Jan 24

SC EP:727 They Took My Flesh

On this episode, we are joined by Tony Merkel from The Confessionals podcast, who will be our Sasquatch Chronicles guest host, while Wes hosts an episode of The Confessionals for Tony as part of this special swapcast! Tony brings guest Michael to the show, who shares with us all about a life riddled with unusual experiences pointing to him possibly be an alien abductee at the age of three. Michael was visited by entities at that time, and later came to understand that they were Grey extraterrestrials. He lays out a series of events which followed as he grew older that sometimes left him feeling so terrified he was afraid to go to sleep at night. The feeling of ice cold hands grabbing him eventually became a tell that alerted him he was being attacked. Once while he was sleeping he found himself in a type of sleep paralysis state from which he could not awaken, and all the while he felt like something was peeling the skin off of his feet. When he finally came out of it, hediscovered he really was missing chunks of skin! Michael also describes another instance when he felt the ice cold hands grabbing his ankles and pulling him off his bed, only to drag him down the hall. What happened as he was being dragged is hard for himto describe or understand because it seemed like he was being taken into a whole other realm. Michael shares as many bits and pieces of these abduction events as he can remember on this week’s swapcast episode, ‘They Took My Flesh.





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110 Responses to “SC EP:727 They Took My Flesh”

  1. Melissa P

    I love how Tony and Wes swapped podcasts! I swear they are brothers from different mothers. Lol. Can’t wait to hear this one!
    Thanks Tony and Wes. I hope everyone had a super weekend!!

    • Clifford B

      I’d be a liar and hypocrite if I did not risk taking some heat ,and did not step up and say “I agree with you on this one”. It’s a first .
      Wes can go off topic any time , and I’ll still be into it. Pull Wes , and I’m out .
      I feel like Wes is a family member. This guy is a stranger.

      • mitch h

        It’s like he’s trying too hard to be a show hosts. it’s just not Wes
        I don’t like to say anything negative but I had to say something.
        I think Wes can be as famous As Art Bell if he opened his platform to other topics
        I love hearing other people’s encounters like UFOs Cryptids or lights in the sky or anything strange
        Art Bell is Art Bell and Wes is Wes. when Art Bell would have a guest host that just wasn’t the same
        Wes you can have any guest you want on any topic and it’s okay with me
        I know putting your shows together is hard and it is work and I appreciate it

        • Alexandra H

          Agreed about Wes being a great interviewer. Ya I don’t mind Tony I check on his podcast time to time. I like his energy, but I usually listen to these podcasts when I go to sleep ( like I used to with Art) and I find Tony’s music can be just too intense.

          Totally agree Wes needs to let it rip with the other topics. You can tell he is dying to. He needs to follow his heart and look at everything. I know not everyone agrees but just my perspective.

        • Ryan W

          You can listen to my episode on the confessionals too if you’re curious!! Episode 298. Tony is a great guy and I truly enjoy both his show and Wes’s show! They are the only two shows I’m willing to pay for 😉 lol

      • Steve W

        CLIFFORD B. TONY IS NO STRANGER. He’s a solid family man and best friends with WES. CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE HIM A CHANCE ???
        I bet you will warm up to him in no time. Drop some of your excess coin and subscribe. If u dont like him after a month, I.will personally reimburse you. No risk for your hard earned cash !!!

        • Ryan W

          I agree! I love Tony and Wes more than any other people I’ve never met! Hahaha 🙂 but really – I appreciate all the work they put in to allow us to mentally escape from the world for a few hours throughout the week. Total respect and admiration for both of them

  2. F S

    Thanks Tony and Wes. I also listen to Tony’s podcast.
    ETs and Billy the Kid are not my cup of tea – so I’m gonna bounce.
    I look forward to some new Sasquatch Encounters next week.

    • Rob S

      Its the only thing that Tony’s show has going for it besides his entertaining radio voice. Used to be a great show. Got silly fast and gave up over 100 episodes ago.

      • Ryan W

        You might as well give my episode a chance before giving up!! 298. I don’t fall deep into every subject and interview he’s done, but many of them are fascinating. To each their own!

  3. Michael V

    Didn’t hear anyone asking for protection from Jesus and highly suggest asking for his protection for you and your family. Anytime you feel threatened ask Jesus to push this dark force away from you in his name and asked for additional help from his angels and God to surround you and family with his armour.
    Always ask for his protection immediately. Also drop the talk on this as it may have a magnet effect.
    God Bless you and your family

  4. L. Oriana S

    Rob is very credible and the emotion in his voice makes it clear his experiences were real deal. What a nightmare to have to live with this kind of unpredictable intrusion into one’s otherwise normal life – it would drive anyone to look for substance relief. I believe Rob is correct in his assessment that EVIL is the main characteristic of what people naively call “aliens” or “ETs” – these things are interdimensional , demonic, and they are being invited into our reality through black magic rituals the elite controllers are becoming known for. Great show!

