger, or its just plain ol’ hereditary and I’ve done nothing to change it.

        • Greg R

          Hey man we are sinners and doomed without the Grace of GOD only thing any of us can do is make the best decision we can with the knowledge that we have at that time GODS SPEED KRIS and keep on keeping on

  1. Kristopher W

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all who listened. This was really hard for me to do having all the problems I’ve had lately. And a special thank you to Wes for listening and helping ????. He may be oblivious but he has helped so so many over the years. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be here now.
    My main objective was to help bring awareness to the masses. The gov’t can deny all they want but the truth is being revealed daily. No one should feel the terror that was forced upon us. Go with your gut, if you feel something is wrong or off then trust that feeling. Use your eyes, ears , nose and most importantly your head. Use it or lose it. Last night was the first full night of sleep I’ve had in months and I’ll always be loyal to those that have helped me along the way. This has been the biggest help of all. Thank You Wes and all SasChron listeners. God Bless you all. ????

    • Denise F

      Kris, I’m also a local of that area. One of our favs is osborne trail. Today we hiked double lake, both places are full of unusual things.

      We ‘carry’ on every hike and I don’t blame you for the fear. These creatures seem so human like in behavior but can strike a terror in us in an instant.

      Your desire for answers will keep taking you back but don’t go alone! Stay safe my friend and I hope you find peace with what happened. ????

    • Scott B

      Kristopher W, sorry for your loss. I lost my father the same way, he only lasted a year and a half after his transplant. 7 years is pretty darn good after a transplant. Glad you guys made amends before he past, you have no regrets. Thanks for sharing, you had to do what you had to do ????????.

    • Danny D

      Hey kris.. Are there any major powerlines near your property? It seems like these things are very active where there are powerlines.. Just my observation.. Thanks again for sharing your story brother..

    • Michael S

      Thank you Kris, it took guts to share your experience. I was hoping you would have described more of what it looked like, the face etc.. So sorry for your losses, only time helps. The more you can talk about your encounter the more it helps. I thought the same thing after you shot it, was it playing opossum until you got closer? Good thing you left… Thanks again!

      • Kristopher W

        I was intentionally vague about the face on both, that’s what I struggle with the most. I will tho. My instinct was to walk up pull my 45 and plug it but my legs took me to the truck. I was a little dizzy from getting nailed, wasn’t exactly thinking coherently. My Ram won’t shift into drive unless you shut the door completely so I was just kinda revving the motor for a few seconds, couldn’t find a damn gear either. 8spd shift knob.
        Thanks for the kind words ????

    • Linda B

      Kris, sorry for the late reply. I would have replied last night but was driving around some pretty nasty rain storms near limon colo on vaca. I just wanted to thank you for telling us your story and to say my heart goes out to you for the sadness you feel over shooting the creature, but I always think they are attacking us with what they have when I hear encounters like yours and you may have had the advantage but they were the perpetrators. It was self defense, you didn’t know how far they would go in their attack against you. I’ve always heard they are pretty vindictive so I wouldn’t go back and im sorry this is on your property. Congratulations on your new sister. I emphasize in the loss of your daughter, I’ve lost two grown sons. It is the worst thing that can happen to a parent and knowing they are in heaven and that we have Jesus is a comfort. Be blessed. Linda

      • Kristopher W

        Thank you, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. It’s my families property, I was raised there its home. The problem must be solved. I think some cameras may work, Infrared trail cams. Hopefully.

        • Linda B

          thank you.. i’ve heard the best way to get them off your property is to put up game cams. Wes is so nice. Text him and invite him down for a little Texas barbeque. Im always telling my brother not to hunt alone in east central Missouri where he is hearing screams. He teases me and says he’s going to have biscuits and sasquatch gravy for breakfast when he is finished hunting.. I wish he’d ljsten. .Im with the other members who are saying take Wes with you. Also, I understand they are stopped when you say the name Jesus so makes me think they are part demonic.. I use to live in S E Oklahoma, would go to Texarkana sometimes. I can imagine you would have a problem in that area, very scary to drive through at night. Be safe, please don’t go alone.

