Jan 23

They Were Here Longer Than You Think

Kind of a cool encounter I have not heard before from San Antonio. San Antonio is about 28 miles from Trinity Site, where the first nuclear bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945. Residents reported tremors like an earthquake and the town received some of the remnants of the mushroom cloud, resulting in some radioactive contamination of the area, which faded quickly and does not persist today. The town was the meeting place for the scientists who detonated the bomb.


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  1. Lisa B

    That was great Wes, thanks. I’ve been wondering…Trump declassified all UFO records not long before he left. I wonder what info will come out now. Is there any Sasquatch information that may be mixed up with the UFO files? And isn’t it odd that the state of Oklahoma has made a law for hunting parties to go out and kill Sasquatch now? Just some thoughts there that popped into my head while watching this lol. Thanks again…

  2. Charles R

    I doubt they were burying pieces, they would want every one for obvious reasons. More likely they were covering up the ground to erase any markings of the crash. I am no metallurgist, however that piece of metal looks like cheap casted metal, something I would not expect to be on any highly advanced, probably 3 d type printing craft, as Bob Lazar has described. Any why would the military allow the boys to keep it, that does not fit their MO either. Has anyone done or seen any testing of this material? Powerful radars interfering with UFO systems does make some sense and explain the numerous supposed crashes of UFO during 1945 until the later 50s.
    Thanks Wes, it is more than cool if true, and I tend to believe Mr. Padilla

    • STEVE W

      Ohh boy is crazy as hell, These beings are not stupid, In fact they are probably smarter than the average voter in America,
      If I was a senator people would take notice, Because I would introduce a bill that protects them and a person could be sentenced
      for murder unless it was in self defense.

  3. Lisa B

    So there it is…the money. In the meantime people are still out there looking for truth, while they continue to scam us. Hopefully this chitshow ends very soon!

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