  5. L. Oriana S

    Michael (sorry my previous comment got the name wrong) is very credible and the emotion in his voice makes it clear his experiences were real deal. What a nightmare to have to live with this kind of unpredictable intrusion into one’s otherwise normal life – it would drive anyone to look for substance relief. I believe Rob is correct in his assessment that EVIL is the main characteristic of what people naively call “aliens” or “ETs” – these things are interdimensional , demonic, and they are being invited into our reality through black magic rituals the elite controllers are becoming known for. Great show!

  6. Clifford B

    Sorry this is off topic , but I thought I’d share this since there is a bit of irony or parody or something like that .
    This is video of the first ever recorded Wolverine in Yellowstone Nat park which has just occurred 2021. Until this video many skeptics said “ they don’t exist at Yellowstone “.
    Some are even stating that it’s a Badger wearing a Wolverine costume. However Hollywood make up artists say that such a suit would not even be possible 🤣 https://youtu.be/Ue-__im906M

  7. Daniel G

    Cool concept amongst friends . to be polite I’m not the biggest fan of Tony or his show but I was willing to give it a shot but I bailed instantly at the mention on aliens and abduction, just not my thing I did really enjoy the Billy The Kid episode however. I think it’s a great listen if you guys haven’t already but I’m sure you all or most have. it almost seems like a strange familiars style. Then Tim could do a sasquatch related one . Who knows? Maybe the next one. Either way thanks for doing this and entertaining us

  8. Lisa B

    I totally got into Michaels encounter, it’s similar to what happened to me. Although I wasn’t taken anywhere, that I know of, something happened to me! AND it was in Illinois! The big one happened in Illinois, but there’s some other things that happened in Virginia too. I never discredit anyone’s story because I’m always trying to find the answers. And you never know when or where you’ll find them. I enjoyed the show, I love Wes and Tony’s sense of humor. And Tony is a great guy to talk to. And we all love Wes! Let’s just keep the lights on! 😉

    • Clifford B

      If your encounter is in detail in this platform somewhere Please advise where I can read it or hear it if you were interviewed. If not , I’ll patiently wait for it . 😊

  9. Caroline L

    I feel like the baby who expected a spoonful of mango purée, only it turned out to be a spoon of mushy spinach. With all due respect, if I wanted Tony’s voice, energy or topic I’d listen to his podcast.

  10. m99

    Michael is a fantastic and honest person. As I’m listening I’m thinking, God has Not Given us the spirit of fear. And in another place, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. I do not believe Michael is crazy or far out. I’m sorry this has happened to him. He’s on a journey, and the Lord is with him. What the darkness means for evil, the Lord can use for good. He needs to accept the Lord and ask him to cover him. Remember, he’s got the power in the name, the blood, the word. All the tools in the tool kit. Fear is real, and is used to paralyze people. How many times have you been afraid and had to give that concern to God? I have many times, and I’m sure will again. It’s an ongoing battle. Cast your care on the Lord. He cares for you.

  11. Amy H

    Well, I gotta give praise where it’s due. I have tried several times, unsuccessfully, to listen to Tony’s podcast since it began. I always liked his intro music but found his style lacking. It needed adjustment. Well, it is MUCH better. He didn’t talk over the guest, he listened, he didn’t talk about himself…. much improved! Kudos to Tony for obviously working hard to be better!!
    The actual show was OK. Not really my cup of tea but I sure had empathy for Micheal. I had an acquaintance who had similar stuff happening and he had terrible anxiety, an implant in his arm, unable to slept….actually quite scary. He would tell me little pieces but warned me that it was heavy and from what he did say, I was scared. It’s real. Greys choose certain people and carry out experiments on them. The guy I knew had balls of lights following him around, even during the day. He had plenty of pictures to back it. He always said if I wanted to know more or see for myself, he’d happily oblige….. however, he said it was not good and I should be prepared for unexpected long term effects. Not being a dummy, I never took him up on the offer. I don’t need these creatures taking an interest in me! Too much unknown risk!
    Anyhow… good work Tony! You’ve made really good improvements. You’re becoming more polished!

  12. Linda B

    Abduction stuff is too scary for me. I think it’s cool these guys are swapping, no worries. We all carry Wes in the highest regard, and its tough but we can share once in While.:) Tony, I’m sure you do a great job. I think aliens might be demons, and so I’m not even going there. I agree with the members here in previous comments who are saying to call on Jesus for protection. Have had to do that before. Important to say it out loud. He is the answer and i would add saying scripture out loud is also extremely effective.

  13. Jen R

    I read the comments and I realise why in my 62 years of life on this planet I have only told 3 people that I believe I am one of the “taken”. In fact now that I am senior I don’t believe I was taken,lI know I have been. You need to accept what has happened to you and I’m sure like me there are things you just know! We will know the answers I’m sure when we have been released from our time on earth! I personally can’t wait to see what it was all about.
    Remember you are not on your own, I think there is many of us.
    As frightening as the experience was for me over my life time I welcome the answers.
    I never had children because I did not want them to go through this.
    I feel your pain, but again remember your not on your own there are many of us out there, live your life and one day they will leave you alone.
    Thinking of you,
    From “Down Under”🦘🐨

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