          • Kristopher W

            Well, I probably said “Jesus” 10 times or more. I don’t remember it having an effect . This town is completely swallowed by forest with an abundance of resources, creeks, toledo bend, sabine river and very few people. It’s on the edge of Sabine National Forest. I will definitely make the offer, hell I’ll even pay him if he wants and I make a pretty mean brisket. I actually have customers that call from time to time. I’ve been all over Missouri and it’s also another “Hostile Ground”, but most people have to make their own mistakes before they learn. I pray he’s safe. Thank you Ma’am and God bless.

    • Mark H

      Hi Kris,
      I live in the woodlands off sawdust road.
      I have hunting property in the mountains
      Of southeast Oklahoma and have been dealing
      With these animals for the last ten years.
      I’m no expert but maybe we can share
      You can call or text me anytime.
      Mark H.
      832 515 0115

    • Richard M

      I really enjoyed your story, dont beat yourself up, I truly believe that these are just animals. Horrific ones but animals that would have taken you out with no regrets.

    • Rob P

      Kris, you have a right to defend yourself and your property. If they weren’t there 20 years ago, then they’re the interlopers and need to respect boundaries! Hopefully, they will now. If not, I (and I’m sure others) would be willing to come assist you.

  2. Tracy R. B

    Thank you Kris & Wes.
    Listening to Kris’s encounters was terrifying for me. When he went to hospital believing he had heart attack symptoms captured his state of mind, the fear which overwhelmed his being after that 2nd encounter.
    Kris did an amazing telling of his encounters. He told of the details and you could clearly hear the emotion in his voice.
    We all take chances in life, that Sasquatch wasn’t expecting the hand he was delt.
    I’m thinking the “family property” needs to have a permanent resident, but that would require the biggest balls of them all.
    Wes knows….kick ass & take names later.

  3. Renee S

    Kris, thank you for sharing your extremely emotional encounter. You were on YOUR property defending yourself. Like Wes said, no one can say they would’ve acted any differently without having been in your shoes. My heart aches hearing abt your daughter. Take care of yourself.

  4. Tim S

    Idk about this.if true it’s messed up.just some inconsistencies in his running with the arms dragging but the arms were swinging in unison?also he didn’t mean to hit it but says he aimed center mass?

    • Case M

      Tim, I didn’t take it they way at all – seemed to me Kris was saying the creature was bent over, arms almost touching the ground, knees bent, swinging arms in unison – meaning perhaps sweeping arms back and forth. As for the shot, he clearly said he was shaking, nearly convulsing, then shouldered his rifle, sighted the creature center mass and shot. Sounds pretty straight forward.

      Wes – ever hear of Sasquatch in Nebraska?

      • Danial K

        I have heard stories about Bigfoot in Nebraska, but they are rare. The usual locations are the northern border close to South Dakota. And the eastern border close to Iowa. There was once a story of one near North Platte. True forests in Nebraska are scarce, so one would assume that they stick close to the tree lined rivers for cover. The Platte, the Missouri and the Niobrara.

    • Clifford B

      I don’t recall Kris mentioning anything about “ Tim S being there “. Maybe I did not catch that part , because if you were not there , then out of respect for the guest , maybe you should just STFU .
      The dude was in tears man .
      He’s not a SAG actor .

    • Kristopher W

      It’s cool, don’t believe it, that’s up to you. I’m not asking you to believe it. I’m asking that you keep in mind what CAN happen when you’re out there.
      Thanks and God bless.

      • Kristopher W

        Thanks I appreciate it. Yes, some details were fuzzy but I was intentionally vague on the face. It freaked me out to look at it and it was still causing me trouble to look back. These things are NOT attractive.

        • Alan Y

          Kris I feel for you man. Like Wes always says, “They are not the friendly forest giants” that some of these people think. I believe that most of the time we pose not threat to them that’s why they avoid us. But I think from your family not being there for 20? years. They moved in and for the longest time had the run of the place. So they figured you were in there home, which has no walls just forest. I bet if you took a team in there you’d find a lot of stuff. But Please Stay safe and stay alert when your there. I felt your fear and your remorse brother, but you did what you needed to do. I would of too!! God Bless, Yank

  5. Janetta V

    Very good show Wes. You were so consoling to talk to Kris the way you did when he kind of broke down. You are good at that and I admire that quality in people, that’s why you’re the best. Kris you did the right thing by shooting it, there was no other choice. If I had my way I would shoot them all, as there are no good ones.

  6. Mark B

    Love the show thanks, but i wish people would stop making out that these animals are murdering monsters. There’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that these are aggressive killing machines. Saying that though I’m still not convinced these creatures even exist, as all we’ve got for evidence is a few dodgy footprints and a few dodgy stories and thats it! Really hope I’m wrong though as I’d love them to be real and not just a legend! ????????

  7. Jan F

    Hello Wes..
    That was a super cool and scary show.
    And Kris Thank you so much that you came on the show amd gave your testemoni.

  8. David S

    I never usually comment but on this one I have to say superb job helping Chris out Wes. You really helped him out with this horrifying situation. Chris sending prayers and condolences for your daughter brother…….

  9. david b

    Thank you Wes, really enjoyed Kris’s encounter. Wes, my grandad always told me that anything worth doing wont be easy, and anything worth doing should be done right. I thank you again for providing a platform for people to help deal with the problems that these encounters bring. As far as the butt-hurt woke liberals from last week, take it for what it is and travel on!!!

  10. Terran S

    Kris, what you went through is not your run of the mill
    bad situation. I don’t know if anyone on this
    planet would have done anything differently. Glad you are here to tell the tale. So very sorry for the loss of your loved ones. My people come from east Texas and it was
    good to hear that Texas accent. Stay safe!

  11. Danny D

    Hey kris.. I’m sorry for the heartache and worrisome that these things has caused you. Thank you so much for sharing your story.. Very glad that you reached out to Wes… Hang in there brother.. Thanks for the great show Wes..

  12. Clifford B

    Amazing encounter.
    Kris , if even just for moment ,made me feel like I was in his spot .
    Here is the thing that I’m wondering.
    Kris has initiated combat with these beings .
    Plural as in more than the one he hit .
    Now what ? Does kris go to war If these guys ?
    I will be amazed if it’s over and done with .
    What about his family going up there now ?
    This stuff just happened.
    I see a part 2 coming

    • Kristopher W

      Well fortunately they usually only go once maybe twice a year and during daylight hours and are normally at the cemetery arranging new flowers on our families headstones. These things are nomadic I’m told, so I hope they got the point. I learn from my mistakes and won’t repeat it. We shall find out next month.
      Thanks and Blessed be.

      • Gail K

        Kris this was an emotional interview. Sorry for your losses ????????
        I would’ve done exactly what you did. My encounter was on the highway and it was very scary for me. I wouldn’t want to see another one ever again, but they’re living on your property and that would be very frightening to me. I’m interested in any more run in. And sorry for a very late comment, I just listen to this today. Stay safe brother and God bless.

  13. schlad

    Wow! Amazing show Lads, we’re so Lucky to have you bruv. So much beautiful, honest emotion and a wonderfully described account, I Loved it, Thanks.
    Love and Peace 4 all !

  14. Peggy S

    Thank you Kris for sharing so much of your life. God bless you and keep you safe. Your encounters were terrifying to say the least! My heart sank when you spoke of your daughter. I lost my son 26 yrs. ago, the hurt never goes away because we carry the love we have for them in us. Take comfort in that and also that they are saving a place for us! Stay safe my friend!

  15. Cindy S

    Kris, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your encounters on such a difficult day for you. I can’t imagine how you felt… with the passing of your Dad and then these encounters! God Bless you!
    I will be praying for you!
    I also understand How much it helps to share what has happened to you! I am so thankful for Wes and this Podcast! I feel certain the things that I learned from Wes and other witnesses kept me alive in my own encounters on my property! And Now, others will learn from your experience! I got emotional listening to you because it brought back so many feelings of when I experienced these creatures too. Be safe and take Wes with you if you go back!!
    Thank you again for sharing your story with all of us!

  16. theresa m

    Wes, great show. Kris, so sorry for your losses. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your experiences. So scary. I’m afraid of the dark so I’d never be able to go out like you did. I’d have to be with an army of people around me. Please be careful out there.

  17. Jonathan S

    Please Wes find it in your heart to quit playing the best part of the story in the intro or telling part of it yourself.Mystery and suspense go a long way.Good job though.Thank you.

    • Christine L

      Hey Kris, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your sharing your experiences with all of the Sasquatch group. I have had quite a few experiences and encounters myself over my life time. I went through two years of a Sasquatch coming to my bedroom window when I was about ten years old. I went through so much stress and anxiety. He would always show up about 2:00 am and stay by my window for over an hour. By the time my neighbors dog would finally chase him away I was completely wrenched with fear. I was so afraid I could hardly move. He would always randomly make a showing about 2:00 am in the morning. I was tormented and trama became the normal I’ve come to realize that sometimes we haven’t the choice or the control over certain aspects of our lives. I feel so bad for you , Don’t go back up to the family homestead alone Kris. Make sure you have family or friends with you. Maybe this can be resolved soon. Your friend Christine.

      • Kristopher W

        Geez, that’s freaky. Thank goodness for the neighbors doggo.
        I kinda have to go back alone, no one else wants to go or really has much interest in the old place anymore. The goal is to be a resident there so yeah I gotta resolve this. So sorry to hear about your trauma, does it still persist ?

  18. Linda B

    Thank you, Wes. You always impress me and touch my heart with your kindness when you help guests through their feelings; these incidents can be very scary and emotional. Kris is such a nice guy. I loved what you said about life has a way of humbling us. I think I’m going tbrough that. I was in a beautiful mountain home and went from a highly sought out community in Evergreen Colorado to a tiny little town in northeast Kansas and I had to remodel the house I moved into…but it’s not all about me. Just say that to mean I get it. I’ve learned so much about life listening to your show, hearing these encounters. I’m sleeping under a bedroom window tonight in Park County, Colorado. Hope nothing reaches through here, window frame and all, and grabs me. Thank you for being so true to us all. Linda

    • Kristopher W

      Thank you for the kindness ma’am. I appreciate it, I would give everything to live in Colorado. I love the mountains. It’s all part of a bigger plan, there’s light at the end of every dark tunnel. You’ll come out the other side with the sun to your face and wind on your back.

  19. Linda B

    P.s. Kris, lefft a reply to your comment, I’m sure you will see that. Thank you again. I have a feeling that these creatures are like sub-base or maybe some are evil intentioned and I don’t believe God would hold you accountable, I don’t think He made these things.

  20. Kristopher W

    I hope I was able to respond to everyone individually, if not -> Thank you all so much, it’s been enlightening and moving. I appreciate each and every one of you. Wes is one helluva guy and deserves our respect and kindness. But thank you all who have listened and to those future SasChron friends and listeners. My families property is very important to me, I was raised there and feel drawn there. Each time I go as soon as I get outside Wiergate and see that 4 way I start feeling the energy this Beautiful town radiates. No, not all are godless killing machines and want to cause turmoil, I won’t even say these were – but there is no compromise with them. If I could, I would coexist. I believe once this place no longer looks like Cambodia, things will change and if not already they will move along. So once again thank you Sirs and Madams, stay safe and happy squatchin’. I pray for all of you and God bless you and yours.

  21. Darryl H

    Kris, thanks so much for sharing your experience. I think you did the absolutely right thing. Don’t listen to any criticism of your actions.

    Wes and Kris, please consider doing an other episode on these encounters and the shooting. There are a lot of details that would be fascinating and extremely informative to hear about post-shooting when Kris has more time to process everything – reactions of the other creatures and forest animals, status of shot creature when Kris left the scene, other details of Kris leaving the scene (how long after shooting, did he have to drive past downed creature, did he spend the night at the cabin), and the next day (blood/transmission fluid trail, signs shot creature got up, or tracks of others). Especially whether all quiet in subsequent visits to Kris’ property or if not, how has creature activity changed.

      • Ronnie V

        Man this one got to me. This guy seems so genuine and i really felt sorry for him. This man knows heartache. And in this property is where he is seeking peace. All the stuff he has been through, and what these creatures are putting him through, and he genuinely hated what he had done! I prayed for him. God bless ypu kris, i hope and pray you find the peace you seek brother!

  22. Leann G

    Excellent and touching episode! Thanks goes out to Kris for sharing your intense encounters. I wonder if events happened the way they did because of the turmoil you were having in your life? Like it’s more likely to manifest during times of stress. God Bless and keep you Kris
    Wes, You are also a good man in how you validate/ support your guests without running over them. They make themselves vulnerable and you provide a safe environment.

  23. Spanky

    Kris, if you need someone to go back with you I’m here. I live in Orange but my camp is on the south end of T-bend. I’m there all the time. I’ve hunted and fished up there all my life and I’m 53. I have a deer lease off 255. If you want to correspond my email is

  24. Mary P

    Great show & guest !!! He was right , Wes !! You are one of those people now, that knows a great deal about sasquatch & life!! If I ever wanted to get the best to go out on a adventure, you sir would be in my top 5 people !!! Experience is what keeps you alive !! Since the is no official bigfoot guide, we rely on eye witnesses! Tell me someone that has more experience than you, in talking with eye witnesses!! I’ll tell you who ,!!! “NO ONE DOES” !!! Keep up the great work and ty !!!! ????????GUS

  25. Jane S

    This was a really interesting episode! I assume the body was gone when Kris went back and saw the strange blood like substance. Very scary encounter, and so recent!

    • Kristopher W

      Yeah it was gone, no tracks other than mine . It was still struggling when I left. He was gurgling and crying. Left arm on his right peck but I didn’t notice any blood in the moment. The attendant at the park told me when I drove up that I looked like I saw a ghost. I told him I had just took my lisinopril . If I knew one way or another I wouldn’t have felt so bad. I hate knowing anything or anyone has had to suffer or been the victim of cruelty, especially pets. I really didn’t want to shoot it, I like to think I had an involuntary trigger finger twitch. It’s really difficult to say what exactly happened because there was so much going on and through my mind.

  26. Paula B

    Kris, my heart goes out to you for the losses you and your family have suffered and how utterly terrifying your encounter must have been.
    I hope your mind eases after sharing your story. God bless you. Stay safe. Thank you for sharing.
    Wes, thanks to you and welcome back!

  27. james f

    Love the show. Got to ask you Wes, why no follow up in Chris’s story when he stated he shot one, it went down and started groaning.
    Pretty intense moment, I appreciate you being empathetic with his feelings at that moment, but why not a follow up with questions like what happened next. Did it die there? Did it get up and limp off? Did the other Squatchs run away or increase their attack? Nothing.
    I do not want to come across critical but this is a big story with an individual downing a Squatch with a high power rifle while he’s being attacked and you segue into his personal life with his brothers and sisters and never get back to the story. How could you leave such an important part of the story out?
    Just asking, I love the program and think you do a great job.

      • james f

        james f

        Hey Kris,

        Thanks for asking. I would sincerely like to know what happened after you shot the squatch. I have no judgement about the situation, only what happened. I live in Washington and have had some run-ins myself. I listen to Wes’s pod cast to learn anything I can to understand all the potential outcomes with these creatures. That is why I am so interested in your story. Maybe you and Wes can have a follow up.
        Knowledge is king.

        Thanks for sharing.

  28. Alan Y

    Wes, man this was so compelling. I felt bad for him and felt his fear and his remorse. having these things be so aggressive, just like you always say in Texas. After your 1 show I think around 220 something that geneticist talking about possibly the military Hy-breeding these things could be why they are so aggressive down there.”I wouldn’t put that past them”. I would of shot them too. luckily he had a.338 which is a heavy hitter to bring just about anything down. I know he was freaked out, but I would of tried to get some of that blood for a sample. But you never think about that stuff when you are full of fear like that.

  29. Thomas D

    This is one of the most incredible episodes of Sasquatch Chronicles of all time. What a TOUGH life your guest has had! No show prior has showcased what a GOOD MAN you are, Wes, than this episode! The crap that man has been through is not easy terrain to navigate; you made the whole re-experiencing of trauma for this man an easier experience; cathartic. I am SO IMPRESSED with you as a host and a human being from this episode; this was a NEXT-LEVEL episode; this is getting DEEP! Thank you so much for creating my favorite podcast since Art Bell’s Coast to Coast from the 90s! No joke! Thank you!

  30. james f

    Hey Kris,

    Thanks for asking. I would sincerely like to know what happened after you shot the squatch. I have no judgement about the situation, only what happened. I live in Washington and have had some run-ins myself. I listen to Wes’s pod cast to learn anything I can to understand all the potential outcomes with these creatures. That is why I am so interested in your story. Maybe you and Wes can have a follow up.
    Knowledge is king.

    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Shane M

    I gotta agree with Wes! What on Earth do you feel so bad about? These things kill people all the time and they deserve to die for it and especially if they were trying to kill you. They take women and children and they eat them!!! Enough with the soap opera man and its your family’s land. Why do so many people cry and whine over these creatures. I think every single one of them will kill any human if they get the opportunity or at least it seems that way! And they were killing people long before the modern times too. Stop crying and go take your freaking land back….AMERICA!

  32. Jo M

    Oh my gosh. What frightful experiences. Wow Kris – you are one brave man. I’m picturing you and Wes and a few buddies in an all out battle with these things and finally being the ones to produce a body before the powers that be can take over. Like Rambos without the mullet. . . Then Wes can finally say he’s done and walk away. Hopefully to create incredible first person documentaries of people who’ve experienced UFO abductions. Then he can solve THAT mystery! Who else wants me to plan their life for them? Lol.

  33. Rick C

    This is a Top 1o Show. Chris, I was 15 when I became a Knower and it changed my life also. I have been trying to figure out what they are for 48 years. Descendants of Nephilim and Fallen Angel tampering is what I stand by. I don’t know what i would have done differently. I get Goose Bumps as I try to put myself in your shoes. And NO! You do not sound like a Religious Nut. You are a genuine Country Boy just as am I. You believe what you believe for damn good reason. My the Blood cover and protect you Sir. Your story is similar to mine and I will pray for you. I’m so glad you walked away. God Bless and Comfort.

  34. Karey E B

    I’m not a person who could hunt. You’d clobber me because I’d constantly be trying to save the animal’s life. Or gasp with awe at the sight of wildlife so close to where we’re hunkered down that I’d give our location away AND scare off the deer. We also won’t mention how I fell into the water, scaring all the fish away. Yeah, best just bring the meat home, and keep me far away from ruining the hunt; HOWEVER, I’d have gone Annie Oakley on these creatures, once they made it clear they were there to remove ME from MY property by any means necessary. Furthermore, they wouldn’t be grieving MY death, so don’t grieve theirs. It was a battle—you won. If they didn’t want $hit, they shouldn’t have STARTED $hit.

  35. Stephen W

    Yessiree this show was …Off the chain!!! My compliments to Kris for coming forth and telling this painfull story and toMr.Wes Germer for orchestrating it.Nice job guys.

  36. Doug K

    Hey Wes….thanks buddy. Big thanks go out to Chris for sharing his awesome encounters. Hey Chris….I believe you did the right thing in that situation……

  37. John A

    Thank you for sharing your story. I know many who listen are curious for more details but you have the right to reveal only details you wish to make known publicly. I would do the same.

  38. Luis C

    Texas is Tejas , Mexico. , another stolen territory , And now we have Bigots , diminish Me Uc and . God is coming !
    The Alamo was one more thing to be ashame if .
    God knows who his child’s are .

  39. james l

    if he wanted to just scare him he could of lit the forest on FIRE !
    just kidding a shotgun with bird shot rains down on him. ive been duck hunting and others shot rains down on you.

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